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Wet T-shirt

Wet T-shirt Contestant - Are You Exodynamic?

Can you believe it? Wet t-shirt contests first took place in 1945 in Spain. Well if you believe in myth or perhaps I should call it creative myth, then these contests started at the same time as the Tomatina tradition.

The myth has it that a pretty young woman got caught in the line of fire when tomatoes were hurled at the El Caudillo’s effigy.

Can YOU imagine all that fresh tomato juice running down her uuhm? Yes, I can. Anyway, the Tomatina tradition was born. Whether this event had any thing to do with wet t-shirt contests as we know them today, is up for conjecture.

At this point in time American men were just becoming familiar with the t-shirt. So, if this myth is true, Europeans may have worn them as an outer garment long before Americans did.

Is It Wet Under That Rock?

Photo of young wet woman in wet see through t-shirtIn case you have been living under a rock, a wet t-shirt contest is an event where women (usually young and well endowed), wear a white t-shirt or tank top without a bra, while cold – sometimes iced – water is poured over the front of the contestant to make the garment semi-transparent.


The purpose of the iced water is to induce erect nipples. Guess they don’t use iced water for men’s wet boxer-short contests. The winners are usually chosen according to their breast and or nipple size.


In the case of a close finish some women will remove their top's completely in an attempt to sway the judges.

Wet T-shirt Is In ‘The Deep’

Photo of Jacqueline Bisset in wet see through t-shirt

Jacqueline Bisset’s appearance in the film ‘The Deep’ in 1977, when she was filmed underwater and surfacing in a white t-shirt, would have helped to bring wet t-shirt contests to greater prominence.

In 1978 we saw the film ‘I was a Contestant at Mothers Wet T-shirt Competition’.

And in 1979 Frank Zappa recorded a song called ‘Fembot in a Wet T-shirt’ - it’s on his 1979 album ‘Joe’s Garage’.

Bloody Oath! It Has to be Australian

Photo of Miss Figurehead a true anchor womanThe Whitsunday’s is an area encompassing Arlie Beach, Shute Harbour and parts of the Great Barrier Reef and It’s Islands. Every year in September the locals hold an event called the Whitsunday Fun Race. The feature of the event is the Miss Figurehead competition.


The “Fun Race” which officially began in 1977 was the result of a true fun comes grudge race the previous year. Two yachts, the “Dahlia” and the “Torres Herald 2” competed for a bottle of – you guessed it – (Bundy) rum. The race was, most likely, more about pride then the rum.

The yacht “Dahlia” had no figurehead, however the “Torres Herald 2” had a beaut figurehead, which was carved out of a piece of wood by a very clever French girl from a visiting yacht.

In the following year and the race now an open event, the skipper of the” Dahlia” seconded his office girl to sit astride the bowsprit (settle down – it’s part of the yacht) as the figurehead. A trend was commenced and many contesting yachts sported beautiful young women as the figurehead.

Photo of 1979 Miss Figurehead wet t-shirt competition winner aboard yachtNot sure when Miss Figurehead became a wet t-shirt competition and a feature of the event .The Australian magazine ‘Modern Boating and Seacraft’, in November 1979 published an article and photos titled ‘Arlie or Bust’ and covered the Whitsunday Fun Race and the Miss Figurehead competition of that year.

Miss Figurehead’s prize was a t-shirt presented to her by Lieutenant Mick Stores, Royal Australian Navy. The lieutenant was wearing the prize and removed it to give it to the winner. Much to the delight of the crowd - and The Lieutenant - Miss Figurehead then removed her wet t-shirt and handed it to the Lieutenant.

A memorable time in t-shirt history amid the lustful whistling of the young and not so young men in the crowd. Not many of the Miss Figurehead contestants wear t-shirts or tops of any description now days and it has become a topless Miss Figurehead competition.

Today the Fun Race may attract more than 200 yachts of all kinds, bringing many overseas visitors to the Whitsunday together with many local identities. With the inclusion of a few lead up races the Fun Race swells the town population by up to 10,000.

A Joy Ride for the Wet T-shirt

In 1998 a group of teens celebrating their high school graduation charted a Boeing 727 for a flight from Portland to Mexico without teachers or chaperon. On the way they held a wet t-shirt competition reportedly after encouragement by a flight attendant and the boys. Like they needed encouragement.

From a shaky video taken by one of the boys, the flight attendant is heard to say "Contestant Number 5, please. Some water for Contestant number 5....She's dry!"

Anyway, as it turns out the pilots got into trouble because they allowed contestants to dance in the aisle and parade into the cockpit so they could judge them - for up to 15 minutes? - and have a perv.

Are The British Blind?

During the 1980's big busted models Debbie Quorell and Stacey Owen needed wet t-shirt contests to make their claim to fame. Young woman with erect nipples in wet t-shirt

Life According to Mazur

According to a fellow called Mazur and his so-called "Dynamism of Character", people who like to enter wet t-shirt contests or go naked and expose their bodies are called Exodynamic.

Do you know if you are exodynamic?

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