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Thursday, April 03, 2008


RJ Ledesma tells all about his yaya

The Tru-Orange kid and his expos� about his nanny

By Rome Jorge,  Lifestyle Editor

HE started his literary career here at The Manila Times. His column, �Playing with My Tools,� reintroduced Filipinos readers to RJ Ledesma, then better known for being that kid, Joey, in the Royal Tru Orange commercial (if you�re old enough to remember, you�re old�like RJ and I are) who was sent by his mommy to buy some suka [vinegar, not puke]. He also co-hosted for that FHM-like TV show Men�s Room. In his column entries, he intimated: his fixation with supermodel Phoemela Barranda; his dependence on his yaya [nanny/wet nurse], belying any similarity of television commercial persona with his true self�that of a scion of real estate development empire, Ledesco; and his supposedly henpecked and Catholic-guilt-stricken relationship with Vanessa, now his wife. Read it and weep:

The Comet that Killed the Dinosaurs [RJ Ledesma�s pet name for his girlfriend, specifically when she�s pissed at him]: Why do you keep writing about Phoemela Barranda!? You think I find that funny!? Every week it�s Phoem this and Phoem that! It�s enough already that I have to compete with your yaya sleeping beside you at night, then Phoem pa!

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O T H E R   R E P O R T S


By Karen Kunawicz

BUENOS AIRES: As far as I�m concerned, I was in Buenos Aires in the final hours of April 1st watching U2 perform live. The amazing thing about IMAX 3D is it�s quite capable of sucking the viewer into another world...

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By Ana Santos

IS dating in its traditional form becoming extinct?
I�m beginning to think so. Dating fads and relationship cuts are changing faster than fashion trends, calling new words and phrases that are all the rage now in the dating scene.

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By Bob Garon

NEVER tell someone he/she is not in love because it�s an exercise in futility. Regardless of all the facts that you can come up with, lovers will never agree with you.

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