Giovanni Ocean Color Time-Series Online Visualization and Analysis

News: 2007-07-27: The currently available data is version 5.2, reprocessed in July 2007. Normalized water-leaving radiance products will be added soon.

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OBPG SeaWiFS 8-Day Global 9-km Products

This interface is designed for visualization and analysis of the OBPG SeaWiFS 8-Day Global 9-km Products. Users can generate plots for area average (Area Plot), time series (Time Plot), and Hovmoller diagram. The animation is available only for Area Plot. Selecting here or the Help buttons will open a new window with detailed help. More details about the data are also available.

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  (Date Begin: 1997/08/29)
  (Date   End: 2008/01/08)

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Data Description

OBPG SeaWiFS 8-Day Global 9-km Products

The products available for analysis are SeaWiFS Standard Mapped Image (SMI) products. Three of these products are ocean products: chlorophyll a concentration, diffuse attenuation coefficent at 490 nm, and normalized water-leaving radiance at 555 nm. Two of the products are atmospheric products: Angstrom coefficient 510 to 865 nm, and aerosol optical thickness at 865 nm.

Data version: 5, reprocessing 5.2 - completed July, 2007
Spatial coverage: Global 90°S - 90°N
Spatial resolution: 0.083 ° x 0.083 ° ( ~ 9km x 9km at equator)
Temporal resolution: 8-Day
Documentation: SeaWiFS Level 3 Data
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