The Music’s Over For Pet Sounds/Sgt. Peppers Mash-Up

9/12/06, 3:03 pm EST

The Beatles’ publisher, EMI, has threatened producer Clayton Counts with a multi-million dollar lawsuit in response to his experimental album “Sgt. Petsounds.” Released under the name The Beachles, the album mashes up the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and, yes, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. EMI has also demanded that Counts turn over the IP addresses of the hundreds of thousands of people who downloaded the mashup record. In a very long statement, Counts said, “For the record, I never sold a single copy of this piece of art — if it is art. Fair use, in your face, come and get me. You cannot take my life, Capitol Recordings. Unless you do. Could happen. I wouldn’t put it past you.” Dude, you should be thanking EMI for giving you free publicity for your “art.” BTW? We heard some of the tracks, and let’s just say that the whole was way, way less than the sum of its parts. The cover art is pretty cool, though — you can see it here.


Dr.Paul Harrison | 1/20/2007, 11:46 pm EST

I would beat my meat to either one of them. Where is Led Zepplin 2

Bryan Burchfield | 1/20/2007, 11:43 pm EST

Pet Sounds is a pretty good album.(Way to go Brian)Pepper is better.It was George Martin’s finest work!(Way to go Paul)

glenn p | 10/6/2006, 8:10 pm EST

womoma | 10/5/2006, 10:13 am EST

where can i get this mashup?

glenn p | 9/22/2006, 3:11 am EST

wow — did you listen to the same record i did? seems like you heard the first track and gave up. a quitter never wins.

Michael | 9/14/2006, 8:29 pm EST

“Sgt. Petsounds” is an amazing record and because of idiotic attempts at cleverness like this “review” it may be a long while before it’s accepted as fact, but it will be.

And since you claim to have downloaded some of the songs, Lauren, would you want EMI having your home address? Maybe yours should be the one IP Clayton hands over.

You don’t get it. That’s not really all that surprising but you are making it seem that much more clear that Rolling Stone is in bed with EMI and other major labels.

EMI should be thanking him for the publicity, ot the other way around. You should be thanking him for caring about people like you.

Nigel | 9/13/2006, 11:34 pm EST

This guy deserves a medal for single-handedly reviving interest in the mashup scene. I was getting really sick of generic mashups - you know, where some bedroom producer takes a really annoying “Top 40s” pop song and mixes it with some crappy R&B. That’s not innovative, that’s just old news.

And Lauren, I’m not sure you’re really qualified to decide what’s “art” or not. Stick to blogging about Britney and K-Fed…because we all know, that’s REAL music!

Clayton, you rock, man. Don’t listen to the haters. Keep up the fight against EMI!

geoff | 9/13/2006, 5:19 pm EST

BTW? that was the lamest non-review i barely paid attention to.

geoff | 9/13/2006, 5:14 pm EST

this mash-up got a ton of press before emi’s cease &desist. once again, rolling stone is a few steps behind.

you quote his self-effacing saying “if this is art” but then put “art” in quotes as insult to him. way to stay alert!

and you know what else? it rocks harder than anythign ive heard all year!
i’m pretty sure that clayton didnt give a ^$(&! or this would just sound like the grey album bulls#*t all over again.

but lauren sounds like a 19 year old, so..

Shannon Martin | 9/13/2006, 5:11 pm EST

Oh right, I forgot that unless we’re talking about Britney Spears or Avril, it’s not what RollingStone deems worthy of calling “art.”

I think you all seemed to miss the point of the record (though I thought it was pretty obvious). Though the middle tracks were “in tune,” I thought the rest of the record was more unique and interesting to listen to. But it’s funny to hear people go, “well, I heard a few minutes of the record and didn’t like it, thus my opinion actually means something.”

Mikaela | 9/13/2006, 3:49 pm EST

So, you listened to “some of the tracks” but think you’re qualified to comment on “the whole” vs. “the sum of its parts”?

Maybe you just read a few “reviews” by online “listeners.”

RollingStone is no better at reviewing records than it was twenty years ago. This record is brilliant and it’s already the year’s most talked-about mashup.

This kind of crap argument is why I stick to NME. And Mr. Counts’ diatribe is one of the best rants in recent memory.

http://claytoncounts. com/blog/the-beachles

whatever | 9/13/2006, 3:41 pm EST

i’d like to see Lauren make a record HALF this good. whatever the mashup idiots say about it, don’t listen… it’s amazing. probably the most original and strange mashup record you will ever hear.

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