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Welcome to PlanetAnachronox, the Official Community Site and best place to get what you need on your journey to save the universe from ultimate destruction. We've got files, cheats, walkthroughs, and more information than you can shake a singing red bipidri at!


  • Anachronox Demo
    This playable preview gives you access to two areas from the game, several characters and weapons, and even Mystech!

  • Anachronox Patch
    Make sure to install this patch so you have the latest and greatest improvements.

  • Editing Tools
    Done playing, and want to make your own worlds? Grab these files and you'll have everything you need.

  • More Downloads
    Our complete files section has wallpapers, more tools, community addons, and plenty of other good stuff.

  Helpful Information

  • Anachronox Walkthrough
    We put together a complete walkthrough, to help you through those sticky parts that just don't compute.

  • Anachronox Cheats
    Here at PlanetAnachronox, we consider using cheat codes to be an inalienable right. Click this link to get all the cheats you'll need.

  • Beginner's Guide
    A basic set of information that will help you tremendously, your first time through.

  • Game Profile
    Tons of info, all about the game.


  • General Game Discussion
    Come chat with the biggest Anachronox fans about your favorite characters, best Mystech, or coolest enemy.

  • Gameplay Help
    Ooops, got stuck? Hit this forum and do a search; we guarantee it's already been asked and answered.

  • Technical Help
    Those pesky bugs, they'll get ya every time... Lots of suggestions here for the tech side of things.

  • Additional Forums
    We have several more forums in case the ones above don't fit the bill.

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