Deluge (26 March 2008)

  • UPnP fixes
  • Bandwidth limiter fix
  • Various DHT fixes
  • Fix upload ratio not saving
  • Fix WebUI crash (ticket #89)
  • Clear seeding torrents now deletes the ".torrent" file
  • Fix keyboard scrolling of plugins
  • Scheduler can now handle number of active torrents, upload slots and max connections - Ben

Deluge (11 March 2008)

  • Fix fast-resume deletion on shutdown
  • Tweak saving of uploaded memory (more effective ratio)
  • Add torrents with .fastresume files before torrents that don't
  • Fix a UI hang (bug #72)
  • Fix large toolbar on windows

Deluge (29 February 2008)

  • Fix force recheck
  • Auto scraping of tracker if it doesn't report number of peers on reply
  • Fix web seed proxy preference
  • Fix adding of duplicate torrents
  • Fix timers for saving fastresume and uploaded memory
  • Fix rechecking on start
  • PnP fixes
  • Fix possible libtorrent crash in storage

Deluge (14 February 2008)

  • Randomize encryption pad size to evade throttling
  • https support
  • Add "seed time" to preferences
  • Add switch torrent source to "Move Torrent" plugin
  • Fix alignment of torrent info
  • Fix possible hang with torrents with many pieces
  • Don't resave fast-resume for seeding torrents
  • Add logout to WebUI
  • Only draw the advanced progress bar if 'num_pieces' is greater than 0 - prevents crash

Deluge (28 January 2008)

  • Fix remote exploit which could crash Deluge
  • Fix high cpu spikes
  • Fix torrent order between sessions
  • Fix loading of BlocklistImport plugin

Deluge (24 January 2008)

  • Fix column width saving
  • Option to download new blocklist after certain number of days - Patch from Mark Stahler
  • Fix ui-locking when tracker responded in non-utf8 encoding
  • Remove Extra Stats plugin
  • Prevent Scheduler plugin from setting an invalid 'max_active_torrents'

Deluge (18 January 2008)

  • Catch various exceptions from possibly corrupted persistent.state
  • Use pieces wanted instead of total pieces to draw adv progress bar
  • Properly catch 'address already in use' error when trying to use a port that is in use
  • Attempt to fix issue where all the columns start very small
  • Change how we handle fastresume - should prevent rechecking
  • New theme for windows
  • Performance enhancements by removing needless casts
  • Search is now a plugin
  • Browser removed

Deluge 0.5.8 (29 December 2007)

  • Fix handling of corrupt torrent files
  • Fix having two instances of Deluge running on Ubuntu
  • Fix problem relating to move torrent plugin not moving torrents before they get cleared

Deluge 0.5.8RC2 (25 December 2007)

  • Change add torrent to ctrl+n
  • Change notification plugin to not show the file list, but only the torrent name
  • Allow removal of browser icon from toolbar
  • Add buttons to browser to launch the main and footer frames into an external browser
  • Fix removing torrents from deluge template of webui - vonck7
  • Set the advanced webui template as default
  • Cut down significantly on the memory usage of the blocklist plugin
  • Fix some UPnP bugs
  • Fix "New version" alert from freezing sometimes
  • Prioritizes local peers over non-local ones when finding connect
  • Wish everyone a happy holiday :)

Deluge 0.5.8RC1 (22 December 2007)

  • Key bindings:
    ctrl+a adds a torrent
    ctrl+l adds a torrent via URL
    ctrl+p pauses torrent(s)
    ctrl+r resumes torrent(s)
    delete removes torrent(s)
  • Fix total uploaded display bug
  • Fix seeding ratio stop on finished torrents
  • Fix zombie processes from occurring
  • Fix saying goodbye to trackers
  • Increase auto remove ratio to 100
  • Fix problem on Windows with filenames that have special characters
  • Fix saving of which columns to show
  • Fix init script error on exotic systems
  • Add web seed to Torrent Creator plugin
  • TorrentSearch is now built-in
  • Add internal anonymizing browser - Key bindings for that are as follows:
    ctrl+l focus on location bar
    ctrl+k focus on search bar
    ctrl+r refreshes current page
    ctrl+enter adds 'www.' and '.com' to url string
    shift+enter adds 'www.' and '.net' to url string

Deluge (1 December 2007)

  • Tweak full hd warning so that it only displays itself once per torrent that it has to pause
  • Fixed crash and corruption of persistent.state while adding a duplicate torrent. Also caused yet another invalid handle error
  • Increase tracker timeout

Deluge 0.5.7 (26 November 2007)

  • Scrape support
  • Manual force-recheck
  • Add local peer discovery (aka local service discovery)
  • Blocklist plugin will now display errors, instead of just crashing on a bad list or wrong type
  • Add torrent in paused state option
  • Add advanced progress bar
  • Fix bug in merging trackers
  • Various updates to WebUI, including https support and advanced template by vonck7
  • Add maximum connection attempts per second preference
  • Fix bug where loaded plugins were forgotten if Deluge crashed
  • Fix ratio bugs (hopefully for the last time)
  • Add preference to only show file selection popup if torrent has multiple files
  • Fix pause all and resume all bugs
  • Fix client not loading if our website goes down (new version check failing)
  • Allow torrent creation with no trackers
  • Scheduler plugin revamp by Ben Klein
  • Fix ETA from going backwards
  • UI warning on full HD - no longer just silently pauses torrents
  • Replace SimpleRSS with FlexRSS
  • Add preference for the location of torrent files
  • Add autoload folder
  • Copy translator credits from Launchpad to our about->credits
  • Differentiate between queued and paused torrents. Able to pause queued torrents - patch by yobbobandana
  • Show error when writing/permission problems occur

Deluge (31 October 2007)

  • Set default piece size to 256-KiB in TorrentCreator plugin and add 2048KiB as a size option.
  • Fix a bug in Debian package that caused the UI to completely freeze when a torrent finished
  • Find and fix another shutdown bug that mostly Gutsy users were encountering
  • Fix a couple of WebUI bugs, including the "index" page erroring out

Deluge (28 October 2007)

  • Fix invalid handle error
  • Fix shutdown hang

Deluge 0.5.6 (24 October 2007)

  • Web Interface Plugin
  • Hopefully fix "losing data" and having to re-download parts (for real this time)
  • Use new full allocation method which does not create files until one of its pieces is downloaded
  • Tray lock password is no longer stored in plain text
  • Update the Scheduler plugin and fix a bunch of bugs on it
  • Double-clicking on a torrent opens up its containing folder
  • Fix SpeedLimiter plugin when setting upload limits
  • Fix MoveTorrent plugin when moving actively downloading torrents
  • Pause torrents while importing blocklist and resume them when finished
  • Remove TorrentPieces and disable its use
  • A whole bunch of stuff for Win32
  • Add private flag to TorrentCreator plugin
  • Use SVG for internal logo usage (except on Win32)
  • Use theme for tray icon instead of hard-coded
  • Properly release port on shutdown
  • TorrentFiles plugin now has progress bars
  • Removing torrent files no longer deletes files that weren't part of the torrent
  • New max half-open connections setting to deal with cheap/broken routers
  • Inherit UPnP fixes from libtorrent
  • Use threading for everything, instead of spawning

Deluge 0.5.5 (09 September 2007)

  • Editing a torrent's tracker list is now persistent between sessions
  • Persistence between sessions for Speed Limiter, Web Seed and Desired Ratio plugins
  • New wizard to aid first-time users with configuration
  • Reorderable tabs and remember order (with exception of details tab)
  • Fix losing data and having to re-download parts
  • Fix password lock showing when main window is not hidden
  • Get rid of the plugin manager and integrate it into preferences
  • New Move torrent plugin - takes over for "move completed downloads" feature and provides a "Move Torrent" option when right-clicking on a torrent
  • Save column widths
  • Queue order after restart fixes.
  • Use payload instead of including protocol overhead to ease user confusion of seeding torrents "downloading"
  • New Web Seed plugin for adding URLs to torrents for http seeding
  • Add FAST-extension (

Deluge (10 August 2007)

  • Add "Open containing folder" and "Open File" to the torrent and file menu, respectively
  • Load Blocklist plugin last and have it not lock up the interface during import
  • Add full allocation to preferences for clarification
  • Catch SIGINT, SIGHUP, SIGTERM and Gnome logoff to quit properly
  • Add send local info to developers
  • Fix up pieces, peers and files plugins
  • UPnP fixes
  • Add ExtraStats plugin
  • FreeBSD full allocation fix
  • Added per torrent max upload slots and max connections preferences
  • A lot of other less visible improvements

Deluge 0.5.4 (06 August 2007)

  • Tray message includes session totals
  • Ticket #198 - Display peers countries in the Peers tab.
  • Ticket #474 - Multiple password prompts displayed
  • Pause all/resume all in tray menu
  • Peers and Files tabs are now plugins
  • New Location plugin
  • Option to use a random port every time
  • Proxy system redone - you can now specify different information for each type of proxy (DHT, peer, tracker, web-seed)
  • TorrentPieces plugin to view piece updates and show pieces table per file
  • EventLogger plugin to view/log every activity
  • SpeedLimiter plugin, which allows you to set speed limits on a per-torrent basis
  • New release alerts - Client will inform user if their version of deluge is outdated

Deluge 0.5.3 (25 July 2007)

  • Added ChangeLog
  • Ticket #53 - Added files priorities within torrent
  • Ticket #111 - Remember directory of last added torrent
  • Ticket #232 - Added Move completed downloads to feature
  • Ticket #245 - Added ability to select torrent files before starting
  • Ticked #368 - Added ability to prioritize first and last pieces of files in torrents
  • Ticket #371 - Proper full storage allocation of files on reiser4 and ntfs-3g filesystems
  • Ticket #420 - Show size of torrent minus size of unselected files as Total Size
  • Ticket #405 - Properly start in tray when run deluge --tray
  • Ticket #437 - Gracefully upgrade from old versions
  • Picking a file to not download now checks for compact_mode status to prevent all sorts of problems such as downloading pieces into the wrong file
  • RSS plugin inclusion
  • Added ability to queue new torrents above completed ones when seeds are set to queue at the bottom
  • Added availability and piece size display in details, availablity column
  • Added ability to automatically remove torrents when max share ratio is set
  • Show text from clipboard in Add URL dialog only if it looks like an URL
  • Added Torrent Notification plugin
  • Added event handling callbacks for plugins
  • Added ability to designate a torrent as private (in file selection dialog)
  • Added merging trackers of duplicate torrents
  • Details, Peers and Files tabs more responsible and their perfomance greatly improved especially on torrents with many files and peers
  • A lot of other less visible improvements

Deluge 0.5.2 (05 July 2007)

  • ticket #6 - Torrent creation built into main client
  • ticket #315 - Plugins implemented as modules
  • ticket #310 - Configuration options for PEX and UPnP
  • ticket #390 - Individual file progress shown in File tab
  • The usual slew of improvements

Deluge 0.5.1 (11 June 2007)

  • Peer Exchange
  • ticket #254 - Encryption
  • ticket #142 - UPnP + NATPMP
  • Improved user interface
  • Redesigned preferences dialog
  • Proper startup and shutdown