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Blair's world was turned upside down when Max saw himself exposed as a fraud on his computer screen. Blair tried to explain that Todd had promised to destroy the virus, which only infuriated Max more. Max told Blair that they were finished and ordered her to move out. A short time later, Blair saw red when she found Max and Skye in bed.

Blair started exhibiting some odd behavior and confronted Skye and cut Skye's clothes with a pair of scissors. Blair also went to the church and thought it was her and Max's wedding day. Todd took Blair home and tried to calm her, but when Todd returned, Blair was gone. Blair had gone to Asa's and had shot Max in the back! Todd stopped Blair from calling the police convinced her that he would protect her. Todd then got rid of the incriminating evidence against Blair and later planted the gun in Skye's hotel room.

Asa hired Mr. Gray to kill Ben. Meanwhile, Viki and Ben looked forward to their wedding day and were unaware of the danger they were facing. At Ben and Viki's reception, Mr. Gray fired at Ben, who was saved by the silver dollar in his pocket that Renee had given him.

Viki vowed to stay by Ben as he prepared to get his life back and end the threat of mob violence once and for all. Ben came up with a plan for a low profile honeymoon for him and Viki and they posed as bikers and headed out of town.