Monday 31 Μarch 2008
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When the Constantinople refugees left the city in 1924,
two years after Mikra Asia disaster, and decided to create a club with the name Athletic Union of Constantinople their aim was to generally change Greek sports and especially football status forever. Today, after 80 years they can look down from heaven and feel proud about completing their goal.
The Athletic Union of Constantinople (AEK), as the Ecumenical Patriarch said, is more than a club of the refugees. AEK Athens is a hole idea.  AEK Athens represents human values and means culture. Besides that AEK Athens is one of the biggest and most important athletic unions in Greece, with a lot of domestic and international victories in several sports.
Particularly in football, AEK F.C. has 27 national titles in its record (11Championships, 13 Cups, 2 Super Cups, 1 League Cup) while it has fittingly represented Greece in European competitions considering its course to the semi-finals of UEFA Cup (1976-77) as its top moment.
AEK F.C. was also the first Greek club to have brought in Greece a European title in Η Αγιά Σοφιάbasketball, the Cup Winners Cup in 1968.
More than its victories in field, AEK F.C. takes pride in its origins and what its emblem stands for.  That is the two-headed eagle and its colours are yellow and black all of which are inspired by the Byzantine Empire which was lying from East to West, where the two heads of the eagle were staring.

Birth through the ashes