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How does a business qualify for a Royal Warrant?

By supplying products or services on a regular basis to: The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh or The Prince of Wales – for not less than five years.  Suppliers to The Prince of Wales also have to demonstrate that they have a sustainable environmental policy and action plan.

Who is eligible for a Royal Warrant?
Royal Warrants are only issued to tradesmen.  The professions (eg bankers, solicitors, accountants), employment agencies, party planners, government departments, the media, or ‘places of refreshment or entertainment’ do not qualify.

What benefits does a Royal Warrant bestow?  
Warrant Holders receive a handsome Royal Warrant document and the right to display the appropriate Royal Arms/Badge on their advertising, premises, packaging, stationery and vehicles in accordance with The Lord Chamberlain's Rules.

Does the Royal Warrant carry any restrictions?
Warrant Holders may not disclose details of the goods or services they provide  – except as described in the wording or legend beneath the Royal Arms, eg. ‘By Appointment........Outfitters to HM The Queen’.

Does having a Royal Warrant mean that the products or services supplied are the best?
No – it only means they are the preferred product or service. 

Do Warrant holding firms provide their products or services free?
No. All business is conducted on a strictly commercial basis. 

What does a Royal Warrant cost?
Nothing.  It is simply a recognition.  It cannot be bought or sold.

Does the Royal Family only obtain products or services from Royal Warrant Holders?
No.  Purchases are made from other sources.

Why might a company or individual lose a Royal Warrant?
The quality of the product or service is not up to standard. 
The product or service is no longer manufactured or available.
The goods or services are no longer required, or orders have dwindled.
The business stops trading.
The firm goes into liquidation or is declared bankrupt.
There is a significant change in the control or ownership of the Royal Warrant holding firm.

How many are cancelled each year?
Between 20 and 40 – and a similar number of new ones are granted.

What happens to a company or individual when a Royal Warrant is cancelled?  
They are allowed 12 months to alter their packaging and stationery and remove the Royal Arms from their vehicles and buildings.

How many companies or individuals have all four Warrants?  
Currently seven.

What happens when the Grantor dies?
The Royal Warrant is cancelled five years after the Grantor’s death.  During this period the wording maybe changed to “By Appointment to the late....”

In view of the Government and EC policy on tobacco advertising do any tobacco companies have Royal Warrants?  
Only two - Cigarettes and cigars are purchased only to offer official visitors – many of whom smoke.

How many Warrants are there?
Roughly 800, but it changes almost weekly

How many Warrant Holders belong to the Royal Warrant Holders Association?
All but about 40.


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