9/11: Re-examining the 3 WTC high-rise 'collapses'
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Sign the Petition

Everyone (over the age of 18) can sign the AE911Truth petition and call upon Congress for a truly independent investigation into the 3 WTC High-rise "collapses" on 9/11! Our voices will be louder and more resonant in the halls of Congress when joined together as one voice of hundreds of architects and engineers and others!

All petition signers receive a copy of our eNewsletter The Blueprint!

The AE911Truth Petition:


Please Take Notice That:

On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and affiliates hereby petition for, and demand, a truly independent investigation with subpoena power in order to uncover the full truth surrounding the events of 9/11/01 - specifically the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7. We believe that there is sufficient doubt about the official story and therefore that the 9/11 investigation must be re-opened and must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that may have been the actual cause behind the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and WTC Building 7.


The Undersigned

(Degreed & Licensed – Active & Retired)
Architectural Professionals
Richard Gage, AIA, Architect
Lic:   C19220 CA
B. Arch.
S.F. Bay Area, CA
Scott Page, M. Arch / Designer
Berkeley, CA
Andus H. Brandt, Architect
Lic:   Cal. Architect's license C27998
B.A. Architecture
Berkeley, CA
Alan S. Glassman, M. Arch., Associate AIA, CSI, SA, Architectural Re *
Lancaster, PA
Bruce B. Maxwell, Architect
Lic:   C27715
Santa Rosa, CA
Andrea Walhof-Grisham, Designer
B.S. Architecture
Truckee, CA
Bruce Richey, AIA, Architect
Lic:   Oregon Architect's License #2618 exp. 6/08
Ashland, OR
Andrew McClure
B.Arch. VPI & SU
Raleigh, NC
C Matthew Taylor, Architect
Lic:   South Carolina Architect's License #AR .4827 I, ex
B.A. Architecture, U. of Cincinnati
Hilton Head Island, SC
Arnold A. Valdez, M.Arch, Designer/Planner *
Santa Fe, NM
Chris Swigert, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect License #C27595 1998, exp. 4/09
Oakland, CA
Arthur Stopes, Planner
Berkeley, CA
Christian Mungenast, AIA, Architect
Lic:   Massachusetts Architect's License #8856, exp. 8/08
Arlington, MA
Chad Jones, B. Arch.
B.S. Science (Major in Arch.), WUSTL
St. Petersburg, FL
Daniel W. Richard, P.E., LS (retired)
Lic:   PE2406, LS16889
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Eagar, AZ
Chris Jung
B. Arch.
Berkeley, CA
David Crawford, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C24904 1994, exp. 3/09
Walnut Creek, CA
David A. Johnson, Dr., FAICP, Ph.D.
BA (Arch) & MCP, Yale; PhD, Cornell
Asheville, NC
Dennis R. Holloway, Architect
Lic:   New Mexico Architect License #002569
B.Arch., Univ. of Mich., MAUD, Harvard G
Rio Rancho, NM
Dominique Roddier, Ph.D, Naval Architect
Berkeley, CA
Don Gibbons, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C18058, 1987, exp. 6/0
Pleasant Hill, CA
Edward Anastas, Designer
B. Arch, Ms AUD
Santa Monica, CA
Donald Ketner, Architect, CCS
Lic:   4688 Alaska
5 year Architecture Penn State
Anchorage, AK
Elwin Wong
B. Arch - Cal Berkeley
Oakland, CA
Douglas Claude Rhodes, Architect
Lic:   Montana Architect's License #1400 exp. 6/08
B.S. Architecture
Whitefish, MT
Felix Goebel, Dipl. Ing (Architektur)
Oakland, CA
Earl H. Booth, Architect
B.A. of Architecture
Salt Lake City, UT
Francisco A. Planes, Architectural Consultant, Assoc., A.I.A.
B.S. Architecture, CCNY-CUNY
Bloomfield, NJ
Eric Douglas, Architect
Lic:   NY Architect's License #031273, exp. 4/09
Howard Beach, NY
Henri Tso
B. Arch.
Walnut Creek, CA
Erik R. Thorp, Architect
Lic:   RI #863
B.Arch, M.Arch, Univ of Penna
Warwick, RI
Ian J. Colburn, B. Arch.
B. Arch., Virginia Tech.
New York, NY
Fred A. De Santo, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's license #C14076
B.A. U of KY 1967
Ukiah, CA
James W. Broadbent, Project Manager / Designer
M.Arch., U. of Oregon
Jackson, WY
Fred Robinson, Architect
Lic:   TBAE Lic. No. 9794
Austin, TX
Jan Leits, B. Arch.
Berkeley, CA
Haluk Akol, Architect & Structural Engineer
Lic:   Calif. Architect License #C2670 1959, exp 6/09
Lafayette, CA
Jeffrey Tam
B. Arch
Oakland, CA
Helmuth A. Geiser, Architect *
Cape Coral, FL
Justin Feider, Intern Architect
Denver, CO
Irwin Luckman, Architect (retired)
Lic:   Retired
B. Arch.
Oakland, CA
Karlene Gullone
B. Arch
San Francisco, CA
James Jorgensen, Architect *
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C28802, exp. 6/09
Healdsburg, CA
Keenan May, Intern Architect
B. Arch.
Seattle, WA
James Peter Leritz, Architect
Lic:   C20166 CA
B.Arch., U. Illinois; M.Arch., GSD
San Francisco, CA
Ken Hutchinson
B. Arch.
Eugene, OR
James Martin Tomlin, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C29398, exp. 6/09
B.Arch., 1988, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Fresno, CA
Kristen Kepner-Coleman, B. Arch.
Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn Univers
Atlanta, GA
Jeff Arnold, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C17214 1986, exp. 5/09
Orinda, CA
Kurt Worthington, Urban Planner
M. Arch
San Francisco, CA
Jeffrey S. Orling, Architect
Lic:   NY 015625
B. Arch.
Mount Vernon, NY
Michael Reuter, Architectural Professional
Berkeley, CA
Jim Bedinghaus, Architect
Lic:   Florida Architect's License #AR0010707, exp. 2/09
St. Petersburg, FL
Mojgan Saberi, BS Arch., Designer
Oakland, CA
Joe Bellows, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C7575
Martinez, CA
Oscar Cisnero, Architectural Professional
Antioch, CA
John Cole, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C19195 1988, exp. 9/09
Walnut Creek, CA
Reed Simpson, M. Arch. Associate AIA
Master of Architecture University of Kan
Overland Park, KS
John Eisenhart, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C25743 1995, exp. 4/09
San Diego, CA
Shawn M. Fullington, Designer *
Asheville, NC
John K. Gillies, Architect
Lic:   Cal Architect's license C 10299
B. of Arch, UC Berkeley
Del Mar, CA
Thomas Spellman, Urban Activist
Lake Geneva, WI
John Howland, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C14886 1984, exp. 4/09
Walnut Creek, CA
Tim Clark
B. Arch
Albany, CA
John C. Link, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C18873, exp. 7/09
Berkeley, CA
Tom Patteson, Intern Architect *
Masters Architecture Virginia Tech
Black Mountain, NC
John Robert Russell, Professor Emeritus Landscape Architecture
Lic:   Indiana Landscape Architect's License # LA80050004
Grad. Dipl. Urban & Reg. Plng. AA London
Bloomington, IN
Travis Van Brasch, Associate AIA, Design Principal
San Francisco, CA
Kenneth L. Smith, Architect (licensed)
Lic:   C9652 CA
Forestville, CA
Wendy Sitler, Designer
B. Arch
Berkeley, CA
Larry Dodge, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C6373 1970, exp. 5/09
B.Arch., Univ. of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Michael E. Balay, Architect
Lic:   Indiana Architect's License #AR00880149
Fishers, IN
Michael C. Coffey, AIA, Architect
Lic:   NY Architect's License #031038, exp. 12/08
New York, NY
Mickey Propadovich, Architect *
Lic:   IL Architect's License #001009280 exp 11/08
Evanston, IL
Nelson L. Johnson, Architect & Civil Engineer
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C9585; Calif. Civil En
M. Arch. Columbia
San Francisco, CA
Olga Kahn, Architect
Lic:   #7382 MA
M. Arch., M.I.T.
Wellfleet, MA
Oliver William Purcell, AIA, Emeritus
Lic:   Retired
B., Arch. 1961
Edmond, OK
Osvaldo Valdes, Architect, NCARB
Lic:   NY Architect's License # 027383 exp 10/10
BA and Masters in Architecture
New York, NY
Peter Hendrickson, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect's License #C10010 1978, exp. 8/09
Santa Rosa, CA
Roger VanFrank, Architect
Lic:   Utah Architect's License #106818-0301 exp 5/08
Salt Lake City, UT
Ronald F. Avery, Architect *
Lic:   Texas Architectural License #9285
Seguin, TX
Sonne R. Idelshon, Architect, retired
Lic:   Retired CA Architect's license # C-4111
B.A., Arch., Cal Poly U, Pomona; & USC
Pomona, CA
Stephen A. Bourne, Architect
Lic:   WA - 7219; CA - 28792
B. Arch., University of Cincinnati
Seattle, WA
Ted Elden, AIA - retired
Lic:   AIA 30026539 W. VA Architect's License 1174
B. Arch.
Charleston, WV
Thomas N. Burnham, Architect
Lic:   Calif. Architect License #C17138 1986, exp 2009
San Francisco, CA
William Parker Brinnier, Architect
Lic:   16867 NY
Hurley, NY
William D. Freund, R.A. (Registered Architect)
Lic:   NJ Architect license #21AI00906500; AZ Architect #
B.S. Arch, UVA
Sewell, NJ
Willie Pettus, Architect
Lic:   CA Architect C23869 exp. 7/31/09
Berkeley, CA
(Degreed & Licensed – Active & Retired)
Engineering Professionals
Albert V. Burns, P.E. (Ret. AZ. Prof. Civil Engr.) *
Lic:   AZ civil engineer #2631, status: retired
BS Civ. Engr. Univ. Of AZ. 1951
Spanish Fork, UT
Adam C. Sherman, Engineering Staff
B.S.M.E. UC Davis
Newark, CA
Alexander Ridgely Thorp, P.E.
Lic:   46314 MA
B.S. Civil Engineering, WPI
Great Barrington, MA
Albert Skane, Systems Engineering
BSEE & BS(Sloan), MIT; MA Econ, UofMD
Boston, MA
Andrew C. Mills, Principal Engineer *
Lic:   New Jersey Professional Engineer 23891 (24GE023891
M.S. Eng.
Lower Gwynedd, PA
Amanda Lea Taylor, M.S.E. *
M.S., Engineering, UT Austin
Austin, TX
Arthur L. Carran, Engineer, P.E.
Lic:   Professional Engineer 58264 Ohio
B.S., Aerospace Engineering Technology
Fairfield, OH
Amir A. Rana, Mechanical Engineer Engineering Staff
B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Lafayette, LA
Barry K. Miller, P.E., Mechanical Engineer
Lic:   California Mechanical Engineer #27447 exp 6/09
Hinsdale, NY
Andrew Griffith, Engineering *
B.S., Chemical Engineering
Seattle, WA
Basil Orechwa, Senior Design Engineer
Lic:   32173-6 exp 2008
Wisconsin PE #32173
Beaver Dam, WI
Andrew Kittross, Computer Software/Electrical Engineer
B.S., M.S.
Lawrence, MA
Ben J. Marshall, Senior Engineer, PE
Lic:   34273 MD, 22286 KY
MS Chemical Engineering
Jacksonville, FL
Andrew Rasmussen
B.S. Engineering, Harvey Mudd College
Los Angeles, CA
Bill H. Metcalf, P.E.
Lic:   46148 TX
BS Engineering Texas A&M 1967
Athens, TX
Anthony Szamboti, Mechanical Engineer
Blackwood, NJ
Charles A. Marshall, PE, MSCE *
Lic:   9396 civil engineer exp 2008
MS, Civil Engineering,USC
San Gabriel, CA
Arnold B. Walker, Design Engineer, Retired *
BS Tool & Manufacturing Technology BYU
Sandy, UT
Charles N. Pegelow, PE, Civil Engineer. lic Calif CE 26344 (Structural
Lic:   Calif license 26344 Civil Engineer, exp 2008
Houston, TX
Bart A. Neeb, Elect Engineer
B.S., Electrical Engineering, U of Cincy
Farmington Hills, MI
Chell Eric Bosson, P.E.
Lic:   E-21723 Wisconsin
B.S. ME, Univ. of Minnesota
Laguna Hills, CA
Bill Hoff, B.S.M.E.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, ASU
Suisun City, CA
Chester W. Gearhart, P.E., Retired
Lic:   Retired
B.S. Civil Engineering, Univ of Missouri
Kansas City, MO
Bob McGee, Engineer *
Green Bay, WI
Christian Clausen, Registered Professional Land Surveyor *
B.S., Surveying Engineering, NMSU
El Paso, TX
Brad S. Epperson, Test Engineer
Troy, MI
Christopher Edward Lyon, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Lic:   Washington #28572
B.S. ME & M.S. EE
Bellingham, WA
Bradley Pattee, Engineering Staff *
Rochester, NY
Claude Robert Briscoe, P.E.
Lic:   Civil Engineer C17546 -- California
BS Engineering, UCLA
Santa Rosa, CA
Brian Brademeyer, Engineering Consultant *
B.S., M.S., Civil Engineering, MIT
Rapid City, SD
Clayton John Simmons, Engineer
Lic:   72749
B.S.C.E., Brigham Young University
Santa Rosa, CA
Brian Wright, Technical Consultant
Merrimack, NH
Curtiss Lee Palin, P.E.
Lic:   Colorado 27315 Professional Engineer exp 2009
M.S. Engineering
Fort Collins, CO
Bruce W. Randall, B.S. M.E. Manufacturing Engineer *
B.S. M.E. - UMass Amherst 1984
Longmeadow, MA
David E. Cassel, P.E.
Lic:   P-5352 Mechanical Engineering exp 2008
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Oldtown, ID
Christine H. Johnson, MSEE *
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Drexel
Seattle, WA
David G. Huebner, P.E.
Lic:   6201036077 MI Professional Engineer
Auburn Hills, MI
Christopher Backus, Senior Engineer
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MSOE
Redmond, WA
David Topete, S.E. *
Lic:   S4793 CA
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Santa Clara U
San Francisco, CA
Christopher E. Martini, BSME
BS Engineering (concentration Mech.)
Lawrenceburg, IN
Dennis M. Fischer, Engineering Consultant
Naperville, IL
Christopher Wilder, Mechanical Design Engineer
B.S.M.E., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Cloverdale, CA
Dennis Henry, P.E.
Lic:   017849 MO
B.S. Civil Engineering
Kansas City, MO
Crystal Li, Mechanical Engineer *
Seattle, WA
Dennis J. Kollar, P.E., Structural Engineer
Lic:   34422-6 professional engineer exp 2008
B.S. + Graduate Coursework
West Bend, WI
Dave Reinmuth, Managing Consultant *
Carrollton, TX
Derek Johnson, E.I.T., C.W.I.
Lic:   EIT #37893
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Marlin, TX
David C. Avina, Engineer
Bay St. Louis, MS
Dianne M. Treichler, CA-Licensed Civil Engineer
Lic:   C51898
BSE from University of Michigan, 1983
Loleta, CA
David DuPaul, Engineer
B.S. Mech Engr & Physics, Trinity Colleg
East Haven, CT
Donal Butterfield, RA & PE
Lic:   RA11145 NY, PE39888 NY, RA1952 Conn
New York, NY
David Gregg, Ph.D., Chemical Engineer
Moraga, CA
Donald Meserlian, P.E.
Lic:   New Jersey Engineer's License 24GE01507900
N. Caldwell, NJ
David Wilkins, Electrical Engineer *
San Jose, CA
Edward Munyak, P.E.
Lic:   Mechanical 16804 Fire Protection 247
BSME Catholic University of America
Los Altos Hills, CA
Douglas M. Keenan, None *
BSEE '84 Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech
Indianapolis, IN
Fred Nguyen, P.E.
Lic:   New Jersey Professional Engineer 24GE03923300
M.S. Mech. Eng., Stevens Inst. of Tech.
Maplewood, NJ
Douglas E. Mackenzie, BSEE
Los Gatos, CA
J. Marx Ayres, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Lic:   10631 mechanical
Santa Monica, CA
Edwin Michael Taylor, E.I.T., Engineering Consultant
Hampton, VA
Jack Keller, Ph.D., P.E.
Lic:   139070-2202 issued 1961, exp 2009
Logan, UT
Enver Masud, Engineering Management Consultant
M.S. Industrial Engineering
Arlington, VA
James R. Carr, Ph.D., P.E.(geological engineering,, Professor, Ge
Lic:   007464 Geological Engineer 1987, exp 2008
Reno, NV
Eric Heredia, Electrical Engineer
B.S. Electrical Engineering
Vancouver, WA
James Randall, Engineer
Lic:   51532PE OR
B.S. Electrical Engineering
Vancouver, WA
Eric A. Klein, Engineering Consultant
M.S. Computer Engr., Santa Clara Univ.
San Francisco, CA
Jeffrey McNabb, P.E. Engineering Consultant
Lic:   10690PE MT
BS & MS Civil Engineering, UMinnesota
Bozeman, MT
Erk Erginer, Dr.
MSc. Tech. U. Istanbul; Ph.D. Brown U.
Winston-Salem, NC
Jeffrey M. Moskin, B.S.E.E. *
Culver City, CA
Gene Robinson, B.S. Industrial Engineer non-licensed *
Savannah, GA
Jill Hacker, Engineer
Lic:   NY 16 066694
Master of Science, Civil Engineering
Reston, VA
Greg Kramer, Lead Engineering Technician *
Associates Engineering
Cincinnati, OH
John Franklin, P.E. *
Lubec, ME
Greg Salyards
B.S., Naval Eng., US Naval Academy, '62
Atlantic City, NJ
John L. Mason, Engineer
Lic:   23233 Michigan
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Michigan
Portage, MI
Henry Rozumski, Aerospace Engineer/ Analyst
M. Sc
Aiea, HI
John V. Mizzi, P.E.
Lic:   NY Professional Engineer Lic. # 052688
Poughkeepsie, NY
Jack R. Meagher, Quality Engineer
BS in Nuclear Engineering
Peterborough, NH
John F. Shanahan, PE, Electrical Engineer
Lic:   12091 electrical
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
James Brooks, B. Civil Eng, University of Texas, Engineering Con *
Austin, TX
John M. Sparnicht, P.E., Civil Engineer, California
Lic:   CA license #89504 Civil Engineer, exp 12/31/07
Dayton, NV
James D. Johnson, Chemist *
M.S. Chemistry (FSU) / M.E. (UF)
Crestview, FL
Joseph Testa, P.E., Civil Engineer
Lic:   PE 072702 New York License
Thousand Oaks, CA
Jason Griffin, BS, Civil Engineer
Washington, DC
Juan Felipe Rodríguez, EIT (Engineer-In-Training) *
Lic:   39177
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, TTU
Houston, TX
Jay Easwaran, Ph.D. (Metallurgy & Materials Sci.), Metallurgical *
Indianapolis, IN
Kamal S. Obeid, SE, PE
Lic:   Structural Engineer 2826 CA, Civil Engineer 35214
MSCE, UC Berkeley
Fremont, CA
Jeff Rogers, MSME, Engineer *
Woodland Park, CO
L. Alan Pyeatt, P.E.
Lic:   C56857 CA (Civil Engineer)
Malibu, CA
Jerry J. Lobdill, B.S.Ch.E.
B.S. Ch. E. Texas Tech
Fort Worth, TX
Marc Kuttner, Marine Engineer
B.S. Marine Engineering Technology
San Francisco, CA
Jim G. Smith, Software Developer *
Rockaway, NJ
Melissa Allin, P.E.
Lic:   18704 OK
Comanche, OK
Joe S. Blackett *
B.S. Marine Engineering
Hayward, CA
Michael S. Benefield, Mechanical Engineer
Lic:   CA Mechanical Engineer 31102 exp 2009
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
San Anselmo, CA
Joel S. Hirschhorn, Ph.D., former full professor of engineering
Ph.D. Materials Engineering, RPI
Chevy Chase, MD
Michael T. Donly, P.E., Structural/Civil Engineer
Lic:   New Jersey 24GE04422400
B.S.C.E. N.J. Institute of Technology
Hackensack, NJ
John Philip Anderson, Doctoral Candidate
BSE, MS, Engineering, U of Michigan
Okemos, MI
Michael E. Stephens, P.E.
Lic:   OK 20643 exp 2009; AR 11302
B.S., Geological Engineering
Welling, OK
John J. Crawford, Engineering Consultant *
Opelika, AL
Mike Maguire, P.E. *
Lic:   CA Mechanical Engineer License 29404 exp 2009
MS, Mech/Aero Engineering, UC Davis
Livermore, CA
John D. Kabitzke, Telecommunications Manager
B.S Ch. E.
Des Moines, IA
Mikos S. Fabersunne, P.E.
Lic:   M020644
B.S. Engineering (Chemical), UC Davis
Davis, CA
John P. Machado
North Versailles, PA
Mitchell Scott Stein, P.E.
Lic:   env pe #84826
M.S. Civil Eng., Univ. of Texas at Austi
Austin, TX
John Rexroat, Mfr. Engineer
Walnut Creek, CA
Nathan S. Lomba, P.E., S.E., M.ASCE
Lic:   4132 C/S ID, C43284 CA
B.S.C.E., U. of Colorado
Eureka, CA
John Shinn, Ph.D., Chemical Engineer
Pleasant Hill, CA
Peter D. Morse, P.E., Mechanical Engineer
Lic:   Mechanical Engineer #38829 exp 2009
B.S., Mech. Engr., B.A., Journalism
Tucson, AZ
John Sotelo, BSME, MD, Mechanical Engineer *
Eureka, CA
Richard F. Humenn, P.E., Electrical Engineer
Licensed NY, NJ, CT, D.C.
New Jersey, NJ
John M. Speidel, Engineering Manager
BS Pet Eng (86) BS ME (87)
Visalia, CA
Richard Paul Sheridan, Professional Engineer, New York
Lic:   51289 1974 Dec.
Civil Engineering
Ny, NY
Jon Marino, BSCE, EIT, Design Engineer
Phoenix, AZ
Richard J. Snider, P.E.
Lic:   PE electrical engineer license 73615, Texas
BSEE, University of Texas, Austin
Dallas, TX
Jonathan Thompson
B.S. Engineering Clemson University
Columbia, SC
Richard Thurmond
BSEE, MSCENG, Univ. So. California
Cobb, CA
Karl Joerger, Mechanical Design Engineer *
BSME, UT Austin
Austin, TX
Robert Lloyd Nielsen, PLS, Land Surveyor
Lic:   CA Land Surveying 8075 exp 12/31/07
Walnut Creek, CA
Keith E. Fleming, Engineering Staff
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Auburn, GA
Roland Edward Angle, Civil Engineer
Lic:   CA Civil Engineer 18242 exp 2009
B.S. U.C. Berkeley
Alameda, CA
Keith Emanuel Noren, Senior System Engineer
MS, Elect Eng, Stanford Univ
Huntsville, AL
Ron Paul LeBlanc, PE, Engineer
Lic:   PE license 38312
Firestone, CO
Ken Jenkins, BS Carnegie Mellon, Electrical Engineer
San Rafael, CA
Ronald H. Brookman, Structural Engineer
Lic:   Structural Engineer 3653 CA Civil Engineer 44654 C
B.S. & M.S. Engineering, U.C. Davis
Novato, CA
Ken Kious, Electrical Engineer
Walnut Creek, CA
Scott C. Grainger, PE, Forensic Fire Protection Engineer
Lic:   30031 AZ
BS Civil Engineering
Mesa, AZ
Kevin Ryan, Laboratory Manager, Co-Editor – 9/11 Journal
B.S. Chem., Certified Quality Engineer
Bloomington, IN
Sean Neprud, P.E.
Lic:   M33458 CA
B.S., Engineering, UC Berkeley
San Francisco, CA
Kirk G. Miller, Airline Pilot, Military Pilot, NORAD participant
Lic:   Many pilot ratings
BSIE Calif Polytechnic; BA English FIU
Reno, NV
Steven Craig Brantingham, P.E.
Lic:   OK PE License #13027 1982, exp. 9/09
B.S., ChemE, U. of Arkansas Fayetteville
Cypress, TX
Kristin B. Horton, Unlicensed Engineer *
B.S., Industrial Engineering, FAMU/FSU
Torrance, CA
Steven Reiser, Chemical Engineer
Westminster, CO
Lawrence G. Mayka, B.S.E.E.
B.S., Engineering, UIC
Aurora, IL
Thomas H. Lackey, P.E. Engineer
Lic:   018-0005701 VT
B.S.C.E., UVM 1985
Stowe, VT
Malcolm Idaho, Software Engineer
B.S.C.S.E., Ohio State University
Scottsdale, AZ
Tim Rohach, P.E., Mechanical Engineer MSME
Sugar Land, TX
Michael Armenia, Engineering Consultant
B.S. Engineering, Clarkson Univ., NY
Olympia, WA
William J. Cundiff, P.E. *
Lic:   MA Civil Engineer 39097
Whitinsville, MA
Michel A. Thomet, Ph.D., Electrical Engineer
Ph.D., E.E., Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburgh
Lafayette, CA
William Rice, P.E.
Lic:   018-0002991 VT
MS Civil Engineering, Cornell Univ.
Randolph Center, VT
Michele Lamarsh, MSE *
MSE, University of Michigan
Jacksonville, FL
William D. Taylor, P.E.
Lic:   Florida P.E. license #56163
B.S. Engineering
Tequesta, FL
Mike Meyer, Mechanical Engineer
Tempe, AZ
  Mike Schmidt, BSGE, Project Manager
Chicago, IL
  Nicolas Reinke, Engineer
B.S., Engineering, UW Stevens Point
Waupaca, WI
  Patrick Gallagher
Albuquerque, NM
  Paul Briggs, Mechanical Engineer Common, Quindaro Plant
B.S. Mech. Engineering, Kansas State
Kansas City, KS
  Paul Dewey, Mechanical Engineer
B.S. M.E. San Diego State University
Poway, CA
  Paul Robert Kenyon, Engineering Consultant
Bridport, VT
  Pete Bartels, Senior Electrical Engineer
M.S.E.E University of South Florida.
Sunrise, FL
  Ray Simmons, Architectural Engineering graduate
Grant, FL
  Rich McCampbell, BS ChemE
Boston, MA
  Rich Reed, B.S. Structural Engineering, UC San, Structural /
San Diego, CA
  Robert M. Bowman, Dr., Lt. Col., USAF, ret; Engineering Manager
PhD, Aeronautics & Nuclear Eng, Caltech
Melbourne, FL
  Robert Hulsart, Computer Engineer
Franklin Square, NY
  Robert W. Poltz, Reliablity Engineering Consultant
MSE/BSE Systems Engineering
Los Angeles, CA
  Robert M. Stahl, Engineering Staff
B.A. Engineering, Univ of Alabama
Birmingham, AL
  Robert Charles Terhune
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Univ. NV,
Sparks, NV
  Rod G. Armstrong
B. Eng (Australia)
Cupertino, CA
  Rodger A. Herbst, Engineering Staff
BAAE, ME Ohio State University
Woodinville, WA
  Roger Twede, Engineering Staff
M.S. EE, Stanford University
Boise, ID
  Ron Wilson, Engineering Staff *
Fort Worth, TX
  Ronald Sabin, Mr. *
B.S. ChemE
Boscawen, NH
  Ryan A. Bolt, I.T. Specialist
B.S., M.S. Computer Engr, MBA, UT Knoxvi
Morrisville, NC
  Samuel P. Bradsher, Senior Software Design Engineer.
B.S. Software Engineering, National Univ
San Diego, CA
  Sean Glazier, Lead engineer
Queen Creek, AZ
  Sean Glazier, Lead Engineer *
BS Electrical Engineering RPI Troy NY
Queen Creek, AZ
  Sebastian Canaday, Engineer Staff
B.S., Engineering, Colo. School of Mines
Boulder, CO
  Shawn J. Jensen, M.S. Engineering Staff
M.S. Engr Mgt, BSME, New Mex St Univ
Madison, AL
  Sherman J. Handberg
B. Mechanical Engineering
Duluth, MN
  Steve Bishop, Senior System Administrator
B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boise, ID
  Steven Eugene Ramsey, Author, Publisher, Filmmaker *
B.S. Civil Engineering, B.S. Microbiolog
Austin, TX
  Ted Muga, BSCE, Civil Engineer
San Diego, CA
  Terri Creech, B.S.M.E.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Oklahoma City, OK
  Terry Allen, Electronics Engineer *
Sun Valley, CA
  Terry Petersen, Electrical Engineer
Chandler, AZ
  Timothy Wiegand, Electrical Engineer *
BSEE, Drexel Univ, MSEE USC
Jefferson, MD
  Todd C. Wurster, Mechanical Engineering
Corvallis, OR
  Ulf Ullby
Seattle, WA
  Vicki Rae Marburger, Engineer
B.S. Engineering
Corona, CA
  Victor Connor, Retired Engineer from IBM
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineerin
Normal, IL
  Warren J. Raftshol *
Suttons Bay, MI
  William José Blanch, B. Engineer
B.S., Aerospace Engin, San Jose State
Hayward, CA
  William H. Helbig, LSIT
Lic:   PA ST000030
B.S. Surveying AS EE
Marietta, GA
  William Edward Parker, Retired Engineer
Louisville, KY
  Zack Norwood
M.S., Engineering, Univ. of Michigan
Berkeley, CA
Non-U.S. Architects and Engineers & Architectural and Engineering Professionals
A.J. James Shieck, Architectural Technologist
Dilp Tech
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Aaron M. Verhulst, Arch. Tech.
B. Tech.
Windsor, ON – Canada
David Andresen, BSc(ENG) civil
Civil Engineering UNSW Australia
Sydney, NSW – Australia
David Leifer, Registered Architect
B.Sc., B.Arch., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Sydney, New South Wales – Australia
David Quinn, M.Arch, Intern Architect *
Halifax, NS – Canada
David Scott, AMICE, CEng, MIStructE
Auchterarder, Perthshire – Great Britain
Doug Plumb
Toronto, ON – Canada
Gary Benner, Consulting Engineer
B.A. Sc. University of Toronto
Toronto, ON – Canada
Gemma Pérez Guerrero, Telecom Engineer
Ponferrada, León – Spain
Graham John Inman
Civil & Structural Engineering
London, UK – UK
Gregory Urich, B.S.E.E, Sofware Engineering Consultant *
Lund, Skåne – Sweden
Hadi Izadi, Ph.D., Student
M.A.Sc., B.A.Sc.
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Jasper Tomlinson, MA(Oxon) CEnv MCIWEM, Environmental and Water Reso
London, London – UK
Joe Rowling, Architectural staff
London, London – UK
John Christoffer Arvidsson, Waste Water Engineer
B.Eng. (Chemical) M.Eng. (Environmental)
Stockholm, Stockholm – Sweden
John L. Bursill, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Lydia A. Browne, M. Arch, Architectural Consultant, Strategy *
London – UK
Paul W. Mason, Structural Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering
Melbourne, VIC – Australia
Philip Kienholz, B. Arch., NWTAA, PMP, Architect
Hay River, NT – Canada
Regine C. Naeckel, Graduate Engineer for Landscape and Environmental
Graduate Engineer
Berlin – Germany
Richard Robbins, Drilling Fluids Engineer
BEng Engineering Geology & Geotechnics,
Coventry, UK – UK
Robert Tamaki, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Civil Engineer
B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc.,
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Roman Korol, Eng.
Lic:   14524
B. Eng. (Electrical)
Montreal, QC – Canada
Scott Nigel Hudson, BEng
BEng, Exeter University, U.K.
Bristol – United Kingdom
Steve Labbe, B.Ing. *
Mechanical Engineering, UdeS
Sherbrooke, QC – Canada
Werner Simbeck, B. Eng.
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Victoria, BC – Canada
* Pending hardcopy or other verification
     Supporters and A&E Students     
David Ray Griffin, Professor
PhD, Philosophy of Religion & Theology
Isla Vista, CA
Steven E. Jones, Retired Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Physics, Vanderbilt Univ
Provo, UT
Aaron Alexander Dames
San Francisco, CA
Aaron David Elkind
Thousand Oaks, CA
Aaron Haley, Filmmaker
B.A. Business Adminstration
Huntington Beach, CA
Aaron Jones, PC Network Technician
Loveland, OH
Aaron K. Leininger
Jackson Center, OH
Aaron Nicanor Pascoe
Corvallis, OR
Abby Suzanne Martin, Political Activist
B.A., Political Science
San Diego, CA
Abel Moreno
Apple Valley, CA
Abhinav Dhaka, Student
New Delhi, Delhi – India
Ace Baker
Sherman Oaks, CA
Adam Haspica
Lyngby, Denmark – Denmark
Adam V. Jones
Sacramento, CA
Adam Lindsay Parrott
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Brampton, ON – Canada
Adam L. Posey, Licenced Journeyman Plumber lu#93
Genoa City, WI
Adam Ruff
Azusa, CA
Adam Shaffer, Student
Edwardsville, IL
Adam Sowa, Automotive Technician
Palatine, IL
Adrian L. Maldonado, U.S. Citizen
Aurora, CO
Al Peck
Cincinnati, OH
Alan A. Johnson, PhD
Honolulu, HI
Alan R. Leibensperger
Tucson, AZ
Alan Stang, Field Service Engineer
Phoenix, AZ
Alan Yee, Programmer
B.S., Computer Science & Engr, UC Davis
Millbrae, CA
Albert D. Campbell, Mr.
Lic:   N/A
Demotte, IN
Albert Chang
Toronto, ON – Canada
Albert Lucientes
New York, NY
Alex Gift, BA
Louisville, KY
Alex Bjorn Hansen
Vancouver, WA
Alex Herman
London, England – UK
Alex B. Ross, Mr.
Mount Vernon, IL
Alex Wilkins
Castaic, CA
Alice Hinson
B.A. San Jose State
Redding, CA
Allan D. Searle, Programmer
Masters Science Educ - Columbia Univ
Bellevue, WA
Amanda A. Koh, Digital Sculptor
Mukilteo, WA
Amory E. Ballantine, student
Olympia, WA
Amy Marie Grafstrom, Student
Lic:   Grafsaf137br
B.A. in progress
Covington, WA
Amy Jo Johnson, Front Desk Clerk for Super 8 motels
Frederick, IL
Andrea Riccio, Student "Civil Engineer"
Montreal, QC – Canada
Andrea Sharp, MFA
Master of Fine Arts UCLA -BA UC Berkeley
Lemon Grove, CA
Andrew Mark Bailey, BA, MA
Natural Sciences
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire – UK
Andrew Chapman, B.Sc., M.A., Student
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear – England
Andrew R. Fife, Carpenter - Contractor
Marshfield, MA
Andrew Grandinetti
Fair Oaks, CA
Andrew P. Hooper, Blaster, also an electronics student
Dartmouth, NS – Canada
Andrew John Katelaris, Dr
Doctorate in Medicine
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Andrew Louis Neale, Electrical Motor Repair Technician
Stillwater, MN
Andrew Phairas, Mr.
Las Vegas, NV
Andrew Pritchard, BSc
Geography, University of Exeter
Farnham, Surrey – UK
Andrew N. Showalter
Nashville, IN
Andrew Lowe Watson, Musical composer
MA, Music, Cambridge University
Norwich, Norfolk – UK
Angelo Petraglia, B. Arch., Student
Jackson, NJ
Ann Stemann Petersen
Prescott, AZ
Anne V. Mahony, Mrs
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Anthony J. Barbieri
Chemical Engineering
Plano, TX
Anthony Doroska
Riverhead, NY
Anthony Gabriel, Union Plumber
Redwood City, CA
Anthony M. Serio, student
Lic:   S65282823
Belmont, MA
Antonio S. Campos, Dr.
Ph.D. Chemistry, UNL, MBA
Lisbon, Lisbon – Portugal
April Elizabeth Neely, Medical Transcriptionist
Temecula, CA
Arman Issa
Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan – Republic Of Kazakhstan
Arthur A. Basler, Teacher/Student
B.S English
Rock Hill, SC
Ashley Steele, Student
Lic:   E1024479 CA
B.A., Telecommunications, Pepperdine U.
Malibu, CA
Aziz Benhelel, Teacher
Setif, Setif – Algeria
Babette Bruton
Los Gatos, CA
Barbara Bell, Concerned Citizen
Lic:   no-license
BA English Literature, CSU Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
Barry A. Pierce, Professional Land Surveyor
Lic:   LS 6975
San Francisco, CA
Bart Travis Cookus
Hedgesville, WV
Baxter Thomas, B/T, Community Activist
New York, NY
Behrang Khoshnood, Student
Skokie, IL
Ben Cole, Electrical Contractor
Lic:   C10-809699
BS Marine Biology, UCSC
Santa Cruz, CA
Ben Farnsworth, Student
Brockport, NY
Benjamin Bisconer, Student
Napa, CA
Benjamin David Garrett, Brother of Sibling in Iraq
H.S. Diploma
Elizabethtown, KY
Benjamin Owen Hankemeier, Student
Madison, TN
Benjamin Clifford Thorn, Student
Clearwater, FL
Bertie Seiferlein, Other
Evansville, IN
Betty J. Westman
Nevada City, CA
Bill Donnelly, Computer Consultant, Retired
Chico, CA
Bill Flanagan
New Paltz, NY
Bill McIlvride, Certified Engineering Geologist
Lic:   CA4359
M.S., Geology
Rock Stream, NY
Billy Olmstead
Gaffney, SC
Blair Mitchell Carpenter
London, ON – CDA
Blair Gadsby, M.A.
Scottsdale, AZ
Bo Follbring, Mr
Bachelor of Information Technology
Brisbane, QLD – Australia
Bob Dennis
BA, Mathematics, Northwestern University
Seattle, WA
Bob Lochridge
Mountain View, CA
Bonnie L. Awan, Chief Petrographer
B.S. Geology, Youngstown State Universit
Upper Arlington, OH
Boris Bm Mitrovic, Student
Sevnica – Slovenia
Boyd A. Davis, carpenter
Petaluma, CA
Bradford McDermott, Engineer
Marina Del Rey, CA
Bradley Canion
Waco, TX
Brandon Budd, Architectural Staff
Salt Lake City, UT
Brandy Laukaitis, Business Owner
Tampa, FL
Brendan James McFadden, Mr.
Louisville, CO
Brendan White, confused civilian
West Newbury, MA
Brennen Carter, Student
Derry, NH
Brent Bauchman
Las Vegas, NV
Brent Erskine
Aurora, ON – Canada
Brent Igo, Ph.D.
Educational Psychology
Clemson, SC
Brent D. Walker
Sandy, UT
Brett Haskowitz
Plainview, NY
Brian A. Barnett
Murray, KY
Brian Carson, Desinger
Missoula, MT
Brian Good
B.S., Biological Sciences
Palo Alto, CA
Brian Hayes, Student
Bloomfield, NJ
Brian E. Kofke, Mr.
Vero Beach, FL
Brian Michels
BA Critical Thinking (Philosophy) Master
Brooklyn, NY
Brian Mullaney, Student
Dublin – Ireland
Brian Roussel, Technical Manager
Walnut Creek, CA
Brian Schuler, Certified Permaculture Designer, Lic. Landscape
A.S. Electronic Technology
Sebastopol, CA
Brian Smith, Brother of Firefighter Kevin Smith (deceased 9/11)
Rocky Point, NY
Brian Stevens, BSc (Hons)
BSc., Building, Aston University, UK
Birmingham, West Midlands – UK
Brian P. Zuzik, Project Architect - Cad Manager
Boardman, OH
Brooke M. Hutchison
Rhinelander, WI
Brooke Stiltner, IT Consultant/Student
San Francisco, CA
Bruce Abderholden, Fire Fighter / EMT
Evening Shade, AR
Bruce D. Beale
BA Geology
Penn Valley, CA
Bruce C. Faurot, retired government worker
Saint Augustine, FL
Bruce Allen Hendricks, MPA, F.Ph., Master Photographer
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Bruce R. Henry, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Mathematics, U.Wisconsin 1967
Pittsfield, MA
Bruce McDonald, President of element3, inc.
Crestone, CO
Bruce Anthony Mitchell
Akron, IA
Bruce A. Scherzer, Retired Power Lineman
Bay City, MI
Bruce Toy, BSc.
BSc. University of Guelph
Calgary, Alberta – Canada
Bryan D. Behie, Social Worker
Degree, Social Services
Toronto, ON – Canada
Bryan D. Mosher, Geology Student
Mobile, AL
Buddy Moore, Candidate for US Senate for Colorado
Denver, CO
Burnis Eugene Tuck, Retired
BA, History, UC Berkeley
Fresno, CA
Burumu Hutsisi
Brussels – Belgium
Cameron T. Karslake, Professional Photographer
Bachelor of Fine Arts/Photography, Alfre
Lakewood, OH
Cameron O'Connor, Mr.
B.S., Health Science Univ of Oklahoma
Gulf Breeze, FL
Cami Jo Langohr
Fort Wayne, IN
Carey Dale Cole, Millwright (Retired)
Berea, OH
Carl L. Bond, Mechanical QC Inspector
Wasilla, AK
Carl Michael Harvey, Student
Bangor, Co. Down – Northern Ireland
Carl E. Moon
Eureka, CA
Carla Gregorich
Orlando, FL
Carlos Berguido
Petaluma, CA
Chula Vista, CA
Carmelo Colon
MBA- Finance
Forest Hills, NY
Carol Cleveland, Dr.
Ph.D, American Literature, St. Louis Uni
Dryden, NY
Carol Harrington, Teacher
M.A. Marriage Family Counseling
San Diego, CA
Carol Strickland
Lic:   MT (ASCP)
B.A. Biology Hiram College
Edmonds, WA
Carol Waser, Anti-War/Community Activist
M.A. Counseling
Washington, DC
Carol Willhite
Austin, TX
Carole Ann Martin, none
MA in Education, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Carolyn Kahant, No title
Ingram, TX
Carrie Thompson
Taos, NM
Catherine Aiken Cadieux, Reverend (United Church of Christ, ret.)
M.Div., Yale Divinity School , 1979
Putney, VT
Catherine Walsh
Philadelphia, PA
Charlene A. Richards, R.N.
Lic:   California
Associates Degree in Science and Nursing
Los Angeles, CA
Charles J. Dimech
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Charles Elliott McGowan, Student
Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State U.
Corvallis, OR
Charles R. Ross
B.A., History; SSU
Rio Nido, CA
Charles Ewing Smith
Van Nuys, CA
Charles Stevens
Slinger, WI
Charles W. Taylor II
Phoenix, AZ
Chase Saladino, Student of Philosophy
San Marcos, TX
Chase A. Saylor, Engineer
Milwaukee, WI
Cheri M. Roberts, Activist
Apple Valley, CA
Cherry Connolly, LMT NCTMB RN
BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Cobden, IL
Cheryl Ann Fonseca, Student
Social & Behavioral Sciences AA
Rohnert Park, CA
Cheryl D. Fumero
Philadelphia, PA
Cheryl Ann Wysocki
Pasadena, CA
Chris De Gouw
Ottawa, ON – Canada
Chris Defendorf, Architectural Consultant
Corning, NY
Chris Dowell
MA Technology Management
Boston, MA
Chris Hass, Student
Sioux City, IA
Chris Kramer, Design Engineer
Saint Charles, MO
Chris Mahoney, Musician
Keene, NH
Chris Michie
Sun City, AZ
Chris Noth, Student
Davenport, IA
Chris Owtram, Mr
Guildford, Surrey – UK
Chris P. Ramlow
Kent, OH
Chris Sarns
Placerville, CA
Christel Trutmann, Student
Ithaca, NY
Christine M. Horn, Psychotherapist
Denver, CO
Christopher Bibb, BSc (Hons), Software Engineer
Swansea, West Glamorgan – Wales
Christopher Blackburn, Mechanical Designer/Drafter
Seattle, WA
Christopher Corsi
Scottsdale, AZ
Christopher E. Deyo, Student
Houston, TX
Christopher Emery, Doc. Film Producer / Director / Writer
Oklahoma City, OK
Christopher David Laskoski, Student
Fort Worth, TX
Christopher James Low
Mesa, AZ
Christopher O'Loughlin, RN
Phoenix, AZ
Christopher Reed
Carmel Valley, CA
Christopher Snyder
Arlington, VA
Christopher Matthew Woodham, Captain
B.S. Aviation Maintenance Mgmt.
Chesapeake Beach, MD
Christy McMunn, Student
Martinsburg, WV
Chuck Thurston, Citizen Researcher
San Francisco, CA
Clayton D. Southworth, Student
Music Business and Management
Boston, MA
Clément Alexander Dupuy, Student
Toledo, OH
Clifford M. Cassidy, M. Sc.
M.Sc. Neurological Sciences, McGill U.
Montreal, QC – Canada
Clinton Graham
Ottawa, KS
Clinton B. Perry Jr., Student
Lic:   S43192723
Marstons Mills, MA
Cody Travis Collier, Aeronautical Science Student
Tampa, FL
Coleen Young, M.C.J. Professor
Master's of Criminal Justice
San Antonio, TX
Colin Bryant, designer/architect
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire – UK
Conrad Mancuso, A.O.C.A.D., Construction Project Manager
Barrie, ON – Canada
Cort Toland
Kent, WA
Craig M. Grismore, Materials Program Manager
B.A. - Liberal Arts
Phoenix, AZ
Craig R. Harrison, General Restoration Contractor
MA Education Administration BYU
St. George, UT
Craig Barclay Hill, Candidate US House for VT 2008
Montpelier, VT
Craig James
BS Biology, MA Education
East Middlebury, VT
Craig P. Johnson
Bachelor of Technology, Monash Melbourne
Sao Paulo, SP – Brazil
Craig Macdonald, BSc
Science & Engineering
Paisley – Scotland, UK
Craig Erin Mckerley, tulsa truther
Tulsa, OK
Craig Ranke, Pentagon Research Expert
San Clemente, CA
Craig Robinson, Mr.
Bellingham, WA
Crew A. Reynolds, Sr. Project Consultant
Hurst, TX
Crockett L. Grabbe, Dr., Applied Physicist
Ph.D., Applied Physics, Caltech
Iowa City, IA
Cynthia Anderson-Bennekaa, Concerned Citizen
B. A.
Phoenix, AZ
Cynthia Johnston
Walkerton, VA
Dale E. Richardson, Engineering Student
Phoenix, AZ
Damon Scott Hellie
Oceanside, CA
Dan Bloomquist, Business Owner/Software engineer
Vernon, AZ
Dan MacLaurin
Everett, WA
Dan Sutton
Peoria, IL
Dane Morrow Ketner, Student
Anchorage, AK
Dani Trees, Physical Therapist
Houston, TX
Daniel Joseph Allen, firefighter
Chicago, IL
Daniel Barba, Student
Mechanical Engineering
Wilmington, CA
Daniel Davis, JD
Casper, WY
Daniel Cary DeNigris, Project Manager, Home Builder
B.A., Psycology, University of CT
Stamford, CT
Daniel Fosso, M.A. Econ, J.D. Law
Lic:   183654 CA Law
M.A., Econ, UCSB, J.D. Law, Pepperdine
Kailua Kona, HI
Daniel L. Hutchins, Chemistry/Physics teacher, high school education
M.S. Chemical engineering
Stockton, CA
Daniel Koch
Farmington, NY
Daniel S. Pendleton
Kennesaw, GA
Daniel J. Rardon
Kentland, IN
Daniel Reid
Dallas, TX
Daniel Schaefer, Engineering Consultant
Construction Management
Normal, IL
Daniel Schinzing, Building Inspector
B.S. Political Science, Missouri State
Keen, TX
Daniel E. Wheeler, Entrepenuer
Practical Experience
Oil City, PA
Daniel T. Wynne, Mental Health Professional
Birmingham, West Midlands – UK
Danielle Mascio, Appraiser
Las Vegas, NV
Danny J. Whited, Student
Bettendorf, IA
Darius Torshizi A. Torshizi, Student
Some College
Mclean, VA
Darren H. Gunderson, Wireline Operator
Drayton Valley, AB – Canada
Darryl Dwayne Burton
BA - English, Univ. Notre Dame
Apex, NC
Darus Trutna, Student
Eureka, CA
Daryl A. Travnicek, SAS Admin/Statistical Programmer
BSME, UNL, MS, Math, The Ohio State Univ
Lincoln, NE
Dave Dana, Elevator Constructor
Seattle, WA
Dave Heller, M. Arch.
San Francisco Institute of Architecture
Berkeley, CA
Dave Kendall, Adj. Prof.
M.A., Musicology, UC Riverside
Riverside, CA
Dave Kushin, B.S. Secondary Education - Math Major
B.S. Secondary Education - Math Major
Clearwater, FL
David Ancira
Austin, TX
David Stewart Campbell, Mr.
Lisburn, County Antrim – UK
David A. Carrig, Construction Manager
Greenville, SC
David S. Chandler, Physics-Mathematics Educator
BS-Physics (IPS); MS-Mathematics
Strathmore, CA
David Chen, Software Engineer
New York, NY
David Cole
Arlington, VT
David A. Diggins, B.A., CCNA, CSSA, AIS, A+
B.A., Spanish/French, U of MN
Rapid City, SD
David P. Dunlop
Richmond, CA
David Engle, Journalist
Lic:   B9175526 CA
B.A., Univ. of Michigan
La Mesa, CA
David Arlinton Freeman, Police Sergeant, Retired
Las Vegas, NV
David Gabbard, Dr.
Greenville, NC
David R. Hicks
Plainsboro, NJ
David Jefferson, Social Work Administration
Bellingham, WA
David L. King, Trucker
Mineral Point, MO
David Martin, Other
B.A. Literature
Vancouver, BC – Canada
David Eugene Martin, architectural consultant
BA University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
David Mignano, Musician and Violin Maker
BA, MPA, Florida State
Brooklyn, NY
David Miller, Programmer/Analyst
BS Applied Mathematics, MBA
Milwaukee, WI
David Morrison
Portland, OR
David H. Sandlin, Draftsman
Houston, TX
David Le Sauvage
London, ON – Canada
David Edward Scally Jr
MBA, Pepperdine
Burbank, CA
David J. Scott
Saginaw, MI
David Short, Member Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice
Injury Prevention Specialist
Salyer, CA
David Lee Simmons, Registered Building Contractor
Lic:   RB29003124
Valrico, FL
David Slesinger
Lic:   none
Rockville, MD
David Taylor, Senior Writing Advisor, Univ. of Maryland
D.A., Univ. Mississippi
Savannah, GA
David C. Williams, Steel Purchaser for large Machine shop
Charlotte, NC
David K. Yates
Savoy, IL
David Švehla
SPŠK Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic – Czech Republic
Dawn Cyrus
Port Huron, MI
Deamon Chanel, Sen. Tech Officer
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Dean M. Jackson, Research Analyst
Washington, DC
Debora Blake, Documentary Filmmaker & Educated Citizen
Paris, IDF – France
Deborah L. Bauman, RPN
Lic:   IE12146
London, Ontario – Canada
Debra Ellis, Educated Citizen
Haddon Heights, NJ
Declan Duggan, Intern Architect
Manchester, Lanchashire – UK
Declan Noel O' Shea
Galway, Ireland – Ireland
Delfina Pei, Student
Houston, TX
Denis M. Benoit
Burnaby, BC – Canada
Dennis P. Crouse
Spokane, WA
Dennis G. I. Hanna, J.D.
Lic:   CSB #103466
Lafayette, CA
Dennis Sturm
Jacksonville, OR
Dennis M. Sullivan
Helena, MT
Dennis A. Thompson, Commercial Blaster's License, Calif. General above
Lic:   No. 2158 (Rtrd)
Eureka, CA
Derek Capito
Redwood City, CA
Dewey Pike
Spanish Springs, NV
Dharmesh Patel, Student
Streamwood, IL
Diana Lea, Student
B.A. Interior Design
Ogden, UT
Diane Schumacher, 9/11 Pentagon Victim
Huntsville, AL
Dirk Davidek, Event Planner / Outdoor Guide
BBA, Marketing, UT Austin
San Antonio, TX
Dolores A. Tozzi
BA/Pupil Personnel Services Credential
Vallejo, CA
Dominic Messer, MCSE
Dunn, NC
Don Green
Girard, PA
Don Plummer, Commercial HVACR Service Tech
Grand Junction, CO
Donald F. Grbac
Lic:   none
Valencia, PA
Donald John Hart Jr., Mr.
A.A, Electronis Tech., LTI
San Francisco, CA
Donald Jordan, Teacher
Helsinki – Finland
Donald W. Stacey, JD, MBA, Investment Banker (Retired)
Beverly, MA
Donald Forest Truax, President - CEO TSCS Incorporated
Information System Technology
Boston, MA
Donna Lee Dom
Charles Town, WV
Donna Norton
B.A., UC Dominguez Hills
Petaluma, CA
Donnie George
Leander, TX
Donovan Cody Seymour, student
Fremont, CA
Dorothy M. Headley, citizen
Berkeley, CA
Doug Hayner, Airframe and Powerplant mechanic
Vancouver, WA
Doug Lowe, Marriage & Family Therapist
Limerick, Limerick – Ireland
Douglas E. Deiter
Portland, OR
Douglas R. Page
Tucson, AZ
Douglas Waley, Mr
MA Politics and International Relations
Edinburgh, Scotland – UK
Dr. David W. Dowis, MD
Medical Doctor
Clovis, CA
Dr. Kevin J. Barrett, Ph.D.
Madison, WI
Dr. Maurice C. Kuttab, doctor
Nashville, TN
Dr. Premraj -. Pushpakaran, CEO
Kochi Kerala, Kerala – India
Dr. Wayne G. Gautreau, Mathematics Professor
Phd. Computer Information Technology
Mesa, AZ
Drew Boyce, College Student, Concerned American
Orlando, FL
Drew J. Gibbs, B.A.
B.A., liberal arts
Olympia, WA
Drew Piper
El Monte, CA
Drs. N.H.M. Classen, Drs. or MA
MA Nijmegen University Netherlands
Roermond, Limburg – Netherlands
Dustin Paul James
Olympia, WA
Dwain A. Deets, Retired Flight Research Engineer
M.S., Physics, SDSU; M.E., UCLA
Encinitas, CA
Ed Harrison, Other
Brentwood, TN
Ed Kendrick, Dr.
Kansas City, MO
Edmund Drozdowski, President - Accu-Tech, Inc. Measurement Specialist
Sterling Heights, MI
Edmund Robert Paulin, Union Carpenter
Long Beach, NY
Edward R. Galbraith, Retired Mechanical Designer
Springfield, MA
Edward L. Varney, Contractor
Santa Fe, NM
Edwin David Cheetham
, West Yorkshire – England
Elaine N. Ramey
Kissimmee, FL
Elaine Elisabeth Waldron, Managing Editor
New York, NY
Eleda Luther
Canyon Country, CA
Elfimoff D.Y. Dmitriy, Engineering Consultant
SPb Herzen University
SPb, Russia – Russia
Elijah Lovell
Syracuse, NY
Elizabeth K. Huff, Ms.
Rochester Hills, MI
Elizabeth Lopez
Monterey Park, CA
Elizabeth C. Miller
MA, Psychology
Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Ann Otto
Rock Hill, SC
Ellen Lopez, Registered Nurse
Phoenix, AZ
Ellis Goldberg, BSEET, MBA, Marketing Engineering Consultant
Danville, CA
Eoghan Mc Carthy
Abashiri, Hokkaido – Japan
Eric N. Davis
American Fork, UT
Eric Harrington, Energy and Computer Systems Consultant
B.S. Physics
Ojai, CA
Eric Turk, Dr.
North Hills, CA
Eric Wilson
Oakland, CA
Erik Ferrill
Columbus, IN
Erik Genga, Regional Planner
Drexel Hill, PA
Erik Kamfjord, Student
Oslo, Oslo – Norway
Erin Maria Wilson
Stoke On Trent, England – England - Uk.
Ervan Lee Martinez, student
Denver, CO
Ethan Eric Johnson, Student
BS Film
Winter Park, FL
Everest R. Leonard
Napa, CA
Fahad Hasnain, Journalist Student
Queens, NY
Faylinn Naida, Interior Decorator
Evanston, IL
Frances Shure, L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselor)
Lic:   2675
Denver, CO
Francine J. Lowenberg, Private Citizens for Truth
Medford, OR
Francis Coila, Construction Manager, B C Butler Construction
D.C.-WSCC, B.S. in Psychology-PSU
Redwood City, CA
Frank D. Bell, American Truth
Ypsilanti, MI
Frank Antonio Bird, B.A., Overeducated Carpenter
B.A. in English
Northridge, CA
Frank Doyle
Green Bay, WI
Frank Martens, High School History Teacher
Summerland, BC – Canada
Frank McElroy, none
Santa Clara, CA
Frank Rabzel, Professional Accountant Architectural Staff
Mississauga, ON – Canada
Frank Shap, Local Government Manager, Degreed Engineer
Oakland, MD
Franklin Smith, Millwright
Trafalgar, IN
Fred Henry Kinslow Iii, student
Fort Smith, AR
Fred Gary Merrill, Deputy
Cocoa, FL
Fred Wolters, Civil Engineering Techinician/ Math Teacher
Guerneville, CA
Frédéric Lemire
Montreal, QC – Canada
Frederick A. Roth, Design Engineer
Seymour, IN
Frederick Harrison Stralow, Construction Superintendent
Kemp (Tool), TX
G. Michael Zimmer, Information Systems Consultant
Hon. B.A. Psych. Carleton U., Ottawa
Victoria, BC – Canada
Gabriella Sankovich
Richmond, CA
Gabrielle Weiss, Student of Life
Rushville, NY
Gary Allen, MS/CS, Software Engineer
Raleigh, NC
Gary Anderson
Reno, NV
Gary L. Cobb
Savannah, TN
Gary T. DelRosso, B.S. D.D.S. Dentist / Endodontist
B.S. Zoology D.D.S. Dentistry / Endodont
Ashland, OR
Gary E. Goodman, computer professional
AA - Electronics
Akron, OH
Gary Hilberg, IT Manager
Information Technology
Olympia, WA
Gary Mayo, Mr.
Lincoln, NE
Gary J. Parker, Mr.
Raleigh, NC
Gary Schofield, MBA, Banker, Broker
Santa Cruz, CA
Geahk Grotta Burchill
Portland, OR
Geert Theunisse
Roosendaal – The Netherlands
Gene E. Harvey, Mr.
Carlsbad, CA
George Berman, BSc Hon, Systems Programmer
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
George T. Gahan, construction manager
Denver, CO
George B. Gersch, CPT
Schaumburg, IL
George H. Kieffer Iii
Lic:   Mich 7115491, St. Joseph Co. Indiana #2856, Michig
HVAC Contractor
Mishawaka, IA
George Andrew Woldt, Machine Operator, Carpenter, Combat Engineer
Madison, SD
Gerald Leroy Barlow, Supporter / Retired Military
B.S. Education
Brownstown Township, MI
Gerald De La Pascua, Mr
Bsc, Mphil
Wokingham, Berkshire – UK
Gerard L. Coffey, Student
A.S. Math / A.S. Physics, SBVC
Queen Creek, AZ
Gerhard F. Bedding
M.A. Un. Chicago, M.A.L.S. Wesleyan Un.
Keene, NH
Geza Gedeon, Dr.
Malibu, CA
Gil Roetman, Engineering Consultant
Anchorage, AK
Girard Newkirk
B.S. Political science
Greenville, NC
Giuseppe Amedeo Vinci, Agronomist
Lic:   19/07/1981
agronomist University palermo (Sicily)
Palermo, Italy – Italy
Glen R. Gunderson
Drayton Valley, AL – Canada
Glen R. Stanish, Airline Transport Pilot - First Officer - B-737
B.S. Aviation Technology
Greenwood, IN
Glenn Marston, Mr.
Boston, MA
Glenn Zarmanov
Jersey City, NJ
Gordon Melvin Wiggin Iii, MR
Sunrise, FL
Grace E. Mosley, LMT
Altamonte Springs, FL
Graeme MacQueen, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Asian Religion, Harvard
Dundas, Ontario – Canada
Graham Nayler, Physics Student
Seattle, WA
Graham Richardson, Building Services
Amersham, Bucks – UK
Grant W. Fleming, Independent contractor supporting DHS/CBT
Manassas, VA
Greg Cadman
Johannesburg, Gauteng – South Africa
Gregg Roberts, Business Analyst, Technical Writer/Editor
B.A., UT Austin, 1990
Austin, TX
Gregg T. Truscott, Graduate Student
B.S., Civil Engineering, Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Gregor Huyskens, Physicist
Hamburg, Hamburg – Germany
Gregory D. Chapman, Business Owner
Tampa, FL
Gregory Hubbell, Programmer
Chico, CA
Gregory J. Mirsalis, Paramedic
Youngstown, OH
Gregory M. Morrelli
Portimao, Algarve – Portugal
Gretchen Schade, Realtor,Engineering Assistant.
Lic:   RS226528L
Frederick Acadamy
Pine Grove Pa, PA
Guy Razer, LtCol, USAF (Ret)
MS Aeronautical Science
Las Vegas, NV
Guy P. Smoot, Graduate Student, Classics (MA)
New York City, NY
Hamish O'Brien
Brisbane, QLD – Australia
Hank Keeton, Construction Consultant
Ph.D. UC Berkeley - GTU
Scotts Mills, OR
Hans Verbeek, teacher
Delft, Zuid-Holland – The Netherlands
Harold William Saive, Student
Med Technology - MDCC
Gainesville, FL
Harry Michael Anifantakis
Tucson, AZ
Harry Grothjahn
B.A. Political Science
Alcoa, TN
Harry Martin
Dundee, Tayside – UK
Harvey Lewis Newman, Concerned Citizen
B.S. in Elementary Education
New York, NY
Haydon Young, Mr.
B.S. Business--Real Estate
Shalimar, FL
Henry C. Finney, Professor
PhD Sociology UC Berkeley
Los Alamos, NM
Herbert G. Lebherz, Professor of Chemistry (Emeritus) San Diego State
AA, BA, MA, PhD (U of Washington)
San Diego, CA
Howard M. Switzer, Architect #00020217
Grandfathered in TN 1988
Linden, TN
Hudson Luce, PhD, JD, Attorney-at-Law
Lawrence, KS
Hughes Ryan, Asst. Winemaker
M.S. U.C. Davis
St. Helena, CA
Iain Cockhill, RMN
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – UK
Ian John Cropton, Mr
B.Sc Chemistry
Colchester, Essex – England
Ian Wilson
Seattle, WA
Ian Woods, BLA, Graduate of Landscape Architecture (U of T)
Toronto, ON – Canada
Igor Andrejev, Contractor
London, Oxfordshire – U.K.
Ioel Shem-tov, Computer Programmer
Cape Town – South Africa
Irvin T. Smith 3rd, Mr.
Tioga, PA
Isa Sinclair, M. Aeronautics, Airline Transport Pilot
MS Aeronautics/Operations
Port Orange, FL
Isidore H. Doroski, Senior Public Health Sanitarian
B.S. Biology
Riverhead, NY
Ivan Olsen, Video Guy
MFA, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Mountain View, CA
Jack Burg
Seattle, WA
Jack William Heginbotham Jr., Registered Nurse
B.S. Psycholgy, OSU ; A.D. Nursing SCC
Miamisburg, OH
Jack Kimball, Director
Goleta, CA
Jacob Larry Shope, GS-1102, Contracting Specialist
Palmyra, PA
Jacob Weed, Architect
Chicago, IL
Jadon Tyler Triplett, Student
Associate of Arts, B.A. in progress
Aurora, OR
Jake B. McCrann, B.Sc.
B.Sc. (University of Melbourne)
Melbourne, Victoria – Australia
Jake Moore
New Paltz, NY
Jakob Hede Madsen, Multimedia Developer
Copenhagen – Denmark
James D. Agnew, Senior Seismologist
M.S. Geophysics, U. Alaska-Fairbanks '80
Sacramento, CA
James C. Atherton, Contractor
BA Biolgical Science
Gold Beach, OR
James H. Barlow, Sr. Member Society For Technical Communication, re
BA, MFA documentary film, Temple
Hilton, NY
James T. Berry, Apprentice Architect, Staff
Colorado Springs, CO
James M. Booth, Mr.
Lic:   n/a
Redmond, OR
James Brevard
B.S. Mathematics, Vanderbilt
The Woodlands, TX
James Michael Brewster, Owner Blue Star Media Group
M. Ed.
Camas, WA
James Cirile, Screenwriter and Journalist
BFA SUNY Purchase NY
Los Angeles, CA
James Edward DiFrank, Consultant
B.S., Business, Univ. of Buffalo
Amherst, NY
James F. Ernst, Commissioner
B.S., Business Administration
Benicia, CA
James Farber
Liberty, KY
James Gilland
Tucson, AZ
James Carl Hilton
B.A., Industrial Arts, Humboldt State Un
McKinleyville, CA
James Franklin Holland, Student
Pleasant Garden, NC
James Hufferd, founder, 911 Truth of Central Iowa
Adel, IA
James F. Karlsberger
Williams, AZ
James Leclaire, student
Manchester, NH
James Collins Leonard, writer/reporter
Masters of Science, Comm. Development
Davis, CA
James McCool
Columbus, OH
James Brian Moore
A.L.B. Bachelor's Degree, Harvard Univ.
Raymond, NH
James Brian Moore, A.L.B.
Raymond, NH
James Morales
Philadelphia, PA
James R. Redford
Dunnellon, FL
James H. Reill, Mr.
B.A., Math.; M.A., Math.
Wilmington, DE
James K. Thomas
Clifton, CO
James Watson, BSc
Glasgow, South Lanarkshire – United Kingdom
James Watson, None
Lic:   None
B.S. Computer Science
Mentor, OH
Jamie Elliot Donaldson, Student
MA Arts & Social Sciences,Dundee Uni
Dundee, Angus – UK
Jamie Y. Halverson, Concered American Citizen
Portland, OR
Jamie Beth Henkin
Cardiff, CA
Jan Erik Gjestvang, Carpenter
Oslo, Oslo – Norway
Jan Hoyer, Graphic Artist
Lee's Summit, MO
Janell K. Olive-Bennett, Artist
Bfa Printmaking k-12 teaching certificat
Milwaukee, WI
Janet Burroughs, Retired Teacher
Pisgah Forest, NC
Jared L. Hinzman, `
Stevenson, WA
Jason Carter, Land Surveyor in Training (L.S.I.T.)
Hazlehurst, GA
Jason A. Davis, Student
B.A., Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley
Emeryville, CA
Jason Dean
Auburn, WA
Jason Nilles, Security Industry Professional
Vancouver, BC
Jason Northrup, Computer Tech/IT Consultant
San Rafael, CA
Jason Michael Walker, MBA
Tempe, AZ
Jay Gaylord, advisor
La, CA
Jay Harrow, Ph.D
Ph.D in physics
Phoenix, AZ
Jay Kappraff, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics
Ph.D, M.S., M.A., B. Chemical Engineerin
South Orange, NJ
Jayme S. Hall
Bardstown, KY
Jayson Claypool
Beaverton, OR
Jazirae Neokai
Sweet Home, OR
Jean Creamer Allen, Senior Citizen Activist
M.A. Theatre; Univ. of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
Jeff M. DeGordick
St. Catharines, ON – Canada
Jeff Farias, talk radio host
Phoenix, AZ
Jeff M. Green, Student
Sound Beach, NY
Jeff M. Korp, none
New Britain, CT
Jeff A. Tritten, Real estate appraiser
Lic:   AL032791
Burbank, CA
Jeffery A. Neises, General Contractor
Monroe, WI
Jeffrey A. Bell, Client Solutions Engineer
Concord, CA
Jeffrey D. Closson, Watch Engineer
Lic:   EN3E 7878
Hampton, NH
Jeffrey C. Detrick, Researcher
Humansville, MO
Jeffrey Mironov
New York, NY
Jeffri D. Smith, CNC Machinist
Bothell, WA
Jennifer Spangler
Virginia Beach, VA
Jennifer Turnbull, BFA
Los Angeles, CA
Jeremiah J. Mckenna
Bloomfield, NJ
Jeremy J. Begin
Oakland, CA
Jeremy Richard Morrison, Chef
Wellington, North Island – New Zealand
Jeremy Voisin
Toronto, ON – Canada
Jerold Hubbard, Student
MS Botany
Johnson, KS
Jerry W. Pullam, Technical Writer - Aerospace
MBA, Information Sysyems
Florissant, MO
Jessica L. Brasch, student
Honolulu, HI
Jessica Hill, Ms.
Tampa, FL
Jessie Allen Land, forklift operator
Orlando, FL
Jillian Kosmuk, Student
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Jim Hoffman, Senior Editor, wtc7.net
Alameda, CA
Jim Hogue, MA
MA + in Theatre
Calais, VT
Jim Martin, CLVT(Certified Low Vision Therapist)
Springville, AL
Jim McCue, Composter and Biotech Researcher
Pittsburgh, PA
Jim W. Wellman
London, UK – UK
Jimmy Benito
Jersey City, NJ
Jimmy G. Stevenson
Corvallis, OR
JoAnn Castiglione
Alamogordo, NM
Joann Hunt
A.A. Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa,CA
Marana, AZ
Joe Gregory Marquis, Computer Administrator
Las Vegas, NV
Joe Parks
Cave Junction, OR
Joe Rudd
Thornton, CO
Joe Stokes, Artist, Teacher
Dallas, TX
Joe R. Williamson
Guerneville, CA
Joerg Schuetze, Biophysicist
Dortmund, NRW – Germany
Johan Ikael Stenbeck
Stockholm, Stockholm – Sweden
John Albanese, Independent Filmmaker
New York, NY
John Amato, Sales Representative
Paterson, NJ
John C. Austin, reseacher
Canoga Park, CA
John Beatty
Houston, TX
John Andrew Blacker, Physicist & Engineer
Physics Masters
Lancaster, Lancs – UK
John Bostick, Architectural apprentice
four year
Saint Simons Island, GA
John Briggs, Student
Seattle, WA
John W. Brockman, Systems Engineer
MBA, USF Tampa; BET, USF Tampa; BA, FSU
Dunedin, FL
John J. Bulten, Software Engineer
Boynton Beach, FL
John R. Cameron, Retired
Blackheath, NSW – Australia
John W. Coleman, Dr.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Eastman, GA
John K. Concannon, CPA, MST
Lic:   NJ CC20044
Masters of Science in Taxation, FDU
Basking Ridge, NJ
John Patrick Conlon, Mr
B.S. Air Transportation Management
Cottonwood, CA
John Culver, Listener/sponsor Radio Station KPFK, Registered Vo
B.A., Poly. Sci., UC Santa Barbara
Carlsbad, California, CA
John C. Ekonomou, Attorney at Law
J.D. Cooley Law School, Lansing, MI
Palos Hills, IL
John Elias
Los Angeles, CA
John Forsyth, Woodcutter
Mount Vernon, WA
John Gannon, Director Of Photography
Los Angeles, CA
John P. Keogh
B.S. (chemistry, see bio for others)
Tucson, AZ
John D. Larsen
Mesquite, TX
John F. X. LaTemple
B.A., English, USF Tampa
Austin, TX
John Paul Leonard
MBA Finance, UC Berkeley
Joshua Tree, CA
John F. Matheson
Knoxville, TN
John Arnold Mitchell, Computing Engineer
Honours degree Applied Mathematics
France – France
John Molesworth, mr
B.A. Graphic Design
Bideford, WA – UK
John Mustanich, Airline Pilot (ret.)
Millbrae, CA
John Parulis, Licensed California Contractor
San Rafael, CA
John Christopher Polifronio
Los Angeles, CA
John Reynaud, Science teacher
BS General studies
Gainesville, FL
John Rosinski, Communications Consultant
Orlando, FL
John Steketee, Patriot
Kingston, NY
John C. Thibodeau
Elgin, OR
John R. Toon, Master Electrician/ General Foreman Electrical
Southgate, MI
John Lawrence Tracey, Chartered Accountant
MAcc (University of Waterloo)
Toronto, ON – Canada
John R. Unverzagt, Commercial Carpenter Foreman
Lakewood, CA
John Martin Widger, Interior Designer/Carpenter
B.S. Interior Design, W.I.T.
Brooklyn, NY
John-Michael Patrick Talboo
Lic:   3600-13-0037
Kennard, IN
Johnny Velasquez, Student
Tampa, FL
Jon S. Colladay, LMFT
Clayton, CA
Jon I. Fox, Maj.USMCR,Ret.,Capt.Continental Airlines,Ret.
B.A.Pol.Sci.,Colorado+2.5yrs. Engineerin
Lakewood, CO
Jon Jensen, R&D Engineer
B. Sc., Physics, University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Jonathan William Alwine
Lic:   B&C6 884466 CA
Morongo Valley, CA
Jonathan Brett, Project Manager
Lapeer, MI
Jonathan Peretz Chance, Architectural & Engineering Consultant
Boston, MA
Jonathan Gill
Coventry, West Midlands – UK
Joost Brugman, ING
B. Eng.
Amsterdam – Netherlands
Jordan Thomas Pistacchio, Student
Fresno, CA
Joseph David Chase II, Patriot
Houston, TX
Joseph Ciolino, Assistant Professor Music History
Nyc, NY
Joseph T. Culleny, Construction Manager
Brigantine, NJ
Joseph S. DeSimone
Lower Burrell, PA
Joseph A. Doyle, Student
St Louis, MO
Joseph B. Gibbs
Fairview Heights, IL
Joseph Edward Hawkins, Dr.
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Joseph Thomas Kelley
Barstow, CA
Joseph Lopis A, Attorney
Juris Doctorate
Arlington, MA
Joseph W. Martin, Engineering Staff
Hartford, CT
Joseph Pierce
Woodbury, MN
Joseph D. Self, B.A.
B.A. Chemistry, St. Andrews Presbyterian
Boynton Beach, FL
Joseph Russell Wages, Engineering Staff
Richardson, TX
Joseph V. Williams, B. Arch.
B.A. Architecture, Mississippi State
Birmingham, AL
Josh Hicks
Clearwater, FL
Joshua Todd Gillis, Natural Therapy Specialist
Lic:   9029141 Me
Lewiston, ME
Joshua Hodnett, Realtor
Fort Worth, TX
Joshua R.N. Howland
Goshen, IN
Jp Venturi, Engineering Student
B.A Mechanical Engineering
Montreal, QC – Canada
Judith Ann Clayton, Ms.
aa/univ stu, aa/soc,beh sci, aa/lib arts
Paradise, CA
Judith A. Conoyer, Rev. Dr.
Saint Charles, MO
Judson B. Witham, Esq.
30 years Commerical Construction
Provo, UT
Judy Kay Cunningham, RN,BSN,BA,MS,(abd Ph.D.) writer/researcher of 9/11
Lic:   RN: NY 492860, FL, CT, & MA
BA,BSN,MS(,abd Ph.D.)
Thornwood, NY
Judy Ellen Shelton
B.A. Social Welfare
Berkeley, CA
Julie Chin, Stay At home Mother
Shoreline, WA
Justin J. Cole, nurse
B.S., B.S.N.
Memphis, TN
Justin Keogh, Physics Student
Tucson, AZ
Justin Kotz, Employment specialist - for the developmentally di
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Justin Lane, Engineering Technology Student
St Johns, NL – Canada
Justin Lee Stain, truth seeker
Long Beach, CA
Kacy Van Ray
Miami, FL
Karen D. Carter, Computer Tech, Web Developer, SEO
St. Augustine, FL
Karen Kahmann
Everett, WA
Karl J. Runge, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Physics, Cornell
Bedford, NH
Karla Lay
Heber Springs, AR
Katherine Howton, Ms
B.S. Mathematics University of Oregon
Portland, OR
Kathleen Johnson
Racine, WI
Kathryn W. Kelber, Attorney at Law
Lic:   Attorney at Law
J.D., South Texas College of Law
Houston, TX
Kathy Lynne Rogers
BS, Marketing, University of Pennsylvani
Walnut Creek, CA
Katrinka Anne Gmerek, Educator
BA Psychology and FIne Arts/Art Ed
Indianapolis, IN
Katy Sharko, Ms.
B.A. Computer Science, UC San Diego
Harvard, MA
Kees Van Der Bent, Designer
B.Sc., Computer Science, The Hague NL
Utrecht, Utrecht – Netherlands
Keif Larsson, Designer
Los Angeles, CA
Keith Crawford, Finance Manager
Houston, TX
Kelli Mink, Legal Secretary
Grand Rapids, MI
Kelly Lee Scott
Hamilton, ON – Canada
Kem Kalon Radovich, N/A
Appleton, WI
Ken Dahl
Saskatoon, SK – Canada
Ken Driessen
Hayward, WI
Ken Lee Spencer
Grants Pass, OR
Kendall Young, PhD
Buford, GA
Kenn D'Oudney
ALAM(Hons) Dip. GSA
Olizy, Meuse – France
Kenneth W. Ashe, retired steel designer/fabricator
Associate-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Marshall, NC
Kenneth A. Beck, Professor
Ph.D., Biochemistry, Temple University
Woodland, CA
Kenneth L. Burres, PhD, Historian
Sequim, WA
Kenneth F. Eichler, IT Consultant
New Rochelle, NY
Kenneth Charles Parry, Engineering Consultant
Shrewsbury, Shropshire – UK
Kent L. Heuer
Bellingham, WA
Kerry L. Lockett, "Interested citizen"
Del Rio, TX
Kevin M. Gray
Greenville, NC
Kevin R. Jacobson, Information Technology Administrator
B.S. Information Security
Kirkland, WA
Kevin Kresse, researcher, writer, educator
M.A. Sociology, Duke University
Tucson, AZ
Kevin S. Weaver, Technical Service Engineer
Laurel, MD
Kieron Gary Golding, Student
Milton Keynes, BC – UK
Kim Bax
Near Brisbane, Australia, Queensland – Australia
Kim Biondi, Ms.
New Alexandria, PA
Kim McDaniel
Burbank, CA
Kimberly Arasato, M. Ed
Masters Education/Counseling
Dallas, TX
Kimberly Lyn Carter, Educator
BS Education
Queen Creek, AZ
Kimberly Kent, Ms.
B.A. Philosophy and Religious Studies
Wyoming, IL
Kirk Jaskoviak, RLA, Landscape Archiitect
Hardwick, MA
Kolby Davidson, Landscape Architect
BLA, Texas A&M
Houston, TX
Konstantine Kougianos
Bronx, NY
Kurt Laumer, student (civil eng, tech)
Bella Vista, AR
Kurtis Hagen, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Philosophy
Plattsburgh, NY
Kyle J. Brown
Manchester, NH
Kyle W. Hamm
Ft Wayne, IN
Kyle Otto
San Antonio, TX
La A. Jones, nidan
Lic:   B7467982
Garden Grove, CA
LaDonna Nicolai
Tucson, AZ
Larry Ray Eastman, None
Lic:   None
Charles City, IO
Larry Parks, Architectural Drafter
architectural drafting with autocad
Minneapolis, MN
Larry Patriarca
Webster, MA
Larry K. Pool
Rockford, IL
Larry Shaffer
Cherokee, OK
Larry J. Wright
B.A., Psychology, Cal State Fullerton
Mesa, AZ
Laura R. Barry
Phoenix, AZ
Laura J. Carlson, N/A
Tucson, AZ
Laura L. King, american citzen & mom
La Center, WA
Laurie J. Hasler
Petaluma, CA
Lawrence Richard Scripp, Dr., Ed.D.
Doctor of Education: Psych & Human Dev
Brighton, MA
Lecent Teng
Somerville, MA
Lee Anderson, Land Surveyor
Duvall, WA
Leif R. Cook, Student
Boulder, CO
Leon B. Burns, Architectural Staff
Bachelor Bldg. Construction, Auburn Univ
Forsyth, GA
Leon E. McCants Jr, Investigator
Newberry, SC
Leonard L. Hofheins, Industrial Designer
BFA Industrial Design BYU
Concord, CA
Leonard L. Myers, Mr.
Colorado Springs, CO
Leroy (Jack) J. Hersh
Dunedin, FL
Leslie Sheridan, Rainmaker, Trailblazer & Activist
Two B.A.'s - Spanish & Sociology
Sonoma, CA
Lester Collins
Morrilton, AR
Leticia Antonieta Martinez, Independent Media Producer/Correspondent
San Diego, CA
Levi A. Manners, Student
Makaha, HI
Liam Janin Janin, Student
B.A., Music, University of Salford
Salford, Greater Manchester – United Kingdom
Linda J. Di Bona
Oakland, CA
Linda Jackson, Training & Change Management
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Lisa S. Welch
Point Pleasant, NJ
Lloyd Hart, Construction Contractor
Oak Bluffs, MA
Logan Michael Thomas, Truckdriver
Eureka, CA
Lon Waters, Ph.D., Mathematician
Albuquerque, NM
Loranzie Loudermilk, maintenance machinist
Pisgah, AL
Lori Ann McCormack, none
Berlin, MD
Lory M. Underwood
Charleston, AR
Lou Santianni, Senior Software Specialist
B. Sc. Mathematics
Toronto, ON – Canada
Lou Stolzenberg, B.S. Physical Therapy
Madison, WI
Louis Edward Fossessca, Mr.
Las Vegas, NV
Louise Pelletier, nurse
Nominingue, QC – Canada
Lucas Verver
Seattle, WA
Lucinda L. Molzan, Accountant
Perry, MI
Luis Cintron
Newnan, GA
Lukas Slama
Kralovice – The Czech Republic
Luke Christopher Gehrke-Rodriguez, Student
Interior Architecture
New York City, NY
Lyle V. Sansom, Retired
Independence, OR
Lynn Foster
Austin, TX
Lynn E. Martin, Nutrition Researcher
B.S. Mathematics, Univeristy of Arizona
Bishop, CA
Lynn Pritchett
Sumner, WA
Mac Davidson, B.A.
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Maggie Hanus, Soapmaker
B.S. Elementary Ed./Special Ed.
Manor,, TX
Magnus Thompson, Engineering Staff
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Maica Belknap
B.A., Psychology, UC Irvine
Laguna Niguel, CA
Maison Healy, Student
Lake, NY
Manal Mohammed, Architectual Technologist
Calgary, Alberta – Canada
Manuel Roy, Ph. D. Student and philosophy teacher
M.A. Philosophy
Brossard, QC – Canada
Marc Estrin
M.A, M.Div
Burlington, VT
Marc Krulewitch
B.A. History, Univ. of Illinois--Urbana
Longmont, CO
Marcela Pena, Principal
B.S. Arch, Portland State University
Portland, OR
Marco A. Nogueira
Port St Lucie, FL
Margie Chin Drmady
Lincoln, MA
Margie Laupheimer
Kerhonkson, NY
Maria Amy Hance, retired
B.S., Biology
Pevely, MO
Marie Moneysmith, B.S.
Bachelor of Science, Sociology, Western
Beverly Hills, CA
Marilyn B. Lee, R.N. Ph.D.
Florence, AL
Marina Stover, Project Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Marissa Babineaux, Student/Activist for Truth
Austin, TX
Mark Forbes, RPh
BS pharmacy
Houston, MO
Mark S. Gonney, Electric, Gas & Steam Emergency Representative
Brooklyn, NY
Mark Hamilton, SIR
La Jolla, CA
Mark Holmes, none
Cypress, TX
Mark Alan Howard, Emergency Physician
Lic:   2OA 5282
Santa Cruz, CA
Mark Kennedy, Certified Fire Fighter
Mount Pearl, NL – Canada
Mark C. Lathrop, Proprietor, Monadnock Hemporium
Keene, NH
Mark Allan Luxton, Physical Intuitive
Halifax, NS – Canada
Mark Michel
BA - Sociology, U of South Florida
Saint Petersburg, FL
Mark E. Mountjoy
Denver, CO
Mark Reback, Public Advocate
Los Angeles, CA
Mark A. Sauer, M.D.
Fort Myers, FL
Mark W. Taylor
Rawlins, WY
Marlene E. Alexander, Certified Engineering Drafting - CAD
Arroyo Grande, CA
Marnia L. Robinson, J.D.
J.D., Yale Law School
Ashland, OR
Marsha L. Heller, Ms
Clermont, FL
Martin Van Baaren
Kristiansand, VA – Norway
Martin Hill
Upland, CA
Martin Mellor, Engineering Consultant
Leuven, VB – Belgium
Martino Lazzareschi, Mr.
BS Accounting
Cranston, RI
Marty Davis, Web Developer
Roanoke, TX
Mary Cantwell, USA Citizen
Seattle, WA
Mary Ellen Tanabe
B. Music, Performance, Univ. of Marlyand
Woodstock, IL
Mary Payne Wehner, Health Care Business Office Manager
Ione, CA
Mary Beth --- Lievano
Cooper City, FL
Mathieu Ss Côté, Student
Sherbrooke, QC – Canada
Matt Grantham
Napa, CA
Matt Hill, IT Tech Student
South Bend, IN
Matthew Bye, Mr
Essex, UK – UK
Matthew Combes, Engineering Consultant
Lewsiton, UT
Matthew P. Duncan, Military Veteran of 9/11 Pentagon Attacks and OIF
Military Police
Sanford, NC
Matthew Fiorito, Student
La Grande, OR
Matthew Edward Gallant, A voice that wants to help
Renfrew, ON – Canada
Matthew A. Gaunt, Architectural Designer
Associate in Acrhitecture
Muskegon, MI
Matthew Edward Hayward
Olympia, WA
Matthew M. Hurd
B.S., Chemistry University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
Matthew C. Jorgensen, Geology student
Tucson, AZ
Matthew Naus, Teacher
Milwaukee, WI
Melanie Ann Sawyer, Wrangler
Brooklyn, NY
Meredith Kay Vuylsteke, Library CLerk
Hillsboro, OR
Meredith Walako, Activist
Tustin, CA
Meria Heller, Producer/Host
Payson, AZ
Meria Heller, Producer/Host
Payson, AZ
Mia Hamel, 911 Activist
Tampa, FL
Michael Adorno, Reprographer
Orange, CA
Michael Benninghoff, Leasing Agent
Hammond, IN
Michael Brown, Engineering Consultant/Sales
Wakefield, West Yorkshire – UK
Michael Allan Charley
New York, NY
Michael R. Cook
Ft. Thomas, KY
Michael K. Copass, Mr.
M.S. Microbiology & Immunology, Harvard
San Diego, CO
Michael Bradfie Freed, Mr.
M.F.A. printmaking/sculpture, OAI
Los Angeles, CA
Michael Gabriel, Professor Emeritus, Psychology and Neuroscience, B
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
St. Augustine, FL
Michael Galganski, Student
Philadelphia, PA
Michael Gallagher, Mr.
Jenkintown, PA
Michael J. Garza, Technical Sales & Marketing Specialist
B.A. Business Management & Communication
Roscoe, IL
Michael Fredrick Hoffmann, Contractor/Architectural Design
Everett, WA
Michael Dennis Kaup
BFA Musical Theatre
St. Paul, MN
Michael W. Kilgore, U.S. Army (Retired)
Rolla, MO
Michael E. Lewis, Computer Consultant
B.S. Mech. Engr., Sacramento State
Berkeley, CA
Michael Lucas, Student
White Lake, MI
Michael William Macklin, Student
Daly City, CA
Michael Scott McAllister, College instructor, musician
M.M. University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Auburn, CA
Michael O'Connor, Registered Geologist
Lic:   G1998 OR, 2398 WA
B.A., Geology UMASS Amherst
Portland, OR
Michael Palaia
Baltimore, MD
Michael Partin, Welder
Pompano Beach, FL
Michael Pick, MR
Lic:   P200555741830
Ft Myers, FL
Michael Thomas Serio, Director of Technology
BA Computer Science
Boston, MA
Michael R. Skowronski, Author
Kirkland, WA
Michael J. Smebak, Home Inspector
Madison, WI
Michael Thydell, Mr
CAD/BIM senior consultant
Stockholm – Sweden
Michael F. Treis, Pyrotechnician
Waxahachie, TX
Michael Paul Tuuri, Attorney
Lic:   A236401
Paso Robles, CA
Michael Walker
Coweta, OK
Michael Wells
Oakland, CA
Michael Wolsey
Greeley, CO
Michaela Turner, Educator
B.S. Education, SEMO
St. Louis, MO
Michelle Dick, Mrs.
Waimea, HI
Michelle Lynn Jensen
Stevensville, MT
Michelle Marie Kristynik
Wallis, TX
Mick Renner, PhD, Sr. Technical Writer
Berkeley, CA
Miguel Roger Dunkelberger
Grand Rapids, MI
Mike Bird, Teacher
B.A. History/Sociology/Education
Williams Lake, BC – Canada
Mike Casner, Radio Show Host
BS: Youth Sports Leadership
Peterborough, NH
Mike Curry
BA with EE minor
Hollywood, CA
Mike Wayne Golden, IT Tech
Sanger, CA
Mike Hawryluk, Professor Emeritus
Naples, FL
Mike Richard Johnson, Mr.
Pittsburgh, PA
Mike Loser, B. Math
B.S. University of Wisconsin Green Bay
De Pere, WI
Mike Mann, Security officer
B.S., Business Administration and Manage
North Las Vegas, NV
Mike Rieker, MSCS
MSCS, Northeastern, Boston
Beverly, MA
Mike Todd
Riverside, CA
Mikel John Schutt, Pre-Medical Student
Flagstaff, AZ
Miroslav Sklenar, Student
Ziar Nad Hronom, Slovakia – Slovakia
Mitchell Gilberg, Business Consultant
MBA, Stanford University
Tallahassee, FL
Mitchell James McAleer
Lic:   USHGA 38124
Lake Elsinore, CA
Mohsin Drabu, Student
London, London – UK
Mons Ekman
Stockholm, Sweden – Sweden
Mr Frank Agamemnon
Ocean Township, NJ
Mr Mike Ray Buchanan
Gresham, OR
Mr. Christopher J. Schwartz, Truth Seeker
Buffalo, NY
Mr. Michael Turino, MA
MA Classics, U. of Wisc., MA Psychology
Keene, NH
Mr. Robert A. Winn, Student
Anchorage, AK
Murray James Pearson, Engineering Student
Montreal, QC – Canada
Murray Seaton
Brisbane, QLD – Australia
Nancy Griffith, None
B.A. Political Science
Wheat Ridge, CO
Nancy J. Walker, MFT,B.C.E.T.S.
MA Psychology, U. of Santa Clara
Encinitas, CA
Nash Elia Turley
Seattle, WA
Nasser Bahrami, Engineering Staff
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Natalie Sheard
Vashon Island, WA
Nathan William Halcovitch, Construction Engineering Technician
Hamilton, Ontario – Canada
Nathan Legsdin
Fitchburg, MA
Neil McCarthy, Multimedia Producer
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Nelson T. Montelauro, Student
B.A. Philosophy
Detroit, MI
Nicholas DeCola, student
Associates,film,Full Sail,Florida
Ann Arbor, MI
Nicholas Filippelli
Morgantown, WV
Nick Chiro, Carpenter/ Activist
Highland Heights, OH
Niclas Glysing, Student
Stockholm – Sweden
Nicolas Signat, N.S.
Montpellier, Languedoc – France
Nicole Carlson, Teacher
BS in Art
Shingle Springs, CA
Nikolaus A. Sorenson, Engineering Student
Bozeman, MT
Noel Mckeand, Dip. SEN
Lic:   Teacher
Mezieres Sur Issoire, Limousin – France
Norman H. Johnston
Oshawa, ON – Canada
Oliver Boe
Aiea, HI
Oskar Arnarson, Student of Architecture
Reykjavik, N/A – Iceland
Otho D. May
Saluda, SC
Pam J. Soto, Interior Designer
Interior Design, Purdue University, IN
Phoenix, AZ
Pamela R. Ramey, M.A.
M.A. English
Casselberry, FL
Parris K. Butler, Artist / Poet
AFA 2D Arts and AFA Creative Writing
Phoenix, AZ
Patrick Carl Borden, Teacher
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Patrick Bowers, Civil Engineering Designer
Lusby, MD
Patrick R. Craig, Photographer
Monte Rio, CA
Patrick Frisbie, Owner/Operator
Lic:   052064381
Marietta, GA
Patrick Greene
Dartmouth, NS – Canada
Patrick McGowan, Superintendent
Phoenix, AZ
Patrushev Anton, Ph.D.
Russian State Gumanitarium University
Moscow, Moscow – Russia
Paul Edward Altman
Oceanside, CA
Paul Burdick, Student
Majoring in Civil Engineering
Hemet – CA
Paul W. Carr, Mr.
Jensen Beach, FL
Paul Doherty
Manchester, Lancashire – England
Paul William Forbes
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Paul F. Getty, Dr. LtCol USArmyNational Guard
Newport, NC
Paul Christian Levy, B.Eng. Mech. Eng.
Mechanical Engineering
Colwyn Bay, Conwy – UK
Paul E. McArthur, Dr., MD, Adjunct Professor
BSc., MD
Walkerton, ON – Canada
Paul Mumford
Vernon, CT
Paul F. White
Santa Fe, NM
Paula Jean Meehan, ms.
B.A. Art
Athens, TX
Pav S. Gill, Dr., MD, Medical Doctor
Southampton, Hampshire – UK
Pedro Sttau Ortet, Pedro Sttau
Modern Literature
Lisbon – Lisbon
Penelope Herrera, Mrs
Knebworth, Hertfordshire – United Kingdom
Peter Heinonen, Software Engineer
Great Mills, MD
Peter Hinners, Realtor
Joliet, IL
Peter F. Hollings, S.M.
SM, Management, Mass Inst of Technology
Atlanta, GA
Peter Holmes, Student
Lic:   B6278988
B.A., Psychology, Emory University
San Diego, CA
Peter Holmes, Political Activist
Lic:   B6278988 CA
B.A., Psychology, Emory University
San Diego, CA
Peter Jansen, Media Expert
Hardenberg, Drenthe – Holland
Peter Kemmerer
Pottstown, PA
Peter B. MacMackin, Lieutenant
Littleton, CO
Peter H. McCandless, Dr.
Kansas City, MO
Peter Miehe, Journeyman Electrician
Lic:   miehepg077ms
Seattle, WA
Peter Robinson, Mathematical Modeler
Cincinnati, OH
Peter Robinson
B.A. Geography
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Peter A. Sagi
Saint Louis, MO
Peter Wakefield Sault
Walsall, West Midlands – UK
Peter L. Whitlock
M.S., Raptor Biology
Eastham, MA
Petur Johannesen
Klaksvík, Klaksvík – Føroyar
Phil Stein
Bethlehem, PA
Phil Tompkins, Concerned citizen
Issaquah, WA
Phillip A. Block, Teacher
M.A. secondary education
Carrollton, GA
Phillip John Hudok, High School Physics Teacher and Filmaker
MA Education
Huttonsville, WV
Pietro Wing Dimascio, Mr
BTec HND in electrical engineering
London – Great Britain
Piper Miles
Sonoma, CA
Preston Trevor Davis, Theatre Student
Miami, FL
Ptolemy Adams, Assember/Technician
Grandville, MI
R. E. Lewis, Jr. Network Administrator
Willoughby, OH
RachaelRox M. Roxburgh, Student
Sacramento, CA
Radka Kohoutova, Student
Unicov, Czech Republic – Czech Republic
Ralph Collins, ASLA, APA, Landscape Architect / Planner
Conifer, CO
Ralph Guinn
Lind, WA
Ralph E. Lewis
Murrieta, CA
Ralph H. Speken, Dr.
Bronxville, NY
Randall D. Parkes
B.A. Psychology Eastern Michigan Univers
Canton, MI
Randall K. Whited
Bedford, TX
Randy Caruso, Web Designer
Beacon, NY
Randy Wilkinson
San Francisco, CA
Ray Soper, Mining Engineer
BSc, Mineral Technology, U Otago, NZ
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Ray Walter Swangkee, Professor
King's Mountain, KY
Raymond A. Ciccolilli, Officer, Law enforcement- retired
Flushing, NY
Raymond Scott Creighton
Tampa, FL
Raymond John Heinsman, Engineering Staff
BA, Architecture, University@Buffalo
Bethesda, MD
Rebecca Lynn Dietz
MFA University of Delaware
San Antonio, TX
Rebekah Ann, Victoria Jaensch
Yucaipa, CA
Regis Hohman, president
Braddock, PA
Rene Becerra, Student
Tulare, CA
Rene Stover
2-Year Electronics
Ellijay, GA
Renee N. M. Charette
Toronto, ON – Canada
Renee Nancy Perry, Housewife
Jacksonville, FL
Renzo Del Molino, ceo Glendale Stone Works
B.A. Business
Glendale, MA
Reynolds Dixon
Charlotte, NC
Rhett P. Heeb, Chemical Engineering Student
Fayetteville, AR
Ricardo Lionel Benito Olsson, Security guard
Ballerup, Copenhagen – Denmark
Riccardo Pizzirani
Bologna, Italy – Italy
Richard Besco, Engineering Staff
San Luis Obispo, CA
Richard Borkowski
BA, Physics. University of Iowa
Seattle, WA
Richard A. Calabro, Computer Programmer, retired
B.A.S., Computer Science, Boston Univ.
Green Valley, AZ
Richard Caplice, math tutor
B.A. Mathematics
Waltham, MA
Richard R. Carlson
Wappingers Falls, NY
Richard E. Elkins, Doctor of Chiropractic
BS&MS Industrial Education, Doctor of Ch
Marietta, GA
Richard D. Fuerle, Patent Attorney
Lic:   24,640
BA Chem & Physics, State U. of NY
Grand Island, NY
Richard Alexander Johns, B.Sc. M.A. Ph.D.
B.Sc. Math. with Eng., U. of Nottingham
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Richard Lowe, Counselor
B.A. Comm. and Theatre, Univ.
Boulder, CO
Richard Mauti, Security Consultant
Toronto, ON – Canada
Richard Neva, Master of Arts
M.A. Theatre, Radio and Television Ed.
Norwich, NY
Richard Bentley Nichols
Santa Cruz, CA
Richard Ricci, Ironworker Local 40 NYC
Yonkers, NY
Richard Rowell, Student
Berkeley, CA
Richard F. Stewart, JD
Lic:   62909 CA
North Hollywood, CA
Richard Tamm
B.S.Mathematics, Le Moyne, N.Y.
Berkeley, CA
Richard Von Maur
Nassau, NA – Bahamas
Richard D. Welser, Ph.D., Forensic Neuropsychologist
Morganton, NC
Rick William Fairley, Patriot
La Center, WA
Rick Lee Freeman
Ardmore, OK
Rick Saunders, Dr.
Southern Pines, NC
Rick Shaddock
Washington, DC
Rickey A. Gostenik, Mr.
B.S. Interdisc. Stud., B.A. Classics
Dearborn, MI
Ricky D. James
Wagener, SC
Riley Stairs, Student
St.Johns, NL – Canada
Risha Linda Mateos, citizen
Boynton Beach, FL
Rita Hill, Software Engineer
Trinidad, CO
Rm Merrill, retired
Torrington, CT
Robb L. Flores, Architectural Staff
Salt Lake City, UT
Robert Allen
Wheeling, IL
Robert C. Bennett, Owner & Lead Designer-Bennett Coachworks LLC
Milwaukee, WI
Robert Noel Blau, Retired
Lic:   n/a
M.A. English
Berkeley, CA
Robert Brooks, Building Contractor
Philadelphia, PA
Robert Caraway, Programmer/Robotics
Gaffney, SC
Robert M. Clement
Hartford, CT
Robert Deemer
MS - Mathematics
Wellsboro, PA
Robert Dunn, Retired DenverFireDept. Denver CO
Denver, CO
Robert T. Fischer, FAA Certified Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic
Lic:   FAA #1961913 (Pilot) & #2224336 (A&P Mechanic)
Cheswold, DE
Robert Fornes, Dr., D.C., Chiropractor (retired)
B.A., Economics; Dr. of Chiropractic
Eureka, CA
Robert S. Fritzius, Electrical Engineer (Retired, Non-licensed)
Starkville, MS
Robert Christopher Gumbs, Congressional Candidate
A.S., B.A. History
New York, NY
Robert Artur Ingalls
Melrose, MA
Robert P. Johnson, Operations Manager
M.A., Information Management
Evergreen, CO
Robert Kahl, CFA, CPA, MBA
MBA, UC Berkeley
Tucson, AZ
Robert J. Kral
BS Professional Aeronautics ERAU
Orange Park, FL
Robert S. Lynch, Structural Steel Detailer
Falls City, TX
Robert Manon
Lansdale, PA
Robert M. Martin, Physician Assistant
B.S., Columbia U., P.A. - Board Certifie
Albuquerque, NM
Robert L. McGee
Kinston, NC
Robert Andrew Munnelly, B. Mus
Dublin, 9 – Ireland
Robert D. Olander
Edmond, OK
Robert Petroff, Science Teacher
Brookfiled, WI
Robert Podolsky, M.S., Physicist / Engineer
Boca Raton, FL
Robert M. Sardinia, Student
BS Computer Systems
Castro Valley, CA
Robert Sorenson, C.P.O., Orthotist and Prosthetist
Oceanside, CA
Robert Andrew Spears
BS Computer Information Systems
Winston-Salem, NC
Robert Squire, retired Representative, The Asia Foundation
B.A. - U. of Montana
Fort Bragg, CA
Robert Taylor, Software developer
BSc Maths and Computer Science
Guildford, Surrey – UK
Robert Turner
San Carlos, CA
Robert H. Waser, P.E. (retired)
Lic:   PE 4171 Maryland (retired)
BSME, Duke Univ.; MSME Maryland Univ.
Washington, DC
Robert A. Winn
Anchorage, AK
Robin E. Bloomgarden, Citizen
Portland, OR
Robyn Richardson, Seeker of Truth
B.S. Information Technology
Litchfield, MN
Robyn Watkins, RN Div1
Melbourne, Victoria – Australia
Roch Brassard, Mechanical Engineering Staff
Diploma, BCIT
Montreal, QC – Canada
Rod Lamkey, Student
Berkeley, CA
Roger Leithead
Rio Rancho, NM
Roger Olivella Morillo, Student
Barcelona – Spain
Roger M. Soares, Environmental & Sustainability Engineering Student
B.A., Psychology, C.S.U. Ft. Collins, CO
Vancouver, WA
Rolando Valle, College Graduate
Chicago, IL
Rolf Lindgren, Loan Officer
Bachelor of Mathematics, U of WI-Madison
Middleton, WI
Ron W. Conrad, Project Manager Commercial Concrete Construction
Chino Hills, CA
Ron S. Dotson, Engineering Staff
B.S. Computer Science
La Crescenta, CA
Ron Heringhauser
Toedo, OH
Ron J. McGill, Student
Pasadena, CA
Ron Pallack, Chemistry Instructor
MS Chemistry-Purdue
Houston, PA
Ronald Cozzi
Rahway, NJ
Ronald Miller, Sr., USN, RET., BSED, HVAC, T&I
Perkinston, MS
Ronnie M. Bushnell, Substitute Teacher
Associate Degree in Engineering
New Iberia, LA
Rose Marie Aasen-Rojas, Public Health Interpreter
B.A., Computer Science/Mathematics
Alpharetta, GA
Rose Kuzmich
Welland, ON – Canada
Roseann Scrivens, Student
Fashion Design
Aptos, CA
Rosie Wells, business owner
St. Thomas, VI
Rudolf Georg Boukal, Entrepreneur
Theology, Philosphy
Roseville, MN
Rudy Scarfalloto, Chiropractor, Teacher
Atlanta, GA
Russell Hallberg
Oregon City, OR
Russell L. LeClair
Dallas, TX
Russell A. Osborn, FSA, CFA, Actuary
B.A., Mathematics
Louisville, KY
Ruth Kabitzke
B.S., Business, ISU Ames
Alleman, IA
Ryan Barnett, student
Macomb, MI
Ryan Dale Hughes
B.S., Marketing, Sonoma State University
Santa Rosa, CA
Ryan Kirk, Student
Clute, TX
Ryan Kleffman, Student
Iowa City, IO
Ryan Rowe
North Las Vegas, NV
Ryan Alan Strandmark, Architectural CAD Technology Specialist
Specialized A.A.S CAD Technology
Minneapolis, MN
Ryan Viramontes, Student
B.S., accounting, CSU San Bernardino
Fontana, CA
Salvatore R. De Blasi, Freelance Writer & Editor
Carlsbad, CA
Sam Christmas, Technical Support Analyst
Brighton, East Sussex – UK
Sam B. Conner, NONE
Salem, ID
Samm Simpson, Ms.
Dunedin, FL
Samuel G. England, Graphic Design Student
Peru, IN
Samuel E. Lance
Davenport, IA
Samuel Lowndes Ready, Citizen
Chico, CA
Sander Vayez Maatman, M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management
M.Sc., University of Twente, Netherlands
The Hague, ZH – Netherlands
Sandra Taylor, Graphic Designer
Santa Cruz, CA
Sanford Johnson
Somerset, KY
Sara M. Field, Concerned Citizen
Petoskey, MI
Sarah D. Seado, Sarah Rocks!
Lehigh Acres, FL
Scott Gordon, Carpenter, Builder, Student of Architecture
B.A. Economics UNM, Education UTA
Duncanville, TX
Scott C. Thompson, Engineering Consultant
BA Psychology
Bellingham, WA
Sean D. Ackley, Enterprise Networking and Security Engineer
Brentwood, CA
Sean W. Bedell
Beacon, NY
Sean Michael Drake, Electrical Engineer
Bear, DE
Sean Michael Ketchum, Material Engineering Student
Material Science and Engineering
Willington, CT
See Yang, Student
Maplewood, MN
Serajuddin Engineer Nasafi, Professional Machinist, CNC Equip. Programmer, Mfg
Hickory Hills, IL
Serge S. Schneider, SW
Columbus, OH
Shane Robert Sliziak
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Shawn Barry, Structural Steel Detailer
Phoenix, AZ
Shawn Michael Welch
Moline, IL
Sheila Baber, PG
B.S. - Geology
Moore, OK
Sheila Keyes Casey, writer
MFA Film-Television, UCLA
Reston, VA
Shelton F. Lankford, LtCol USMC (Ret)
Salisbury, MD
Shirley Nutt
Ripon, CA
Simon Klitscher, Licensed Surveyor
Bachelor of Surveying, University of Sou
Adelaide, South Australia – Australia
Sinisa Novakovic, Ph.D.
Microbiology, UC Davis
Davis, CA
Skip Radau, Optical-Mechanical Engineer
BS Mech Eng, MS Eng Mech, MS Optical Sci
Tucson, AZ
Slavik Fursov, Engineering Staff
Sacramento, CA
Snow Ann Ferguson, American Patriot
Roanoke, TX
Spero Larres
BA Physics and Mathematics, Rutgers Univ
Newark, NJ
Stacy Hubbard, M.S.
M.S., Counseling, Portland St. Univ.
Portland, OR
Stacy Roland, Educated citizen
Salt Lake City, UT
Stacy M. Taylor, 9/11 survivor/victim
Laguna Niguel, CA
Stan Carter, Author, Marketing Consultant
Clearwater, FL
Stephen Allen, Investigative reporter - documentary producer
B.A. Journalism, CSU, Ft. Collins. CO
Denver, CO
Stephen M. Amy
Lic:   5695975 OR
Portland, OR
Stephen Bennett, Artist
Brooklyn, NY
Stephen Bond, Geotech- Civil Construction
Perth, WA – Australia
Stephen W. Carlson, Operations Manager
Juniper Hills, CA
Stephen Carlton, CEO
BS Biology IU Bloomington
Singapore, Singapore – Singapore
Stephen M. Demetriou, Mr.
BA Chemistry
Windham, ME
Stephen Roger Dupont
New Bedford, MA
Stephen Langton Goulet, rockatier
Eastend, SK – Canada
Stephen Haggins
London, London – UK
Stephen Salgaller, Mr.
BS Physics, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA
Los Angeles, CA
Stephen J. Van Osdell, Performance Engineering Staff
B.S., M.S.
Cincinnati, OH
Stephen A. Wider, Information Technology Specialist
Asbury Park, NJ
Stephen Wilson, Certified Residential Appraiser/Real Estate Broker
B.S., Real Estate, SFSU
San Francisco, CA
Sterling Weeks, Student
Irvine, CA
Stevan Madrigal, construction materials specialist, project coordin
Salt Lake City, UT
Steve Alten, Dr., Best Selling Author
West Palm Beach, FL
Steve Banyai, Owner
Port Mansfield, TX
Steve Scott Dew
Madison, WI
Steve Hollabaugh
B.B.A., Management, Texas Tech
Irving, TX
Conyers, GA
Steve Pallister
Perth, WA – Australia
Steve Pheiffer
Jim Thorpe, PA
Steve Roddy
San Francisco, CA
Steve Stepp
Colorado Springs, CO
Steve Lindsay Tollis
BIT (Software Engineering)
Brisbane, QLD – Australia
Steve Walker, Financial Advisor
B.S., Business Administration, SDSU
Encinitas, CA
Steven Chad Calland, Business Owner
Santa Monica, CA
Steven Groetken
Tucson, AZ
Steven T. Hatton, 9/11 researcher
BS Computer Science
Washington, DC
Steven R. Johnston, Journeyman HVAC mechanic, Service Manager
Eugene, OR
Stuart Auld, BROKER
Leawood, KS
Sue G. Brand, Concerned U.S. Citizen/Transcriptionist
Rushford, MN
Sue McCarthy, Flight Attendant
Coppell, TX
Sune Rostgaard Hansen
Odense – Denmark
Susan Macina
Hollywood, FL
Susan A. Mease, Safeway Clerk
Fairbanks, AK
Susie Bonham~Craig
Brick, NJ
Suzanne Marie Borho, Teacher and Grad Student
B.A., Multilingual Education
Gwangju City, Jeolla-nam – South Korea
Svens Lazdins
Riga – Latvia
Tad Dougherty, student
Goleta, CA
Ted Cohn, President & CTO
B.A. Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Reno, NV
Ted Lindbeck, MA
Seattle, WA
Ted Wodoslawsky, Marketing Executive - Technology
B.A. Management, Malone College, Ohio
Cleveland, OH
Teetle Clawson, CFO
Santa Cruz, CA
Teresa R. Price, Teacher
B.S. Secondary Science Education
Crowley, TX
Terral Lee Croft, General Contractor / Demolition Supervisor
St. Petersburg, FL
Terrod Chalmers
Plymouth, Caribbean W.I. – Montserrat
Terry Koch, CAD Designer/Technical Writer
B.S. Industrial Technology
Santa Clara, CA
Terry Douglas Meredith, Vietnam Vet
Wichita Falls, TX
Terry Shepard
Louisville, KY
Terry J. Wycuff, Mr.
Sacramento, CA
Thomas Vibe Andreasen, M.A.
Master of Arts
Odense, Denmark – Denmark
Thomas Callaghan
Eugene, OR
Thomas Lyman Chamberlain, AIA
Lic:   30065 CA
San Jose, CA
Thomas Deatherage, Former Airline Captain B- 747-400 and B- 737-300.
B.A. degree.
Long Beach., CA
Thomas Jefferson DePuy
B.A., Political Science, UNH, Durham
Manchester, NH
Thomas D. Fonseca, Software Engineer
B.A. ENSP, Sonoma State
Rohnert Park, CA
Thomas Lambert
Keene, NH
Thomas McCarthy, Architectural Consultant
Surf City, NJ
Thomas Edward Stubbs, Professor of art, Artist
MFA Printmaking
Pomona, CA
Thomas J. Taylor, CET, CPD
Associates in Applied Science
Aliquippa, PA
Thomas York
Centerville, IN
Tiffany C. George, Student
A.A in Anthropology
Orlando, FL
Tim Juul Andersen, IT Manager
Graested – Denmark
Tim Erney, A & P
A.S. Aviation Maintenance Technology
Eugene, OR
Tim Ingram, Inventor
Penetanguishene, ON – Canada
Timothy Brian Anderson, Mr.
Masters in School Counseling
Shawnee, KS
Timothy William Babcock, Field Office Engineer
San Luis Obispo, CA
Timothy Cerar, Controls Engineer
Mountain Iron, MN
Timothy W. Myers, Student
Salem, VA
Timothy K. Price
BFA with 4 years toward Masters degree
Fairlee, VT
Timothy R. Shell
Mt. Solon, VA
Toby James Mikle
Cottage Grove, MN
Todd B. Houser, Journeyman Ironworker
Robinson, IL
Todd Wilkinson, Producer
BA, Communications, American University
New York, NY
Tom J. Aeschliman, Water Treatment Engineer
B.S. Chemistry
Bellingham, WA
Tom Chenault, CEO
BBA - Economics, MS - Accounting
Carrollton, TX
Tom Parsons
Dripping Springs, TX
Tom Pesch, Artist and furniture maker, student
Lahti, Päijät-Häme – Finland
Tom Pollastrini, Retired
Alamo, CA
Tom Poxon
Huddersfield, Yorkshire – UK
Tom L. Theimer, Student
Commerce, TX
Toni Starr, Veteran, Sgt. USAF 1980-84, 463rd TAW
BSc, Sociology/Psychology, CMU 1998
Cave Junction, OR
Tony Lambregts, Network Administrator
Edmonton, AB – Canada
Tony Ridenour
Sioux Falls, SD
Tonya Morrison, Student
Houston, TX
Traci Parris, F-16 Aircraft Product Support Engineering Coord.
Bachelors of International Business
Fort Worth, TX
Tracy Penkoff
Mesa, AZ
Travis Thurston, Student
Mechanical Engineering
Blacksburg, VA
Travis Vick, Architectural Drafter - Project Manager
Computer Aided Design & Drafting
Oxford, MI
Trevor J. Parrish
B.M. Applied Music
Reno, NV
Trevor Wayne Pickering, Mr
Birmingham, FL – UK
Troy David Grinbergs, General Contractor
Winters, CA
Troy Perkins, Engineering Staff
A.A. Architectural Technology
Greensboro, NC
Troy Seberson, Student
Albert Lea, MN
Tyler Reed, Student
Gilmanton, NH
Tyler Sims, Engineering Staff
Carrollton, TX
Valerie Rose Brinton, MA
MA, Clinical Psychology, Antioch Univers
Fillmore, CA
Valerie Pistoni
Oakland, CA
Veronica K. Mowery, Political advocate
MA Political Science
Grove City, OH
Vicki Weis
Titusville, FL
Victor Baker, Student
San Antonio, TX
Victor Blake
M.S. Computer Science
Manlius, NY
Victoria Ashley, Psychology Researcher
Alameda, CA
Vince C. Winskunas
B.S. Mathematics
Franklinton, NC
Vincent Gene Fazzi Jr.
La Canada, CA
Vincent A. Moudry, Refrig. Plumber & HVAC Svc Tech.
Lic:   FAA A&P-IA Cert#2001637
San Jose, CA
Virginia Lee
North Walpole, NH
Virginia Ann Leiker
Vancouver, WA
Vladimir Pajducak, student
Levice, Levice – Slovakia
Vladimira Vanikova, Student
Bachelor student
Lyngby, Copenhagen – Denmark
W. Barry Gray, Landscape Laborer
M.Sc. Historical Archeology, RPI Troy NY
Nissan Lez Enserune, 34440 – France
Wally Trach, Web Consultant
Spokane, WA
Wayne E. Coffren, IT Manger and Professional
Chicopee, MA
Wayne Williams, Teacher
BA, History, Carson Newman College
Fpo Knoxville, AA
Wendy Newhall, Designer/drafter
Brookfield, MA
Will North, Teacher
B.A., B.Ed.
Welland, ON – Canada
Will Rigby, Professional musician (The dB's)
Shaker Heights, OH
William Bergman
La Grange Park, IL
William L. Brice, Captain
Lic:   1013788
B.A., Business Administration
Key West, FL
William J. Bry, Welder, Metal Fabricator, NASCAR Champion
MA Trade Certificate - Metal Fabrication
Montague, MA
William Steven Burgess
Portsmouth, VA
William C. Carlotti, Retired Construction Mgr., Project Mgr., Super.
North Montpelier, VT
William R. Nugent, P.E.
Lic:   17634
BEE, Polytechnic University
Eastham, MA
William A. Nye, Oil & Gas Consultant
Mission, TX
William Osborn, retired engineer
Jackson, MI
William F. Pickel
MA, Religious Studies
San Leandro, CA
William S. Romoser, Professor
Athens, OH
William Robert Schlarman
Las Vegas, NV
William Schnelzer, construction foreman
Pittsburgh, PA
William A. Troy, Jr, J.D.
Lic:   6218269 IL
B.A. Mathematics, J.D.
Lisle, IL
William A. Watson, Attorney At Law
Lic:   0082677 OH
B.S. Information Technology; J.D.
Cleveland, OH
William O. West, Retired Computer Programmer
B.A., English, Michigan State Univ.
Reseda, CA
Wilmer H. Aygarn, Land Surveyor
Virginia Beach, VA
Xabier Garay, I think for myself
Lic:   g600940720190
Fighting the hypnosis since 9/11/01
Sebring, FL
Yaroslav A. Vasilyev, Engineer
Moscow, Moscow City – Russia
Yarrow Mahko, Radio Producer
Santa Rosa, CA
Zachary Brehm, Engineering Student
Pittsburgh, PA
Zachary A. Keator, Student
Hoboken, NJ
Zachary Stowasser, Musician
San Luis Obispo, CA
Zubayr Shah
Auckland, North Island – New Zealand

and by Active Participation

We cordially invite all Architects, Engineers, Interns and affiliates to join us in this worthy patriotic cause. We welcome everyone who has an interest in contributing to the success of ongoing investigations into the WTC building collapses on 9/11. We want to hear about your interests, background, and what type of contribution you may be well-suited to make. Please let us know the kinds of activities that would appeal to you the most, such as forming/participating in a committee, local speaking arrangements, authoring statements, presenting lectures, appearing on radio, etc. in Section IV on the petition form.

With our deepest appreciation,

Richard Gage, Architect

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