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Last Updated: April 2, 2008 5:34 PM

1349 Joined By CELTIC FROST Mainman At INFERNO Festival; Photos Available - Mar. 27, 2008
Nowegian black metallers 1349 were joined on stage by CELTIC FROST mainman Tom Gabriel Fischer during their appearance at the Inferno festival on March 22 in Oslo for a rendition of the CELTIC FROST classic "The Usurper".

Check out photos of the performance at this location.

1349 released its third studio album, "Hellfire", in the U.S. in October 2005 via Candlelight Records. Recorded at Studio Studio in Nyhagen, Norway, "Hellfire" was supported by a North American tour with CELTIC FROST.

1349 performing at this year's Inferno festival:

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posted by : Jan2b
3/27/2008 11:48:22 PM

What a front row. "Dude, we played to, like, five hundred handy cams and cell phones last night! Their accumulated audio tracks could shatter a ten-storey building!"

COMMENT | wow..
posted by : Kaiser
3/28/2008 5:04:21 AM

What a fucking amazing show that was! I almost cried when they announced Tom onstage. Ok, I was kinda drunk and stoned at the time, so it sounded better than it actually was, but hey, that's why we drink and smoke, don't we?

COMMENT | Kaiser
posted by : xxxspidermetal
3/28/2008 10:35:36 AM

No disrespect intended, but if you drink and smoke to make the music sound better, you are listening to the wrong bands, dude.

posted by : Abomination1349
3/28/2008 11:32:22 AM

Ravn has some awesome stage presence. And Frost is simply not human. I feel bad for the session guys that try to fill in for Frost when he's unavailable for a 1349 show...they're just in way over over their heads.

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