Derek Neikirk top rope belly-to-belly suplex on Ghostwalker 10/30/02
In response to the questions everyone has been asking, "Why did you turn on your partner Mike Nox? Why did you break up the greatest tag-team ever, TEAM ELITE?", I have only this to say. I AM TEAM ELITE!  I dropped Mike like a bad habit because quite frankly, he couldn't hack it. He dropped the ball, and I'll be damned if I drag myself down trying to pick it up. I am a former 9-time 2 sport all-american and a first round draft pick for the Detroit Tigers.  I was a WWE developmental talent and I plan on being back on the top of the mountain again; and I don't need anyone holding me back from my goals because of fear. That's why I have taken it upon myself to make the Break-A-Heart Nation the best. They already have the gold, but I'm going to make them feared. I'm going to make them killers. Now don't confuse my splitting with Nox and taking the BAHN under my wing as joining them. I am TEAM ELITE ALWAYS. I am just tired of being surrounded by morons who will stop short of acheiving their goals. I know that Triple X, GQ, and Hawaiian Lion will stop at nothing to stay on top. They have already proved that by retaining the gold against myself so many times. They are hated by the boys in the back. They are despised by the fans. But they are not FEARED.  I will change that. By the time I'm done, they will be the most feared group in wrestling. But the same goes for them; if the fall behind, I won't stop to pick them up.  Why you ask? Why would I dump them team I just recently started to mentor? Because failure and lagging are not Elite, and I am. And if you can't keep up with me, then stay at home and eat frybread; because this is not a game I plan on losing.
-Derek Neikirk