Some old models I have created useing Anim8or.

              Who am I ?


This website is here to help you learn 3D modeling. This website has alot of resources for you to use. So feel free to browse around.

We would like to invite you to work on a community project.

When I first started modeling 3D objects I used a free program called Anim8or.
This free 3D software package is realy easy to use and will help to introduce you to 3D. The Anim8or community has joined together as a team to create a 30 to 45 minute movie only useing Anim8or as the primary 3D software package. We are looking for artist who want to help us achieve this goal. Everyone is welcome to join even if you are just starting to learn the ropes. We have people who can help you excell and you will learn Anim8or quickly. Best of all you have found this website that is geared to teach you Anim8or. So why not use the skills you will learn from this website for
The Anim8or Movie Project. The main thing we want to stress here is. Even if you just downloaded Anim8or or have been useing it for years. We would love to have you help with this project.
The Anim8or Movie Project Community