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The 2016 Rio project is moving full steam ahead. The marvelous city plans open-air competitions during the 16 days of the Olympic Games. The objective is to explore Rio's rich nature to the utmost and provide a unique event, a celebration of beauty and the importance of sports.


The traditional region of Copacabana will be the scenario for modalities such as canoeing, kayaking, rowing, marathon, beach volleyball, sailing and others. The Barra Region will take advantage of the excellent, already existing infrastructure. It will hold water sports, gymnastics, basketball, judo and more. More than half of the Olympic Games installations already exist in the city of Rio de Janeiro and another 20% will be built regardless of the candidacy.


There will be seven competition centers in four Olympic regions. The city conditions are ideal in several aspects. The weather during the period proposed for the event, August 5-21 for the Olympic Games and September 7-18 for the Paralympic Games, will be pleasant in Rio de Janeiro, with little rainfall and the mild temperatures of a tropical winter. School and university vacation periods will be adjusted so everyone can get into the spirit of the Games and take advantage of the events.


Furthermore, all of the competitions will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro with half of the modalities being disputed just 5 or 10 minutes from the Olympic Village. This will be very practical for the athletes, the media and the spectators, who will not need to cover long distances to get to the sites of the competitions.


With a consistent planning project by the city, state and country, the objective is to make this Olympic Season unforgettable. The city, which is already visited by tourists from around the world, will receive people from 205 different countries. Rio will be in celebration. Besides the sport events show, there will also be a cultural mix from every corner of the world. The entire city of Rio de Janeiro will receive the Olympic Games with open arms.

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