Bob Dylan: Secret Luna Fan?

9/21/06, 2:12 pm EST

Dylan Luna

The fact that Dylan borrows liberally from other artists has been well-documented. But yeah, the similarities between Dylan’s new release Modern Times and Luna’s Hedgehog are uncanny. This is probably because they both use the same image (Ted Croner’s 1947 photograph “Taxi, New York at Night.”) The designer of the Modern Times cover told Entertainment Weekly who told everybody else that he had never seen the Luna album before and Dylan’s people reportedly confirmed that they weren’t up on the image’s previous use. How bummed out are Luna? You know that for a second there they were allowing themselves to believe that Dylan knows who they are and was deliberately referencing them. Anyhow. We’re thinking this can’t be the first time something like this has happened? There just aren’t enough blurry street scene images out there to go around. Can you think of any other unlikely similarities between artist’s album covers?

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Ryan | 2/11/2008, 12:53 am EST

I agree with that guy Jordan, Bob Dylan is such an egomaniacal ASSHOLE. I can’t STAND this jerk!!! I’m reading an interview he did with Playboy way back in the day and his responses are angering me. Go to hell Dylan!!!!!

Larry | 5/23/2007, 9:53 pm EST

Long live Luna | 10/19/2006, 11:43 am EST

could you show me the last lyrics of Bob?
The cd comes without them and Sony music doesn’t explain me and doesn’t give me them.


Yokel | 10/18/2006, 9:32 am EST

Probably the image came from a stock photo house like gettyone or corbis.
If Luna didn’t purchase it under rights management it’s up there for everyone else to use with no restrictions, and if Dylan’s designers didn’t nkow of Luna’s album well …
Dumb mistake but not unavoidable.

casey | 10/16/2006, 3:03 pm EST

Wallace- Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream is the same as the Kravitz album because they are both under the same label- Virgin Records: irgin_Records

annoyed | 10/14/2006, 3:22 pm EST

Are people trying to be funny here? Because you’re not.

Howard | 10/5/2006, 8:44 pm EST

Oh, my god! You’re so dumb! ‘Weird Al’ covers are a PARODY of the Nirvana and Michael Jackson’s. PARODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, the cover of Trans (the WORST album by Young, in my opinion) has nothing to do with the one of Autobahn. Of course, that if you don’t consider that EVERY COVER WITH A CAR ON IT look the same.

miguel | 10/5/2006, 9:34 am EST

Dave Matthews` Under the table and Kila last one are identical

Ze Grandeu | 10/2/2006, 1:40 pm EST

Andrew, you are right!

wallace | 9/27/2006, 4:36 pm EST

The disc art for Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream is identical to Lenny Krevitz’s ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’. Its like a chick and a dragon, I think.

Justin | 9/26/2006, 7:31 pm EST

Bob Dylan is not a hack! He is sexy and has stood the test of time.

George | 9/26/2006, 1:21 pm EST

Dylan’s a hack!

bridge | 9/26/2006, 1:06 pm EST

Leonard Cohen’s ‘The best of Leonard Cohen’ and Ween’s ‘The Pod’

lettie | 9/24/2006, 2:04 am EST

Different profiles, but Gorillaz’s “Demon Days” and The Beatles’ “Let It Be” covers look similar.

JD | 9/23/2006, 10:00 pm EST

There is a Motley Crue album that looks suspiciously like the Stones’ Sticky Fingers album.

Sherry | 9/23/2006, 6:54 am EST

I will use this forum to just say that Dylan’s Modern Times is an album that really grows on you with every listen. It’s really great, atmospheric, moody, lovely and rocking. Thanks for another great record.

desperate | 9/23/2006, 6:39 am EST

mujhe choot chahiye .. abhi!!

PastyJournalist | 9/22/2006, 5:29 pm EST

I’m cool with anything that gives Luna more exposure. I didn’t know of the similarities with the cover for the single, but the actual cover of ‘Modern Times’ kept me thinking of ‘Penthouse’

ryan | 9/22/2006, 5:22 pm EST

I agree, Jordan is a moron.

huston228 | 9/22/2006, 4:09 pm EST

Jordan: You sir, are an idiot.

Arya | 9/22/2006, 1:58 pm EST

david bowie’s heroes and that one cex album

Pete | 9/22/2006, 1:46 pm EST

uh, Jordan? I think you should’ve previewed your post before calling BOB DYLAN, of all people, a “stupid asshole”.

Jordan | 9/22/2006, 12:19 pm EST

Dylan is a stupid asshole. He wouldn’t be have the legend people claim he is if rollingstones didn’t blow their load every 5 years and remind us how much he rocks.

ejz | 9/22/2006, 10:35 am EST

Neil Young’s “Comes a Time” and Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years”.

Sharon | 9/22/2006, 1:43 am EST

Kate Bush is infinitely superior to Tori Amos, who’s just a Kate wannabe.

John | 9/22/2006, 1:38 am EST

Kid Rock’s “Live Trucker” and Bob Seger’s “Live Bullet.” Uncanny.

Geoff | 9/22/2006, 1:17 am EST

Sgt Pepper’s and Frank Zappa’s We’re Only in it for the Money/Lumpy Gravy…the Satanic Majesties Request comparison is a good one too.

brandon | 9/21/2006, 11:52 pm EST

blur”modern life is rubbish” and phil manzanera”diamond head”,pretty close.

baba o riley | 9/21/2006, 9:21 pm EST

how about my favorite neil young album, “trans” and kraftwerk’s “autobahn?”

not so sure that’s a coincidence though.

Justin | 9/21/2006, 8:29 pm EST

The Clash made London Calling to look like an elvis album, but with the guitar swing down because it was supposed to the last rock record.

mort3965 | 9/21/2006, 8:09 pm EST

Some of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s album covers look suspicously like some other artists (Nirvana, Michael Jackson.) Coincidence?

austin | 9/21/2006, 7:06 pm EST

sgt. pepper and her majesties satanic request….sort’ve?

Alex | 9/21/2006, 5:19 pm EST

The covers of Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos and The Kick Inside by Kate bush feature both women inside of boxes…one of the many similarities between the careers of the two women. (Although Tori is miles away better!)

joe | 9/21/2006, 4:52 pm EST

Spinal tap’s Smell the glove and Metallica’s The Black Album. I can’t tell the difference!

jungleland | 9/21/2006, 3:08 pm EST

Kenny C…I like the way you think!

jungleland | 9/21/2006, 3:07 pm EST

I have seen the Fountains Of Wayne’s self titled album’s cover (Kid dressed as superman holding a bunny) on other CDs.

KENNY C. VAIL | 9/21/2006, 3:05 pm EST


andrew | 9/21/2006, 2:56 pm EST

We will use fear to control star systems, fear of (doing something someone else has already done.) Long live Bob Dylan!

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