UPDATE! -Shoo Doggie Shoo II is now in the creation stage! Check out this page to see my daily...or weekly blog.

Why Pit.Calm Was Created - Go here if you want to know why this site was created.

Shoo Doggie Shoo! - This is the first movie in my series. How many will I make? I don't know. I haven't even made the second one. But you never know. There is always someone doing something that will strike my interest. Page is pretty lame right now but in time, it will look better.



        I want to thank everyone for coming to my website and taking part in the forums. Two more months and my forums will be one year old. Wow. That's awesome. What they are today are far from anything that I ever imagined. As many already know, I lost 30,000+ posts in an accident. I still am upset over it. Upon further investigation, the old forums may have a chance to be seen once more. I don't know if they will be merged with the new forums or created as a second forum for viewing privileges only. I am still working on it with a technician (okay. My brother in law). I promise you, the old forums WILL return. I am working on a few other projects at this time. I also plan on updating my website some. I don't know if I will get around to it. I tend to take on too much stuff at one time. I end up doing one project and get side tracked with another completely new project, one I never intended on doing in the first place.

I am still trying to get to "shoo doggie shoo 2: Riding the Ban Wagon". I know I have promised this for about a year but I swear, I will finish it.

I have another movie lined up. It's funny how I call these movies. I act like this is some big production when all it is, is just a video game with movie creating tools. This movie is more of a personal one but I will be glad to share it.

I am working on a new story. I got notes and outlines and about 5 pages wrote. This is also on my agenda.

I am working on getting the forums back up...the old ones I mean. This will be a lengthy process. Lots of testing and moving things around. Don't worry, the new forums will not be touched during any of this.

I want to update the forums a bit. Add in this and that...but that will come after the old forums get back up.

Also need to work on website. That's something else.

Plus, I have a few other side projects I am working on. Those shall remain hush hush.


    So as you can see, I am working on way too much at one time. I need to manage my time just a little bit better. I just thought I would let everyone know about what is to come.


    Thanks again for signing up on my forums.


Pit Weston.

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