Welcome to the SOFO Website

The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Trust was formed in 2000 to “establish a joint museum in Oxfordshire under the title of Soldiers of Oxfordshire (SOFO).” Our long term objective is to improve accessibility to the military heritage of the county.

The collections of the three regiments comprises:

• Militaria
• Archives
• The ever-increasing output of research

These three collections form the raw material of research for all kinds of projects from geneaology, through school projects to serious military research.

The Future
This is a long term project. Our initial aim was to establish what we have in our collections and the Heritage Lottery Fund supported an electronic cataloguing project which was completed in August 2006. The catalogue can be searched on the Oxfordshire County Council website. Also on the County's website is the first part of a volunteer project listing all those who ever served in the regiments..

Next Steps
Our next stage will be to secure a permanent new home for the combined collections which currently exist in three different locations of varying accessibility.