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basic Tip #365: Vim Book Online

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created:   November 8, 2002 3:47      complexity:   basic
author:   Mike Wall      as of Vim:   5.7

New Riders has released Steve Oualline book Vi iMproved (VIM) under their Open Publication License (OPL).  View it at http://www.newriders.com/books/opl/ebooks/0735710015.html

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Additional Notes

chris@nominet.org.uk, November 12, 2002 2:29
It's a pity the sidebar with the contents doesn't display properly in Opera.  Even IE complains that there is an error in the Javascript...
Anonymous, November 13, 2002 8:17
I found this under the Documentation Link on vim.sourceforge.net
Anonymous, November 18, 2002 7:08
Or, ofcourse, http://www.vim.org/docs.php
Anonymous, February 22, 2004 17:14
Christ, this is horrible.  Completely unnecessary javascript document.writeln crap in every page.  Unreadable in w3m or without javascript, for no good reason.  Is this just for source obfuscation?
Anonymous, April 2, 2004 8:51
redirect to http://www.peachpit.com/, and 'vim' search will found 0 :(((
Anonymous, June 24, 2004 1:54
Well it's perfect with lynx ;)
Anonymous, August 11, 2004 18:42
Use the PDF instead.
[NO_SPAM]arlequni_AT_internet_DOT_com_DOT_uy[NO_SPAM], October 25, 2004 19:57
The link provided "http://www.peachpit.com/series/publisher.asp?st=45308"; redirects to "http://www.peachpit.com/series/publisher.asp?st=45308"; and don't show the HTML version of the Vim Book.

Yes, the PDF link is working properly, instead.
mikoangelo [on] gmail, June 4, 2005 4:22
On my own xpdf on Linux FC3, and on my mothers WinXPpro, the fonts in the pdf are a little wierd. Especially in the illustrations.
I think it should be monospaced, because all the arrows are pointing the wrong places, and the selections are too long. Is there any known way to fix this?
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