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Kanye, Nine Inch Nails Head Up Baltimore's Virgin Fest

The first time's always a little awkward, and the second's never as good as you remember it, either. So, then, sit back, take a few deep breaths, and prepare thyself for the third installment of the American version of the Virgin Mobile Festival, which hits Baltimore's Pimlico Race Course the weekend of August 9-10.

The headliners for the big to-do are Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Jack "I Signed a Package Deal For This Stuff" Johnson, and, for your nostalgic bemusement, Stone Temple Pilots.

This, of course, is only the beginning, as the Virgin Festival organizers promise to let us in on the rest of the lineup in the coming weeks. Virgin Festival is also making a note of its efforts to go green, with the goal of minimizing carbon emissions. Says Virgin Group Founder and Chairman Richard Branson, "Virgin Mobile USA will again host a wonderfully eco-friendly event that's light on carbon impact but heavy on the rock and roll." So long as there's beer, man.


Dirty Projectors Back on the Road With Added Dates

Photo by Mia Ferm

Their tour technically began Sunday (March 30), but with apologies to the cities of Boston and Montreal, let's just say Dirty Projectors start their spring jaunt tonight in Toronto. So what are you waiting for? Hop a plane to Ontario already! Alternately, you could just wait for the punk-loving proggers to make their way to your home city, which they almost undoubtedly will, no matter where you live.

After touring North America with No Kids in April, the Projectors will head to Europe for a round of recently announced dates, including their stop at ATP vs. Pitchfork. They'll follow that set later this summer with an appearance at the sequel, aka the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival. [MORE...]

Death Cab for Cutie Add Dates, Gibbard Makes a Funny

Holy transit metaphors, showgoers: less than a week after our last musings on the matter, Death Cab for Cutie have already expanded their forthcoming North American tour. Ben and the boys went and filled in quite a few gaps in their May/June plans (ha), which find them hitting stages all over the U.S. and Canada throughout the late spring.

Of course, the trip is no mere joyride: all this new activity comes in the wake of Atlantic's May 13 release of the band's sixth full-length, Narrow Stairs. Prep that hailin' finger and click "MORE" below to see just where you can catch this Cab.

And while you're down there, make a note of the date and then say hello to Ben Gibbard's new vibes-heavy "side project", Just Jazzin'. Watch Ben explain his Just Jazzin' muse below, and download the entire self-titled Just Jazzin' debut, featuring guest appearances by Spank Rock, Sufjan Stevens, CSS, Will Oldham, Ian Curtis, and Yanni, right here.


Cure, Bloc Party, Who, Rhys, Weller on Charity DVD

Once a year since 2000, Roger Daltrey of the Who gathers a generous portion of (mostly) British musicians and lets 'em loose on the big stage of London's Royal Albert Hall for a week or so. It's all in the name of the Teenage Cancer Trust, an organization that seeks to help provide special services for young folks afflicted with cancer.

Royal Albert Hall's a big place, sure, but no stadium on earth could contain every right-minded Who fan. So, come April 14, DVD Music Media Ltd. will issue TCT at the Royal Albert Hall, a DVD highlight reel of the 2006-2007 events. The UK-only video disc sports turns from the Cure, Bloc Party, the Who, Gruff Rhys, Kaiser Chiefs, Noel Gallagher of Oasis with and without Paul Weller of the Jam, the Coral, the View, Judas Priest, and others. Naturally, the money from this thing will be poured back into the Teenage Cancer Trust, so do yourself-- and, more importantly, the kids-- a favor.

How's this for good timing? The next round of Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall kicks off April 8 with Madness. The full schedule is after the jump. [MORE...]

Lykke Li to Issue Little EP in the States

Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell

Swedish-born popstress Lykke Li's "Little Bit" is more than just a little bit catchy. It's as good an introduction as any to Li's dynamic, atmospheric pop. And, wouldn't you know it, it's the first track on Li's Little Bit EP, which arrives in the States via her own LL Recordings May 6.

Backed by a trio of tracks-- including the equally infectious "Dance Dance Dance"-- the EP will serve to tantalize before Lykke Li's fine Youth Novels LP arrives in the U.S. later this year. And speaking of catchiness, the EP was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John.

Li, as we've mentioned, is hanging around with that El Perro del Mar character quite a little bit over the next few months, with dates in Europe and North America this month and the next. [MORE...]

Photos: Simian Mobile Disco at American Museum of Natural History [New York, NY; 03/28/08]

Photos by Akmal Naim

A couple primates escaped from their wing at the American Museum of Natural History over the weekend, and what do you know, they put on a show! Simian Mobile Disco took over Holden Caulfield's favorite hang as part of a Flavorpill curated gig on Friday. They may no longer reside on the Interscope roster, but at least they've still got that scintillating light show. Catch the two Jameses at various spots on both sides of the pond this spring.



Radiohead Invite Fans to Remix "Nude"
Remixing with clothes on also an option

With people getting "Nude" at UK record shops right and left this week, the time for the previously hinted at "Nude" remix contest has arrived! Radiohead, in cahoots with iTunes and Garageband, have broken "Nude" down into five component "stems"-- voice, guitar, bass, drums, and strings/fx-- to make remixing "Nude" that much easier for you.

If you want to go that route with your remixing, however, you'll have to pony up. Each of the stems is available on iTunes now for the price of an ordinary song.

Whether you take the stem approach or just go it your own way, you'll want to upload your completed remixes to by May 1. The top ten remixes will be ranked by popular vote (Holy Fuck are presently leading the pack-- check out their offering below), and one of them might be yours! Just, you know, don't get any big ideas. Since, you know, it's not gonna happen.

In related news, the Radiohead animated video contest continues, the Radiohead tour begins May 5, and the latest Radiohead extracurriculars can be read about here. [MORE...]

Black Keys' Carney Talks Attack, Danger Mouse, ICP
"It's always a bummer when that's the case. Your favorite records go under-appreciated, and then some jocks put out a record or some pseudo-hippie puts out a record, sells a million copies, writing songs about their toes or something."

Photo by James Carney

Try this trick yourself: follow any statement you make with, "but then again, I'm a Juggalo." It won't give you credibility, but it's guaranteed to get a laugh. Patrick Carney, the man behind the drum kit for the Black Keys, is well aware of the comedic potential of the cult rap-metal band the Insane Clown Posse. Not a Juggalo himself, he nonetheless alerted me to the existence of an unintentionally hilarious web page elucidating ICP's history and mythology.

Carney brought the site up in conversation when I asked if the close-up picture of him and vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach on the cover of the Black Keys' new album, Attack & Release, implied anything about the Keys using this record to reveal their true identities to the world. He responded by calling the album their fifth card of the Dark Carnival, and things escalated (or deteriorated, maybe) from there.

Sure, we also talked about the album (which comes out today, April 1, on Nonesuch), working with Danger Mouse, cruising for awesome female bands on MySpace, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball (I'm from Cincinnati, he's from Akron), his distaste for seeing other people's toes, and the indestructibility of acidheads. But the important stuff was the ICP chat.

Patrick Carney: I figured out the name of that website. It's even better than I remember. It's called "An Intelligent Look at the Insane Clown Posse". It was written by, like, an absolute fucking retard.

Pitchfork: [laughs] So it claims to be an intelligent look, but really it's not intelligent at all?

PC: I mean, no, I'm sure it is. This dude did his fucking homework on some fucking lame-ass shit.

Pitchfork: Would the Black Keys be above creating such a website for yourselves?

PC: Yeah, I wish Dan and I would have had the foresight to have known that we would have been able to keep making records. Then we could have started off with some sort of Dark Carnival-esque [concept].

Pitchfork: Well, it's never too late to re-write history.

PC: Yeah, maybe we can just... I'm going to start working on a stance right now, so I can just try to tie all the records together.

Pitchfork: Or maybe later, you guys can have it in your biography. Like in the oral history of the Black Keys, you explain how that all came about.

PC: Yeah, how there was a meeting between Shaggy 2 Dope, and...oh god, what's the other guy's name?

Pitchfork: I have no idea. Shaggy 2 Dope is the only one I know.

PC: Shaggy 2 Dope... The other's one's something like "Silent J" [Violent J --Ed.].

Pitchfork: Which is strangely close to Silent Bob. Is he the fat one, too?

PC: Yeah, I think. [He is. --Ed.] I think the same type of people that like that type of thing like Insane Clown Posse, too.

Pitchfork: So, now that we know that Attack & Release is the fifth card of the...

PC: The darker carnival.

Pitchfork: The even Blacker carnival. [laughs] Was Danger Mouse the man who led you into that dark carnival?

PC: Yeah, he was the ringmaster. [MORE...]

Horizontal-dotbar-2col Launches in One Week! Schedule Revealed!
Pixies, Liars, Man Man, Jay Reatard, The Thermals, Robyn, and more!

A few short weeks ago, Pitchfork announced the April 7 beta launch of its new independent music video site, As previously mentioned, will be updated daily, and will feature live and intimate performances, mini-docs, and interviews with independent artists, plus music videos and full-length music documentaries and DVDs-- all of it on-demand, on one of the web's largest and sharpest players.

Now, with exactly one week left before its launch next Monday, we're proud to reveal our first week's programming schedule, as well as some sneak stills from the videos themselves. Set your bookmarks! We'll see you there on April 7.


loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies // One Week Only
The Pixies' 2004 reunion tour was a long time coming, and this documentary follows the legendary band from their first rehearsals and warm-up tour, to Sigur Rós' Icelandic studio, to the climactic final show. Directed by Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin; Daniel Lanois provided the score.

Liars // Juan's Basement
Originally developed for the Plum TV network, Juan's Basement made its first splash in the blogosphere with performances from Menomena, Vampire Weekend, and Dr. Dog. Now produced exclusively by Pitchfork, creator Juan Pieczanski interviews and shoots performances from independent music's most vital artists. For the show's debut, Liars drop by for an exclusive session featuring material from their self-titled LP and 2006's Drums Not Dead, as well as chat about the new songs, drug experiences, and what it's like to be hit by a car.

Man Man // Daytripping
Last spring, we took a day trip to Philly to hang out with gypsy-pop masterminds Man Man while they put the finishing touches on their forthcoming third album, Rabbit Habits. They didn't tell us they'd be firing off bottle rockets in the street and wrestling dogs into bathtubs when we got there. First aired in Forkcast in June of 2007, this is's first-ever production.

Jay Reatard // Pitchfork Live
Live at Cake Shop, NYC; 10/10/07
Garage punk maniac Jay Reatard blasts 12 breakneck future skate anthems into one of the craziest audiences we've seen in a while. You can almost make out what's happening behind the spit and sweat.


The Thermals // Don't Look Down
From a New York City rooftop 25 stories off the ground, Portland-based Sub Pop rockers the Thermals crank out tracks from 2006's The Body, the Blood, the Machine-- plus the beloved "No Culture Icons".


Death by Audio, Brooklyn // Special Presentation gets a tour of Brooklyn's Death by Audio, a (semi-legal) music venue, effects pedal factory, and home to A Place to Bury Strangers.

A Place to Bury Strangers // Pitchfork Live
Live at Death by Audio, Brooklyn, October 2007
The self-proclaimed "loudest band in New York" performs at their own Death by Audio venue in the fall of last year, crunching their homemade pedals from behind the glow of dual 8mm projections.


Music Video Playlist serves up a piping-hot plateful of fresh music videos, both breaking and classic.


Robyn // Interview
The Swedish pop singer's self-titled album is finally due in the U.S., three years after being released in her homeland. Pitchfork writer Nitsuh Abebe speaks with her about her new plans for North America.


T.V. Eye: March 31-April 6, 2008

Live music on TV this week:

Monday, March 31:

NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Moby

Tuesday, April 1:

CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Cat Power
NBC: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: The B-52's
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Carbon/Silicon
ABC: Dancing With the Stars: Kylie Minogue

Wednesday, April 2:

CBS: Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Kylie Minogue
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: The Bravery
Comedy Central: The Colbert Report: R.E.M.

Thursday, April 3:

NBC: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Patton Oswalt

Friday, April 4:

CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige
NBC: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Ben Lee
FUEL TV: The Daily Habit: Circle Jerks
Syndicated: The Ellen Degeneres Show: The B-52's

Saturday, April 5:

Austin City Limits: Ryan Adams, Tift Merritt
FOX: Fearless Music TV: Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Caribou Member Re-Injured, Dates Cancelled

Photo by Sanchez and Kitahara

Things you probably shouldn't do when you've already got a messed up wrist: initiate a strict morning push-up regiment, flail your arms wildly, fall off a ladder.

Sucks for Caribou drummer Brad Weber, then, who did indeed fall from a ladder prior to a scheduled Caribou show at Washington, DC's Rock and Roll Hotel last night (March 30). Weber, still recovering from an injury suffered back in February, broke his wrist during the fall, prompting Caribou to cancel their DC gig and at least one more show tonight in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Weber will be out of commission for four to six weeks, according to Caribou's publicist. The band is flying in a possible replacement and still pondering the fate of those many upcoming live engagements with Fuck Buttons (they're still on for now). Here's hoping Weber makes a swift recovery, at least in time to join the band at ATP vs. Pitchfork in May! [MORE...]

The Raconteurs Add Dates With the Black Lips

Surprise! New Raconteurs dates!

Yeah, it's not quite as exciting as the announcement of Consolers of the Lonely but, hey, it's something. And these dates aren't just your regular old, run-of-the-mill Jack White/Brendan Benson blues-rock supergroup affairs: on most of the new gigs, the World's Most Impatient Rock'n'Roll Band will be supported by those bad kids from the Black Lips. One lucky audience in St. Louis will enjoy the two-fer of the Raconteurs and the Fiery Furnaces, before both bands head to Bonnaroo. [MORE...]

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