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Control issues aside, Mario & Sonic At the Olympic Games has a solid presentation, with charming character animations and a decent camera that follows the action. Audio consists of sound bites from the various characters, with Sonic boasting confidence and Mario as happy as he usually is. The background music is mostly forgettable and the other sound effects are minimal, at best.

A few things keep this Olympic endeavor from disqualification. First off, you can incorporate your own Miis into the competition, so you can see how well you do against Nintendo and Sega's mascots. Granted, some characters are better than you in individual games (like Sonic dominating the Dash events), but it's still fun to see how things unfold. This game also has a robust multiplayer component, with you and up to three other friends competing. For those interested in the history of the Olympic games (it bears the official Olympic logo for Beijing 2008), an interactive gallery provides trivial bits, with some mildly pleasant mini-games thrown in to keep interest going. Finally, Mario and Sonic supports Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection, but only to an extent. You can only compete against others through online leader boards.

Mario & Sonic At the Olympic Games has its moments. The multiplayer action is fun for gamers of all ages and the slick presentation does all of the characters justice. However, the loathsome control quirks and lack of full online functionality keep it from securing that gold medal victory.

Our Final ScoreMediocre
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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
  • GenreSports
  • Release Date11/06/2007
  • PublisherSega
  • DeveloperNintendo
  • ESRBE - Everyone