Peter Bjorn and John Peter Bjorn and John
“Young Folks [ft. Victoria Bergsman]”


With the help of Concretes vocalist Victoria Bergsman, Sweden's comma-less Peter Bjorn and John come off like Camera Obscura with a severe case of Young Marble Gigantism, coolly propulsive and hauntingly stark. A braid of snares, bongos, maracas, and rubbery bass winds through creeping conversational verses and surging tandem choruses. PB&J's male lead sounds like a shakier Cass McCombs and tends to alight awkwardly, key-wise, at the end of lines, contrasted by Bergman's feather-soft landings.

The lens closes in on a tête-à-tête in a gradually emptying public space, the interlocutors sinking into a realization of love as the hours melt off the night and the exterior world recedes. Little flare-ups of pokerfaced anxiety, creepy whistling, faint spasms of watery guitar, and elegiac organs imbue the outwardly innocuous song with a euphemistic menace: If it isn't tinged with the abject terror of vanishing both physically and emotionally, it probably isn't love.