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Nox Arcana: Blood of the Dragon CD
Monolith Graphics

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In the time of the ancient gods, dragons ruled the skies and kingdoms rose and fell at the end of a sword. Legendary quests beckoned with the promise of danger and glory, and only a brave few dared to answer the call. For honor and vengeance they ventured forth with steel and sorcery to combat the merciless legions of darkness. For it was said that those who answered the call were possessed of the warrior spirit, and the blood of the dragon flowed through their veins.

This spellbinding soundscape of dark orchestrations, chanting choirs, mystical melodies and medieval minstrel songs sets the perfect mood as you traverse dark kingdoms ruled by wizards and warriors to battle alongside barbarian hordes, elven mages and knights of legend.

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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Thundering blast of fantasy music
Reviewer: Chaotic_easy_going

If the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and the Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack got together and made passionate love during the midst of climactic battle - then gave birth to a baby on the 1st full moon of the Year of Imotep, atop a ruined tower whilst undead wolves circled hungrily below, sent by their dark master to destroy the babe prophesized to destroy him and then that baby grew up to kill an Ogre on his 16th birthday then travel the world for years gathering the weapons of legacy before returning as a man at the head of a vast army to conquer a corrupt kingdom and avenge his father's death - then this CD would be that man (plus dragons).

It's the kind of CD where every other song is punctuated by thundering, booming drums while a choir urgently sings in some foreign language that, roughly translated, means: "I'm coming to cut your head off with my sword now - probably in slow motion too."

It's the kind of CD that makes you start saying things like: verily, prithee my liege, and Huzzah!

Sure there are a couple of tracks - like track 5- Treasure of the Four Crowns - that come dangerously close to crossing into Spinal Tap - Stonehenge territory. But verily they do sound like something a bard would actually sing in a D&D setting. In any case, there are more than enough powerful songs on here from the soul stirring Track 6 - Highland Storm, the exotic sounding Track 9 - the mystic keep, the darkly ominous tracks 10 and 11 Stygian Depths and Legion of Darkness, and the Heroic track 20 and 21 Blood of the Dragon and Eternal Champions.

With this CD in the player you're just a crank of the volume knob away from dark rumbling mood music or thundering battle anthems. It's great fun and it's great fantasy - hand me my D20! Huzzah!

Total Length: 1hr 6 minutes
Total tracks: 21 + 2 hidden songs
Average track length: 3 minutes.

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1. Nox Arcana: Blood of the Dragon CD
List Price: $15.60
Our Price: $14.04
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