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Sabre Aircraft was the largest and oldest Trike manufacturer in the United States. Entering the market in 1991 with the famous Sabre 340 trike, Sabre has led the way in the production of safe and affordable recreational flying machines.

Sabre is no longer in the business of building ultralight trikes. We felt that it was time to move on.

If you have a Sabre, you can contact Dennis McLain at the email to the right. He can advise you if there are parts available or if there are used trikes or equipment on the market. If you have a Sabre and you want to sell it, he may also be able to help you locate a buyer.

The Sabre Trike Design Is For Sale

The decision to sell the  Sabre Trike Design has recently been made.  This will include all jigs, fixtures, molds, patterns, and remaining inventory for the original Sabre Trike, the Sabre Wildcat, and the Sabre 16 wing.  It includes two assembled Wildcat Frames, one new MZ 202 engine, one Hirth 65 hp engine with electric start (65 hrs of run time), 4 new sails, about 20 fuel tanks, propellers, fabric, tires, wheels, pants, instrument pods, etc...and more parts and tubing, then we could list, or want to count.  The total price is $50,000 or best offer.  This is a great deal.  The two trikes included are worth $30,000 once assembled.  Training by the former manager is available to the purchaser.

If interested e-mail:  Assets@sabretrikes.com  

To view the Sabre web site:  SABRE WILDCAT SITE


  If you are interested in flying ultralight trikes and do not want to transition to Sport Pilot, you can get more information at the website to the right.