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Jumpman Lives! is a short lived remake of an old game from Epyx simply called Jumpman.  Apogee published Jumpman Lives! in 1991 and since PC users have been able to play this popular platform game.

In 1983, Randy Glover of Epyx created a game called Jumpman for the Commodore 64 and later ported to other systems.  The original Jumpman included 30 levels.  Later, Randy Gover programmed Jumpman Jr., a 10 level sequel.  

c64.gif (2945 bytes)To the right is a screenshot of the Commodore 64 version of Jumpman.   Just by looking, you couldn't tell the difference between the original versions and the PC Jumpman Lives! versions.

Jumpman Lives! includes all the levels from Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. plus a few new ones.

If you would like to see the original versions from Epyx, you can download them and play them on a widely available C64 Emulator.



The Dates

. Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. Released                                                                     1983 .
. Jumpman Lives! Released                                                                     September 1991 .

computer.gif (1596 bytes)This Commodore 64 computer is shown in the opening screens of Jumpman Lives! showing the transition from the C64 to the PC.  Dave Sharpless programmed Jumpman Lives! under Shamusoft Designs.  Apogee published the game in 1991, but removed it from distribution shortly afterwards as I'll explain later.




  • 45 Levels
  • 3 Skill Levels
  • Save/Load Game
  • Option to go to a random level
  • Same look and feel as the original Jumpman
  • Sound Blaster sound effects
  • Up to four players
  • Level editor!
  • Who is this Jumpman?
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    Lon Matero 1996-99