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February 25, 2006


DIY Hoverboard: Walk-through


HoverplansSo, you want to grow your own Hoverboard? Well, finally, after literally thousands of emails, here is your definitive guide to Hoverboard construction. I'll start with a 'Shopping List' I wrote for a feature at and then I'll follow up with what I hope is a straight forward guide to the build that has had everyone talking. Click below to get started.


First up,  I want to reference the fact that several sites on the web have plans for building a 'human puck.' My build is based on their work, with a few subtle innovations of my own. I've got a V2.0 Hoverboard in the works which will feature a steerable propulsion system, but for the time being here are instructions for my Hoverboard as featured on The Gadget Show.

Basic tool set:

A relatively heavy-duty stapler, a hack saw and jig saw. A drill and a bunch of drill-bits. A special wood drill-bit that’s the same diameter as your plumbing pipe. An electric screw driver – believe me, you’ll need one if you want to save your fingers and palms from bruising. A craft knife or scalpel. An insurance policy with good fringe benefits.


  • A 30cc Petrol driven leaf blower engine.
  • A bunch of rainwater piping and connectors – whatever size best fits you’re the nozzle of your leaf blower.
  • Some form of handy clips that will eventually secure your leaf blower to your board as you might need to put it on and off during building.
  • More duct tape than is healthy.
  • Serious amounts of screws – small enough to fix through your plastic grommet (see below) or the fastening for your engine without penetrating the underside of your board.
  • Plywood – cut to150cm x 60cm
  • A very large piece of plastic sheeting – I used 1000 gauge 250 micro waterproof damp proof lining.
  • A Plastic ‘Grommet’ 100cm x 10cm  – made out of three joined up strips of plastic from the bottom of a storage box and duct taped together (so, three plastic strips 33 cm x 10cm that make up one big one.)

Total cost is around £150 ($200)– total build time (when you’ve eventually figured out what the hell you’re doing and fielded questions from the neighbours) about 1 hour.

Hoverkit_3Construction Walk-through:

Okay. Here goes the simplest way I can think of to take you through the Hover-board construction. First up, cut your board shape (up to you that one, you can see what I went with.) You need to judge this next bit for yourself but you need to drill your air inlet hole in the bottom third of your board, roughly in the position of my drawing (except it won’t be as big). You should have purchased a drill bit the width of  your drain piping, this is what you’ll use for the air inlet hole. Next, cover one side of your board with your plastic and turn it over so you’ve got about a hands width of plastic left evenly around the edge. Then staple that bad boy down with layer upon layer of staples all around the edge. Seal all your staples with duct tape.

If you were to join up your drain piping, chuck a bend in it and stick one end in your leaf blower and the other in your recently drilled hole, then switch it on – your plastic covered side would balloon (and probably pop). In order to get the plastic skirt to sit low and pressurise properly, you need to whack a ‘grommet’ in the middle. The measurements and details are above, but the concept is that it’s smack bang in the middle of the board. You can’t use staples on this one, because the harder plastic of the storage box will shatter. Use screws instead, screws that are stubby enough not to go up and through the board. Now if you were to inflate the skirt, you’d get a big rectangular donut that would get you no further than if you were to try and ride a bouncy castle down the street (and again, it would probably pop). So, we need to add the final and most crucial element, the holes; six down each side and one at the opposite end to where the air inlet hole is. Again, this final stage is open to your own interpretation; I’ve absolutely no idea what he optimum size for the board, the grommet and number or position of holes is. Who knows what performance increases could be achieved by one of you – with a calculator and an eye for a staggeringly complex mathematics challenge.


And that’s just about it, aside from the need for you to fix down your leaf blower on the top of the board. The only top tip I can give, is use duct tape to seal every single seal, pipe join, staple and screw hole; use the stuff like paint, carefully seal anything that could affect the integrity of your skirt in the knowledge that air lost is velocity wasted.

WARNING: Be very careful on this thing. If you get this right you’ll have a relatively heavy object that is virtually friction free. If you let it go you may never stop it until it hits either you or someone/something else. Be extrememly careful where you use your Hover-Board, giving yourself plenty of room and absolutely no-one or no traffic anywhere near you. You can use this invention inside, but it’s no advisable as the fumes from the engine can soon get the better of you. It’s best outside on the smoothest surface you can find. It’s probably not a good idea to use a sports hall like I did. Remember, I had supervision and a team of people who could monitor the state of the air. I do not accept any responsibility for any accidents that occur as a result of anyone deciding to follow these build instructions.




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WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! i so wish that i thought of it before!!!

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! i so wish that i thought of it before!!!

great idea but are you going to release the plans for the propulsion of the board?

just a thought, but couldn't you hook up some sort of fan onto the back as steering?

can you post some photos of the underside as the text to me is missing something

Hi , I would like details of propulsion unit when available - thanks, Richard

Hi i watched your show with the hoverboard and was wondering if it would work on a rough surface. I am only 15 but i would like to make one as well because i have already build my own pc and would like to try and make this.


I noticed on the gadget show that the skirt was quite close to the board. If it was a bit looser would the board be able to take on rougher terrain (like a playing field)?

My old RC hovercraft had quite a baggy skirt and it could take on some mean bumps in the pavement with a bit of a 'run up'.

Cheers, Tom

Will second the need for a picture of the underside, are the holes cut into the plastic sheet only, and what did you use to cut them, if it is in the sheet alone does it not tear. For breaks you could use a lever in the middle attched to bicycle break blocks that are on an arm just outside the boards edge, pull on lever pushing blocks into ground. For steering i would use the FORCE.


sorry about the double post. would the hoverboard be classed as a light sporting hovercraft?

wow i am gonna make a hoverboard but i think i need to find a cheaper leaf blower (i'm only 14) and i've looked on ebay with no success at the moment.

there is a way to break though!

all you need to do is attach an arm to the side of the board (this has a pivot) and push it forwards!

to really understand it go to:

This should really be on both sides of the board to increase effectiveness but a good little tip i think even if it doesn't work!


Just a quick comment to say thanks to all of you for getting so into my Hoverboard build. It's really fantastic to check in on my blog and see you all chatting away. If you re-check the post, you'll see I've included a picture in it now of the underside of the Hoverboard.

The question of 'rough terrain' is an interesting one - it's simply a case of sucking it and seeing, as it were. Report back with your findings.

Here's a thought for you all to contend with - the hoverboard works on smooth surfaces well enough, so I'm guessing, it should work on water???


I think the best way of propelling it would be by a leaf blower on the rear of the board. Like the same as a conventional board!
Give me your thoughts,

sorry for another post but i have yet another idea!

We should set up a hoverboarding society like snowboarders have and so on...

We just need to be able to steer it!
I'm soon going to make my own hoverboard though! (just found a cheap leaf blower) thats the most expensive part after all isn't it! :D

jusan thanks for the opportunity that i would NEVER had thought of!!!


One more place to use the board would be the beach, one with hard packed sand and attach a sail for steering.

has anyone found a cheaper way of getting a leaf blower ebay seems to be full of us lot trying to get one!!

cheap leaf blowers???get out from infont of ur dam computers and try your local tool rental place i got an old one for £30, (and its 49cc... lots of noise) there were some old ones going at the lawn mower repair place! just a thought 4 u guys?! good luck!

Water was my first thought too. As for a break, what about making an extension for the "Off" switch on the blower? This could be hand held or on a link-pin so that it is yanked as you (inevitably) fall off, engine dies, friction reintroduced, velocity = 0.
Doing this whilst moving at speed could be entertaining though.

Steering: another (complete) hand-held leaf blower....

Beach: need a large open area 'cos you're going to be be riding a mobile sand blating machine!

Does anyone know how many cc's are in 2000W?

ok i was also thinking of a fan to put on the back to steer it! and also to get a very cheap leaf blower go on e bay or if not try a car boot sale theres loads of handy stuff there :)

me and my friend had a cool idea if you got a bigger board and more leaf blowers, thus a hoverboard, it would be easyer to attach a stering mechanism (coz the previous one didnt have much space) and you could have more than one person on it or you could carry stuff. i think youll need sumink more substatial than another leaf blower. but to stear you just use the theory of breaking on 1 side to turn so just have some breakin system on each sid and you can turn and brreak it shouldnt be too hard then all you need is propultion and youl have one mean hoverboard. the beach idea is cool but it would be interestin to find out how much flack the skirt could take and wat terain it can handle. if any1 finds out post it here plz. thnx

hi, nice one Oli

I did say i thought of a breaking mechanism here's the link again:

your idea would work daniel but now iv got a better idea for steering and here it is-we should but your breaks on both sides and then u would have a bit more controll! basicly its like ur ordinary snow sledge with breaks u get me??? ;)

Having thought about using a break on either side myself for steering, i now think this would not work. All that will happen is that as you touch down the break on one side the board will simply go into a rotating spin you will continue on roughly the same trajectory only spinning. I think to have directional control you will require a directional fan.

with which height does rise the hoverboard with the top of the ground?

Hi All,

just a little warning - a hovercraft can float if the skirt deflates so it sits in the water like a boat, I don't think the hoverboard will do this so if anyone is going to try it on water make sure you wear a life jacket and don't mind loosing the board if it sinks.


hey guys im 13 and i watch the gadget show alot and i saw this idea and thought that it was really cool but my mum wont let me make one she says that it would be dangerous but anyway itwould be cool to have one
peace out

I agree it would be pretty dangerous but i'm 14 and do everything behind my parents back. I know i shouldn't but i'm not stupid and always use a bit of common sense (so i never usually get hurt).

I think that the break idea would work very well if u use it on both sides! and pull it at both sides in sync. This would also work with turning by pulling only one break :D

Try it and see!

I think it's funny as hell that Jason now has a small army of 'Bradawans' following his teachings... like he's the beige Yoda.


Wait, so is the grommet attached to the board?? So is the skirt stapled underneath the grommet so it inflates everywhere but where the grommet is and gains the right pressure by the holes in the skirt? If this is the case then i think it would be cool to get 2 or 3 leafblowers powering the board so you could get a lot more lift? (oh yeah dont plan on picking up any chicks on the beach while riding the board...chances are it will spray sand everywhere) haha

Yep, the grommet is attached - but you don't need another engine - as once you've achieved friction free travel, your work is done. What you need to think about is pushing the damned thing forward and controlling it - an act which requires a great deal of energy.

How about a tether like surfers wear? But if you tether it to your ankle, wear a helmet and wristguards, as if you fall, you may get your feet whipped out from under you on the way down!

oo hey, the tether shoul connect your ankle to a removable safety key that cuts the engine when removed. You and board separated = board stops.

oo hey, the tether shoul connect your ankle to a removable safety key that cuts the engine when removed. You and board separated = board stops.

the tether sounds cool especialy in open spaces. the breaking would work you just need to be a little forceful and not try and turn sharp corners

Wow thanks for getting to my question so fast! (about the grommet) This site is awesome and once I have my hoverboard up and running I'll post a link to some pictures of it. Also I plan on tyring to make it work on water so if anyone has tried this allready please tell me how it worked!

Great project. I wish I had the time/energy to get one of these built.

I just wanted to point out that every instance of the work brake above is incorrectly spelt break.

Do you want to break (as in render useless) the board or do you want the board to brake (as in slow down)?

I dont think the break idea can be used for steering as if you add friction on one side the board would just stop. There is no friction on the board so any force will make a huge difference to its speed!!!
You are better off going for steering it by having a bigger skirt and then leaning from side to side to let air out easier on one side than the other!!!
But propulsion is more important cos if you have that you could just direct the air to push the rear out and skid turn but then your talking a proper hovercraft so would be huge!!! but probably amazingly fun!
As for on water I think it would have to be able to float first of all and a bigger skirt so that it doesnt fill with water.

y dies everyone seem to think that the brake turnin system will just stop the board movin thats the point you stop 1 side movin so the other pivots around it the only probs is that the board might drift befor straightenin out (this is all based on a board that has propultion) oh and lou you spelt word wrong

my dad is wondering if u can use an inner tube to replace the liner and if any one ahs tried it?? :D

ok let me explain u cant put a bloody fan on the back coz u need to plug it in and if u try to rewire it to a battery it could be dangerous if it gets wet unless u can some how compact it into a neey box but otherwise scrap the fan idea

some ppl r saying u cant put breaks on each side to controll it coz it will slow it down but personally i think it would work but im not completely sure

i like the idea of sails even though it wont work coz it would be too fiddly to controll while hovvering u know what i mean ;)

plus if you make the kurtin bigger there is more change of it ripping on the ground and then ur pritty scrwd but it would work if u leant side to side

putting another leaf blower on the hover board will look and also be a bit dogey also it might put too much weight on the back of the hoverboard

while im writting this i just came up with an amazin idea and here it is- coz the pipes u use to connect the blower to the board are gutter pipes u could find a more powerfull blower make half the air blowing to the back using the pipes to direct it and the other half of the air to infale the kertin u get me? it would look a bit like this:
__________air flows out here
board |
air flows out into kertin

its kinda hard to draw it out there but u might get my idea :)

so all in all i have a good idea and we can start talking about it like how r we gona make the pipe at the back move so we can controll the board

every 1 reply including jason

ps this is not relevant but to all the hustle fans out there theres a new serise yay :D

(hustle's great whens the new 1 on)

n i think that jason shud find that anons i.p up there and block him/ try!

I like ya idea oli but its a bit hard to understand through your drawing lol!
I understand ya though n the pipe things a good idea i like it but u shud put asorta rudder thingy on the pipe to help steer it maybe!

IM WITH U ON THAT BLOCKING ANONOMOUS GUY ANY WAY YEA I REALISE MY IDEA IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND THOUGH ITS HARD EXPLAING IT (SOZ ABOUT THOSE CAPS) if i could draw a propper picture and put it on the web then ud under stand a bit better lol but i dont know how to lol

umm yea to steer it i just got another idea like u sed dan we put a type of rudder mechanisum at the end of the pipe that comes out the back so that we can change the direction of the air flow there for controlling the board. Personally i think that this idea is the best if we could just tweek it up a bit

p.s. about the hustle it just sed on the bbc that it will be coming soo i just cant w8

o and another thing about my little crappy drawing it did make sence wen i wrote it out in the box but when i posted it it pushed it all to 1 side so even i dont understand it lmao :D

Really cool project. I hope to build one of these for an art project over the coming weeks and will post my results.

I, like others, am concerned about safety and being able to control the device. As for safety, throwing a simple switch on the board, hand-held of course, would help to keep the device from taking off with or without you. A momentary switch would probably be your best bet, given that it is normally open, thus requiring you to press, close, the switch to allow power to run through the device. No press, no power, no motion.

As for direction, I'm not sure, and I'm sure as hell not a physicist, but couldn't directing the airflow used to hover the device be used to propel it as well? Perhaps changing the angle of the downpipe, in conjunction with angled "grommets", would allow for one to propel forward. I see that you have a single chanel of airflow in the center of the board. Hypothetically speaking, could'nt this be replaced with a sort of angled vent bracket, like the ones found in most households? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the center "grommet" allow for air to escape, while the skirt balloons out? Also, what about splitting the airflow into two pipes rather than one, and using a servo controlled rutter, built into the piping, to shift the direction of the flow? See illus:

I dunno, may be too much work.

My only question is how much do you weigh Jason? I'm curious to know how much the board weighs in comparison as well. Nice work, I love the fact that you ran with this and didn't get all "techie" with it. I love intuitive projects like this.

mm i im not shaw redirectin air flow would work that well, good idea in principal but i think it will fail in practice. i think the most important thing is to find a way to propel the board because many simple and effective ideas can be put into practice if there is a propultion system (even if its a manual system like usin sticks, like small ski poles, to push behind thuis push you forward)im not shaw a rudder would work either (sorry to rain n your parade) because there isnt enough force.
you could use a second blower and some piping to create a y shap to place on the back of the board. this would propell it to some extent and also givea great turnin mechanism, by covering one outlet or the other (provided it works wich i have my doubts about)

I'm 12 going on 13 and my grandad said seeing as though it is just a home make and quite a lot of stuff could go wrong u could just get an old leaf blower from someone who is going to put it in a skip I mean why spend Top Dollar on somthing if u could get it for nothing.

Yo oli what's with the spellin'

Continuing of "Yo oli whats with the spellin'" I think that it is really cool but whenever I do that it all comes out Lemon shaped and people e-mail to ask what it means LOL!

Jason could u give me some specifics on the skirt as when u just strech it across tightly won't it just stretch?

mmm wot about rockets on both sides? :D lol

rockets you could use fireworks!

Only problem is that you might blow up!

Nice site Jason. Hovercraft board fans might be interested in seeing some of the designs on

We have found links to others making leaf blower based hoverboards, but none as nicely presented as this one. We are hoping to add a link to this site in the next few weeks when we do a new update.

Zoom on!

a really quick fix to breaking and steering would be to get another hand held leaf blower and while holding it just point it away from where you want to go
cost another £100 pounds though if you buy it new thats the prob!!

What about this idea ?

We take this Hoverboard, add a more powerful engine and add 2 engines for rotating (you can rotate, if 1 of them is more powerful than the other) and one engine for stopping. For this i need only 4 battery powered engines and electric control. I only have to know jasons weight, the weight of the engine and the weight of the hoverboard . then i can calculate if this is possible to make and maybe create such a hoverboard. (I'm 13)

thats sooo kwl!

I had a idea for a actual hover board that floats off the ground authough I don't know if it would work you use magnets as you know N can't face N so if you made a straight line of N magnets eg this would be the track and if you got a say manhole shape large magnet when they try push against each it may float but I don't know if it would work its just a thought :-)

Any help on this question would be appreciated:

I understand the basic principles of the hovercraft, human puck etc, however I'm stuck on one thing. I'm considering building one of these, but using a Flymo Lawnmower, which of course generates a reasonable amount of thrust/lift.

My problem is with the size and shape of the hole in the plywood base. With a leafblower, you get a nice, direct airflow, through a set diameter of hole. But with a flymo, due to its casing, the airflow is spread out over a large surface area, and not at a single point.

My question is: Should I make a large hole the same size as the lower casing of the flymo, or just one small, circular hole, with a a diameter similar to that of a leafblower?

I'm worried that if I use one small hole, the airflow may get disrupted, but If I use one too large, enough pressure will not be generated.

Any ideas? Anyone? Please!

What u cud do is hav say, 5 holes near the back, and hav 2 holes near the front, propellin it forward, but still keepin the front upright. For stearin, you could have sum leanin system. wen u lean left, a hole is closed at the back left, meaning there is more thrust at the right hand side. This would require a low back so the left nd right and holes can touch the ground singuly

I'm certainly not trying to tell an ex-
pert anything new, but I wounderd, wouldn't
a surf board work. Here is what I kind of
had in mind. I want something that could hop onto air currents. Having a handle like a kid's scooter to hold onto, so you may lean to either side or forward or backward to direct its movement. A small motor for
thrust and wheels to come down on, not
riding it more that 12 inches from the
ground. Whatd'ya think?

Wow, lots of comments.
I built a similar hovercraft last year, but only spent about NZ$40 on parts. I managed to buy a second-hand vacuum cleaner for $6 which was powerful enough. This does of course mean that it is tethered to an electrical extension cord. See for pictures and more information.

if you placed a 1/8 inch plastic(lite material) picture frame around air outlet and sealed it,then palced full movement luvers like on an atic fan and attach to a small rod run it outside and turn it at a 90 up to the driver push the rod forward you go forward, middle nutral, pull back backup, to lower hand control throttle and kill switch like on a boat that attaches to life vest you fall off pulls the switch and motor dies.

for proplsiont here is a show called mythbusters which built these, they used a surf board but needed 3 leaf blowers to propel it forwards and even then it was slugish. the leaf blowers were worn like a back pack this is worked well because the weight was centered. also they raced it against another desighn which involved it going over water and it workked fine. i would recomend looking at this shown to give you more of an idea on the thrust needed to power and turn these.

Hi, I've been thinking a lot lately, and so far You guys are the closest ones who can make this idea into a reality. The IDEA is, if an engine as strong as scooters/motorcycles or even cars can be invented/made so small that it would fit on rollerblades, controlled by a microchip weight sensor.. i think that'd be cool. i know you can come up with something.. good job on the hoverboards..

how much weight can this hoverboard hold?

This is just too great! Please keep on doing this!

Just a side question: Would a board with a lenght of 90 cm to 110 cm (3 to 3,6 feet) be able to carry an aduld if you attach am 80cc 3W, 8.5 hp engine?

yo dude i meen that is sooooo like totally waack yo g dog homie bisuit g

Wow that looks cool. But how much does the leaf blower cost? And couldn't u put the front part or a scooter and use the wheel on that to chang its derection instead of another fan>

This is really cool. I'm trying to make one out of a skate board but having trouble can any one help me.

merhs nice hovercrafts but why dont you use a fan to propell them that is on a swivel so you can steer.

Well im makin one out of my skimboard after february break. I've been on my friends hoverboard before and its very similar to was hard to steer at first, but it was easy to accelerate by pushing like a skate board. but then we were messing around with forms of steering, and if you place a peice of wood that matches the shape of the board around the outside, then it steadys balance, and you can stear it like a skateboard

I have a 49cc gas skateboard that gets 80mpg and does about 35mph. Head knee elbo protection are cheap insurance. I got it to take the dogs for a run, but now that they learned to pull me on my skateboard i don't use it much. I put razor scooter wheels on my skate board. Not in uk, however, so I can have a pitbull. Pitbulls make great skateboard pullers. They can be cruel, however. They would just love to see me build one of these. No steering, no problem. It would make rabbit hunting a snap on a salt flat.

What if you made a rudderlike thing on the back with a roller blade wheel touching the ground to steer it.

you move it left the wheel touches and you turn right

yea give up the hoverboard and stick with petrol sk8boards, u can pick one up cheep on ebay :>

Does anyone have a formula for computing the maximum weight a hovercraft can carry given the surface area, horsepower of the blower, PSI, etc.. ?

You could build this using a fan connected to the engine instead of tubing (I'm building one using a trimmer engine).

Hey guys,
Why don't you put the different ideas together and combine them to make a Super Hoverboard! Also, there are other websites that have used some of your ideas and others I saw here seem totally new. Anyone up to designing a hoverboard that would fly?

Keep up the great ideas!

I like your idea greengirl and would definitly be up to it but I'm only 14 and am a little under funded. I'm working my parents for money but have come up short. When I get enough money scraped together I will post some pics of my hover board, until then keep the ideas comeing.

Is this an electric hoverboard? If you're using gas then it would be no use because it would lead to even more air pollution, and I don't like having to stop for gas.

thanks for the information

Hey, just reading up on the hover board, and the ideas that everyone has are great, except the fact that each modification that you add on the board, adds weight and thus lowers the board closer to the ground. Secondly, i haven't yet built a hoverboard, but the propulsion system from what i remember in the movie was your foot... like a skateboard, so... why add the extra weight to the board if you can use your own feet. as for turning, maybe some sort of pivot with a small fin underneath can help. control this with your front foot somehow and use the air comming from in front of you to turn left or right. again, depending on the lift, this could be a challenge to build. the lighter the better, especialy with such small engines. Hope my input helps the future inventors out there.

Hey guys, I was wondering how you're supposed to staple the skirt to the hoverboard w/o puncturing the bottom, and also, how do you make it move? Mine just floats. And if i lift my foot to move it like a skateboard, I can't balance.

If uv'e ever watched mythbusters on the discovery channel he used a surfboard, with 3 leaf blowers. his steering was a fan that he turned using a stick that was connected by string.

This is really cool, effectivly a small hovercraft

The next step is to use a small turboshaft jet engine, running a fan, and one for steering and propulsion

it would be a lot more expensive, put you would get a much better power-to-weight ratio, and as such, better speed, and better terrain versatility

I haven't made mine yet but I have a backpack vacume cleaner on hand (A industrial one so it should be pretty powerful). I'm going to re-wire the battery to a battery. I'm going to make the board a bit longer than a skateboard and a bit wider than one.

you have done a great job

but just one question wat are the dimensions of the holes at the bottom of the skirt? and how far are they from eachother? wat are dimensions of the skirt it self?

can any one tell me what the air speed and air volume worked for them, or what you think would be enough? i can check here or you can email me at


Hi. I have an idea for a hoverboard that you probably have heard before, but I have done some research and this might actually be possible. If you can contact me at my email address I will inform you of this idea.

hey, thx 4 the plans i made this for the science fair 2nd (wtf i lost to magnets? lol) i came up with a brilliant idea for mine. i added a bass drum pedal to the board and added this thing in my garage to it and now i have a pedal to make it go fast or slow. but i have to push my weight towards the front cause the pedal is heavy.

Hey, i'm only 11 ,but i have a high IQ. I was wondering if it propelled forward or just sat there hoverin'. If it Does i have a Idea to make it propel forward. Cut 2 in. slits in the blower tube so it can be cut across the top of those lines and bend in. Therefore having the air push back towards the back of the board. For steering have a plastic panel on the board that your foot can rest in and slide your foot left and right to move the panel and a rudder that is connected to it. The end of the rudder would be right in front of the hole and when you move your foot left and right. The wind does too. Making you go in the direction you want to go. I'm not sure if it will reduce the amount of air being pushed down for you to lift up, so be aware before you try this. If it works please comment me! Thnx!! :-)


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