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Here is the total number of alcoholic beverages consumed by James Bond in 21 EON productions and Never Say Never Again:

Drink Type Number
Champagne 35
Vodka martini 22
Red wine 10
Straight vodka 9
Undetermined 8
Scotch whisky 4
Bourbon whiskey 3
Brandy 3
Vesper martini 3
Rum 2
Sake 2
White wine 2
Beer 1
Glüwein 1
Japanese whisky 1
Mint Julep 1
Mojito 1
Ouzo 1
Port 1
Raki 1
Rum Collins 1
Sherry 1
Sparkling wine 1
Total: 114

We have calculated Bond’s drinks on a per-minute ratio. During 22 films, 007 averages one drink every 24.3 minutes.

It’s clear that the vodka martini is the film 007’s favorite liquor drink, accounting for 20 percent of his alcohol consumption. Add in straight vodka, and the figure grows to well over 25 percent. However, Bond’s favorite alcoholic beverage is champagne, which he has had 35 times in 21 films. (36, if you count one instance of sparkling wine). Let’s break down his preferred brands:

Champagne Brand Number
Bollinger 17
Unknown 11
Dom Perignon 7
Total: 33

Here is the official per-film drink average for each of the six actors:

Bond Actor Films Drinks Average per film
Daniel Craig 1 12 12.0
George Lazenby 1 7 7.0
Sean Connery 7 36 5.1
Timothy Dalton 2 10 5.0
Pierce Brosnan 4 20 5.0
Roger Moore 7 29 4.1
Total: 22 114 5.2

Daniel Craig (with only one appearance) has the highest average, while Roger Moore has the lowest. If GoldenEye is subtracted, Pierce Brosnan’s average exceeds Timothy Dalton’s. At two, GoldenEye features the lowest drink count, while Casino Royale has the highest, at 12.

Bond tends to drink alone, or in private settings. In the 22 films reviewed, 007 has only 22 drinks in actual bars or nightclubs, and two of these are from the non-EON production Never Say Never Again. Daniel Craig is by far the most "social drinker," consuming seven drinks in bars or restaurants.

007 has placed seven orders that he did not receive or drink: two martinis, two bottles of champagne (both Dom Perignon), a bourbon and water, a Sazerac, and a bottle of Budweiser beer.

The only villain who drinks like Bond is Franz Sanchez from Licence to Kill. He has four drinks, comprised of three different types of alcohol. Many of the others fall into two categories: obvious drunks (like General Orumov from GoldenEye) or effete snobs (like Dr. No). While he isn't seen having a drink, Ernst Stavro Blofeld does have several bottles of Dom Perignon on hand in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The Bond girls who rank highest are Tracy di Vicenzo, Anya Amasova, Pam Bouvier, and Vesper Lynd, each with four. Anya and Paris Carver both have signature drinks, Bacardi on the rocks and a straight shot of tequila, respectively. By the way, on 21 different occasions, champagne is present as Bond “pitches woo” to his companion of the moment.

Finally (for the purists), the grand total for the 21 EON films is 108 drinks.

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