October 14, 2006

Yû Misaki & Hotaru Akane in Tôru Ichikawa's SEKIRYÛ NO ONNA

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sekiryuu_onna_still.jpgThe official subsite for Tôru Ichikawa's Sekiryû no onna is online. Also, there's a trailer for the movie on the website of GP Museum Soft K.K. (K.K. GP Myûjiamu Sofuto). Hasegawa Shôten Entertainment Y.K. (Y.K. Hasegawa Shôten Entâteimento) released the movie theatrically in Japan today (i.e., October 14th); GP Museum Soft is scheduled to release it on DVD and VHS there on November 25th.

The screenplay for Sekiryû no onna was written by Ken'ichi Suemitsu and Eikichi Hasegawa (who was also one of the movie's producers). The movie's principal cast is as follows (listed order corresponds to order on official subsite): Yû Misaki, Kenji Takechi, Ken'ichi Endô, Tatsuya Gashûin, Kenji Ôba, Kentarô Shimazu (Shimadu Kentarô), (Ken'ichi) Suemitsu, Shingo Soejima, Hiroshi Shima, Tôru Onji, Yoshihisa Sadoyama, Kôji Hatta, Naho Izumi, Hotaru Akane, Kazuo Unoyama, Fumiya Tôei, Ryôji Okamoto, Makoto Inamori, Chise Miyara, Ippo Nakata, Kyôko Mitani, Kiyo Yoshizawa, and Miwa Hasegawa.

Those who are interested in Sekiryû no onna may also wish to read this Twitch article on Hajime Hashimoto's Yakuza Wives: Burning Desire (Gokudô no onna-tachi: jôen), which starred Reiko Takashima and Aya Sugimoto.

Sekiryû no onna trailer (streaming RealMedia)
Sekiryû no onna official subsite
GP Museum Soft: Sekiryû no onna (w/ trailer)
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Yakuza Wives: Burning Desire trailer (downloadable 5.2 MB ASF file)
Yakuza Wives: Burning Desire official subsite

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