Taylor makes Eduardo visit

Defender speaks with injured striker

By Peter O'Rourke   Last updated: 24th February 2008

Taylor makes Eduardo visit

Eduardo after challenge

Skysports.com understands Birmingham defender Martin Taylor has visited and spoken to injured Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva.

Taylor made the personal visit to Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital to see Eduardo after being left distraught by the serious leg injury suffered by player.

Eduardo suffered a horrific broken leg just two minutes into Arsenal's 2-2 draw with Birmingham at St Andrews on Saturday.

The injury occurred after the Croatian was caught on the leg by a mistimed tackle by Taylor with the defender seeing red for the incident.

The injury left Taylor visibly shaken as he left the pitch with Eduardo being stretchered off after receiving lengthy treatment on the pitch.


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger launched a stinging attack on Taylor at his post-match press conference before later retracting his comments.

It is understood Taylor sought out Wenger in the tunnel after the match to speak to the Frenchman and to find out about Eduardo's well-being.

The former Blackburn defender tried to visit Eduardo at hospital on Saturday evening, but was unable to see the player as he was undergoing surgery.

Taylor returned to the hospital on Sunday morning to see the player and is thought to have spoken to Eduardo to find out the full extent of his injury and pass on his best wishes for his recovery.


Mark O'conner (Liverpool fan) says...

What a horrific tackle. All the noise being made about Taylor unintentionally harming Eduardo pose the following questions.... Take a look at Taylor's face once he completed his tackle and then think to yourself if he was indeed horrified with what he had done? I know that if Rooney or another England ace was chopped down to size and injured by another national team member (let's say a Croatian like Eduardo) the pathetic 3 game ban and all the support would be far from what Taylor is receiving. Watch Taylor's face after the tackle and post your comments and conclusions.

Posted 15:09 26th February 2008

Guy Klein (Arsenal fan) says...

It's ridiculous that Taylor only gets a 3 match ban - the same that Aliadiere is getting for his petulant little slap. This needs to change. A challenge like this deserves a ban of 10-20 matches at least.

Posted 21:49 25th February 2008

Fauzan Naeem (Manchester United fan) says...

The images and the video has indeed shown how horrific the injury is. First i wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery.i hope that gets well soon and become a star he is destined to be. Coming to the injury , the tackle was not really bad but the result was.Though it was high but these tackles are common atleast in the prmier league. Remember cisse and larson. They too sufferred horrific breaks but there was hardly a tackle.It doesn't necessarily has too be two footed or a lunge after a burst of pace.It has to do with impact at the same time as the foot is planted on the ground and as it doesn't moves the bones and ankle take the force exerted.This is where eduardo was unlucky. I just hope he recovers to make a name for himself.

Posted 15:06 25th February 2008

Tasleem Hussain (Arsenal fan) says...

Firstly - Can I just say how nice it is to have football fans of all clubs wishing Eduardo well. I am absolutley gutted that he will be out of action for the remainder of the season - such a promising talented player. Wishing Eduardo a speedy recovery, which I am sure he will make given the sheer determination shown by him already this early. We love you Eduardo! Secondly - Fair play to Mike Taylor, but those of you criticising Gallas and Wenger ought to try and put yourselfs in their boots. It's easy to say Gallas over-reacted but that penalty pretty much summed everything thing up for arsenal. I am 100% sure should Eduardo not have sustained that injury Gallas would not have reacted like that!!!! I think the players would have loved to have won the game for him! We are all humans and are allowed to express our feelings! As for Mr Wenger well he is human too you know!

Posted 14:23 25th February 2008

Samantha Pitt (Birmingham City fan) says...

This is the by far the most horrific injury I have seen. When I saw it on TV it was immediately obvious how serious it was. I am glad I saw it because it also showed that it was just a mistimed tackle and there was no intent from Martin Taylor. In all his time at Birmingham City I have never seen him put in a dirty tackle. He isn't the best defender but he is honest an dfair. Nobody wants to see injuries like this and I know all Blues fans want to see Eduardo on the pitch again. Some Arsenal players, especially Galas, should be ashamed of their behaviour on Saturday. Things weren't going their way an dthey moaned an dwhined their way through the game. As for Galas, if he was a Birmingham player I wouldn't want to see him playing for my club again. After everything Eduardo was going through Galas showed how petulant and pathetic he can be. For a captain to behave in that was was disgusting. Arsene Wenger should be fining him a week's wages for that. Both Wenger and Galas poured shame onto Arsenal FC right at a time when they really didn't need to. I wish Eduardo a speedy recovery. I really do hope to see him back up to form in the future. He will be warmly welcomed the next time he steps onto the St Andrews pitch.

Posted 13:02 25th February 2008

Lee (liverpool fan) Thomas (Liverpool fan) says...

All i can say is hope he gets better soon i have seen worse in a local league game i played in and they made a good recovery and played again, ok it is not to the same standard of football but i know he will have all the support of a very good medical team and club. Good luck and hope every thing goes well and see you again on a premiership football pitch soon

Posted 10:25 25th February 2008

James Robinson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Good luck to Eduardo on his recovery, hope to see him come back from such an horrific injury and scoring again in the Premier League (probably against Newcastle!!), sooner rather than later . It was an awfull sight to see someone in such pain from a mistimed tackle. Fair play to Taylor for going to see him, he obviously had no intension to cause injury and is himself going to have mental scars for life from this.

Posted 09:39 25th February 2008

Paul Emmett (Arsenal fan) says...

As a arsenal fan i am sad and disapointed to see eduardo missing, u can not blame taylor as it is one of them things thst happens in football, all credit for taylor fo going to see him at hospital not every player would of done that, lets hope and pray that eduardo will b back playing again and wish him all the best on his recovery

Posted 09:20 25th February 2008

Dipankar Chatterjee (Arsenal fan) says...

I am feeling very sorry for Eduardo hope he recovers soon.

Posted 09:16 25th February 2008

Elad Goldman (Arsenal fan) says...

I don't think Taylor meant any harm - but the fact remains that the tackle was brutal. Unfortunately - these sort of tackles still exist in the game, and Arsenal find themselves on the wrong end of too many of them. Even in this game, Birmingham players continued to make some very dangerous tackles - which luckily missed. Referees should start doing more to protect teams which can only be stopped illegally.

Posted 09:14 25th February 2008

Chris Lap (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

You see these tackles ever week in football and now people can see what can happen. I hope he can full recover and get back playing again.

Posted 09:09 25th February 2008

Ray Smith says...

As players are more fitter than ever before and especially with the speed of players like Eduardo, then the slightest mistimed tackle, at a crucial point, can result in such an horrific accident. Modern surgery and rehabilitatiopn techniques will hopfully see Eduardo play again and to the same standard. Here's hoping. And spare a thought for Martin Taylor. He would not have gone on to the pitch expecting this to happen or to be the instigator of this injury to a fellow professional.

Posted 09:09 25th February 2008

Asad Jafri (Chelsea fan) says...

An awful tackle by Taylor on young Eduardo. It was good of him indeed that he went to meet Eduardo, as he must be understanding the extent of damage he has cost to the Gunners' striker. He is not only out of the current season, but Croatia have also pulled him off from Euro 2008. Tough luck.

Posted 09:05 25th February 2008

Alex Scott (Arsenal fan) says...

The injury received by Eduardo is heartbreaking, not just for me as an Arsenal fan but for every football fan. It's something you never want to see happen to anyone. Eduardo is a special player and his efforts and goals tally in his first season in England prove that. From reading Eduardo's post surgery comments, I feel uplifted to hear how positive and determined he is to get back to full fitness and wish him a speedy recovery. No grudge held on my part to Martin Taylor, it was a bad tackle which lead to the worst possible outcome. Good Luck Eduardo, keep us posted on your progress.

Posted 09:00 25th February 2008

Lee Wilkins (Arsenal fan) says...

I wish Eduardo all the best and hope he can come through this. Well done to Taylor for making the effort of going to see him in hospital. It was a bad tackle but i think we have all seen worse challenges which have resulted in no injury at all. Think it was one of those freak one in a hundred tackles.

Posted 08:59 25th February 2008

Luke George (Watford fan) says...

I feel very, very sorry for Eduardo Da Silva, as i have read this injury is very, very difficult to come back from. It is also nice to see that Martin Taylor is showing some compassion towards him, the guilt on his shoulders if he doesn't come through will be unbearable I think.

Posted 21:06 24th February 2008

David King (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Fair play to Taylor. It was a horrific tackle but not intentional. I hope people dont hold it against the lad for the injury. All the best to Eduardo in his recovery. Hope to see him playing again.

Posted 21:04 24th February 2008

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