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Issue 88 (January 2007) - KDE 4: Taste the future!

News: Novell and Microsoft agreement, Java under the GPL, Adobe donates ActionScript (Tamarin), Oracle's flavour of RHEL
News extra: LinuxWorld UK show report (AC) Reviews: KOffice 1.6 (AC), Arkeia Network Backup 6.0 (CD), FreeBSD 6.2 (MS), Parallels 2.2 (PH), DLAN 200 AVdesk (NV)
Distrowatch: GoboLinux 013, Mandriva 2007, GNewSense 1.0, distro exporters
Roundup: Content management systems - Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, Midgard, Plone, Typo3 (DC)
Hot Picks: RLPlot, Basic-256, Qingy, Gnome Commander, ScummVM, Python Kye, Xvidcap, KFuseIso, Prefs Hide And Seek, ClamTk (RD)
Features: KDE 4 (GM), 15 best ever Linux games (PH, NV, GM, MS), Peculiar Programming - Ruby (MS)
Interviews: Free Standard Group's Jim Zemlin, Jabber's Peter Saint-Andre
What on Earth: Microformats (DC)
Tutorials: Tweaking Gnome (AC), Rsync backup servers (MK), MySQL and PhpMyAdmin (PH), Security - detecting intruders (CB), Mono file handling (PH), Building RPM packages (NV)
Cover DVD: Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.10 (8GB double-sided DVD), Syllable 0.6.2, magazine PDFs (migration, kernel hacking, digital photography), KDE 4 snapshot, Apache, MySQL, games


Issue 87 (Christmas 2006) - Fedora Core 6 Uncovered

News: Rift widens over GPL v3, IBM opens up on patent applications, Linux on Cell processor, Mandriva buys Linbox, Libya orders OLPC
Reviews: Mandriva Powerpack 2007 (GM), Oxygen 7.2 (NV), Valgrind 3.2.1 (GM), Fedora Core 6 vs Ubuntu 6.10 (AH)
Books: Linux Starter Kit (MS), Twisted Network Programming Essentials (NV), Extending And Embedding PHP (PH)
Distrowatch: Slackware 11.0, Sabayon 3.1, Christian Linux distros
Roundup: Web browsers - Amaya, Dillo, Epiphany, Firefox, Galeon, Konqueror, Links2, Lynx, Opera, SeaMonkey (RC)
Hot Picks: GtkLife, Liferea, KBackup, Bluefish, Lost Labyrinth, X-Moto, Xming, HomeBank, MOC, Kdesvn (RD)
Features: Fedora Core 6 Uncovered (NV), Peculiar Programming - Tcl(MS), 30 days with Gnome (GM)
Interviews: Gnome coder Jeff Waugh, Novell's Nat Friedman
What on Earth: Harmony (DC)
Tutorials: Scanning with QuiteInsane (AC), Top 30 Konqueror tips (MF), Hello World in Mono (PH), Security and Ethereal (PH), Building a firewall (CB), Using DocBook (PH)
Cover DVD: Mandriva Free 2007, KOffice 1.6, magazine PDFs (security, speedups, hardware), security toolkit


Issue 86 (December 2006) - Special 15th Birthday Edition

News: Click-N-Run free for all, SLED to bundle RealPlayer, Oxfordshire County Council chooses Red Hat, SGI's new Linux moves, Microsoft's Open Specification Promise
News extra: EuroOSCon 2006 report (PH, NV)
Reviews: Firefox 2.0 (ACo), Partition Manager 8.0 (NV), Slackware 11.0 (TW), Xara Xtreme 0.7 (AC), Glade 3.0 (GM), Freespire 1.0 (AC)
Distrowatch: RHEL 5, Mandriva 2007, Zenwalk 3.0
Roundup: File managers - EmelFM2, Gentoo, Konqueror, Midnight Commander, Nao, Nautilus, Rox-filer, Xfm (MS)
Hot Picks: OpenBox, ESpeak, Tellico, PulseAudio, PangZero, Ksirk, Xarchiver, Partition Logic, sshfs, Zile (RD)
Features: 15 years of Linux (NB, AC), Firefox 2 (GM), Backwards debugging with UndoDB (PH)
Interview: Perl Foundation boad member Nat Torkington
What on Earth: DCCP (DC)
Tutorials: Using WINE (AC), Xara Xtreme (DK), Security probing (CB), 3D game development (PH), Hardcore: Kamaelia (Michael Sparks)
Cover DVD: Gentoo 2006.1, PCLinuxOS 0.93, DeLi Linux, ReactOS, magazine PDF bonanza, desktop apps, development tools, games


Issue 85 (November 2006) - Smashing the Enterprise stack

News: $100 OLPC laptop, Spain Extremadura Linux migration, Maya 8, Xen in Windows Server, Novell on proprietary drivers, Linus on GPL 3, OSCon 2006 and LinuxWorld show reports
Reviews: Gnome 2.16 (AH), VMware Server 1.0 (GM), Blender 2.42a (Ben Harling), Xandros Desktop 4 (AC), Cairo 1.2 (GM)
Books: C In A Nutshell (PH), Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB and WordPress (MS), Linux Multimedia Hacks (GM)
Distrowatch: Fedora Core 6, Dreamlinux 2.0, Linux From Scratch 6.2
Roundup: Java IDEs - NetBeans, Sun Java Studio Creator, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse Callisto, MyEclipse, JBuilder, Oracle JDeveloper (RD)
Hot Picks: Bless, Eqonomize, KanjiSaver, KGliv, Pengupop, Rubrica, Sakura, Z-Lock, KTorrent, MenuetOS (MS)
Features: Novell's enterprise stack (MS, GM), The problem with desktop Linux (PH), Ulteo: a new hope (GM)
Interview: Syllable's Kristian Van Der Vliet
What on Earth: CSS 3 (PH)
Tutorials: Base (AC), Inkscape 0.44 (DK), Security and services (CB), 3D game development (PH), Hardcore: Gompiz desktop effects (Jonathan Austin)
Cover DVD: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, ReactOS 0.3 rc3, PCLinuxOS MiniMe, RUTE, Glade, Blender, Wormux


Issue 84 (October 2006) - Virtual smackdown

News: Gnome and KDE collaboration, GParted Live CD, SCO developments, Kent Police and SLED, Trinity digital audio workstation, CrossOver Office runs World of Warcraft, Blender
Reviews: Google Earth (GM), AC3D 6 (NV), Opera 9 (RC), Xfce 4.4 (MS), Gorky 17 (GM)
Books: Software Project Secrets (MS), Essential SNMP (GM), Flickr Hacks (NV)
Distrowatch: Xandros Desktop 4, SLED 10, Blag Linux, release frequency
Roundup: Remote desktops - Krdc, NX, TightVNC, Tsclient, VNC, X11, X11vnc (DC)
Hot Picks: Sonik, Glipper, Transmission, KoverArtist, Righteous, TuxFighter, HardInfo, Dolphin, Gnofract 4D, MtPaint (MS)
Features: Hardware virtualisation (PH), The OSDL (GM), Using RAID (NB), ReelBox media centre (NV)
Interview: IronPython developer Jim Hugunin
What on Earth: JavaServer Faces (RD)
Tutorials: Base (AC), Inkscape web page designing (DK), VBA macros in OOo BASIC (MAB), Security and authentication (CB), 3D game development (PH), Hardcore: Greasemonkey (NV)
Cover DVD: SimplyMepis 6.0, Knoppix 5.0, PC-BSD 1.2, Zenwalk Linux, Minix 3, Opera 9, 2.0.3, games


Issue 83 (September 2006) - Ubuntu

News: Google Earth, Open AIM, Versora and Xandros, Turbolinux in China, Cray, KOffice
Reviews: Cold War (GM), Turbolinux Fuji (AG), Trend Micro ServerProtect 2.5 (GM), Picasa 2 (AC), Kopete 0.12.0 (GM)
Books: Open Sources 2.0 (PH), Ajax Hacks (GM)
Distrowatch: Puppy Linux 2.0, Freespire 1.0, Live BSD variants
Roundup: C/C++ compilers - Ekopath, GCC, ICC, PGCC, Tendra CC, Tiny CC (BL)
Hot Picks: Celtx, DOSBox, Foff, GFast File, KBilliards, Lighttpd, Mplay, NeoDraughts, RIB, Telak (MS)
Features: Ubuntu forver - the rise and rise of the world's most popular distro (GM, MS), LXF Reader Awards 2006 results, Ruby on Rails (PH), Using AppArmor (Crispin Cowan)
Interview: SpikeSource - Kim Polese and Muragan Pal
What on Earth: GEGL (MJH)
Tutorials: Making a desktop for kids (AC), Inkscape animated drawings (DK), OOo BASIC tips and tricks (MAB), LVM virtual partitions (NB), XDMCP in 10 minutes (PH), 3D game development (PH), Hardcore: PAM authentication (GM)
Cover DVD: Ubuntu megapack (Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu rolled into one). Plus Mandriva One, AC3D demo, Inkscape 0.44, Open Clip Art, HomeBank, Nexuiz 2.0, Slam Soccer


Issue 82 (August 2006) - How Linux beats Vista

News: Java licensing for distros, Lotus Notes ODF support, Nokia 770 VoIP upgrade, Picasa for Linux, Xara
Reviews: Noise Ninja 2.1 (PH), FreeBSD 6.1 (MS), Amanda 2.5 (GM), BakBone NetVault 7.4 (GM), Vim 7.0 (PH), SlickEdit 11 (NV)
Books: C++ Cookbook (GM), Learning C# 2005 (GM)
Distrowatch: Symphony OS, GParted Live CD, Austrumi Live CD
Roundup: Terminals - Aterm, Eterm, Gnome Terminal, Konsole, Mlterm, Rxvt, Wterm, Xterm, Yakuake, Yeahconsole (NB)
Hot Picks: AckerTodo, Avidemux, Bonfire, Byzanz, Goupil, Medit, No Friction, Pipepanic, SVGpage, Visopsys (MS)
Features: How Linux beats Vista (PH), Hack the Gimp (MJH), Hidden Gems (MS), Storing your home directory in Subversion (GM)
Interviews: Stuart Cohen
What on Earth: Tenor (JB)
Tutorials: Desktop time-saving tweaks (AC), Inkscape business cards (DK), OOo BASIC database queries (MAB), 3D game development (PH), PHP programming essentials (PH), Making a PBX with Asterisk (DC)
Cover DVD: SUSE 10.1, 200 pages of PHP tutorials (PDF format), AmaroK 1.4, Syllable 0.6.1, ManiaDrive


Issue 81 (July 2006) - Hardcore Linux

News: Red Hat's JBoss acquisition, Linux and the NHS, LSB 3.1, ThinkFree Online, Freespire
Reviews: Ubuntu 6.06 (AH), GnuCash 2.0 (GM), Second Life (GM), Ogre 3D 1.2 (PH), Oracle 10g Express (PH)
Books: Beginning Perl Web Development (MS), The Career Programmer (MS)
Distrowatch: Turbolinux 11, Ubuntu 6.10, DesktopBSD 1.0
Roundup: Blog engines - Pivot, Movable Type, Bloxsom, B2evolution, Nucleus CMS, WordPress (ACo)
Hot Picks: Gnubiff, Qxmp, GTK Photo Gallery, Zim, Xye, Powermanga, KeyJnote, Leafpad, Pan, Gourmet (MS)
Features: Lessons in Linux - education feature (RS), Creative Commons (Jon Phillips)
Interviews: Greg Kroah-Hartman
What on Earth: Elektra (GM)
Tutorials: Firefox safe browsing (AC), Inkscape artistic drawing (DK), WordPress in 10 minutes (MS), OOo BASIC macros in Calc (MAB), PHP and SSH (GM), DansGuardian filtering (MF), Setting up Open-Xchange (GM)
Cover DVD: Dual-booting PCLinuxOS 0.92 and CentOS 4.3. Plus 150 pages of Gimp tutorials (PDFs) from the mag, KOffice 1.5, GCompris, LinCity-NG


Issue 80 (June 2006) - Libre graphics

News: Mandriva dumps Duval, Parallels virtualisation, KDE Akademy 2006, Ippi email, Second Life, Amanda, Novell SLED announcement analysis
Reviews: AmaroK 1.4 (GM), KOffice 1.5 (AC), Damn Small Linux 2.3 (MS), Seapine Surround SCM 4.1 (PH), Gaim 2.0 (PH), Moneydance 2006 (GM)
Books: Producing Open Source Software (MS), Learning SQL (PH)
Distrowatch: Knoppix 5.0, new 2006 releases, Berry Linux 0.68
Roundup: Live distros - Damn Small Linux, Games Knoppix, Knoppix, LG3D Live CD, Morphix, SUSE Live, Ubuntu Live (RC)
Hot Picks: BlinkenSisters, Gnash, GtkShots, LnBlog, Protoeditor, ReactOS, Smb4K, VirgoFTP, VoR, Workrave (MS)
Features: Libre Graphics Meeting (NV), GPL v3 (GM)
Interviews: Brian Behlendorf, Greg Mancusi-Ungaro
What on Earth: Xgl (PH)
Tutorials: Video soundtracks (AC), OOo BASIC macros (MAB), Hardcore: regular expressions (CB), PHP Gettext translation (PH), Encryption (GM), Faster booting (MS), iFolder in 10 minutes (PH)
Cover DVD (double-sided): Fedora Core 5, six Live distros (Damn Small Linux, Games Knoppix, LG3D, Morphix, SUSE, Ubuntu), Lightning, Wine, Sussen, Highmoon


Issue 79 (May 2006) - Move to Mepis!

News: Novell SLED 10, Google and Picasa, Dell Linux systems, CrossOver and Linspire, VMware challenge, LXF Awards 2006
Reviews: Fedora Core 5 (AH), Devolo MicroLink dLAN Highspeed (NV), Gnome 2.14 (AH), MythTV 0.19 (GM)
Books: Definitive Guide to ImageMagick (PH)
Distrowatch: New releases, Gentoo revival, Kororaa, RPath Linux
Roundup: Vector graphics editors - Dia, Draw, Glips Graffiti, Inkscape, Karbon14, Sketsa, Skencil, Xfig (NV)
Hot Picks: Bftpd, Enemy Lines 3, Fish, GnomeBaker, InitNG, Krusader, No Gravity, Opale, OpenLDev, PCManFM (MS)
Features: Move to Mepis (NV, PH, MS), Software licences (DH), OpenSolaris (MS), Build a Linux Kiosk (GM)
Interview: Bruce Perens
What on Earth: KDE Solid (JB)
Tutorials: Audacity sound recording (AC), Inkscape effects (DK), Cleaning up audio (GM), DCOP KDE control (NB), Hardcore: Bash secrets (PH), PHP 6 (PH)
Cover DVD: SimplyMepis 3.4, Gentoo 2006.0, OpenSolaris BeleniX, window managers, Alien Arena 2006


Issue 78 (April 2006) - Capture, edit, print and share!

News: GPL 3 debate, Andrew Tridgell wins award, Instalinux, ReactOS worries, Xandros in education
Reviews: SUSE 10.1 (MS), Arkeia Smart Backup 5.4.9 (GM), Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 (AH), Airline Tycoon Deluxe (PH), Gentoo Linux 2006.0 (NB), Sophos Anti-Virus 5 (GM), Nessus 3.0 (PH)
Books: Teach Yourself Red Hat Fedora 4 Linux All In One (MS), Web Site Measurement Hacks (MS)
Distrowatch: Fedora 5 in testing, VectorLinux 5.1, Engarde Secure Linux
Roundup: DVD players - GXine, Kaffeine, KMPlayer, MPlayer, Totem, VLC, Xine (GM)
Hot Picks: Angry Drunken Dwarves, GLibrary, Haiku, Keep, Kiso, KTechlab, Peekko, PouetChess, Revelation, Zoinks (MS)
Features: Web 2.0 (RS), Photography with Linux (PH, NV), Syllable (MS)
Interviews: Edd Dumbill and Niel Bornstein
What on Earth: Jingle (AC)
Tutorials: Evolution email (AC), Realsoft 3D (NV), GIMP reflections in glass (MJH), Inkscape working with text (DK), PHP and SQL views (PH), Hardcore: command line power tools (PH)
Cover DVD: OpenSUSE SLICK, Realsoft 3D, VMware Player, digital camera toolkit, SeaMonkey, Nmap, Wormux


Issue 77 (March 2006) - @ Your Service

News: IBM partners with Red Hat and Novell, Gimp 10 years old, Novell bags NHS contract, Torvalds recommends KDE, OSDL Desktop Linux working group
Reviews: X2: The Threat (PH), KDevelop 3.3 (GM), Apache 2.2 (DC), Audacity 1.3 (GM), NetBSD 3.0 (MS)
Books: Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (PH)
Distrowatch: Mandriva acquisition hints, Gentoo-based distros, Fox Desktop Linux 1
Roundup: Astronomy software - Celestia, KStars, Maestro, Nightfall, Nova, StarPlot, Xephem (GM)
Hot Picks: Aros, Bygfoot, EyeOS, Geany, Krecipes, Ksitecopy, SDLjump, Synfig, TreeLine, Wrong Way (MS)
Feature: Running servers - BitTorrent, Icecast, Apache + WebDAV, Samba, MySQL, Jabber, IRCD-Hybrid (PH, GM, MS, NV)
Feature: Discover FreeBSD (MS)
Feature: Setting up Xen (PH)
Interview: Chris DiBona
What on Earth: Boo (NV)
Tutorials: Web 2.0 tools (AC), GIMP lighting effects (MJH), Realsoft 3D (NV), Inkscape shapes (DK), Emacs complex editing (BL), PHP stored procedures (PH), Hardcore: Making autopackages (GM)
Cover DVD: FreeBSD 6.0, NetBSD 3.0, OpenBSD 3.8, Realsoft 3D 4.5


Issue 76 (Feb 2006) - Make your hardware work harder

News: Software patents,, Discreet Flame, KDE 3.5, Mandriva GlobeTrotter
Reviews: Quake 4 (PH), Blender 2.4 (GM), Cedega 5.0.1 (NV), Eternal Lands (Jo Harris), KDE 3.5 (GM)
Books: JBoss 4.0 Official Guide (SD), Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming (AG), Samba 3 By Example (NV), PostgreSQL (PH)
Distrowatch: SimplyMEPIS 3.4, PCLinuxOS 0.92, Damn Small Linux 2.0, Nexenta
Roundup: Spreadsheets - Gnumeric, KSpread, Calc, PlanMaker, ThinkFree Office Calc (PH)
Hot Picks: Qalculate, GtkOrphan, LinHDD, KreetingKard, Crimson Fields, Dragon Hunt, Gt5, BoomBox, GWhere, Qemu (MS)
Features: Hardware Hacks (GM), Modifying Dynebolic (Tom Russel)
Interviews: Jeremy Allison
What on Earth: GPL 3 (PH)
Tutorials: Impress (AC), FUSE virtual filesystems (NV), Updating Ubuntu (SD), GIMP 3D package design (MJH), Inkscape paths (DK), Emacs code editing (BL), PHP transactions and triggers (PH), Hardcore: Making man pages (PH)
Cover DVD: Slackware 10.2, Dynebolic, spreadsheets, KDE 3.5, Eternal Lands


Issue 75 (Jan 2006) - Take on the tech of 2006

News: Major desktop distros on the year ahead, Firefox market share, Novell job losses, Linspire's cheap PC, VMware Player, Xara
Reviews: Firefox 1.5 (ACo), Parallels Workstation 2.0 (GM), VMware Workstation 5.5 (GM), JBuilder 2006 Enterprise (GM), AbiWord 2.4 (PH)
Books: Java After Hours (SD)
Distrowatch: Clogged download servers, distro update systems, Elive 0.3
Roundup: Virus checkers - AVG Anti-Virus, BitDefender, ClamAV, F-Prot Anti-Virus, F-Secure Anti-Virus, Interscan VirusWall, Kaspersky Workstation (GM)
Hot Picks: Antispyd, Gestures, Gnumeric, Klik, Little Wizard, Oolite, Volleyball, Xarchiver, XPN, Yawk (MS)
Features: LXF Awards 2006, Future Linux software (MS, NV, PH), Women in open source (Rebecca Smalley), MythTV (GM)
Interviews: Larry Wall
What on Earth: OpenDocument (MF)
Tutorials: Writer (AC), GIMP selection tools (MJH), Inkscape cloning and tiling (DK), Emacs extensions (BL), Hardcore: Squid (PH), PHP multibyte strings (PH)
Cover DVD: Mandriva 2006, Ubuntu 5.10, Looking Glass 3D Live, office software, Danger from the Deep


Issue 74 (Christmas 2005) - Build your own distro

News: Debian Common Core Alliance, Linux in Jiangsu (China), Massachusetts and OpenDocument, Matalan, Linspire Click-N-Run in businesses
News extra: Conference reports: KDE Community World Summit, Brainshare Europe, LinuxWorld
Reviews: Ubuntu 5.10 (AH), Slackware 10.2 (TW), Cairo 1.0 (GM), Maya 7 (NV), SSH Tectia Server (GM), ThinkFree Office 3 (ACo)
Books: Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger (AG), Perl Best Practices (GM)
Distrowatch: History of distros, Slack 10.2, Tao Live
Roundup: RSS readers - Akregator, Blam, BottomFeeder, Liferea, RSSOwl, Snownews, Thunderbird (PH)
Hot Picks: Conkeror, Eric3, KleanSweep, KTorrent, LMMS, Serpentine, Singularity, Sysprof, Ultimate Stunts, Xplanet (MS)
Features: Build your own distro (MS), Linux in education (George Wight)
Interviews: Andrew Morton, Jim Jagielski
What on Earth: Hibernate (SD)
Tutorials: Organise your filesystem (AC), Inkscape gradients (DK), Emacs extensions (BL), Gambas tips and tricks (MAB), PHP and the Google API (PH)
Cover DVD: SUSE 10.0 OSS, educational software, KDE 3.5 beta, Freecycle,, PlanetPenguin


Issue 73 (Dec 2005) - Leaner, stronger, faster!

News: GPL 3, new distro releases, Parallels Workstation, Asianux, Studio To Go, OSDL on MS study, LPI, Xandros founder dies. News extra: Australian Linux trademark soap opera
Reviews: Mandriva Linux 2006 (GM), SUSE Linux 10.0 (PH), Gnome 2.12 (AH), Sugar Suite 3.5 (GM), CrossOver Office 5.0 (GM), BrightStor ARCserve Backup (GM)
Books: Learning Perl 4th Edition (PH), Advanced Perl Programming (PH), Astronomy Hacks (NV)
Roundup: Photo managers - DigiKam, F-Spot, GThumb, Kalbum, KimDaBa, KPhotoBook (AC)
Hot Picks: Amaya, CSSED, EyeOS, FreeSpeak, Gillo, KScope, Luma, Mailtc, Snowball, TruBlog (MS)
Features: Cracking the kernel (Greg Kroah-Hartman), Free Software vs Open Source (PH)
Interviews: Richard Hipp, Eben Moglen
What on Earth: Parrot (AmC)
Tutorials: Online chat with Skype, IRC and GAIM (AC), GIMP animated fractals (MJH), USB auto mounting (NB), Gambas application building (MAB), Data objects in PHP 5.1 (PH)
Coverdisc: Knoppix 4.0, Gnome 2.12, WINE, Argonium, Arkeia, Classpath


Issue 72 (Nov 2005) - 72 Speedups

News: OpenSUSE, Free Software in schools, Klax Live CD, Turbolite, ThinkFree Office. News extra: OSCon, LinuxWorld and UKUUG show reports
Reviews: Qt 4 (GM), MainActor 5.5 (AC), BlueGlue Starter Edition (GM), Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (PH), Inkscape 0.42 (AC), Knoppix 4.0 (JK)
Books: Performance Tuning for Linux Servers (GM), Red Hat Fedora 4 Unleashed (MS), Pro Hibernate 3 (GM)
Roundup: PDF readers - Acrobat Reader, Evince, GGv, GPdf, KGhostview, KPDF, Xpdf (MF)
Hot Picks: Fish Fillets, FOX Desktop, InitNG, Lunapaint, ngIRCd, Pong2, Ratpoison, SquashFS, tovid, vile (MS)
Features: 72 Speedups (MS, GM, MAB), The rise and fall of an open source project (GM)
Interview: Michael Meeks
What on Earth: Podcasting (AC)
Tutorials: First steps with printing (AC), GIMP blending and embossing (MJH), Emacs and LISP (BL), Gambas modules and classes (MAB), PHP path finding (PH)
Coverdisc: Gentoo 2005.1, Zenwalk 1.2, speedup software, Open Clip art, Syllable, Haiku, ReactOS


Issue 71 (Oct 2005) - Lock out hackers!

News: SCO case spun again, Pre-installed Linspire PCs, Financial freedom for Ubuntu, Sun defends Linux commitment, Gaim wins big in Summer of Code
Reviews: KOffice 1.4 (AC), SmoothWall Corporate Firewall 4 (DC), Amarok 1.3 (AC), Dolce Music Flash Cards (PH), Master Math Word Problems (PH), VariCAD 2005 (NV)
Books: Database In Depth (GM), MySQL Database Design And Tuning (MS), SSH: The Secure Shell, 2nd Edition (PH), Killer Game Programming in Java (PH), Teach Yourself Perl In 24 Hours (NV)
Roundup: File managers - Endeavour Mark 2, FSViewer, gentoo, Konqueror, Midnight Commander, Nautilus, ROX-Filer, Xfe (RS)
Hot Picks: Afick, Datakiosk, FunBlobReturn, GNOME Power Manager, GNU Wget, Kazehakase, Kdissert, Newton, OpenPKG, The Sheep Killer (MS)
Features: Lock out hackers (GM), The problem with desktop Linux (PH), Unisys opens up (GM), The Linux diaries (PH)
Interview: Mark Shuttleworth
What on Earth: Cairo (RD)
Tutorials: Compression with Ark and File Roller (AC), GIMP gel effects (MJH), Custom Emacs appearances (BL), Perl flow, files, and reports (MF), Gambas database access (MAB), PHP SimpleXML and XPath (PH)
Coverdisc: Security toolkit, Trustix, Smoothwall, CentOS 4.1, GNOME 2.10.2, KOffice 1.4


Issue 70 (Sept 2005) - Free at last! Debian 3.1 is here

News: Europe rejects software patents, UK govt launches open source testing lab, Mandriva buys Lycoris, Apple and Intel a threat to desktop Linux, Gentoo founder moves to Microsoft, RealBASIC for Linux
Reviews: OpenLaszlo 3.0 (PH), Xandros Business Desktop OS 3.0 (AC), Studio to Go! (GM), Soul Ride (GM), Astaro Security Linux (DV), Intel C/C++ Compiler 9.0 (BL)
Books: Classic Shell Scripting (PH), Python Cookbook (NV), Don't Click on the Blue E (PH), Linux Desktop Hacks (GM), MySQL in a nutshell (PH)
Roundup: Text editors - CoolEdit, gedit, GNU Emacs, Kate, nano, NEdit, Minimum Profit, Vim
Hot Picks: Anyterm, Critical Mass, Drivel, Firewall Builder, GRAMPS, KsirK, KXDocker, Lukutoukka, QPaMaT, Vazaar (MS)
Features: Debian at a crossroads (RD), Beagle installation guide (GM), Web developing (AmC)
Interview: Gael Duval
What on Earth: PDTP (PH)
Tutorials: GNOME 2.10 (AC), Fixing smiles in The GIMP (MJH), Emacs custom buffer (BL), Perl sorting (MF), Subversion (GM), Problem solving in PHP (PH)
Coverdisc: Double-sided DVD: Debian 3.1, Fedora Core 4, OpenLaszlo 3.0, GIMP 2.3.1 Beta


Issue 69 (Aug 2005) - Play retro games

News: Nokia opens patents to kernel crew, Cuba's open source revolution, Novell revenues
Reviews: Debian 3.1 (RD), EKOPath 2.1 (BL), Fedora Core 4 (AH), Darwinia (PH), Opera 8 (AC), Oxygen XML Editor 6.0 (NV)
Books: Beginning SUSE Linux, Spring Into Linux, Hardening Linux, Learning GNU Emacs, Spring into PHP 5, The Best of Verity Stob
Roundup: Audio editors - Audacity, Freecycle, FreeWheeling, Glame, ReZound, Sweep, WaveSurfer (GM)
Hot Picks: Autopackage, EduKator, Epylog, Freeciv, Glest, Jackbeat, Kile, OneFinger, PerlPanel, Smb4K (MS)
Feature: Emulators - Amiga, Mac, C64, MAME, Mega Drive, SNES, Spectrum (RD, MS, NV)
Feature: Linux at Wimbledon (NV)
Feature: SUSE vs Mandriva (PH, AH)
Feature: Backup rules (Nordine Kherif)
Interview: Alan Cox
What on Earth: Open Carpet (RS)
Tutorials: KDE 3.4 (AC), GIMP transparency (MJH), Subversion (GM), Compiling Emacs (BL), Perl variables and operators (MF), PHP and ncurses (PH)
Coverdisc: Kanotix, Arch Linux, Ark Linux, KDE 3.4, emulators galore


Issue 68 (July 2005) - The X factor

News: BitKeeper controversy brings new projects, Debian Sarge release problems, Munich snubs IBM for Linux rollout, Kernel amends cause concern
Reviews: MySQL 5 vs PostgreSQL 8 (DC), Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional (NV), Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood (GM), Ubuntu 5.04 (AH), VMware Workstation 5 (GM), CentOS 4 (AH)
Books: Sams Teach Yourself PHP In 10 Minutes (PH), Linux Device Drivers (GM), Linux Network Administrator's Guide (GM), Linux Quick Fix Notebook (NV)
Roundup: Mini distros - Damn Small Linux, Feather Linux, INSERT, muLinux, Puppy Linux, ZipSlack (MS)
Hot Picks: Akregator, Album Shaper, Blackbox, Dstat, GNUnet, Hot Potato, Kat, Knoda, Meld, Monsterz, xpad (MS)
Features: Future of X (RD), Open source evangelism (Zak Greant, Jennifer Zickerman), Extreme Programming and ICONIX (Matt Stephens, Doug Rosenberg), Infosec Europe 2005 show report (NV)
Interview: Michael Robertson
What on Earth: XDMCP (AmC)
Tutorials: First steps: apt and RPM (AC), GIMP revitalising old photos (MJH), Subversion (GM), ICC optimisation (BL), Shell exit codes and flow control (MF), Dual-head X11 (George Wright), PHP and curl (PH)
Coverdisc: Gentoo Linux 2005.0, Ubuntu 5.04, mini distros


Issue 67 (June 2005) - Xen

News: New direction for Novell, HP sinks $2m into Asia Pacific Linux project, Mandrake reveals merger roadmap, Ark Linux released, Brazil's free software usage
Reviews: SlickEdit 10 (NV), NeroLinux (DC), SUSE 9.3 Professional (PH), Mandriva Limited Edition 2005 (GM), Ready2Surf Zulu k7 (PH)
Books: Exploring The JDS Linux Desktop (GM), Hardening Apache (NV), Network Security Using Linux (PH)
Roundup: Email clients - Balsa, Evolution, KMail, Mahogany, Mutt, Pine, Sylpheed, Thunderbird (MF)
Hot Picks: Tulip, Open Clip Art, Courier, TaskJuggler, GOK, Yzis, Tong, Cognito, AntiRight, BZFlag (MS)
Features: Xen: virtualisation breakthrough (PH), Flame wars: command line vs GUI (NV, Rebecca Smalley), Linux on the Mac Mini (AC), Smart cards (Tim Phipps)
Interview: Matthias Ettrich
What on Earth: Groovy (GM)
Tutorials: Kino DVD video burning (AC), GIMP shadows and reflections (MJH), Emacs advanced features (BL), SuperCollider (GM), GCC compiler options (BL), Shell arrays, dialogs and images (MF), PHP spell-checking (PH)
Coverdisc: Mandriva 2005, Xen, 2.0 Beta


Issue 66 (May 2005) - Take back the Web with Firefox

News: Mandrakesoft merges with Conectiva, Rosegarden reaches 1.0, IBM puts 52 million pounds into Linux, Microsoft blocks Wine from updates, German trains to run on Linux
Reviews: Gentoo Linux 2005.0 (NB), Gnome 2.10 (AH), OvisLink Multimedia VPN Router and Server (GM), Slackware 10.1 (TW), Devolo MicroLink dLAN (NV), Linspire 5.0 (CD), Win4Lin Home (GM)
Books: The Exim SMTP Mail Server (PH), Knoppix Hacks (NV), Linux Application Development (GM)
Roundup: Mail servers - Courier IMAP, Exim, IEMS, Insight Server SE, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail (DC)
Hot Picks: DSPAM, Gourmet, vshnu, LiVES, LinkChecker, KlamAV, XBlast, Open Quartz, gPHPEdit, ELinks (MS)
Features: Desktop duel: KDE vs Gnome (PH, GM), Firefox, GCC 4.0 up close (BL), Stephen Tweedie interview
What on Earth: Plone CMS (JB)
Tutorials: Kino video editing (AC), Beginner's Emacs (BL), Warping text in GIMP (MJH), Device management with udev (NB), Audio production (GM), Logins with PHP (PH)
Linux Pro: Security and spyware (NV), Tripwire (NV)
Coverdisc: Slackware 10.1, Vega Strike, Rootkit Hunter


Issue 65 (Apr 2005) - 2.0

News: IBM and Sun patents, Red Hat evolves Enterprise Linux, Acrobat 7 arrives, Path to KDE 4, Skype 1.0 released
Reviews: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 AS (AH), Lphoto 2.0 (GM), Rosegarden 4 (GM), Ardour 1.0 (GM), TouchStream LP keyboard (GM), InstallShield 10.5 (JK), KDE 3.4 (CH), Xfce 4.2 (JK), Bugzilla 2.18 (AmC), Bluefish 1.0 (GM)
Books: Definitive Guide to GCC, Cross-Platform .NET Development
Roundup: Minimalist window managers - evilwm, Ratpoison, Blackbox, PWM, Ion2, TrsWM, larswm, lwm, wm2, Window Maker, IceWM, Fluxbox (RS)
Hot Picks: KGeography, Rhapsody, Node Runner, Thunder and Lightning, aMule, Sylpheed, Raggle, WordPress, Telico, Antiword (MS)
Features: Linux Format Awards (NV), OpenOffice 2.0 (RC), Miguel de Icaza interview on Mono
What on Earth: UBL (MF)
Tutorials: Kino video editing (AC), Beginner's Emacs (BL), Shell secrets (MF), Adverts in GIMP (MJH), Audio production (GM), Forms in PHP (PH)
Linux Pro: Porting to Qt/Embedded (George Wright), Reverse engineering and the law (DH)
Coverdisc: Mepis Linux, ATmission, CanIt, PlanetPenguin Racer, ESP Print Pro


Issue 64 (Mar 2005) - Stop paying for software

News: Poland poleaxes US-style patents, RHEL 4 released, DoCoMo buys into MontaVista, CrossOver supports iTunes, Free Software on Windows debate, PlaneShift
Reviews: GIMP 2.2 (GM), Xandros Desktop 3 (AC), SmoothWall Corporate Guardian 3.5 (GM), PCLinux OS vs Knoppix (DC), Gambas (PH)
Books: Find the Bug (PH), Point and Click Linux (GM)
Roundup: Instant messaging clients - BitlBee, Gabber, Gaim, Naim, Kopete, CenterICQ, Simple Instant Messenger (DC)
Hot Picks: NetBSD, Gnomoradio, Konversation, KXML Editor, ackerTodo, Vamos, FloboPuyo, GParted, Firestarter, Gnumeric (MS)
Features: Migrate to Open Source (AC, AmC, HD, PH, GM, NV), Guido van Rossum (Python) interview
What on Earth: NX remote desktop (RS)
Tutorials: KOffice: KWord (AC), GIMP filters (MJH), KDE development (JB), Audio production (GM), Beginner's Emacs (BL), PHP tidying and SimpleXML (PH)
Linux Pro: Automated nightly builds (Adam Kolawa), Trusted software - the military (RS), Malware on Linux (Patrick Runald)
Coverdisc: SUSE Linux 9.2, Cygwin, Mozilla, Opera, WordPress, Varsha


Issue 63 (Feb 2005) - Network Everything

News: PalmOS to be ported to Linux, Xandros 3.0, Red Hat and IBM certification partners, GNOME 2.8 in Debian, Thunderbird 1.0, TCO in successes, Gentoo Live CD
Reviews: Bibble Pro 4.1 (PH), OpenLoad 4.5 (AmC), Cedega 4.2 (TW), CrossOver Office 4.1 (GM), MainActor 5.2 (GM), TestTrack Pro 7 (PH)
Books: SQLite (PH), SELinux (GM), Mind Hacks (PH), PHP 5 Power Programming (PH), Practical Subversion (GM)
Hot Picks: DrPython, Webpack, Lighttpd, SuperKaramba, DOSBox, Passepartout, Transcend, mtPaint, Planet Zephulor, AbiWord (MS)
Feature: Network Everything - Bluetooth, Wireless, services, SSH, remote X, security, remote desktops, distributed compiling, parallel computing (AC, DC, RD, GM, RBW, NV)
Feature: Nat Friedman interview
What on Earth: Theora codec (MF)
Tutorials: KOffice - KWord (AC), GIMP photographic techniques (MJH), Audio with JACK (GM), KDE coding (JB), Voice over IP (DC), PHP and SQL (PH)
Linux Pro: Building a supercomputer (NV), Free Software in business (RS), Reverse engineering legal issues (DH)
Coverdisc: Sun JDS Live CD, Knoppix 3.7, Flash Linux, Horde, OpenLoad demo, TestTrack demo, Webmin, AmaroK, Scribus templates


Issue 62 (Jan 2005) - Ultimate Distros!

News: Linux on UK government desktops, The GIMP 2.2 approaching, Half-Life 2, Lycoris business model, Novell profits, Samba 4
Reviews: Centos (GM), HP NX5000 laptop (GM), PKZip Server (GM), Revolution 2.5 (RD), Xandros Desktop Management System (AC), InterScan VirusWall SMB 5.0 (GM), JBuilder 2005 Enterprise Edition (GM)
Books: OpenGL SuperBible (PH), MySQL Administrator's Guide (NV), UNIX Shells by Example (GM), Oracle Application Server 10g Essentials (PH), How Networks Work (NV), Succeeding with Open Source (PH)
Roundup: Backup programs - KDar, dar, Bacular, Storix, rdiff-backup, Partition Image (NB)
Hot Picks: Conglomerate, WMI, Partition Image, MenuetOS, Gtk+ WebCore, LSAT, Kafka, QBrew (MS)
What on Earth: PearPC (RS)
Feature: Ultimate Distro Roundup - Conectiva, Debian, Red Hat, Gentoo, Knoppix, Linspire, Lycoris, Mandrake, Mepis, Slackware, SUSE, Turbolinux, Ubuntu, Yellow Dog, Yoper
Interview: Damian Conway (Perl 6)
Tutorials: Multimedia keyboards (AC), Gallery design (MJH), KDE coding (JB), SDL game programming (PH), Debugging (Swayam Prakasha), PHP (PH)
Answers: Help with Linux questions
Linux Pro: Raid on SATA (NV), Securing removable media (Magnus Ahlberg), Automotive Applications (Bill Weinberg)
Coverdisc: Fedora Core 3, Ubuntu 4.10, KOffice, SCOURGE


Issue 61 (Christmas 2004) - 64-bit or Bust

News: Firefox launches with a splash, Novell clarifies patent policy, Visual Basic for Linux, Unisys expands Linux relationships
Reviews: Evolution 2 (JK), Fedora Core 3 (AH), Understand 1.4 (BL), SpamAssassin 3.0 (TW), HP dx2000 (NV), SUSE Linux 9.2 (RC), Cherry CyMotion Master (PH), Seapine Surround SCM 3.0 (JB), Doom 3 (PH, NV)
Books: Foundations of Python Network Programming (NV), Exceptional C++ Style (PH), A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux (AH), Moving to the Linux Business Desktop (RC), PHP and MySQL Web Development 3rd Edition (PH), High-Tech Crimes Revealed (NV)
Roundup: Media players - Amarok, Rhythmbox, JuK, Kaffeine, XMMS (AC)
Hot Picks: AutoScan, AfterStep, QEMU, OneFinger, ClamAV, Bygfoot, Worms of Prey, ReactOS, Thunderbird, Xfce (MS)
Interview: Allison Randal (PH)
What on Earth: Fink (RoS)
Feature: 64-bit or Bust (PH)
Tutorials: Firefox and Thunderbird (AC), Gallery design (MJH), KDE coding (JB), PHP (PH)
Linux Pro: The Race for Realtime (NV), Novell interview (PH), Security (Ernst Kelting), The WEEE what? (NV)
Coverdisc: SUSE 9.2 LiveCD, Topologilinux, Kino, Seapine Surround,


Issue 60 (Dec 2004) - Mandrake 10.1

News: LSB standard upgraded, Ubuntu Linux unleashed, IBM has the power, Gecko ported to Qt, Mandrake goes for security clearance
News Extra: LinuxWorld Expo 2004
Reviews: KDE 3.3 (AC), Gnome 2.8 (AH), Scribus 1.2 (AC), Ubuntu (JB), Arkeia LDAP (CD)
Books: Advanced PHP Programming (PH), Hacking for Dummies (AH), Version Control with Subversion (MK)
Roundup: Personal Finance Packages - GnuCash, KMyMoney, Moneydance, Kapital (AC)
Hot Picks: Liferea, AWStats, Kdissert, GWhere, Azureus, KDar, Rootkit Hunter, Cube, Galaxy Hack (MS)
Features: PHP interview (PH), Linux on PPC Macs (William Von Hagen), Mandrake 10.1
What on Earth: SPF (MF)
Tutorials: The Linux Filesystem (AC), Building Flash animations (MJH), KDE coding (JB), Game programming (PH), PHP (PH)
Linux Pro: Smoke and Mirrors (NV), Charities and Open Source (JB), Novell interview (PH)
Coverdisc: Mandrake 10.1


Issue 59 (Nov 2004) - Future Linux

News: Linux desktops get a makeover, Microsoft told to get Get The Facts straight, Scribus 1.2 unleashed, Lindows kills IPO ambitions
Reviews: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (AC), Turbolinux 10F (MS), SharqServ 326 (PH), Zend Studio 3.5 (PH), Komodo Professional 3.0 (BL), JDeveloper 10g (RD)
Books: Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 Bible (AH), Dive Into Python (RC), Advanced Unix Programming (PH), Just a Geek (PH), Eclipse (NV), Wi-Fi Toys (NV)
Roundup: Web Editors - Quanta, Bluefish, Screem, Nvu, Webwriter (AC)
Hot Picks: eGroupWare, Pen, HT Editor, Syllable, Revelation, DokuWiki, Streamtuner, The Life of a Geek (MS)
Feature: Future Linux (JB, CH, PH, JK)
What on Earth: JACK (AC)
Tutorials: Backing up (AC), Building Flash animations (MJH), GRUB (CB), PHP (PH), Game programming (PH), KDE coding (JB)
Linux Pro: The Real Tuxracer (NV), Getting Certified (PH), Astaro AA10 (NV), Novell interview (PH)
Coverdisc: VMware Workstation, KDE 3.3, MEPIS, BitTornado, Scribus 1.2, Catux-USB


Issue 58 (Oct 2004) - 58 Cool Hacks

News: Patent issues, Doom 3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, Lycoris to revolutionise package management
Reviews: Mono 1.0 (JB), Cedega 4.0 (MS), MandrakeMove 2 (CD), Project Looking Glass (JB), LinuxShield 1.1 (CD), Skype (AC), C++Builder X (MK), Amarok (AC)
Books: Linux Pocket Guide, Perl Template Toolkit, Oracle JDeveloper 10g
Roundup: FTP clients - NcFTP, NFTP, J-FTP, JFTP, gFTP, Junkie (MF)
Hot Picks: MyBudget, FSlint, Knoda, gLabels, Pogo, Trapdoor2, KHTMLScrub, GLtron, Pydance (MS)
Feature: 58 Cool Hacks (JB, BL, RBW, JK, PH, NV, O'Reilly)
What on Earth: Project Utopia (JB)
Tutorials: Security (AC), URPM (NV), LIDS (DC), Colourizing Clip Art (MJH), KDE coding (JB), PHP (PH)
Linux Pro: OSCon 2004 (PH), Microsoft and Linux (JB), Novell interview (PH), Speedy Hire (JB), Skype interview (Nicola Smith)
Coverdisc: Gentoo 2004.2, MandrakeMove, Skype, KOffice, Mono 1.0, Inkscape


Issue 57 (Sept 2004) - Faster Filesystems

News: Mono 1.0, MSN and Mozilla, Supercomputing, Dell and Linspire, Skype, WineX 4, Looking Glass
Reviews: Sharp Zaurus SL-C860 (PH), Northland (PH), Slackware 10.0 (TW), Xandros Desktop 2.0 Business (AC), Visual SlickEdit 9.0 (NV), Sun JDS (AC)
Books roundup: Essential Maths for Games and Interactive Apps, Relax NG, Game Programming Gems 4, PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites, Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography, PHP and MySQL Manual, Definitive Guide to Samba 3, C and Data Structures, Essential PHP Tools, Data Compression, Definitive Guide to MySQL, Game Programming Golden Rules
Roundup: Illustration software - Inkscape, Karbon14, Sodipodi, Draw, Sketch/Skencil (AC)
Hot Picks: Ayttm, Elmo, ASSP, Drivel, Vnc2swf, POPsearch, Usermin, Ghextris, openMSX (MS)
Feature: Faster filesystems (RD)
What on Earth: Intel's EM64T (BL)
Tutorials: Web servers (AC), Beziers (MJH), Scribus (NV), Game programming (PH), PHP (PH), KDE coding (JB)
Linux Pro: 1&1 and Linux (PH), Free Education (RS), Wind River Workbench 2 (NV), Novell interview (PH)
Coverdisc: Slackware 10.0, SUSE Personal 9.1, Firefox, Thunderbird, ClamAV, Scribus


Issue 56 (Aug 2004) - Fedora Uncovered

News: Kernel IP issues, Helix Player, BEA, Sun JDS, Computer Associates, XP partitioning issues
Reviews: Red Hat Desktop 3 (AH), Nvu (AC), VMware WS 4.5 (PH), Postal 2 (PH), Blender 2.33a (JB), Astaro 5.010 (NV), GCC 3.4.0 (BL), CrossOver Office 3.0 (PH)
Books: Amazon Hacks (NV), Beginning ANSI C++ (PH), Moving from Windows to Linux (AH), Malicious Cryptography (PH)
Roundup: IRC clients - X-Chat, Chatzilla, BitchX, KVirc, Irssi, TalkSoup (JB)
Hot Picks: Gramps, PHPX, Porthole, Skippy, Joe, Tclwebtest, WindowLab, Lost Labyrinth, Supertux (MS)
Feature: Fedora Core 2
Feature: Patents (DH)
What on Earth: RSS (JB)
Tutorials: FTP - File Transfer Protocol (AC), Inkspace (MJH), recode (RD), Game programming (PH), Secure PHP coding (PH), KDE coding (JB)
Linux Pro: Red Hat interviews, CodeWeavers (CrossOver) interview (PH), Neoware Capio 500 Thin Client (PH), Security and rootkits (NV)
Coverdisc: Fedora Core 2, Astaro Security Linux, PearPC, WINE, GCC


Issue 55 (July 2004) - Learn to Love Code

News: Red Hat and desktop market, Turbolinux 10F, Ximian Connector under GPL, Lindows IPO, CrossOver, HP Linux PCs
Reviews: Neverwinter Nights (PH), GNOME 2.6 (AH), Leylines (NV), Gigabyte SR-147L (PH), Maya 6 Unlimited (PH), VIA EPIA-TC 10000 (NV), System Backup Administrator (PH)
Books: Official Fedora Companion (AH), Dancing Barefoot (PH), AI Game Programming Wisdom 2 (PH), Sendmail Cookbook (NV)
Roundup: Web Browsers - Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, Epiphany, Lynx, Links, Galeon, W3M (JB)
Hot Picks: SCREEM, SlimLinux, XCruiser, SmbWebClient, TkDesk, Sily, Slapt-get, Battle for Wesnoth, Neverball (MS)
Feature: Learn to Love Code
What on Earth: The 0(1) Scheduler (JK)
Tutorials: IM with Kopete (AC), LDAP (NV), hdparm (RD), Writing KDE apps (JB), Game programming - music (PH), PHP POSIX and signals (PH), GIMP Perl Plugins (MJH)
Linux Pro: Software patents (PH), IBM DB2 - Stinger (PH), MySQL interview (PH), PeopleSoft (PH), Infosec 2004 (NV), Secure Backup (PH)
Coverdisc: Dyne:bolic, Cooperative Linux, KDevelop,, Xorg, XFree86


Issue 54 (June 2004) - Stop Spam!

News: Sun and Microsoft alliance, Novell Brainshare, SANs, Lindows and MS
Reviews: The GIMP 2.0 (NV), SUSE 9.1 Pro (PH), Fedora Core 2 (AH), Ayrsoft icon Server (PH), Systemax Mission 3607 (PH), Gigabyte SR114E (PH), Java 2 SE 1.5 (PH), VMware GSX 3 (PH), TuxCards 1.1 (AC)
Books: SVG Unleashed (PH), Grid Computing (NV), Core PHP Programming (PH)
Roundup: Live CD Distros - Damn Small Linux, Gnoppix, Knoppix, PCLinuxOS, RPM LiveCD, Slax (MF)
Hot Picks: Audacity, TeePeeDee, BasKet, Worker, Kasablanca, GrubConf, ESR Backup, SolrWolf, TORCS (MS)
Feature: Stop Spam, Viruses and Hackers
What on Earth: The Creative Commons (JB)
Tutorials: Audacity (AC), Writing GIMP Perl Plugins, Game Programming (PH), Command-line PHP Coding (PH), Perl Templates (DCr), Coding in KDevelop (JB)
Linux Pro: Zend (PH), Open Source Java (PH), LinuxWorld (PH), Open Source and Business (NV), Equiinet SentryPilot (PH), Storix Interview (PH), Security Regulations (Jay G Heiser), Oracle EM10g (PH)
Coverdisc: GNOME 2.6, The GIMP 2.0, Knoppix, Damn Small Linux, Slax, PCLinuxOS, Mandrake Move


Issue 53 (May 2004) - Build the Ultimate Linux Box

News: Novell/SUSE, Java, Macromedia, HP, XFree86
Reviews: Mandrake 10.0 (TW), KDE 3.2 (JB), Unreal Tourn 2004 (NV, PH), PlanMaker 2004 (RBW), Subversion 1.0 (MK)
Books: Red Hat Bible - Fedora and Enterprise (AH), Data Compression Methods (PH), Official Samba 3 Reference (NV), Learning Python (NV), Real World SCM (NV)
Roundup: C/C++ IDEs - KDevelop, Motor, Anjuta, MinGW Dev Studio, WideStudio (JB)
Hot Picks: GCompris, SegusoLand, KolourPaint, HotSaNIC, FileGarden, Bookcase, Gnofract 4D, Sanitizer, GCrontab, Senken, Blobwars (MS)
Feature: Build the Ultimate Linux Box (PH)
What on Earth: Mono (BL)
Tutorials: Evolution (AC), The GIMP 2.0 (MJH), Movies - Fading with Kino (BL), PHP Network Admin (PH), SQL Databases (RBW), Perl Template Toolkit (DCr), Networking - SNMP (CB)
Linux Pro: 3ware and SATA (NV), Policy-based Security (Gilles Samoun), Network Management (NV), Tim O'Reilly Interview, Oracle App Server 10G (PH)
Coverdisc: Mandrake 10.0 CE, The GIMP 2.0, Unison, UT 2004 Demo


Issue 52 (Apr 2004) - Making Movies

News: Next-gen distros, OSS Java, MS on TCO, Lindows, Eric Raymond Interview
Reviews: Boston Superserver 6113 (PH), Systemax Mission 3602 (PH), CheepLinux Megapack (PH), Intel C++ 8.0 (BL), Portland C/C++ 5.1 (BL), Arkeia 5.2 (CD), KDevelop 3.0.1 (JB), KOffice 1.3 (MF)
Books: RH Fedora Desktop for Dummies (AH), J2EE Developer's Handbook (AH), Hacking the TiVo (AS), Best of The Joy of Tech (PH)
Roundup: Compression Software - KArchiver, File Roller, TkZip, Bloat, KDE Ark, Gnochive (MS)
Hot Picks: MagicPoint, LiarLiar, Colorize, SquashFS, DOSEmu, Squirrel, Gtkboard (MS)
Features: LXF Awards 2004, Making Movies (BL)
What on Earth: Hardware Description Languages (MF)
Tutorials: KOrganizer (AC), Compiler Writing (PH), Game Programming (PH), PHP and LDAP (NV, PH), 3D with The GIMP (MJH), Perl Template Toolkit (DCr), SNMP (CB)
Linux Pro: OSDL (NV), Copyrights and the EUCD (DH), Montavista interview (NV), Oracle and Grid Computing (PH), VMware (PH)
Coverdisc: KDE 3.2, System Rescue CD, Video tools


Issue 51 (Mar 2004) - Get Hardware Working With Linux

News: IBM and desktop Linux, Lindows and Reiser4, KOffice, DVD-Jon, MyDoom
Reviews: Tadpole Talin 240S laptop (PH), MandrakeMove 1.0 (BL), Xandros Desktop 2 Deluxe (AC), Armari RM-064-4CS (PH), Xinit SharqServ SPS440 (PH), SUSE Wine Rack (CD), NingPo Mah Jong (PH), Hyperspace Delivery Boy (PH)
Books: Mono Kickstart (RC), Focus on SDL (PH), Nanotech and Homeland Security (MNa), Web Testing Companion (PH)
Roundup: Firewalls - Astaro Secure Linux, ClarkConnect, SME Server, IPCop, Smoothwall Corp 3.0, Smoothwall Express 2.0 (DC)
Hot Picks: RUNT, UrlGet, KSambaPlugin, Eric3, Salamander, KnowIt, EncFS, Generator, Circus Linux! (MS)
Feature: Hardware and Linux - Modems (DC), Printers (NV), Graphics cards (RD), USB (NV), Sound cards (RD), Scanners (MF), WiFi (AC), Firewire/RAID (NV), Mass storage and ACPI
Tutorials: PixiePlus (AC), Scanning with The GIMP (MJH), PHP and SQLite (PH), Compiler Writing (PH), TCP/IP Infrastructure (CB),
Linux Pro: SGI Altix 350 and interview, Red Hat enterprise apps (PH), 64-bit migration (PH), Pamela Jones of Groklaw interview (PH), Positive Internet interview (PH)
Coverdisc: MandrakeMove, Mini-distros, MythTV, Knoppix, Sun Java Desktop Live


Issue 50 (Feb 2004) - 50th Issue Special

News: 2004 for mainstream Linux, OSS bounties, Linux in space, MandrakeMove, Xandros 2
Reviews: Evesham Reliance 500CW (PH), Systemax Mission 6507 (PH), JBuilder X Enterprise (PH), CrossOver Office 2.1 (PH), Seapine Surround SCM v2 (JB), Knights and Merchants (NV), Software Tycoon (NV)
Books: Linux Toys (PH), Linux Game Programming (PH), Automating UNIX and Linux Admin (NV), Java 2 Game Programming (AH)
Roundup: Astronomy - Nightfall, Starplot, KStars, Xsky, Xephem, XPLNS, Celestia, Stellarium (MF)
Hot Picks: gPhoto/gtkam, Firebird/Thunderbird, Planner, Scribus, Anjuta, NEdit, Exim, ProFTPD, BZFlag, ZSNES (MS)
Feature: Linux's Biggest Hitters - Torvalds, Stallman, Cox, Women, Szulik, Raymond, Perens, Ettrich, Stallings, Moglen (MS)
Feature: Extreme Programming (JB)
What on Earth: Fortran (BL)
Tutorials: Sound reproduction (AC), Blender (JB), GIMP Filters (MJH), PHP and XML (PH), TCP/IP infrastructure (CB), HTML/CSS (JB),
Linux Pro: Computer Associates and Scalability (PH), SGI interview (PH), Trend Micro interview (NV), Navaho and CATs (PH), (AC), NAS Express (PH)
Coverdisc: CD: 50 Best Hot Picks, DVD: Every Hot Picks app ever covered


Issue 49 (Jan 2004) - Java on the Desktop

News: Novell's SUSE purchase reaction, IBM, SGI, Debian Woody, Sun in China, SUSE Wine
Reviews: HP d530 and wx4100 workstations (PH), Omnis Studio 3.3 (JB), Red Hat Enterprise AS 3.0 (JB), Maya 5 Unlimited (NV), VIA EPIA CL10000 (NV), Corporate Guardian 3.0 (CD)
Books: Masters of Doom (AH), Beyond Fear (PH), OpenGL Game Programming (PH), ()Text Processing in Python (NV)
Roundup: DVD Players - Xine, Kplayer, MPlayer, VLC Media Player, Ogle, Xmovie (TW)
Hot Picks: Kile, CGI:IRC, Meld, AntiRight, Gmodconfig, APT-Fu, NewsBruiser, Enigma, GL-117 (MS)
Features: Java on the Desktop (PH), Corrupt CDs (MK)
What on Earth: The AFFS (RS)
Tutorials: Command Line (AC), HTML/CSS (JB), Blender Meshing (JB), GIMP Filters (MJH), PHP 5 (PH) FTP Servers (NV), TCP/IP infrastructure (CB)
Linux Pro: Blade Servers (PH), Content Management (NV), Disk Virtualisation (DCa), Clustering (PH), Hostway (PH)
Coverdisc: Fedora Core 1, Omnis Studio 3.1, Vega Strike, Kopete, K3B


Issue 48 (Christmas 2003) - Free Your Office

News: Novell buys SUSE, Nvu, Mandrake 9.2 and LG drives, Crossover, Red Hat Enterprise, Novell on security
Reviews: Slackware 9.1 (MS), HP Integrity rx2600 (PH), Gigabyte SR125ED (PH), Majesty (NV)
Books: Secure Programming Cookbook for C++ (PH), Practical Programming with Tcl/Tk (RC), Intrusion Detection with Snort (PH), RHL9 Unleashed vs RHL9 Professional Secrets (AmC)
Roundup: MIDI Sequencers - Brahms, MusE, Rosegarden, Jazz++, Anthem (RD)
Hot Picks: DOSBox, Firestarter, GAIM, CUTE, Tutka, AmaroK, Netwox, LTris, Atomic Tanks (MS)
Feature: Free Your Office -, StarOffice 7.0 (RC)
Feature: KDE 3.2 Preview (CH)
What on Earth: BitTorrent (NB)
Tutorials: Migration (AC), HTML/CSS (JB), Scribus 1.0 (AC), Blender lighting and shading (JB), GIMP shadows (MJH), PHP and PEAR (PH), Remote Access (DC)
Linux Pro: Security: ISS Interview (PH), SCO Lawsuit (DH), JBoss (NV), Novell interview (PH), Host Europe (PH)
Coverdisc: SUSE 9.0 Live, Slackware 9.1, BitTorrent, Gentoo FM, KDE 3.2 alpha 2


Issue 47 (Dec 2003) - Mandrake 9.2

News: overhaul, Linux in F1, SUSE 9, SGI, Novell Brainshare, Linux Expo UK 2003
Reviews: Xinit SharqStation (PH), MT Studio (RD), Lazarus (Warren Brown), SUSE 9.0 Pro (PH), Joystick mini-roundup (PH)
Books: Extreme Programming with Ant (PH), Practical Guide to Curl (PH), Beginning Red Hat Linux 9 (AH), Mastering Red Hat Linux 9 (RC), Essential CVS (NV)
Roundup: Newsreaders - Slrn, Pan, Thunderbird, KNode, Gnus, Sylpheed, Tin, Knews, MyNewsGroups, Mahogany (MS)
Hot Picks: Epiphany, Gnumeric, LSH, Apollon, Peacock, Yawk, Flwriter, BomberClone, Briquolo (MS)
Feature: Mandrake 9.1 (NB)
What on Earth: CVS (JB)
Tutorials: Beginners' Networking (AC), Compiler Writing (PH), Blender (JB), GIMP Brushes (MJH), PHP Sockets (PH), Basic Firewalls (JB), Easy Scanning (NV)
Linux Pro: Web Worries Sorted (PH), IBM interview, Thin Clients, Sharq, SATA, NAS (PH), Nessus (NV), Rackspace (PH)
Coverdisc: Mandrake 9.2


Issue 46 (Nov 2003) - Kernel 2.6 is Born!

News: Samba 3.0, Patents, SUSE and SGI, XFree86, Sun, Desktop Linux
Reviews: Armari Pro3D Workstation (PH), Fujitsu Primergy TX300 (PH), 1.1 (PH), Aethera 1.0 (AC), Keyboard mini-roundup (PH)
Books: Algorithms for Compiler Design (PH), Linux in a Nutshell (RC), Managing Linux Systems with Webmin (NV), OS Fundamentals (PH), Firewalls for Dummies (RC)
Roundup: Java IDEs - Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder (RD)
Hot Picks: Kroupware, Danpei, gPHPEdit, MozPlayerXP, Straw, ScummVM, Cherokee, Atlantik, GRhino (MS)
Features: Kernel 2.6 (RD), ZoneMinder interview (NV)
Features: The New-Look SUSE (PH), PHP 5 (Zeev Suraski)
What on Earth: The Grid (AC)
Tutorials: Beginners' Browsing (AC), Regular Expressions (CB), Compiler Writing (PH), Blender Particles (JB), GIMP Photo Restoration (MJH), PHP Buffering (PH), Apache 2 (JB)
Linux Pro: Red Hat Training and Certification (Hans Huberland), Hacking Prevention (PH), Xinit interview (PH), Linux Expo Guide
Coverdisc: Gentoo Linux 1.4, Seapine Surround SCM, RUNT


Issue 45 (Oct 2003) - Speed Up Linux!

News: Novell buys Ximian, Supercomputers, Kroupware, GnuCash, Savage, Mozilla
Reviews: Armari RM-064-1AE 1U Opteron Server (PH), Yellow Dog 3.0 (RD), SNAP Graphics 2.0 beta (RD), Revolution 2.0 (RD), Scribus 1.0 (AC), Infomap Navigator Europe (Andy Chanelle), (PH), Zend Studio 3 (PH)
Books: Practical Cryptography (PH), The Complete FreeBSD (PH), Java Extreme Programming Cookbook (RC), Building Embedded Linux Systems (NV), Programming Java for Dummies (RC)
Roundup: Web servers - Apache, Boa, Caudium, Roxen, thhpd, Tux/kHTTPd, Zeus (DC)
Hot Picks: AbiWord, XFce, IlohaMail, KScope, NaturalDocs, IBMonitor, Stoned, FooBillard (MS)
Features: Speed Up Linux!
What on Earth: BSD (MS)
Tutorials: Beginners' GNOME, Alternate RH Package Management (HD), Compiler Writing (PH), Blender (JB), GIMP Skins (MJH), PHP and MySQL Optimisation (PH), Basic Server School (NV)
Linux Pro: Linux Expo UK 2003 Preview, Storage Solutions (Robert Jaques), Western Digital Raptor review (NV), Spam (DH), 1&1 Internet (PH)
Coverdisc: FreeBSD 4.8, Beneath A Steel Sky, Scribus, Topogilinux

Writer key: (AC) Andy Channelle; (ACo) Alex Cox; (AD) Alan Dexter; (AG) Andrew Gregory; (AH) Andy Hudson; (AmC) Amias Channer; (AS) Alan Smithee; (BL) Biagio Lucini; (BLo) Brian Long; (CB) Chris Brown; (CBi) Chris Bidmead; (CD) Chris Denton; (CH) Chris Howells; (CJ) Chris Jones; (CS) Charlie Stross; (DCa) David Cartwright; (DC) David Coulson; (DCr) Dave Cross; (DH) David Harris; (DK) Dimitry Kirsanov; (FC) Frank Charlton; (GM) Graham Morrison; (HD) Hoyt Duff; (JB) Jono Bacon; (JK) Jon Kent; (JR) Joel Rowbottom; (MAB) Mark Alexander Bain; (MF) Marco Fioretti; (MNa) Matt Nailon; (MN) Mark Newby; (MK) Maurice Kelly; (MJH) Michael J Hammel; (MS) Mike Saunders; (NB) Neil Bothwick; (NL) Neil Lucock; (NH) Nick Heron; (NV) Nick Veitch; (PC) Paul Cavanagh; (PO) Patrick O'Brien; (PH) Paul Hudson; (PT) Paul Talacko; (RC) Richard Cobbett; (RD) Richard Drummond; (RF) Rob Fenwick; (RS) Richard Smedley; (RoS) Robert Smith; (RBW) Roger Burton West; (SD) Scott Douglas; (SG) Simon Goodwin; (SH) Steve Heaven; (TW) Tom Wilkinson; (VV) Vince Veselosky; (WB) Warren Brown


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