Nicko is internationally known for his work with the successful group, Iron Maiden. He joined the band in 1983 and since that time, they have sold 90 million albums worldwide. In his role with Iron Maiden, Nicko has been cited as a major influence by many modern drummers.


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Nicko's Vic Firth Signature Stick:
Nicko McBrain (SNM)
Known as the drummer for heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Nicko designed a stick which features a 5B shaft with a beefed up neck and tip. A medium sized stick that produces plenty of sound.
L = 16”, Dia = .595”

“I have known Vic for over 24 years and have always admired him for his integrity, honesty and most of all, his friendship,” says Nicko. “Joining forces with Vic Firth is something I am so glad to have done.  He has made a stick for me that is superb. Weight, balance and feel are all important to me, and they got it so right!” - Nicko McBrain