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Midtown is a vibrant blend of history, luxury and modest townhouses and lofts, restaurants, galleries and the Cultural Center—all making this a very attractive place to be. Many Detroit cultural, educational, medical and service institutions are located here, including: Wayne State University, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Medical Center, College for Creative Studies, and the Detroit Public Library.


Midtown attracts millions of people annually, has a daytime population of over 50,000 and growing, and has the largest concentration of social service agencies in the region. It also hosts two of Detroit’s signature events: the Detroit Festival of the Arts which draws in 350,000, and Noel Night, a Christmas family event. It has a radio station, symphony, bed and breakfast, six theaters, eight museums, 30 restaurants, 11 galleries, a hardware store and a dry cleaner, all within two square miles — making it one of the best walkable communities in Detroit.


From the Cultural Center to Brush Park, it also has a growing residential base within its many historic neighborhoods. It's filled with many new and newly renovated lofts, townhomes, condos and single-family homes.

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Midtown Stories

April 1, 2008FilterD: Downtown Detroit on the Fringe
April 1, 2008McMillin's Detroit: A Veteran Guide Takes Us Through Detroit Then and Now
April 1, 2008Model D TV: Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em, Detroit Derby Girls
March 25, 200816 Sweet Developments in Detroit
March 25, 20088 Slam-Dunk Ways Detroit is Getting More Green
March 18, 2008Model D TV: The Whitney
March 11, 2008Model D Speaker Series -- SIgn Up Full
March 4, 2008Detroit, Torino Duet
February 26, 2008Model D TV: Holy Hip-Hop!
February 19, 2008The Real (Estate) Deal
February 5, 2008Voice from the Deep River
February 5, 2008Model D Speaker Series: Detroit Sells
January 29, 2008Special Report: Rx for Winter Blahs
January 29, 2008Rx: Drink at the Bronx Bar
January 22, 2008The New DIA: The Architects
January 22, 2008Kid City
January 15, 2008Big Bet on a New Economy
January 8, 2008Cass Park Prospects
January 8, 2008Model D TV: D Show
December 11, 2007Great Groceries
December 4, 2007DIA: A Grand Tour
December 4, 2007Create Your Own Curbside
November 27, 2007B&Bs in the D
November 27, 2007Buy Detroit, Build Detroit
November 20, 2007Welcome Back DIA
November 13, 2007Art Lives
November 6, 2007SLAW Meets Norman Rockwell
November 6, 2007Growing Detroit Retail
October 30, 2007The 3 R's in the D
October 9, 2007Speaker Series This Week!
October 2, 2007Model D TV: Restoring the DIA
October 2, 2007Tune in to Tokyo
September 25, 2007She's a Rebel
September 18, 2007CCS Hosts Design Talk
September 11, 2007Faith in Detroit
September 11, 2007Walk Don't Run
September 11, 2007Model D TV: Dally in the Alley
August 28, 2007Model D TV: Lou Glazer
August 21, 2007Inspiration from Within
August 7, 2007Model D TV: TechTown Revisited
August 7, 2007We Want Walkability
July 31, 2007Becoming a City for the World
July 31, 2007Survey: Preparing Talent
July 24, 2007Can't We Just Be Fabulous?
July 24, 2007Model D TV: Carol Coletta
July 17, 2007Midtown Density
June 26, 2007We Got 100 of 'em
June 26, 2007Detroit in Motion
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May 29, 2007Take a Regional Transit Survey
May 15, 2007Last Call for Model D Speaker Series
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April 24, 2007Survey: Race Relations
April 24, 2007Where the Gays Are
April 19, 2007Partnerships Create a One-Stop Shop
April 17, 2007Hot Houses Revisited
April 10, 2007Model D TV: Art Center Town and Carriage Homes
April 3, 2007Rethinking Neighborhood
March 27, 2007Model D TV: Dorkwave
March 27, 2007Riding the Dorkwave
March 14, 2007Pitching for a Home Run
March 13, 2007Show Your 'D'
March 13, 2007Model D TV: Edmund Place
February 27, 2007Model D TV: Shrinking Cities
February 14, 2007Welcome to the Next Detroit
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February 6, 2007Getting Attached to Strings
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January 30, 2007Big Ideas for Shrinking Cities
January 23, 2007Sounds & Spirits
January 16, 2007metromode: a voice for the new economy
January 16, 2007Getting Woodward on Tracks
December 19, 2006Model D TV: 55 West
December 19, 2006Taking Techno to the Max
December 12, 2006Model D TV: Rewind
December 5, 2006Model D-troiter: Pablo Davis
December 5, 2006Grease Lightning
December 5, 2006Model D TV: It Came From Detroit
November 28, 2006Sign Up: Speaker Event This Week
November 28, 2006Families Matter
November 21, 2006Midtown Visiting Guide
November 21, 2006Marching Back Downtown
November 21, 2006Community Builders
November 7, 2006A Night Out With ... Carole Harris
October 31, 2006Speaker Series This Week
October 31, 2006What Makes Cities Smart
October 31, 2006Model D TV: MOCAD
October 24, 2006Enter MOCAD
October 10, 2006Motor City Brewmasters
October 3, 2006Model D Speaker Series
October 3, 2006House Party Crashers
September 26, 2006A Night Out with ... Aliccia Berg Bollig
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September 12, 2006Falling for Brush Park
September 5, 2006Take a Model D Survey
September 5, 2006Dwelling in Detroit
August 29, 2006TechTown's Wide Web
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June 27, 2006Aligning the Stars of TechTown
June 20, 2006The Year in Mastheads
June 20, 2006The Transformation Continues
June 20, 2006Model D: What's in the Name
June 13, 2006Festival of the Arts
June 6, 2006Midtown Investing Guide
June 6, 2006Beyond the Rustbelt
June 6, 2006Detroit is Flat
May 30, 2006Talent Pool
May 23, 2006Detroit Goes Al Fresco
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May 9, 2006The Kids of 'Hastings Street'
April 25, 2006Kwame Kilpatrick: Growing the 'Next Detroit'
April 25, 2006'I Do' in the D
April 18, 2006Canines on Cass
April 18, 2006Detroit's Global Vibe 3: Reporter's Notebook
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March 28, 2006How Do You Visit the D?
March 21, 2006Detroit By Choice
March 21, 2006Detroit's Poet Society
March 14, 2006Midtown Moving Guide
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March 7, 2006Making Movies in Motown
March 7, 2006Bashes with Benefits
February 28, 2006Hamtramck Rocks Out
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February 14, 2006Forging Brush Park
February 14, 2006People Movers: Detroit Workouts
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January 31, 2006SBXL Made Easy
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January 17, 2006The Sunday Morning Scene
January 10, 2006Detroit's Global Vibe 2: Spreading the Sounds
January 10, 2006Look Inside: Top 10 Detroit Interiors
December 20, 2005Inside Detroit Lofts
December 6, 2005Detroit Myths Debunked
December 6, 2005Midtown Magic
November 22, 2005The Weekly 411
November 15, 2005Detroit Wants You
November 8, 2005Guerrillas in the Mix
November 1, 2005Behind the Bricks: Lofts Exposed
October 10, 2005Gentrification?
October 4, 2005Piecing Together Midtown
September 27, 2005Family Guide to Detroit, Part 2: Afternoon’s Delights
September 20, 2005Mom and Dad, I'm Moving to Detroit
September 13, 2005Detroit 101
September 13, 2005Detroit Tourists - From Up North?
September 7, 2005Sinclair on Detroit
August 30, 2005Mack Avenue's Jazz Rescue
August 23, 2005Midtown's Entrepreneurial Movement
August 16, 2005Immigration and the Shrinking City
August 9, 2005Time for Transit = Now
August 2, 2005Blogs Detroit Style
July 18, 2005Let's Move Past Race
June 1, 2005Last American City

Midtown in the News

Check metromode for daily job growth news
April 1, 2008Chicago scribe takes in Detroit over a weekend
April 1, 2008Know your city better: Sign up for this April's Detroit Orientation Institute
April 1, 2008Avalon Bakery gets a money makeover in Fortune
March 25, 2008Demolition begins on Jeffries East, clears way for mixed use development in Midtown
March 18, 2008Midtown Loop, Port Terminal secure funding from state transportation agency
March 18, 2008Grad student debates options for Detroit's redevelopment
March 18, 2008Rentals succeed where for-sale units stall in Detroit
March 11, 2008Columbus Dispatch encourages readers to experience Detroit's renaissance
March 11, 2008DSO 2 GO offers great deal for a night out in Midtown
March 11, 2008MSHDA funds to target blight in Hamtramck, Detroit and Highland Park
February 26, 2008Ohio paper touts Detroit as a weekend destination
February 26, 2008Privately-funded plans floated for Woodward light rail
February 19, 2008Supergay shares his 'winter blahs remedy' on Detroit Today
February 12, 2008New MOCAD hip-hop exhibit draws national attention
February 12, 2008D Brand useful to entice visitors,educate new hires, market real estate
February 12, 2008Getting creative class to move to city takes originality, not marketing
February 5, 2008D Brand successful in increasing local tourism
February 5, 2008Condo sales up in December
February 5, 2008Detroit innovation can be applied to national problems
February 5, 2008Science Center hoping for another blockbuster when shipwreck exhibit opens Mar. 24
February 5, 2008Reid to step into role as chair of community engagement
February 5, 2008WSU's Confucius Institute to promote study of Chinese language, culture and history
January 29, 2008Feds invest $282,000 into Woodward creative corridor
January 22, 2008Design*Sponge offers savvy, comprehensive guide to Detroit design
January 22, 2008What a life! Supergay profiles W. Hawkins Ferry
January 22, 2008Science Center partnership with charter school to fund improvements
January 22, 2008Chicago Tribune urges readers to check out Detroit for a weekend
January 22, 2008$5.2M program aims to increase home ownership
January 22, 2008Mayor to unveil economic stimulus plan
January 15, 2008Chicago Tribune chronciles DIA's 'fresh approach'
January 15, 2008DSO gets $1M gift from Honda for kids' shows, Yo-Yo Ma performance
January 15, 2008Neighborhood success stories to be shared at Skillman Kids Matter Here Summit
January 15, 2008Architect Caradonna's design to join others in Detroit's illustrious skyline
January 8, 2008NY Times takes a look at Detroit's bright and dark spots
January 8, 2008Chicago Tribune touts Detroit's cultural revival
January 8, 2008Open City aims to boost ranks of local entrepreneurs
December 18, 2007US News & World Report names 5 in Detroit to 'Best High Schools 2008' list
December 18, 2007NY Times ranks Detroit 40 on its list of '53 Places to Go in 2008'
December 18, 2007Detroit Artists Market holiday sale supports local art scene
December 18, 2007Detroit residential sales continue uptick
December 11, 2007See "Santa vs. the Snowman" on IMAX
December 11, 2007LA artist lists reasons she loves Detroit (and Hamtramck)
December 4, 2007Newsweek chronicles DIA's 'attitude adjustment'
December 4, 2007UM looks to add Detroit semester to curriculum
December 4, 2007"D Show" draws 800 to honor marketing, advertising community
November 27, 2007Detroit ranks 64 on list of world's most livable cities
November 27, 2007Toledo Blade paints image of DIA's 'new heart'
November 27, 2007New York critic takes in DIA, Heidelberg, MOCAD during 'too brief' visit
November 17, 2007Canadian critic impressed with DIA expansion, programming approach
November 11, 2007NY Times speaks with artist Julie Mehretu about her installation for DIA re-opening
November 8, 2007Science Center nets $2M donation from Toyota
November 1, 2007New book of noir stories focuses on dark side of Detroit
October 30, 2007Designers to make in-store appearance Nov. 2 at new Midtown shoe boutique
October 29, 2007MOCAD celebrates successful first year
October 25, 2007ATT donates Calder sculpture to DIA
October 23, 2007CAID and Southwest Housing team up for home ownership seminar
October 10, 2007New DSO director comes highly regarded
October 10, 2007Freep blogger praises DIA director's vision, as told to Model D speaker series audience
October 9, 2007Wayne County's TURBO program spurs $40M in development
October 8, 2007Popartmonkey teams with Midtown shop to launch textile line
October 5, 2007At last, Detroit film critics form society
October 2, 2007Shop Bureau with Cityscape on Oct. 4
September 27, 2007Detroit continues to develop despite state's dwindling housing market
September 27, 2007Recipe for successful revitalization is complex, but achievable
September 25, 2007Sign up for WSU's October Orientation Institute
September 24, 2007Crain's house party draws 900
September 18, 2007Crain's to host second Ultimate House Party
September 14, 2007Independent retailers and restaurants inject energy into greater downtown
September 11, 2007Tons of fun on the agenda for this weekend
September 11, 2007ULI & DAC host Woodward walking tour on Sept. 18
September 4, 2007LISC community development awards to be given Sept. 20
September 4, 2007Historical museum re-opens with homage to landmarks of the 1920s
August 28, 2007Forbes names Detroit 21st best city for singles
August 28, 2007Potential Ilitch management of Masonic gives hope to lower Cass Corridor
August 22, 2007Study shows that suburbanites do indeed visit the D
August 21, 2007Tour de Troit will roll again Sept. 15
August 19, 2007Nationally-prominent planner takes in-depth look at Detroit's revival
August 15, 2007Canine to Five's new dog park touted as making Detroit more desirable
August 14, tells what came before the galleries
August 13, 2007Crain's special issue showcases living in the D
August 12, 2007Chicago Tribune touts downtown's considerable charms
August 9, 2007Crystal Lofts in negotiations with specialty grocer
July 29, 2007Boston Globe touts Detroit as weekend destination
July 24, 2007NPR's Talk of the Nation to broadcast live from Detroit July 26
July 24, 2007Back Alley Bikes bike art auction set for July 27
July 19, 2007Now that the courts have ruled, Karmanos will expand at its DMC home
July 17, 2007Fourth St. Fair on tap July 21
July 16, 2007Woodward still evolving in its 200th year
July 9, 2007Lasalle Bank commits start-up funds to DEGC to help eliminate "food desert"
June 21, 20078 Days in June hits Max M. Fisher Music Center
June 14, 2007Toledo Blade calls Detroit Film Theatre "a ritzy kind of place"
June 14, 2007DMCVB unveils new TV commercials targeting young travelers in Great Lakes region
June 10, 2007Arts League of MI project honors Virgil Carr
June 5, 2007Willys Overland Lofts grand opening set for June 8
June 5, 2007Allied Media Conference to be hosted in Detroit - pre-registration ends June 6
June 2, 2007WSU works with Midtown developers to attract residents to neighborhood
May 18, 2007Elaborate open houses increasingly part of development marketing strategy
May 18, 2007Bike to Work Day draws attention to cycling in the D
May 15, 2007DCC crashes MOCAD on May 19
May 9, 2007DIA capital campaign hits $90.6M
May 3, 2007 Detroit Renaissance unveils regional revival strategies
May 2, 2007 "Our Body" attracts record crowds to Science Center
April 26, 2007WSU to break ground on $27.3M engineering facility
April 24, 2007Freakonomics author to speak at WSU on Apr. 26
April 18, 2007Bureau of Urban Living home goods store opens its doors in Midtown
April 17, 2007TONIGHT: TRU's quarterly meeting to discuss DDOT efforts to bring rapid transit to Detroit
April 16, 200710-year plan to end homelessness announced
April 16, 2007Detroit Artist Market celebrates 75 years, looks to future
April 13, 2007AT&T donates $1.2M for youth technology access
April 11, 2007Historic black hospital to be turned into museum
April 6, 2007Papa John's to open 30 franchises in area, most in Detroit
March 30, 2007Downtown boosters celebrate successes at annual luncheon
March 23, 2007Interior Design Magazine reports on DIA renovation
March 20, 2007TRU launches transit design competition
March 17, 2007Detroit leads region in new housing starts
March 16, 2007Urban farming expert in town Mar. 29-31
March 13, 2007 Washington Post reviews MOCAD's Shrinking Cities exhibit
March 12, 2007Fifth Third investing in southeast Michigan, to open 2 banks in Detroit
March 8, 2007Cass Corridor minister named finalist in Volvo for Life Awards
March 7, 2007Auction of 260 Detroit homes set for Mar. 17-18
February 28, 2007State's 'Big Three' universities say more funding will drive economy
February 28, 2007Panelists: Alternative energy, biotech can help drive Midtown
February 20, 2007 The Economist takes hard look at Detroit's revival
February 15, 2007 Detroit Film Theatre debuts renovation, new seats
February 15, 2007$500,000 secured for new WSU Law School building
February 13, 2007 DIA capital campaign hits $80 million mark
February 13, 2007Grand Rapids press takes on MOCAD
February 12, 2007DIA new VP of operations to focus on hospitality, service
February 11, 2007Detroit's music major draw for tourists
February 8, 2007New owner of Whitney to begin spruce up on Feb. 19
February 4, 2007Baltimore takes a trip to Detroit
February 2, 2007DMCVB's D-Rod will showcase Detroit as tourist destination
January 31, 2007XLR8R takes note of Fachini's sound machine at MOCAD
January 24, 2007Another Woodward Ave. Kahn under redevelopment
January 21, 2007United Way CEO urges regional solutions to area problems
January 16, 2007Detroit home sales increase, buck statewide trend
January 16, 2007WSU opens law clinic for small businesses
January 16, 2007Windsor, Detroit leaders need to work together on economic issues
January 16, 2007Restaurant and bar development marches on despite some recent closings
January 9, 2007Detroit Derby Girls take on Ohio at Masonic Temple
January 9, 2007Midtown housing market continues to boom
January 4, 2007Our Body exhibit set to open this weekend at Detroit Science Center
December 28, 2006Gridskipper visits "esoteric Detroit"
December 19, 2006$34 million S. University Village project lands state tax credits
December 18, 2006'Creative Zones' could help city build its creative class, improve economy
December 17, 2006Ann Arbor News encourages regional cooperation
December 13, 2006Howes: Detroit's rebuilding is more than just booster talk
December 6, 2006MLUI urges local leaders to realize transit boosts development
December 5, 2006Handmade Detroit holiday market hits the Stick in Midtown
November 30, 2006The New York Times examines MOCAD's architecture
November 27, 2006Shop Detroit event Saturday; city offers parking discounts
November 27, 2006College for Creative Studies tapped by BusinessWeek
November 27, 2006'Auto Oscars' roll into town in January
November 15, 2006Daniel Howes: 'Shed the cynicism; One D could spell different Detroit'
November 14, 2006More than 70 stores to participate in Shop Detroit event Dec. 2
November 14, 2006Frommer's lists Detroit among underrated tourist destinations
November 9, 2006Transit planners recommend commuter rail for AA-Detroit line
November 9, 2006$4 million improvements OK'd for Wayne State buildings
November 6, 2006Freep overviews downtown development progress, needs
November 3, 2006Detroit lands $3 million in federal money to study transit in city
October 31, 2006US Population growth bodes well for older cities
October 26, 2006$800,000 makeover improves historical museum experience
October 24, 2006'It Came From Detroit' movie explores garage rock scene; sneak peek at the DFT
October 21, 2006Creating a walkable environment in Detroit
October 6, 2006Indiana University to host techno roots conference
September 26, 2006WDET to host series on regional race issues
September 26, 2006E2Detroit seminar to focus on entrepreneurship, diversity
September 24, 2006Detroit News photoblogs Tour de Troit
September 17, 2006City's real estate market on upswing
September 8, 2006Police Department brings back 150 officers
August 29, 2006Kate Moss in the Motor City: W Magazine photo shoot hits stands
August 27, 2006WSU's plan for more dorms would bring more student-residents to Midtown
August 21, 2006Crain's offers 'Living and Investing in the D' special section
July 23, 2006Wayne State University think tank looks at how the arts create a 'destination city'
July 22, 2006HGTV design show follows Wayne State med student
July 18, 2006Detroit hospitals named among best in country
July 10, 2006Making cities work: BBC discusses how Detroit's rethinking post-industrial cities
June 25, 2006Slamming poets making mark on local, national scenes
June 24, 2006City leading area housing market
June 9, 2006'Cars' movie is 'thank-you note' to Detroit
June 5, 2006Tourists find plenty to do in revived Detroit
June 2, 2006'Cars' animated movie gets inspiration from the real Motor City
May 29, 2006ARISE Detroit coalition seeks volunteers to boost city
May 26, 2006Small businesses to get boost through new city loan program
May 25, 2006Wayne State's $142 million overhaul to 'perk up' academics
May 12, 2006Detroit's neighborhood gas stations to be fuel-alternative pioneers
May 11, 2006Wayne State gets $3 million challenge grant for med school building
April 24, 2006Woodward booster group proposes art pillars to lure visitors
April 21, 2006Contemporary art museum set to open in Midtown’s Cultural Center
April 18, 2006Detroit’s sidewalks are seeing increased traffic
April 17, 2006If Detroit reforms its budget, it could be a role model
April 10, 2006Wayne State cops get green machines
March 31, 2006Groups offer deals on trees, shrubs to encourage planting
March 30, 2006Group is all green thumbs when it comes to Detroit
March 29, 2006DIA sets trend for people-friendly museums
March 26, 2006Event to highlight Woodward Ave. entertainment options
March 19, 2006Motown filmmakers represented in East Lansing, Ann Arbor festivals
March 10, 2006TechTown seeking $500 million to redevelop 12 blocks
February 16, 2006Ford heir donates $15 million in art to DIA
February 14, 2006Detroit ranked first among area’s hot residential markets
February 8, 2006NextEnergy to bring hydrogen fueling station to TechTown
February 5, 2006Super Bowl visitors call Detroit ‘beautiful,’ ‘progressive’
February 3, 2006Crain's readers praise Detroit's 'neighborhoody feel,' downtown excitement
January 17, 2006Museums cater to football fans as event grows near
January 11, 2006Metro-area leaders seek plans for Woodward transit line
January 9, 2006Ford heiress leaves $50 million to CCS
January 9, 2006Hudson-Webber Foundation gives $2 million to area initiatives
December 16, 2005Restored Brush Park mansion to offer luxury lodging for Super Bowl
December 12, 2005Many Detroit venues getting top dollar to host SBXL parties
November 16, 2005State offers redevelopment assistance to Brush Park and Midtown developments
November 4, 2005Mid-Med Lofts part of Midtown’s growth
November 3, 2005Detroit Science Center launches SPACE exhibit
October 26, 2005Wayne State upgrades help revive Midtown
September 16, 2005UCCA looks to Midtown’s future
September 7, 2005City Living Detroit - Midtown Home Tour
August 15, 2005CREW-Detroit's Back-to-School party gives supplies to 180 girls
August 14, 2005Families flock to State Fair for 100th year in Detroit
August 11, 2005Detroit found to be most liberal U.S. city
August 10, 2005Some Detroit neighborhoods to see substantial property tax reduction
August 8, 2005Detroit Metro Airport posts best-ever first half
August 8, 2005Foundation to keep commitment to Detroit
August 4, 2005AirTran to Launch Atlanta-to-Detroit Service
August 4, 2005Fashion Week shows off Detroit's glam best
August 3, 2005Detroit Tops List of America's 'Most Independent Cities' for Home Sellers
August 2, 2005Thompson, Skillman foundations to team up on charter high schools in Detroit
July 31, 2005Teens use summer to help Detroit
July 29, 2005Ann Arbor-Detroit transit plan gets boost $100 million federal grant
July 28, 2005Rolling Stone Names Detroit #3 Top Rock Scene
July 27, 2005Media firm gives Detroit digital edge
July 20, 2005State Support Enables Renovation of Park Shelton Apartments in Midtown Detroit
June 27, 2005TechTech TechOne Celebrates 1st Year
June 16, 2005Up and Away
June 13, 2005DTE Energy Foundation Grant to Help Build Gateway to Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
June 13, 2005Redevelopment effort in neighborhoods paying off
June 6, 2005Loft Renaissance
June 5, 2005Guardian Goes Wireless
May 25, 2005Asterand Company of the Year
May 8, 2005Detroit Synergy instills city pride with fun events
May 2, 2005Premier Dog Daycare Service Arrives in Detroit’s Midtown
March 17, 2005Canadians Take Another Look at Motown

Midtown Real Estate Development News

April 1, 2008Work to begin on expansion, school construction at Detroit Science Center
March 25, 2008Greening of Detroit expands Corktown offices, plans busy spring season
March 25, 2008Asian fusion restaurant, Wasabi, headed to Park Shelton in Midtown
March 25, 2008Slow's Bar BQ purchases Midtown building for carry-out and catering customers
March 25, 2008Speakers urge more green building, policy for a sustainable Detroit at Model D event
March 25, 2008Renters now able to lease at 55 W. Canfield lofts in Midtown
March 4, 2008Back Alley Bikes opens The Hub, offering bike sales and service in Midtown
March 4, 2008Detroit one of 9 cities chosen for AIA sustainability audit, planning session
March 4, 2008Lefty's Lounge set to open in Midtown's Belcrest Apts.
February 26, 2008Olympia's operation of Masonic Temple spurs hope for Cass Park
February 26, 2008Zaccaro's Market to host focus group on Feb. 27
February 26, 2008City looking for developer to create 4,000 units of permanent housing for homeless
February 19, 2008Learn about WSU's master plan at CAID on Feb. 25
February 19, 2008MOCAD Cafe open and serving
February 12, 2008New pharmacy prescribed for WSU campus
February 12, 2008Benefits arranged for victims of Forest Arms fire
February 5, 2008WSU chemistry building will be expanded and updated, thanks to former prof's $7.7M gift
February 5, 2008Preview of Midtown's Studio One apartments set for Feb. 7
February 5, 2008There's new and old at the Majestic — a menu update and a shot at a historic designation
January 29, 2008Knight Foundation grants $7M to city initiatives
January 22, 2008High-end, specialty grocer — Zaccaro's Market — preparing for March opening in Midtown
January 15, 2008Brush Park music and arts organization to relocate to, rehab Edmund Place building
January 8, 2008ACLU growth prompts relocation to Art Building
December 18, 2007MOCAD Cafe opens, serving coffee and sandwiches in city's newest museum
December 4, 2007Avalon Bakery to relocate to 55 W. Canfield
November 27, 2007More than 57,000 pack DIA for opening weekend; more events planned
November 27, 2007D-Biz: Fred's keeps Midtown in keys
November 20, 2007New Studio One apartments begin leasing; 55% of retail space reserved
November 13, 2007Ace Hardware and Papa John's headed to Cass and Canfield
November 13, 2007Studio One Apartments leasing center will open Thursday
November 6, 2007New Brush Park medical building getting two docs, pharmacist
November 6, 2007WSU report details measures that will enhance its sustainability
October 23, 2007'Illuminate' event to light up Midtown this weekend
October 23, 2007More Midtown retail: International Gift Gallery on E. Kirby
October 16, 2007Local favorite for shoes, Sole Sisters, steps into Midtown
October 2, 2007Social Compact study findings make powerful statement about Detroit's growing core
September 25, 2007Networking group launched to encourage new Detroit businesses
September 25, 2007Three Brush Park carriage houses near completion
September 18, 2007U-M Detroit Center opens gallery with show that interacts with MLK/Woodward intersection
September 11, 2007Renovations underway at new WSU police facility
September 11, 2007Residents begin moving into Mid-Med Lofts, two units immediately available
September 4, 2007Hospice of Michigan plants memorial garden at Brush Park HQ
August 21, 2007Montessori school begins teaching this fall in Midtown
August 14, 2007Woodward Kahn gets respectfully restored as commercial space
August 14, 2007Campus Collision moves to new Selden digs
August 7, 2007Canine to Five expands with outdoor dog park
July 31, 2007Neighbors improve appearance of Marcus Market with custom paint-job
July 31, 200726 more neighborhoods to receive NEZ tax breaks
July 24, 2007Beethoven undergoing total rehab, will have 31 residential units, 2 commercial spaces
July 24, 2007DDOT seeking public input on 3 rapid transit lines
July 17, 2007Learn about brownfield redevelopment July 24 and 25
July 17, 2007Commemorate Woodward's 200th birthday with a bike ride
July 17, 2007Detroit development is target for new ShoreBank loan fund manager
June 12, 2007One more new tenant at WSU dorms: Salon X open and cutting
June 5, 2007City Living in focus during this weekend's Festival of the Arts
May 15, 2007Buy a Nine on Third Townloft, get a free car?
May 15, 2007National Bike to Work Day hits the Woodward corridor on Friday, May 18
May 8, 2007Monthly City Living tours to showcase residential developments
May 1, 2007Midtown Loop pedestrian walkway to link cultural amenities, public art
April 24, 2007Midtown housing guide published, available through UCCA
April 17, 2007Earth Day activities planned for Cass Park, WSU
April 17, 2007City tax incentives available for small businesses
April 10, 2007Only a few spots available in upcoming Detroit Orientation Institute
April 3, 2007Midtown retail strip gains two tenants: Piezano's Pizza and laundromat
April 3, 2007Port Authority leverages brownfield dollars for Detroit jobs, investment
April 3, 2007Wayne State to celebrate EarthWeek through Apr. 6
March 27, 2007Roundup: restaurants, H&R Block open around town
March 27, 2007WSU breaks ground on 130-unit S. University Village
March 27, 2007Brush Park Garden Lofts near completion
March 27, 2007WSU breaks ground on 130-unit S. University Village
March 20, 2007Cityscape event to discuss historic preservation's effect on state economy
March 20, 2007Brush Park Village North to break ground next month
March 20, 2007Public input sessions held for Detroit Transit Options for Growth Study
February 27, 2007New Whitney owner plans to upgrade while respecting site's history
February 27, 2007Bureau of Urban Living to bring modern home accessories to Midtown
February 20, 200735 affordable units to break ground this spring in Art Center
February 13, 2007Pizzeria Venti soon to open on WSU campus
February 13, 2007Avalon Bakery to open Sundays for brunch and more
February 6, 2007City Council task force recommends recycling implementation by 2009
February 6, 2007$400,000 awarded to arts community to establish Cultural Alliance of SE Michigan
January 30, 200715 penthouse units going in at Willys Overland Lofts in Midtown
January 30, 2007Luxury duplex condo completed on E. Ferry in Midtown
January 23, 2007Major incentives available during Centurian Place open house
January 23, 2007Creative Peoples Network brings together local artists across genres
January 23, 2007Construction starts at Crystal Lofts in Brush Park
January 16, 2007Major Brush Park infrastructure enhancements near completion
December 12, 2006Iconic Hecker-Smiley mansion to change hands
December 5, 2006Check out Brush Park condo rehab Edmund Place before the Lions game
December 5, 200655 WEST lofts in Midtown to celebrate grand opening; half already sold
November 28, 2006Taubman will speak at Cityscape Annual Meeting
November 28, 2006Major exhibit making Midwest debut at Detroit Science Center
November 28, 2006Midtown hosting Noel Night and home tour on Saturday
November 21, 2006Spy boutique to open in former Zoot's space
November 21, 2006DDOT to run Thanksgiving shuttles for parade, Lions game
November 21, 2006Sign up now for Model D/DYC talk on Midtown
November 14, 2006Retro shop Mantra opens on Cass in Midtown
November 14, 2006Six civic groups come together as 'One D' to seek regional solutions
October 31, 2006Demand for downtown retail exceeds expectations, Brookings study says
October 24, 2006Preservationists sign on to unified vision
October 24, 2006Out of town investors the subject of Model D event at DYC
October 17, 20062nd Annual Great Lakes Bioneers to be held at Wayne State
October 17, 2006Realtors to get tours of Midtown development
October 17, 2006Downtown attracts young, educated residents, survey through Model D shows
October 10, 2006Five Detroit projects awarded 21st Century Jobs Funds
October 10, 2006Detroit Orientation Institute to offer fall program
October 10, 2006Midtown projects gets funding — including $2.1 million for Woodward streetscape
October 3, 2006Construction on schedule at Mid-Med lofts
September 26, 2006Historical Museum to debut $800,000 makeover
September 26, 2006New two-unit condo completed on E. Ferry; open house planned
September 26, 2006Cityscape to host restaurant crawl
September 19, 2006Wayne County to host Nuisance Abatement Seminar
September 19, 2006'American City' prints mounted as first DPL-produced exhibition
September 12, 2006Crain's to throw house parties at 40 Detroit homes
September 12, 2006Wright Museum celebrating $2.5 million challenge award
September 12, 2006DIA reopens after August construction work
September 5, 2006Tour de Troit ready to roll for 5th year of city bike ride
September 5, 2006Nine shopping districts move ahead toward Re$tore Detroit designations
August 29, 2006Brush Park parade, block party planned for Labor Day weekend
August 29, 2006Two Victorian mansions getting renovated into apartments in Midtown
August 29, 2006Crain's 'Living in the D' guides still available
August 22, 2006DIA's Fash Bash fundraiser moves under the stars on the Riverfront
August 15, 2006Grab A Bite deli opens in Midtown
August 15, 2006New parking stations replace meters in Wayne State area
August 8, 2006Starbucks to become first retail tenant at the Ellington Lofts
August 8, 2006Downtown residents' voices sought for residential market survey
July 25, 2006Good Wells natural foods store opens on Willis
July 18, 2006Metro Detroit Thai chain to open Midtown location
July 11, 2006Beautification project continues to spruce up Woodward
July 11, 2006Detroit visitors bureau offers $50 gas card summer promotion
June 27, 2006Summer in the city kicks into high gear
June 27, 2006New DET stickers show some Detroit love with Euro style
June 13, 2006Preservation Wayne celebrates 30 years of efforts, looks ahead
May 30, 2006Midtown's art bash seeks volunteers
May 23, 2006Rehabbed Brush Park mansion sells for $545,000
May 16, 2006Brush Park mansion getting Restore America treatment
May 9, 2006Post-Super Bowl excitement leads to more city tours
May 2, 2006Cityscape aims to educate Detroiters about national retailers
May 2, 2006Martini lounge planned for Carlton Lofts in Brush Park
May 2, 2006Natural food shop to open next to organic bakery in Midtown
April 25, 2006Calling all urban explorers: Preservation Wayne walking tours set to begin
April 18, 2006Model ready, open house planned for Centurion Place's 8 luxury units
April 18, 2006City's second environmental forum to discuss quality of life issues
April 18, 2006New documentary chronicles roots of Detroit's techno scene
April 11, 200624-unit Chesterfield Apartments ready for tenants
April 11, 2006Midtown's Inn on Ferry Street expands services
April 11, 2006City OKs brownfield credits for Crystal Lofts in Midtown
April 4, 2006Midtown Loop greenway project receives grant from Spartan institute
April 4, 2006Doors open — for real — at Amsterdam Espresso in Midtown
March 28, 2006UM to offer urban planning course in Detroit this spring
March 28, 2006Nine on Third townhomes going up, more units planned in Midtown
March 28, 2006MSHDA awards loan to 75-unit Willys Overland Lofts in Midtown
March 21, 2006Historic Kahn print shop in Midtown to become retail/medical complex
March 21, 2006Time to sign up for next Detroit Orientation Institute
March 14, 2006Greening of Detroit working to coordinate, link greenways projects
March 7, 2006Expo to showcase urban living at Home & Garden Show
March 7, 2006Bob’s Classic Kicks in Midtown caters to sneaker-obsessed
March 7, 2006Midtown Corner Café to open this month in Mid-Med
February 28, 2006Woodbridge Estates adding 54 townhouse condos
February 28, 2006Mid-Med Lofts in Midtown starts construction
February 21, 2006Walk & Squawk to host series of neighborhood walks, perform at YMCA
February 14, 2006LaPita restaurant opens Midtown location on WSU campus
February 14, 2006Wayne State adds six new vendors; campus retail space almost full
February 14, 2006Fine Arts Theatre in Midtown reopens, getting updated façade and interior
February 7, 200624 condos — some new, some restored — to be built on Ferry and Kirby in Midtown
February 7, 2006The Ellington has filled 70 percent commercial space, 60 percent residential space
January 31, 2006Four condo units going into 1882 Brush Park mansion
January 31, 2006Shuttles to help revelers navigate city during Super Bowl celebrations
January 24, 2006Open house at Lofts @ 55 W. Canfield to feature new model, kick off second phase
January 24, 200610-unit Springfield Lofts offering open houses
January 24, 2006UCCA expands mixed-use Woodward Willis project to about 24 condos, plus commercial space
January 17, 2006Luxury lofts and Boston-Edison mansion featured on national TV show
January 10, 2006Historic Ferry Street to get 48 custom-built brownstones
January 10, 2006Loft owners renting homes to Super Bowl-goers
January 10, 2006Midtown favorite Twingo’s reopens
December 20, 2005Condos @ 75 on Cass to take make 20 units out of three buildings in Midtown
December 13, 2005Park Shelton in Midtown sells over 110 units and first residents moving in
December 6, 2005Architectural firm to relocate into historic Midtown museum
November 29, 2005Crystal Lofts to add new life to a grand ballroom
November 29, 2005Brush Park’s infrastructure receiving major overhaul
November 29, 2005Noel Night, Shop Detroit set for this weekend
November 22, 2005Michigan Arts League to built new facility in Midtown
November 22, 2005First phase of 55 W. Canfield Lofts sells out in a month
November 22, 2005Packed tree-lighting kicks off cold weather events in the ‘D’
November 8, 2005Pooches will have a new indoor place to play in Midtown
November 8, 2005Development to re-establish six acres in Brush Park
November 8, 2005“Townlofts” under construction in historic Canfield neighborhood
November 1, 2005Third phase of Woodward streetscape project breaks ground in Midtown
October 25, 2005Garden Lofts in Brush Park sells out 62 units preconstruction in 12 hours
October 25, 2005Local family offers lessons in loft conversion
October 18, 2005Chesterfield Apartments building getting rehabbed in Midtown
October 18, 2005LaSalle volunteers, donation help beautify Peck Park
October 11, 2005Patterns of Detroit mural ties community together in Midtown
October 11, 2005Union Street restaurant to offer Sunday brunch
October 4, 2005Ferry Street condos echo historic predecessor
September 27, 2005Walkability expert strolls through Midtown, New Center and points out progress
September 20, 2005Model D To Offer Tours
September 19, 2005Detroit receives the bulk of GreenWays grants
September 6, 2005Mid-Med Lofts offers luxury living in the city
September 6, 2005More businesses and entrepreneurs move into TechTown
August 30, 2005Governor’s Walk to Work program supports home ownership in Midtown Detroit
August 22, 2005Three units at Springfield Lofts sold before its doors open for sale
August 15, 2005Detroit’s Midtown receives $2 million to create a greenway loop for residents and tourists
August 12, 2005Federal Grant to help clean up neighborhoods and plant vegetation
August 11, 2005Detroit-Ann Arbor rail plan gets $100 million look
August 8, 2005U-M to offer a new certificate program in real estate development
August 7, 2005New garden will stimulate the senses of touch, smell
August 5, 2005Hilton Head buys portfolio of over 400 homes in Detroit
July 25, 2005Woodward Avenue Streetscape Enhancements
July 25, 2005Day trips in the D
July 18, 2005Twingo's to reopen this Fall as Twingo’s Euro Café in Midtown
June 27, 2005Four Cool Cities Grants Awarded to Detroit Neighborhoods
June 21, 2005Lafayette Building to transform into condominiums
June 12, 2005Cancer center plans expansion
June 9, 2005Row house condos due near Arts Institute
June 1, 2005Gov To Open Art Center Town Homes