Missions of Service

The ManKind Project challenges each man to find and develop his own life’s mission ... and to live that mission fully with the support of a powerful network of other men. Through his mission, a man can realize his purpose and share his gifts with the world. Like a pebble in a pond, a man's mission ripples out effecting those around him and transforming the world.

The Ron Hering Mission of Service Award

Each Year The ManKind Project recognizes one man or a group of men from each community who is taking action to live his mission in the world. You will see some of the amazing projects that New Warriors throughout the world have been working on to make a positive difference in the world. You may get inspired to support them or to set off on your own journey of creation.

If you don't have a clear sense of purpose, the ManKind Project may help you get in touch with your own unique calling in the world. If you are living a mission in your life, MKP may help you get even further clarity about your mission and provide you with a broad community of support to help you live your purpose!

Click on names or pictures to learn more about the service these men are living in the world.

2007 Chris Sobczak photoPersonal Mission: I create a peaceful and accepting world by modeling honesty, integrity and vulnerability. Canada West
2007 Gordon Clay photoPersonal Mission: "To end men's isolation."
Northern California, USA
2007 Foster Mobley photoPersonal Mission: I co-create a world of compassion, presence and truth by serving others, living in gratitude and awakening to my shadows. I am a work in progress. Los Angeles, CA, USA
2007 Frank De Santis photoPersonal Mission: I create a world of peace by motivating others through my actions and my deeds

Metro NY, USA
2007 Stephen J. Simon photoPersonal Mission: To help repair and heal the Planet by cleaning up and eliminating dangerous materials and decaying infrastructure that are the legacy from 50 years of the Cold War.

Greater Washingtion, DC, USA
2007 Tristan Smith (posthumously) photoPersonal Mission: I create a world of love, integrity and acceptance by mentoring and leading. Philadelphia, PA, USA
2007 photoPersonal Mission: To create a world of love and compassion by honoring the strength within myself and the gold in others. Kentucky, USA
2007 Terry Larkin

photoPersonal Mission: I create a fully alive world by living fully through risk, faith, and trust

San Diego, CA, USA
2007 photoPersonal Mission: I create a safe, vibrant and joyful world by listening, encouraging, and modeling fierce self expression.

North Texas, USA
2007 Stefan Hermann photoPersonal Mission: I inspire the re-writing of future by modeling, teaching and coaching on the sacred path. Santa Barbara, CA, USA
2007 photoPersonal Mission: I co-create a loving and compassionate world by empowering myself as a teacher and healer. Northwest Center, USA
2007 Stan Eads photoPersonal Mission: To create a world where men own their power with integrity by owning my own. New Mexico, USA
2006 photoPersonal Mission: To create heaven on earth by manifesting peace and love within myself and other Sioux City, IA, USA
2007 Tony Naidoo and the USIKO MKP men

photoPersonal Mission: I build a community of peace, healing and nurturance and respect for cultural diversity by leading, mentoring, guiding and supporting others to develop their full individual potential and their awareness of social justice challenges in “being our brother’s keeper!”

South Africa
2007 photoPersonal Mission: “I am a vision of the world in which all humanity is inspired, connected, compassionate and joyful.” Windsor / Detroit, CAN/USA
2007 Mark Morey photo

Personal Mission: I create a community of love and connection by reclaiming indigenous ways of being.

New England, USA

Personal Mission: "Together we empower men to share their Truth and restore community."

Wisconsin, USA
2007 Earl Hipp

photoPersonal Mission: To create a world of loving, accountable, and empowered people.

Arizona, USA

photoPersonal Mission: “To create a sober and healthy world by channeling G-d’s healing energy with my compassion, creativity and love”.

Indiana, USA
2007 Peter Thomas D'Ascoli photoPersonal Mission: My mission as a man among men is to seek a world of happiness by listening to others, to my inner selves, feelings, aspirations and to speak from a gentle honesty. Further as a man among men to contribute by touching others as lover, father, artist, healer, leader, teacher and friend. Minnesota, USA

photoPersonal Mission: "To love unconditionally".

United Kingdom
2007 Stephan McLaughlin, Jr. photoPersonal Mission: To create harmony by loving and nurturing himself and others into wholeness and integrity. Memphis, KY, USA

photoPersonal Mission: I co-create healing and bless life through affirmation, compassion, courage, fierceness and grace.

New Jersey, USA
2007 Jeffrey Weisberg

photoPersonal Mission: I create a world of peace and deep connection by loving and leading from my heart.

Florida, USA

Ed Carter

photoPersonal Mission: To promote love, joy, and healing in my world by loving myself first, having fun, and creating opportunities for others to heal.

Georgia, USA
2007 Michael Killian

photoPersonal Mission: “I create a world of abundance by healing myself and others.”

St. Louis, KY, USA

photoPersonal Mission: “I create a world of healing through hope, beginning with myself.”

Houston, TX, USA
2007 Chris Arthur

photoPersonal Mission: “To create a world of peace and joy through challenge and compassionI create a world of abundance by healing myself and others.”

Upstate New York, NY, USA

photoPersonal Mission: “I create a a healthy world by co-creating sustainable mentoring programs for boys, by mentoring mentors and by creating mentoring opportunities..”

Chicago, IL, USA
2007 Charles Gruber

photoPersonal Mission: “To create a world overflowing with compassion by owning my impeccable warrior..”

Kansas City, KS, USA

photoPersonal Mission: “I create Abundance by working with the Water of Life.”

est Canada East

2006 Ron Hering Winners

2006 Bobby Taylor photoPersonal Mission To feed all hungry hearts through teaching emotional literacy and touch. Memphis, TN, USA
2006 John Frost photoPersonal Mission: I co-create a place where Creator dwells, we’ll leave the porch light on.
Los Angeles, USA
2006 Harold Cates photoPersonal Mission: To help men and women reach new levels of consciousness by boldly modeling the way. Kentucky, USA
2006 Terry Ward photoPersonal Mission: Creating Healthy Couples, Homes, Individuals, Neighborhoods & Communities, by building & modeling, strong, loving, connected, relationships within all families.

Houston, TX, USA
2006 Mbuyu "Puma" Wa Mbuyu Personal Mission: As a man among men, I create a world of acceptance and opportunity for all.

Greater Washingtion, DC, USA
2006 Martin Brossman photoPersonal Mission: I support people in living lives they love--lives so filled with meaning and fulfillment that on their death bed there are moved to tears by the beautiful life they lived. My life is committed to contributing to a world that works for all us. Greater Carolinas, USA
2006 photoPersonal Mission: I create a joyful world of empowered people by passionately inspiring myself and others to awaken to, and engage with, our authentic magnificence. Georgia, USA
2006 François Lutt

photoPersonal Mission:  Je crée un monde libre en montrant que chacun peut aller jusqu’au bout de sa vérité 

(To create a free world by showing that each man may go to the end of his truth and by blessing every man whatever his way may be)

Francophone (French Speaking Community)
2006 photoPersonal Mission: I create a world of love, peace and acceptance by sharing the teachings of the creator.

Canada East
2006 Jim Mulenos photoPersonal Mission: I create a safe and peaceful world by creating safe and peaceful harbors for others. Colorado, USA
2006 photoPersonal Mission: To use the power of music to teach others and to heal Chicago, IL, USA
2006 Danny Spitler photoPersonal Mission: To live life passionately and to be a resource provider for worthy people and causes. Arizona, USA
2006 photoPersonal Mission: As a Man among men I am a voice for Peace, Balance, Freedom and Unity of the Human Tribe Minnesota, USA
2006 Sean Sheehan

Personal Mission: I create a safe and loving world by speaking my truth.

New England, USA
2006 photoPersonal Mission: To help men gain more power, passion, and peace through my presentations, workshops and individual counseling. Windsor / Detroit, CAN/USA
2006 William Marinucci

photoPersonal Mission:  To Bless the world with unconditional love, by being in and of service to spirit

Rochester, NY, USA

Personal Mission: By loving others I learn to love myself.

Britain, UK
2006 Dennis Nicely

Personal Mission: To co-create a compassionate world by seeking first to understand, loving unconditionally, and blessing

St. Louis, USA

photoPersonal Mission: I empower others by teaching them to take personal responsibility for themselves. This is achieved by practicing unconditional love and acceptance.

South Africa
2006 Robert P Sheehan photoPersonal Mission: To co-create a world were all are inspired to achieve their very best and to do that with unconditional love Sioux City, IA, USA

photoPersonal Mission: I help make life worth living by thinking and talking about Purpose.

Santa Barbara, CA, USA
2006 Mark Anderson Personal Mission: My mission is to serve God by creating and protecting nurturing environments
by comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.
San Diego, CA, USA

Personal Mission: To co-create a world, with greater loving kindness, through healing myself and serving others.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
2006 Steven Crozier

photoPersonal Mission: “I illuminate the interconnected
world by communicating truthfully
and loving unconditionally.”

Northwest Center, USA


photoPersonal Mission: "Live my Truth, Share my Truth, Give only Love, and nothing else.  By doing this, those that I pass by will be better off than before we met."

Northern CA , USA
2006 Richard Garcia, Stan Koehler, & Tom Pitner

Group mission: Brought MKP/Metro New York & Peace on the Streets (a non-profit martial arts & meditation dojo) together to serve the neighborhood in Spanish Harlem. By 2010, our vision is to have 100 New Warrior Brothers from this inner city neighborhood leading 100 support groups in the neighborhood.

Metro New York

Tom Zizzo

Personal Mission: Tom Zizzo has taken the Boys To Men program and begun the hard work of mentoring in the NYC/NJ area.  

New Jersey, USA
2006 Leonard Sobczak

Personal Mission: To create perfect harmony in the world by healing myself, nature and others.


Wisconsin, USA

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