• March 30, 2008 - Orlando, Florida;

    • Kane won a Battle Royal to win an ECW World title shot;
    • John Bradshaw Layfield beat Fit Finlay -Belfast Brawl-;
    • C.M. Punk wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match;
    • Batista (SD!) beat Umaga (RAW)- Brand Supremecy Match-;
    • Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in 5 seconds -ECW Title-;
    • Shawn Michaels beat Ric Flair -Career Threatening Match-;
    • Beth & Melina defeated Maria & Ashley -BunnyMania Match-;
    • Randy Orton beat John Cena & Triple H -WWE Championship-;
    • Floyd Mayweather beat The Big Show (Boxer vs. Wrestler);
    • The Undertaker defeated Edge -World Heavyweight title-;

  1. 24-MAN BATTLE ROYAL (DARK MATCH): Kane won and earned a shot at Chavo Guerrero's ECW World title..
  2. KICKOFF: John Legend kicked off the show by singing "America The Beautiful"..

  3. BELFAST BRAWL GRUDGE MATCH: John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Fit Finlay w/Hornswoggle..
    • They used kendo sticks, trash cans, tables, cookie sheets, ring steps, and the shillelagh..
    • JBL tried to use the shillelagh but Hornswoggle came in and whacked JBL with a kendo stick!
    • JBL went through a table, but he recovered and nailed Finlay with the clothesline from hell!
    • NOTES: During the match; you could see a plane in the air dragging a "WOOOOOO!" Banner..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Kim Kardashian + Mr. Kennedy..
    • Kim Kardashian explained the stipulations of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match..
    • Mr. Kennedy came in and said it would have the same winner as last year - Mr. Kennedy! (yelled in her ear)

  5. 4TH ANNUAL MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH: C.M. Punk defeated six others to win the Money in the Bank!
    • ~February 18, 2008 - RAW: Jeff Hardy defeated Gene Snitsky to qualify but was later suspended and taken out of the match..
    • ~February 18, 2008 - RAW: Mr. Kennedy defeated Val Venis in the second of eight Money in the Bank Qualifying matches..
    • ~February 22, 2008 - SD!: Shelton Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang in the third Money in the Bank Qualifying match..
    • ~February 25, 2008 - RAW: Chris Jericho defeated Jeff Hardy to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match..
    • ~March 3, 2008 - RAW: Carlito Cool defeated Cody Rhodes to qualify for the Money In the Bank Ladder Match..
    • ~March 8, 2008 - Live Event: Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Jamie Noble to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match..
    • ~March 11, 2008--ECW on Sci-Fi: C.M. Punk defeated Big Daddy V. w/Matt Striker to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match..
    • ~March 14, 2008 - SmackDown!: John Morrison defeated Mike "The Miz" Mizanin to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match..

    • Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Carlito vs. MVP vs. C.M. Punk vs. John Morrison..
    • John Morrison did a moonsault off the top rope with a ladder against his chest onto four guys on the floor!
    • Shelton Benjamin did a sunset flip followed by a triple tower of doom off the ladder on two of his opponents..
    • Shelton Benjamin got to the top of the ladder but got pushed over sending Shelton to the floor though a ladder!
    • Chris Jericho put the Walls of Jericho onto John Morrison on at the top of a ladder while Mr. Kenendy climbed..
    • Carlito Cool hit Chris Jericho with a Back-stabber off of the ladder - everyone was down and out at this point..
    • MVP was alone and was about to win when Matt Hardy showed up and hit MVP with a Twist of Fate off the ladder!
    • C.M. Punk and Chris Jericho battle on top of the ladder and Jericho got his leg caught and Punk grabbed the MITB!

  6. IN THE RING: Howard Finkel introduced the WWE Hall of Fame Inductees Class of 2008..
  7. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Snoop Dogg + Festus + Santino Marella..
    • Snoop Dogg said he was having a great time and said he was hanging out with new friend Festus..
    • Santino Marella interrupted and Snoop Dogg rang a ring bell and Festus snapped and chased Santino away..
    • Todd Grisham asked where Snoop got the ring bell, he said "I know a guy" and Mick Foley showed up with Mr. Socko..

  8. BRAND SUPREMECY MATCH: Batista (representing SmackDown!) defeated Umaga (representing RAW)..
  9. ECW WORLD TITLE MATCH: Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in nine seconds to win the ECW World title!!

  10. IN THE RING: Raven Simone introduced the 50 kids from 50 states granted wishes from the Make-A-Wish Foundation..

  11. INTERVIEW: Mike Adamli & "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (wearing a brand new robe)..
    • "The Nature Boy/WWE Hall of Famer" Ric Flair said his game plan tonight was to BE THE MAN..... WOOOOOO!

  12. CAREER THREATENING MATCH: "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels defeated "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair..
    • Ric Flair offered a handshake, but when Shawn Michaels reached, Flair pulled back and yelled "WOOO!"
    • A few minutes later, Ric Flair shoved Shawn Michaels and said "Old Yeller, huh?" and Michaels slapped him!
    • Shawn Michaels did a springboard moonsault, missing RicFlair, and landing chest-first on the announce table!
    • A few minutes later; Shawn Michaels missed a second moonsault on the floor but they sold it like he nailed it..
    • Shawn Michaels later nailed a top rope elbow drop but he was clearly hurting in the mid-section after he did it..
    • Shawn Michaels went for the super-kick, but hesitated, and Ric Flair immediately applied the Figure-4 Leglock!
    • Shawn Michaels reversed the pressure of the Figure-4, forcing Ric Flair to break it and continue with the match..
    • They went back and forth, until Shawn Michaels connected with a sudden super-kick - but Ric Flair kicked out!
    • Shawn Michaels set up for another super-kick but had to help Ric Flair up - where Flair kicked Michaels low!
    • Shawn Michaels locked in his version of the Inverted Figure-4, but Ric Flair got out after a thumb to the eye!
    • They started exchanging chops until Shawn Michaels hit yet another super-kick! Michels once again hesitated..
    • Ric Flair slowly got up (crying) and Shawn Michaels said "I'M SORRY, I LOVE YOU" nailing one last super-kick!
    • Shawn Michaels pinned Ric Flair 1-2-3 and then hugged him on the mat and whispered some words into his ear..
    • Shawn Michaels left, and Ric Flair got up crying along with his family members who were sitting in the front row..
    • Ric Flair slowly walked back down the isle for the last time (as a wrestler) and turned back to wave to the fans..

  13. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & World Heavyweight Champion Edge..
    • Edge remembered sitting in the crowd at WrestleMania 6 watching his hero Hulk Hogan lose in the main event..
    • Edge said that the Undertaker never loses at WrestleMania but tonight the streak will finally come to an end..

  14. BUNNYMANIA LUMBERJILL MATCH: Beth Phoenix & Melina w/Santino Marella beat Maria & Ashley Massaro..
    • Master of Ceremonies, recording artist (rapper) Snoop Dogg drove to the ring in a pimped-out golf cart..
    • LUMBERJILLS: Mickie James (RAW), Michelle McCool (SD!), Eve Torres (SD!), Kelly Kelly (ECW)..
    • LUMBERJILLS: Jillian Hall (RAW), Victoria (SD!), Cherry (SD!), Maryse Ouellet (SD!), Layla El (ECW)..

    • Mid-way through the match; the lights went out (unplanned) and the emergency back-up system kicked in..
    • Maria Kanellis was about to pin Beth Phoenix when Santino Marella pulled on her leg from outside the ring..
    • Jerry Lawler got up and took out Santino Marella but this distraction resulted in Beth pinning Maria!
    • After the match.... an unimpressed Snoop Dogg took out Santino Marella and gave Maria a sloppy kiss..

  15. WWE TITLE 3-WAY: Randy Orton defeated Triple H and John Cena to retain the WWE Championship..
    • Randy Orton started by smashing Triple H with the WWE belt and they all went at it at a very fast pace..
    • Triple H pedigreed John Cena, but then Randy Orton kicked Triple H in the head and pinned John Cena!

  16. WRESTLER VS BOXER MATCH: Floyd "Money" Mayweather defeated The Big Show by Knockout ..
    • Floyd Mayweather was goofing around with one of his handlers so Big Show smashed and destroyed the guy!
    • The Big Show lifted Floyd Mayweather to the second rope, where Mayweather locked in a choke/sleeperhold..
    • The Big Show stomped Floyd Mayweather's hand and his posse went crazy saying that Big Show can't do that!
    • Floyd Mayweather kicked The Big Show twice in the gut, but Big Show put Mayweather down with a Side-slam!
    • The Big Show stepped on Floyd Mayweather's stomach and stepped over, putting all 441 pounds of his weight..
    • The Big Show delivered a giant elbow drop, and went for a second one, but Floyd's posse pulled him out..
    • The Mayweather posse started carrying Floyd Mayweather down the isle when the Big Show chased after them..
    • The Big Show beat up all the handlers and dragged Floyd Mayweather back to the ring for more punishment..
    • The Big Show went for a choke-slam, but one handler came in and smashed Big Show with a chair from behind..
    • The Big Show took out the handler, but Floyd Mayweather got the chair and started smashing Big Show with it1
    • Floyd Mayweather put on a set of brass knuckles and knocked the Big Show down with a right hand to the face..
    • The Big Show couldn't answer the 10-count and Floyd "Money" Mayweather was declared the winner of the match..

  17. IN THE RING: Kim Kardashian announced that they set an attendance record with 74,635 people in attendance..

  18. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: The Undertaker defeated Edge to capture the World Heavyweight title!!
    • The referee was knocked out cold and Edge grabbed a TV camera and smashed Undertaker in the head with it!
    • The Undertaker sat up and delivered a Tombstone Pile-driver onto Edge, but there was no referee to count..
    • Referee Charles Robinson spinted (a long way!) down the isle and slid in the ring in time to count two..
    • The Edgeheads, Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder ran down to interfere but Undertaker quickly took care of them..
    • Edge speared The Undertaker, but only got a two-count. Edge hit a second spear but ended up in a submission!
    • Edge held on for a few second before tapping out - giving the Undertaker his SIXTH World Heavyweight title!

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