This is the right place to be, if you are searching for traditional martial arts system! Our training specializes in Tiger Style of Shaolin Kung Fu. Here, you will find helpful information on traditional ways of training in Shaolin Kung Fu system. It is especially beneficial to those who had prior training background in martial arts, and wanting to expand your horizon, and knowledge in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu training. Come and discover our long history, philosophy, and our ways of training and disciplining the body, mind and spirit.



Fundraiser for the Needy in Vietnam
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Fundraiser for Chien Si-Pak
The Shaolin Centre would like to thank all of our students who have donated money to help out a very important member of our association in this difficult time.

Miao Dao Workshop (1st Weekend of August 2008)
Miao Dao, often referred to as Chang Dao prior to Republican Era. It was developed in the campaign against pirates (or 倭寇 - WoKou) along the Chinese coastline border in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD). During the war against Japanese invasion in Republican era (1912 - 1949 AD), Miao Dao is again utilised by the army. The name of "Miao Dao" was obtained during this period.


Under no circumstances should you try to perform the techniques in this video. Shaolin Kung Fu Centre is not responsible for any injuries to those who attempt to perform these techniques without the written consent to do so.

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