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March 31, 2008

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News Stories Tuesday, March 5, 2002   
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Higher income users demand higher quality web images, says new survey

No surprise here: Web shoppers want clear pictures of what they’re buying online. But a new survey of consumers shows that more affluent online shoppers are more demanding. Greenfield Online, on behalf of client Truespectra Inc., which provides web imaging technology, reports that 81% of consumers say that a clear picture of the product is very or extremely important when buying online. That percentage rises to 85% of consumers in households with income exceeding $100,000 a year.

Other results of the study:
- 64% of users sometimes or very frequently do not complete an online purchase due to poor image quality or difficulties loading the pages.
- 55% of respondents who have been faced with poor image quality or difficulty loading the pictures during the online sales cycle either give up on the purchase or buy from the competition.
- Only 8% of those surveyed said they return to the site later to purchase the item.

Greenfield Online surveyed regular Internet users (defined as connecting to the Internet from both work and home) who are typically online more than two hours per day. The respondents were 49% male and 51% female; approximately three-fourths were between 25 and 55.

Greenfield’s survey also learned that 75% of the respondents use the Internet more than once a week to gather product information prior to making a purchase and 33% visit the Internet at least monthly to make purchase decisions that month.


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