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The Arts
University of the Arts London
Educating the world’s creative shoe and accessory designers

The University’s Department of Footwear and Accessories combines a long tradition of technical manufacturing skills with innovative teaching of design. This has connected the historic reputation of the UK shoe industry to the huge global opportunities of contemporary creative industries. Its graduates occupy leading positions in international fashion. Their work adds value to the UK’s share in the important footwear and accessories market and underpins Britain’s creative image.

Science & Mathematics
University of Cambridge
A 21st century model of applied research and entrepreneurship in biotechnology

The University’s Institute of Biotechnology has developed an innovative, internationally recognised, model that integrates multidisciplinary research, business training and commercial exploitation. This has led to the formation of a number of promising spin-off companies that have brought a range of patented products to market including next generation glucose sensors and new drugs for treatment of cancer. The activity is underpinned by a uniquely structured Masters course in Bioscience Enterprise.

Medicine, Health & Welfare
University of Cardiff
Transforming healthcare for families with inherited disorders

The University’s Institute of Medical Genetics has over many years played a leading and significant role in identifying the causes of inherited diseases and developing new diagnostic tests. These have been embedded in the National Health Service and are in use in many overseas healthcare systems. The Institute’s work has had a major impact on patient care and promoted wider public awareness of genetics in medicine.

Education & Training
City and Islington College
Creating pathways to employment and higher education in the sciences

Bucking a national trend of declining interest in science courses, the College has built on its long track record in fields such as optical dispensing and forensic science and established a thriving Centre for Applied Sciences. Staff at the Centre and the College’s sixth form facility, many of whom are recruited to the College from the relevant professions, work with employers to deliver courses that lead directly to careers in science-related fields and to increasing progression to higher education.

Education & Training
The City Literary Institute
A distinctive approach to speech therapy that supports and empowers people who stammer

The positioning of City Lit’s speech therapy work within a mainstream education environment is unique in the UK adult education sector. The Institute has pioneered internationally recognised methodologies as well as groundbreaking programmes for graduate speech therapists dealing with people affected by stammering and aphasia. Its courses have reached upwards of a thousand students over the past five years, opening doors to other educational opportunities and transforming lives.

Engineering & Technology
Coventry University
Educating tomorrow’s world leaders in automotive design

The University’s Department of Industrial Design has for many years produced graduates who have gone on to hold key positions in the world’s foremost automotive companies and create numerous ground-breaking design concepts. The undergraduate programme combines industrial and commercial experience with new models and techniques for computer aided spatial design. This outstanding work advances the UK’s position at the leading edge of the global auto industry.

International Dimensions
Cranfield University
Building sustainable mine-clearing capabilities in affected countries

Through integrated training programmes, consultancies and in-country support the University has played an outstanding and unique role in developing sustainable national capacities in landmine clearing. Notably in Afghanistan and Sudan, and also in other affected countries, this work has developed effective local systems and directly contributed to reducing the trauma and danger to populations and restorating land to normal use.

International Dimensions
The University of Greenwich
“TABEISA” — A UK/Africa partnership supporting local business enterprise and tackling root causes of poverty

The University leads a consortium of universities in sub-Saharan Africa that has provided start-up help to over a thousand new African commercial enterprises since its inception in 1994 and introduced these businesses to wider markets through a network of enterprise centres. The work is distinctive in mobilising higher education resources in-country to address the challenge of wealth creation at the grass roots, and has given profile to the UK’s commitment to assisting positive change in challenging environments.

The Arts
The Guildhall School of Music & Drama
The Opera Programme: training exceptional young singers

In recent years opera has enjoyed a surge of support among the wider public. The graduate programme of the Guildhall School has produced a steady flow of world-class singers who have taken leading roles in opera houses around the world. Widely acclaimed public opera productions are a key part of the programme and involve a unique blend of opera performance and technical and stage skills contributed by students from across the whole School. The programme has attained world interest.

Medicine, Health & Welfare
Imperial College London
Effective and affordable control of parasitic diseases in rural Africa

Parasitic diseases are a major cause of debilitating and often fatal conditions affecting millions in sub-Saharan Africa. With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and strong support from drug companies the College has led a strategically effective project to bring low-cost treatment of these diseases to upwards of twenty million people in the six participating nations. The project, delivered on the ground by local ministries of health, is set to expand to additional countries across the world.

Education & Training
John Wheatley College
Community regeneration through innovation and partnership

The College serves a community that faces substantial challenge from economic and social disadvantage. Over several years, and with strategic vision, the College has developed its estate into a model for integrated educational and cultural resource in the community. Innovative building design linking learning space with recreational facilities has been partnered by accessible education programmes that respond imaginatively and flexibly to students’ circumstances and employment opportunities.

Education & Training
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College
A strategy for high aspiration, personal achievement and social benefit

Most of the College’s students come from minority communities and a background of marked social and economic disadvantage. By creating a learning environment that nurtures high expectations, engages with parents and forms proactive external relationships with universities, the College has seen greatly increased progression by its students into to higher education. The outstanding success of its graduates has in turn provided strong role models for future student intakes from the community.

Humanities, Social Sciences & Law
The University of Kent
The Law Clinic: enriching academic law study with legal services for the community

The University pioneered the law clinic approach in order to offer students the opportunity for the actual practice of law alongside academic study, thus providing exposure to the vocational aspects of a law career. The Law Clinic has effectively linked students with a network of practicing local lawyers to offer professional legal services to people in the community who would not otherwise have the means to access them, while enhancing course content and fostering a public service ethos.

Engineering & Technology
Loughborough University
Reducing road traffic deaths: vehicle, road and driver safety research

The University’s applied research into vehicle safety and driver sleepiness has made an outstanding contribution to international policies aimed at reducing deaths from road traffic accidents. The work has led directly to improved in- and out-of-car safety measures, better road and motorway design and new accident data collection processes. It has uniquely and specifically highlighted the problem of driver sleepiness and had a recognised impact on this major cause of road accidents.

Humanities, Social Sciences & Law
University of Oxford
Fresh light on British history: the new Dictionary of National Biography

The new edition of the Dictionary of National Biography, published by the University, is the culmination of a monumental effort of research. It is a constantly evolving online and printed resource, providing an unrivalled first point of reference on over 56,000 noteworthy contributors to British life. The new DNB has taken an important step towards a rebalancing of the history of the UK through a concerted focus on the contribution of women and of individuals from minority communities.

Oxford Brookes University
Postgraduate degrees and training for the conservation of primates in their global habitats

An estimated 25% of primate species worldwide are critically endangered. The University’s unique graduate programme in primate conservation, enrolling students from a wide range of habitat countries, studies the relationships between human activity and wildlife in their ecosystems. Graduates of the course occupy influential positions in conservation in countries where the species are under special threat and a series of supervised projects and international links further supports this critical work.

Engineering & Technology
University of Sheffield
Researching and embedding new manufacturing techniques in aerospace engineering

The University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is the focus of a joint venture with world-class companies, led by Boeing and including Rolls Royce. In a relatively short time it has produced major quantifiable benefits of process efficiency and cost savings in aero-engine manufacture, rapidly turning research outcomes into new shop-floor techniques with international recognition. The Centre has engaged local schools through apprenticeships and is a catalyst for business improvements within the University.

Education & Training
Southern Regional College
Reducing sectarianism and social exclusion through the College curriculum and community outreach

In an environment affected by a legacy of sectarianism and present challenges the College has taken an effective lead in changing attitudes and behaviours — both inside and beyond the institution — through its Good Relations Programme. A community relations course, compulsory for all first year students, is embedding values of tolerance and inclusiveness and shows a measurable improvement in the academic results of students. The College also reaches out to disadvantaged communities with relevant and accessible educational programmes.

Education & Training
Telford College of Arts and Technology
Delivering economically important skills on employers’ premises

An acknowledged and substantial leader in employer-driven training, the College has established in depth relationships with over 800 companies and organisations to identify employer needs and implement skills programmes that are carried out in the main on their own premises. This has opened up educational opportunity and career motivation to thousands in the 16-18 age group and in an environment where many would otherwise not have considered that path.

Medicine, Health & Welfare
The University of York
New disciplines and economic models for efficient healthcare

The University’s Centre for Health Economics is recognised as a global leader in developing new economic approaches for national health care systems. It has developed groundbreaking concepts for measuring benefit and productivity. This is crucial for the effective use of finite resources in an environment where health expectations are ever increasing. The Centre’s methods are in use around the world and it has made outstanding contributions in key areas of UK public health policy.