Non-Profit Partnership "Ecological Association "Tengry"
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            Natural, Cultural and Historic Heritage of Bashkortostan

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                                              Vegetation Map

Areas with sparse growth of trees, mountain meadows and mountain tundras
Dark-coniferous spruce and fir forests
Broad-deciduous dark-coniferous forests
Birch, aspen and lime forests growing where coniferous and mixed forests used to grow
Lime, maple and oak forests
Birch and aspen forests growing where broad-deciduous forests used to grow
Light-coniferous pine forests (pine and larch forests in the Southern Urals)
Birch and pine-birch forests growing where light-coniferous forests used to grow
Meadow and feather-grass Urals steppes mostly cultivated.
Spruce and fir (mass)
Spruce and fir (single)


   Legal address of the organization: 1 Shkolnaya Street, Kaga, Bashkortostan, Russia.
   Address for visits: 70 Zentsova Street (2nd floor), Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia.
   Postal address: P.O. Box 1064, Ufa, 450000.
   Internet site:
   Telephone: (3472) 23-43-20; 90-43-20.
   Fax: (3472) 51-72-15.
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