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midgetvilleONCE THE ROAD TURNED YELLOW, we knew it was going to be a weird day. Our search for the fabled, often sought after town of Midgetville brings us to this year's site somewhere in northern New Jersey.

Here, our normal sized friend inspects the tiny houses in a community we believe may be the town that everyone and their brother has been to, but can never remember how to get there.

Although we cannot be sure this is the property once belonging to the Ringling Company, we can attest to the fact that these homes come complete with four-foot doors and undersized windows.

Is this Midgetville? One of our informants told us there was a tiny Victorian castle in Midgetville, but we didn't find one here. The stop signs weren't three feet tall either.

Unfortunately, there was no one around to confirm this site as being the real Midgetville, so we're keeping it logged in the database and we're off to another lead on tracking this elusive community. But if you must tell your friends where you vacationed this year, tell 'em you visited Midgetville . . . in Weird, NJ.

After a crazy night of drinking and skiing, my friends and I had the great idea to check out Midgetville. We heard that if you go there at around 2 it’s awesome, so we said “What the hell?” So we’re driving down that stretch of road, when out of nowhere we see this midget walking across the street. We were bugging out. We had heard the stories about Midgetville, but never believed them. Me and my friends were going nuts. None of us knew what to do. Some drunken teenager in the back yelled out “MIDGET.”

The lil’ guy saw us, then ran onto this back road. We turned down the road, but no midget - all we saw was woods. We went up and down this small stretch for about 25 minutes and saw no trace of the midget. We never found any houses or small stop signs but ever since then we all now believe in Midgetville. We always cruise on down that road now, hoping to come in contact with another one of the infamous lil’ people.
- Mike K.

I don't know if any "little people" lived there when you guys visited, but recently I visited this small place and there were many, many little people there. I was driving by and I heard bangs as I saw a few dwarves and I thought they were throwing cans at my car. When I got out to check the damage, it was much more than I had expected. What I found was 9 bulletholes on the passenger’s side of my brand new car. I went to the police and asked them about this. They told me that I wasn't supposed to be down there, and that any car without a permit to enter that did, was shot at. The "little people" apparently have the right to shoot at you from the waist down.
- Jessica M.

WNJ Readers Write In About Midgetville:
Midgetville was on River Road before the GWB. The houses were small and the stop signs small. They were cottages and still exist, although no midgets lived there. It was a rumor spread to keep people out of this exclusive area, even though we always wound up there at 5am after a drunken night.
- Steve D.

One of the Ringling Bros. had an estate in Morris Township. I found out about this when we visited the very elaborate Ringling Museum in St. Petersburg, FL. I think they even mentioned people from the circus staying on the estate. I had driven past it a few times but never investigated further.
- Mark R.

My brother visited the house called Midgetville. It was built to the size scale of a pair of height challenged folk who had made a great deal of money in motion pictures way back when. Supposedly the house looks no different from the outside. After the house was sold, the small scale interior was left intact, but the floors were dropped to provide head room for the average height occupants. My brother is going to contact the person who took him there many years ago.
- Renee M.

WARNING: Due to a rash of late night disturbances in this neighborhood there is now an increased police presence and those who are caught breaking the law are subject to fines, arrest and prosecution. We urge readers to respect the privacy, property and peace of the residents living along this road and in nearby communities. – Weird NJ

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