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Do not purchase poodles from any breeder who is
unwilling or unable to back-up their pups health in writing from a licensed Veterinarian
and/or unwilling to produce the sire and dam pedigrees'.

A breeder should not be offended that a purchaser is looking for a healthy pup!

Male poodle puppy rec'd from:

Patricia (Patty) Saidi, Patty's Precious Poodles, RT 5 Box 235, Charleston, West Virginia
1.      2.      3.

 This is one of the original photos Saidi sent(1.) and on arrival to my home(2.).
He was also a short-legged poodle, another deformity I was not advised of this prior to shipping.
I gave him a haircut(3.) & discovered 1/3 of his bottom jaw was missing(4.&5.). Physical Exam report from my Veterinarian(6).
4.      5.      6.


Another breeder kindly advised me of Saidi's new website:
the contact email address is:

See the website, poodle page for the poodle´┐Żs conformation standards and colors.
AKC- from a distance, you should be able to tell what breed of dog you are looking at by their silhouette only.
Short-legged poodles are a deformity!
Sure, the Poodle may be under 8" tall (teacup guideline), but it could very well be a large toy or miniature poodle with Dachshund-like short legs!
I do not recommend or support irresponsible, unethical breeders intentionally producing deformed dogs.

Shame on Margaret Reinhardt and Thumbelina's Poodles
Why would a breeder be insulted that a Purchaser is looking for a healthy poodle?

I have never requested to buy one of Margaret's pups.  Just her website is enough to deter any ethical breeder.  I was so angered by her program, I contacted her about it!
I once asked Thumbelina's Poodles (Margaret Reinhardt) if her pups were given a P.E. by a Veterinarian (Her Health Guarantee was "fishy"). See:
I ONLY purchase healthy, defect-free, good tempered poodles as verified professionally to consider being part of my breeding program. I offer this same courtesy willingly at no cost to purchasers!
Email me for my horror story

Margaret Reinhardt- Thumbelina Poodles' idea of a teacup poodle:

One of my Freedom Poodle teacup pups:

These pups are the same age (7-8 weeks old).

After I posted this comparison, Margaret says it's a toy show puppy! & changed her website AGAIN!

  NO breeder, no matter how much experience they have, can tell if a puppy has show potential until the pup is at least six months old.


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