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Episode Guide
The Tenth Planet
Production Code: DD
Season 4, Story Number 29
Directed by Derek Martinus

Each episode is identified with date of transmission, duration, ratings in millions, and (for 1963-1974 only) archive status.

Episode 1
08 October 1966 | 23'08"" | 5.5 | 16mm t/r
Episode 2
15 October 1966 | 23'15"" | 6.4 | 16mm t/r
Episode 3
22 October 1966 | 23'31" | 7.6 | 16mm t/r
Episode 4
29 October 1966 | 24'02" | 7.5 | Not in archive
Archive Status: The first three episodes of this story exist as 16mm telerecordings, all held by the Film & TV Library when audited in 1978. The master tape of episode 4 was lent to the production team for the series "Junior Points of View" in 1966; other copies of this episode were destroyed by 1976. Only the regeneration sequence remained, as borrowed for a spot on the "Blue Peter" series, though about 78 seconds of 8mm footage taped off air by a fan's film camera exists. Telesnaps (off-air camera photographs) from this story exist in both the BBC archives as well as the hands of private collectors. Episode 4 was originally thought discovered in 1992 when a fan claimed to have found it, though this was later established to have been a hoax. The extant footage from episode 4 (from both the 1996 Australian censor clips as well as off-air 8mm recordings) runs as follows:

Episode 4The Doctor talking to Polly in the base. [0:04,0:02]
The Doctor addressing the Cyberleader in the base. [0:05,0:04,0:03,0:01]
Polly being menaced by a Cyberman's hand. [0:02]
Polly and the Doctor imprisoned inside the Cybership. [0:03,0:01]
Ben talking in the Cybership. [0:01,0:01]
The freed Doctor talking to Ben and then staggering towards the camera. [0:02,0:03]
The start of the regeneration sequence. [0:19]
The regeneration sequence. [0:27]
William Hartnell (Dr. Who), Michael Craze (Ben Jackson), Anneke Wills (Polly Wright), Patrick Troughton (Dr. Who (uncredited)), Robert Beatty (General Cutler), Dudley Jones (Dyson), David Dodimead (Barclay), Alan White (Schultz), Earl Cameron (Williams), Shane Shelton (Tito), John Brandon (American Sergeant), Steve Plytas (Wigner), Christopher Matthews (Radar Technician), Reg Whitehead (Krail / Jarl), Harry Brooks (Talon / Krang), Gregg Palmer (Shav / Gern), Ellen Cullen (Geneva Technician), Glenn Beck (T.V. Announcer), Roy Skelton (Cyberman Voice), Peter Hawkins (Cyberman Voice), Christopher Dunham (R/T Technician), Cullen Angelo (Terry Cutler)
The TARDIS materialises in December 1986 at the entrance to a South Pole Space Tracking Station under the command of General Cutler (Robert Beatty). The scientists there are experiencing problems in controlling the return to Earth of a manned space capsule, and the Doctor realises that this is due to the gravitational pull of another planet which has entered the solar system and is now heading for Earth. His prediction is borne out when the base is invaded by a force of alien Cybermen (Gregg Palmer, Reg Whitehead, Harry Brooks, Bruce Wells, John Haines, John Slater, John Knott; voiced by Roy Skelton, Peter Hawkins).

The Cybermen's world, Mondas, is draining energy from the Earth, and the situation will soon become critical. Although Ben and Cutler manage to destroy the first wave of attackers, the base is then overrun by a second. However, one of the scientists, Barclay (David Dodimead), suddenly realises that the invaders are susceptible to radioactivity, and this suggests a means of fighting back. Using hand-held uranium rods, Ben and a group of the scientists are able to hold off and kill a number of Cybermen. At the story's climax, Mondas disintegrates due to absorbing too much energy, and all the remaining Cybermen collapse and die, having been totally dependent on their planet.

The Doctor has become steadily weaker during the course of the adventure, and after the defeat of the Cybermen he hurries back to the TARDIS. Polly and Ben follow, and find him collapsed on the floor of the control room. As they watch, his face is transformed into that of a much younger, dark-haired man (Patrick Troughton).

Synopsis from Doctor Who: The First Doctor Handbook by David J. Howe, Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, reprinted with permission; further reproduction is not permitted.

Production Team
Jenny McArthur (Assistant Floor Manager), Sandra Reid (Costumes), Peter Kindred (Designer), Gillian James (Make-Up), Innes Lloyd (Producer), Edwina Verner (Production Assistant), Gerry Davis (Script Editor), Brian Hodgson (Special Sounds), Howard King (Studio Lighting), Adrian Bishop-Laggett (Studio Sound), Delia Derbyshire (Theme Arrangement), Ron Grainer (Title Music)
Story Notes
The final story of the William Hartnell era, famous for introducing two long-running concepts to the program: the villainous Cybermen, and the concept of renewal (later known as regeneration). Writers Pedler and Davis are referred to as "Kitt Pedler" and "Gerry Davies," erroneously, on episodes 1 and 3, respectively. William Hartnell was ill and did not appear in episode 3; however, because of the nature of the story (the Doctor's illness implying death forthcoming), this did not require much rewriting. Michael Craze met his wife on this story, a production assistant. Patrick Troughton was uncredited in this story, appearing only at the end, unconscious.
For more in-depth information about the contents of this story, a complete episode-by-episode detailed breakdown can be found at the Doctor Who Reference Guide.
Additional, more detailed information about the production of this story can be found at Shannon Patrick Sullivan's A Brief History of Time (Travel).
DVD release
The existing video footage of the regeneration sequence from episode 4 is included on the "Lost in Time" DVD set released in 2004 as "The Tenth Planet: Surviving Clips" option. The the 8mm off-air home movie clips from episode 4 are included as part of the "8mm Footage" option.
Video release
Released as "The Cybermen Box Set: The Tenth Planet and Attack of the Cybermen" double-tape set in the UK [November 2000] and Australia/New Zealand [November 2000] (BBC catalog # 7030), and as "The Tenth Planet" individual single-tape release in US/Canada [May 2001] (WHV catalog #1529); episodic version, photomontage cover. In all versions, the release of this story was the first three episodes and a full reconstruction of episode 4 by the Doctor Who Restoration Team. In 1992, BBC Video had prepared a release of the story when they believed they had recovered the final missing episode of the story, and had Michael Craze tape a special introduction; this release was canceled, of course, when the recovery turned out to be a hoax.
Audio release
Complete audio soundtrack released on CD as "The Tenth Planet" by the BBC Radio Collection in November 2004, included as part of the "Cybermen Tin" CD set (along with "The Invasion" and the documentary "Origins of the Cybermen"), narrated by Anneke Wills. The score from this story was released in January 2001 by Ocre Records as "Dr. Who: Music From the Tenth Planet". Some selections from this story (music and/or sound effects) have been released on "Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Volume One - The Early Years, 1963-1969" (BBC Music WMSF 6023-2).
In Print
Novelised as "Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet" by Gerry Davis (Target #62), first released in 1976 with cover art by Chris Achilleos; later re-released in 1993 with cover art by Alister Pearson.
For more details on the various novelizations of this story, with additional background material, artwork and details of both UK and foreign releases, visit On Target.
Links and Additional Info
Reconstruction: Reconstruction by Loose Cannon Productions discontinued following release of story on video.

Full Script: The script for "The Tenth Planet" (including the missing fourth episode) can be found at the Scripts Project site, hosted by the Earthbound Timelords.
Screencap Descriptions
Descriptions of each story screen capture above right, top to bottom:
  • An invasion of the Cybermen in Antarctica
  • a vicious Cyberman
  • the Doctor (William Hartnell) faces the Cybermen with Ben (Michael Craze)
  • the Doctor takes off from Earth, knowing things are about to change
  • a new face in the TARDIS -- Patrick Troughton