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2 April 2008
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This declares a variable for the eastenders site, characters section and interviews page. Ensure the value attribute of the variable is empty. Add this code into the section labelled SET VARIABLES. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Test the $ide_current_page agaisnt your page / section. Example (includes spaces between opening and closing brackets, yours shouldn't) : < !--#if expr="$ide_current_page = /(\/eastenders\/characters_cast\/interviews\/)/"-- > < !--#set var="ee_characters_interviews" value=" class='current'" -- > < !--#endif -- > On the first of the above lines you test the current page against the path of your link. Notice the forward slashes are escaped with a back slash (\/). On the second line you set your variable's value to " class='current'" The third line ends the condition. Add this code into the section labelled TEST VARIABLES. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Add your new menu item to the HTML. Example (includes spaces between opening and closing brackets, yours shouldn't): < li< !--#echo var="ee_characters_interviews" -- > >< a href="/eastenders/characters_cast/interviews/" >Interview< /a >< /li > Notice that you "echo" your variable inside the list item. If the condition has been met this will be a class telling the CSS that this item is the current page, if not it will be empty. Add this code into the section labelled LEFT HAND MENU. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats it, all should work now, if not retrace your steps and look for typos. -->

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Jack and Ronnie

All About Soap Bubble Awards

Tue 19 Feb 2008

Find out which East Enders have been nominated for All About Soap magazine's Bubble Awards.

Here are the nominations for the All About Soap awards.

Fit Fella


Does Scott Maslen (Jack Branning) or Rob Kazinsky (Sean Slater) get you hot under the collar? They're both up for sexiest soap stud. Decisions, decisions!

Celeb Style

Kara Tointon (Dawn Swann) is in the running for the best-dressed soap star.

I'm A Survivor


As if being married to Ian Beale wasn't enough of a trial, Jane's had to accept that she'll never have children after being shot by Steven.

Soap Slap

Tanya didn't half give Stacey a wallop when she learned she'd been having an affair with Max. The fight has been nominated for best bust-up.

Fatal Attraction

Tanya and Sean

Sparks have been flying between Ronnie and Jack and the temperature's rising for Tanya and Sean.


Discovering that Max had been cheating was devastating for poor Tanya, but did the storyline bring a tear to your eye?

Secret's Out

Max and Stacey

Skeletons never stay in closets for very long in soapland, but has EastEnders had the year's most shocking revelation? The identity of Ian's stalker and Max and Stacey's affair have both been nominated.

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Watch Bianca's tearful departure.


Happy Couple?


Should Sean get together with Roxy?


The Apprentice, meet the candidates.

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