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The New Warrior Training Adventure is an invitation to step forward and look in the mirror. What do you see? Are you the leader that you are looking for? Are you living on the edge of your life? What stands between you and taking action in your world? What is the risk for you to take full responsibility for your life, for living it from the inside out? Do you have the courage to face your own fears and insecurities and discover the tremendous power and beauty that lies within you? Are you willing to step into the fullness of who you really are? Are you willing to discover the real joy and terror of being a man? If so, this training may be for you.

We do not recommend this training for every man. To participate in this training, you must be highly committed to your life, and ready to take a hard look at yourself, your deepest fears, your wounds from the past, and the specific ways your life is not working for you. We choose to work only with men who are ready and willing to do this initiatory work with us.

  • Who comes to the trainings?
  • What do they come for?
  • What happens at the New Warrior Training Adventure?
  • Can you give me details of what happens on the NWTA?
  • Will I have any fun?
  • Who conducts the trainings?
  • What happens after the Weekend training?
  • What follow-up is available?
  • Is there anything beyond the initial weekend and Integration Group?
  • Is this a religious group?
  • Is this a cult?
  • Do you offer trainings for women?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do I register?
  • When should I sign up?

  • Who comes to the trainings?
    A diverse mix of men from all walks of life, of every age from young adult to elder, from many nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, South Africa ,Australia, and New Zealand. Corporate executives, house painters, the college-educated and the street-smart come to find a deeper understanding of themselves as men. We welcome men of any age, religion, race or sexual orientation.

    During your training, you will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this immensely rich mix of men and feel how this personal initiation into manhood contributes to your development as a man.

    What do they come for?
    Sometimes men come to the training with the feeling that their lives are not working, hoping to learn ways to live with greater depth and fullness. Sometimes men who are extremely successful come to discover deeper connections to other men, and to themselves. Some men come because they've been invited by men they trust-or because they need to learn how to trust. Some men come seeking a challenge, a new adventure to explore. Most men come because they want to learn ways to live richer and fuller lives.

    What happens at the New Warrior Training Adventure?
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    The NWTA is a finely coordinated series of activities: Group discussions, games, guided visualizations, journaling, and individual process work. The entire training is designed to help each man get in touch with the truth about himself -- not his job, not his possessions, not his roles in life -- himself.

    Can you give me details of what happens on the NWTA?
    We want your experience of the NWTA to be uncluttered by expectations or by the experiences of others who have been through the training before you. It's our intention to give you the opportunity to experience the training moment by moment. For that reason we don't provide a detailed description of the training. If you have specific concerns, feel free to contact the Center's enrollment coordinator.

    Will I have any fun?
    There are games and light-hearted challenges mixed into the weekend schedule; it's not entirely solemn and serious. The nature of an "adventure" is such that you may look back weeks later and only then realize how much fun you had-or you may smile your way through the entire experience. Keep in mind that each man gets out of the weekend what he puts into it. You'll be there with up to 30 other participants and almost 40 staff. Each man brings his own sense of humor along with all of his other gifts and baggage.

    Who conducts the trainings?
    Each NWTA is led by a team of leaders who are certified by The ManKind Project after completion of a rigorous training program. In addition a group of highly motivated, experienced volunteer staff will assist you on your journey. These men have all been through the training and have passion for sharing the gifts they received. A key truth of the training program is that you direct your own training through the responses and decisions you make along the way. The staff serve as guides and mentors, but you choose the depth to which you explore the inner terrain of your life.

    What happens after the Weekend training?
    Finishing the NWTA is an accomplishment to be honored. Shortly after your Weekend, the local New Warrior community will celebrate you and the other men who have completed this rite of passage. Wives, partners, children, parents, and friends are invited to share in this festive occasion. This event will also be your invitation to actively join the ManKind Project community around you.

    What follow-up is available?
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    Once the training is complete, we want you to be able to integrate what they've learned into your life. If you live in or near an established New Warrior community you will have the opportunity to participate in an eight-week Integration Training, for which there is an additional charge. This is perhaps the most important aspect of the program, because any learning, no matter how intense, is eventually lost unless it is integrated and made part of daily life. The Integration Training is facilitated by a small team of trained, experienced men from the local community. The participants engage in discussions and exercises designed to further the learning process that began on the NWTA. The resulting Integration Group is a continuing support network of men who meet regularly to work on their leadership and teamwork skills, and to stay in touch with themselves and each other. Many groups continue to meet for years after their creation. Today, thousands of men meet in weekly Integration Groups, as they are called, to learn, to challenge each other, and to grow together.

    Even if you don't live near an established community, your Center will do its best to make a follow-up Integration Intensive available to you.

    Is there anything beyond the initial weekend and Integration Group?
    In addition to continued participation in their I-Groups, many men go on to staff the New Warrior Training Adventure and to take advanced trainings. The ManKind Project, which presents the NWTA, offers a series of leadership trainings. In addition the NWTA serves as a gateway to other trainings in leadership development, facilitator training, advanced personal work, and relationship and community development. Most Centers hold regular gatherings and family events.

    Is this a religious group?
    There are spiritual elements to the New Warrior Training Adventure, as men are challenged to look into the deeper parts of themselves. But the Mankind Project isn't affiliated with any church or sect, nor do we have any political association. Part of the mission of MKP is to create circles in which all men are welcome and supported, regardless of political or religious beliefs.

    Is this a cult?
    The nature of a cult is to ask its members to give up their own lives and devote themselves to a single leader or doctrine. The Mankind Project takes the opposite approach, challenging each man to define the life that works best for him, and to live that life fully with the support of a growing network of other men.

    Do you offer trainings for women?
    The ManKind Project is committed to supporting women in their personal development and actively partners with Woman Within, InternationalTM in creating annual conferences. Woman Within offers initiations and trainings for women. In many of our Centers New Warriors and Woman Within graduates meet regularly in small groups to explore gender-related issues.

    How much does it cost?
    The cost of the NWTA is set by individual Centers. In the U.S. the cost averages $650. Click here to find the center contact information. Most Centers offer payment plans and scholarships. The Integration Training typically costs an additional $100 to $150.

    How do I register?
    You can register and pay your deposit online here or visit the website of the Center whose training you plan to attend. Click here for a list of Center websites.

    When should I sign up?
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    The ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure may be for you. Only you can decide if you are ready. Trainings often fill far in advance, so it is important to book as early as possible.

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