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A group photo of the Administrators The Administrators - Robert McGregor, Colin Gellatly and Gabrielle Kibble

On Tuesday 4 March 2008, Gabrielle Kibble AO, Dr Colin Gellatly and Robert McGregor AM were appointed as the Administrators of Wollongong City Council. The Administrators undertake the role previously performed by the Lord Mayor and elected Councillors. The Administrators will carry out this function until local government elections are held in 2012.

The role of the Administrators is to make decisions about the running of Wollongong City Council and put forward views of the people in our community. The Administrators will hold Council meetings and ensure the General Manager and Council officers carry out decisions made at these meetings.

The information below will answer some of the community’s questions around the role of the Administrators and what this means for Council and the city of Wollongong. If you have any further questions, please contact Council.

What is the role of the Administrators?
The three Administrators assume the role of the Lord Mayor and elected Councillors.  All decisions previously made by the Lord Mayor and the Councillors are now made by the Administrators.

Who are the Administrators?
The three Administrators are Dr Col Gellatly, Gabrielle Kibble AO and Robert McGregor AM.

Dr Col Gellatly is the former head of Premier and Cabinet, he is currently Chair of the Redfern Waterloo Authority, Chair of Pillar Corporation (Wollongong based superannuation administration), and a member of the State Water Board. Dr Gellatly is a member of the Council of the University of New England and a member of the UNE Foundation.

Gabrielle Kibble AO is the Liverpool Council administrator, former head of the Department of Planning, Director of Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Chair of the NSW Heritage Council.

Mr Robert McGregor AM is the former CEO of NSW Health, the Chief Secretary’s Department, the NSW Ambulance Service and the NSW Department of Industrial Relations.

How does an Administrator affect the day to day operation of Council?
Council’s day to day operations are not affected by the appointment of Administrators.  Council will continue to deliver a vast range of services to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Does the appointment of Administrators affect Council staff?
Council staff report to the General Manager so they are not affected by the appointment of Administrators.

Does the role of the General Manager change?
No. The role of the General Manager remains the same. Mr David Farmer will continue in this role.

Do the Administrators receive any remuneration?
Yes, the Administrators receive remuneration and reimbursement of reasonable expenses as determined by the Department of Local Government.

When did the Administrators start?
The Administrators were appointed on Tuesday, 4 March 2008.

How long have the Administrators been appointed for?
The Administrators will hold office for a period of four years until a new Council is elected in 2012.

Will the Administrators be based in the Council Administration building?
Yes, the Administrators have an office in the Wollongong City Council Administration Building at 41 Burelli Street, Wollongong.

The Administrators will be at Council as required to fulfill their roles.

What powers do the Administrators have?
The Administrators have all the powers of any elected Council.

Will the Administrators attend public meetings and functions that the Lord Mayor attended?
The Administrators attend public meetings and functions where possible and appropriate.

Who is the media contact for the Administrators?
All inquiries should be directed to Wollongong City Council’s Media Team.

If I have an issue I would like to raise, who do I contact now?
Phone Council or visit Council’s Administration Building. Council’s switchboard operators will ensure your inquiry is directed to the correct person. Alternatively you can direct correspondence to either Administrators or the General Manager via mail or email.

Will there still be Council meetings?
Yes. The schedule for future Council meetings is available on our website or by phoning 4227 7111.

When will the next local government elections be held in Wollongong?
The next local government elections for Wollongong City Council will be held in 2012, after the Administrators’ four year appointment has ended.

Do I still lodge my development Application (DA) with Council?
Development Applications continue to go through the same process within Council.

Last Modified: 27/03/2008

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