Björk Borrows Timbaland on New Album, SXSW Gets Guilt-Free, Radiohead Concerned About World, Making Record

1/19/07, 9:07 am EST


  • We don’t know how we feel about the news that Bjork has recruited Timbaland to work with her on her forthcoming new album. We expect eccentricity and melodic oddness from her, not another manufactured hit single from an overworked beat-maker. However, the idea of one of Timbaland’s absurdly hot beats (who cares if he borrowed heavily from the Finns) accented by Bjork’s gorgeous, weird voice is pretty compelling. Plus, she’s also apparently working with Antony from Antony and the Johnsons, so the weird factor is covered.
  • This year’s SXSW music festival will be a green, guilt-free event. (If you get wasted, sleep with an entire power-pop trio from Kansas and forget to see any bands, you may still feel crappy, but environmentally speaking, the festival will be a zero-carbon-emission-creating event.)
  • Thom Yorke wants you to know Radiohead is back in the studio after a month-long break from recording their new album. He would also like you to sign this petition against the replacement of nuclear weapons. Some rock stars give homework.
  • Elton John is reportedly celebrating his 60th birthday on March 25th by playing his 60th concert ever at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The only problem? John’s close pal Robbie Williams is honoring the legendary rocker with a striptease. If you’re thinking you could stomach such an experience in honor of Elton know that Williams has selected Tom Jones’ “You Can Leave Your Hat On” as the disrobing soundtrack. Bleh.


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aspiadre | 1/26/2007, 8:29 am EST

I’m quite disappointed of what Timbaland did with Nelly Furtado’s Loose…but for all good things in Heaven…it’s Bjork’s turn now?

As a fan,I don’t know what the sound would be,but to consider her fondness of unlimited exploration meets a ‘common’ producer (no offense please)…it would be better for her to have herself as the producer,or a real music genious for the role.

T-Crash | 1/22/2007, 1:42 pm EST

I think Bjork is acting weird just for the sake of acting weird. I can’t blame her…

Ahh, Radiohead. What to expect? Another disappointing Hail to the Thief, or another experimental Kid A? Personally, I’d rather them make another The Bends. Just no more jazz.

YOUNG WHITE THIN GIRLS RULE! | 1/19/2007, 6:16 pm EST



DonkeyTron | 1/19/2007, 1:39 pm EST

Calm down, folks. From what Bjork is saying on her website, she’s taken the Timbaland tracks and is souping them up her way. I quote, “then I took these tracks and worked on them furthur”. Ok, everybody? Sound good? Maybe if Rolling Stone would look into these things a little furthur and include a little more information, the fans and readers might not get so riled up.

Garp | 1/19/2007, 1:34 pm EST

Bjork is awesome. Timbaland is awesome. The result will obviously be awesomer.

Timbaland’s the most talented musician out right now, whatever you think of his melody biting…which, by the way, isn’t much different that your favorite classic rock act (Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan) stealing from old blues/folk artists nobody ever heard of and claiming the results as their own.

The Flaming Lips, by the way, were sued by Cat Stevens recently for the same thing Timbaland’s being accused of. Check the math and check the facts…your favorite band stole your favorite melody, too.

Jaypea | 1/19/2007, 11:16 am EST

By the time Bjork gets done with it, you won’t be able to tell if Timbaland stole or not. Give Bjork some credit for integrity. Like everything else she’s done, this album should still be unique.

boo boo | 1/19/2007, 11:06 am EST

Bjork seems to have that Dick Clark syndrome “she doesnt seem to age”!!!

also Timbaland can buff dees nuts!!!

rappers always have to get there mits on rock shiit!! RAP BLOWS!!!!

GG | 1/19/2007, 11:02 am EST

I’m sorry Bjork is better than this. Everything that Timbaland produced this year for various artists seems to have the same sound to it. I would hate for Bjork to sound like everything else out there– that takes away from the quality that has made her who she is. Unless Timbaland can start producing music the way Rick Rubins does, for various artists that sounds different and unique to each of those artists, then I can’t really respect him.

Merrr | 1/19/2007, 10:56 am EST

Robbie Williams could strip to the Barney theme song for all I care and it would still be sexy.

whocares? | 1/19/2007, 10:38 am EST

Who cares? I do. I’m a fan of Bjork, but I won’t buy this album, as I can’t be sure the producer will use work that Bjork has permission to use.

Sitting by and hoping this blows over doens’t give the impression anyone in the music business (not just Timbaland here - the label, the RIAA, the singer…) cares about anything ASIDE FROM MAKING MONEY.

It’s the music business. Having music in there somewhere would be nice. And that includes treating musicians like they deserve to be treated - as PEOPLE.

So, yeah. Not buying this Bjork album unless Timbaland comes out and confesses the wrongdoing, and makes amends.

flav | 1/19/2007, 10:37 am EST

“who cares if he borrowed heavily from the Finns)”

what kind of music magazine are you?

taint | 1/19/2007, 10:35 am EST

who the fuck is timberland? does he make shoes or something?

Douglas | 1/19/2007, 10:27 am EST

It’s not from a game. It is a separate piece of music.

Ryan | 1/19/2007, 9:39 am EST

Do a quick search online and you’ll also see where Timba literally stole copyrighted music from a Commodore 64 (yes, I’m being serious) game. Note for note. Check it out.

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