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Another Year

Mar 31 2008

Another year came around, knockin’ on the door, introducing me to the decade that qualifies me to now watch the late 80’s show thirtysomething. Getting older is something I look forward too — there’s a perception that once you’re past your twenties you’re past the so-called glory years.

A case in point perhaps: an old high school friend of mine used to listen to Bryan Adams. Yes, that Bryan Adams. And notably, he loved the song, Summer of 69. He wanted his own Summer of 69. I read somewhere a few years later, someone being humourous about the song — essentially commenting on how sad it was that Bryan Adams would write about one specific period in his life (or whoever the protagonist of the song was or is) and how it was the best time of his life. I had to agree. If your life boils down to just one specific period, then I feel for you.

To me, the years get better and better. And there’s still a lot to do — I feel I’ll never get to do everything I want to, but it’s good to aspire to something, however small or large it may be.

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Mar 27 2008

Shadows: 06

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I Made a Muxtape

Mar 26 2008

MuxtapeAlready a huge success, if the grapevine on the internet is anything to judge it by, Justin Ouellette’s Muxtape is a wonderful idea executed simply and concisely. There are a few quirks (the uploading process is a bit clunky) but otherwise, it’s dead simple to use.

I’ve made a muxtape myself, which spans some current favourites as well as all-time favourite songs, which it leans towards. There’s a definite flow to the mix as I’m particular about that sort of thing from old days of being obsessed with making mixtapes. It starts out a bit brash then gets into a bit of a dance groove then back into moody territory and mellows out. Start strong, build up, chill out.

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Advertising in the Modern Age

Mar 24 2008

A recent pondering on Twitter where I stated “Did our vision of the future ever involve so much advertising? Aside from Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, not much sci-fi reflects it.” lead to various replies disputing this fact citing such films as Minority Report (popular response), 2001, 1984 and Brazil. These films are all relatively iconic films in giving us a vision of the near future.

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Back Where We Started

Mar 22 2008

The backyards of the houses around here look like movie sets. Glistening with fresh snow and a soft ambient light made up of miniscule flurries. I keep pace behind the canine leading my way through the inches. It’s odd to see this whiteness again, a return to earlier in the year. As predicted, March brings one last hurrah, one last snowstorm.

I look forward to the warmth that’s on deck for the end of the week, a high of 60°. The day I turn thirty.


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