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PR Gov Accuses US of Lying to the World

Nestor Rosa-Marbrell

San Juan, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) Governor Anibal Acevedo accused the United States on Monday of having deceived the international community in 1953, when it succeeded in having the Free Associated State (FAS) of Puerto Rico recognized as a decolonizing statute.

In a six-page letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Puerto Rican governor said the White House has deceived the Puerto Rican people, the US people and the international community.

Acevedo"s statements came at a time when US authorities are investigating his funding of his election campaigns.

He pointed out that if the US government does not want to recognize the FAS as a decolonizing statute, it must tell the world and be responsible for the legal consequences.

The governor says that due to the White House"s "territorial" characterization of the FAS, the United States must admit that it deceived the world in 1953 when it succeeded in having Puerto Rico excluded from the list of colonial countries.

In the future, and as a result of the insult and deceit in the Report from the Working Group, I will have no other choice but to withdraw the traditional support we have given the United States at the United Nations on that issue, the governor said in his letter to Rice.

The annexationist Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP), the main opposition organization, and the Puerto Rican Independentist Party are working to have the US Congress to recognize the colonial nature of the current FAS status.

Acevedo noted that the best process to channel the Puerto Rican people"s hopes and their relation with the United States is through the Constitutional Convention to pass a self-determination act as a democratic alternative.

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