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Latest News -Updated regularly by AVC as information comes available.

bullet Book just published by Rose Shapiro  " Suckers - How Alternative Medicine makes fools of us all"  AVC is mentioned in one chapter on manipulative therapies.


bullet November  2007 - Recent articles in the national news.


bullet "Painkillers and a walk are best for back pain" Read this article from The Times . click here.



Chiropractors 'are waste of money' Read this article form the Telegraph. click here.


Safety of Chiropractic Manipulation of the Cervical Spine: Published by  Spine. Click here to read summary report. Chiropractic advocators ask UK Chiropractors have they seen any adverse events following treatments. They all said "No". So what  is all the fuss about!!.


bullet July 2007 - "Spinal manipulation 'causes injury'  Channel 4 news 1 July 2007. Click link here to read article.


bullet February 2007 - Read our 6 year commentary and review of the current thoughts about Chiropractic in the UK. Click here


bullet November 2006. The GCC attempt to answer our questions albeit in their "vague" style. AVC will critic the answers and post our thought here soon. AVC has scanned the original letter response here. Click for each page. Page 1 0f 3; Page 2 of 3; Page 3 of 3;


bullet October 2006 . We ask the questions that need to be asked!. Can the General Chiropractic Council answer them without ambiguity? click here to read our letter.


bullet May 2006  - read Margaret's story after suffering a vertebral Artery Stroke in 2003 - Victims Case Studies click here to access.


bullet May 2006 - "Condoned Cheating in Chiropractic Exams" - ex Chiropractic student Phillip Moroney says he has evidence of exam cheating at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. Phillip has involved the GCC in his complaint but they have concluded that there is no case to answer. Phillip want's to make his case public and is sharing all his evidence with those who wish to have it. email us if you have an interest in this news item. " AVC feel that chiropractic students do not have sufficient training in respect of adverse events (side effects) with neck manipulation and the broad medical knowledge of  assessing patient  risk . This position can only be worsened if Colleges and the GCC are not upholding the strictest standards of education"


bullet April 2006 - following media interest on the RSM report in March 2006 - see below, we had a huge influx of emails and contacts from " victims" and journalists picking up on this story. Read Daily Telegraph story by clicking this link. " off course the General Chiropractic Council  and Chiropractors will see this reporting as inappropriate and misleading. Interested readers should go to the GCC website and read their reaction. Click here to redirect to" says AVC


bullet March 2006 - We are not alone publishing opinion on Chiropractic.!. Read UK Sceptics piece by clicking this link.


bullet March 2006 - With Chiropractic Awareness Week approaching - the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine published a timely report ,as far as we are concerned , on spinal manipulation. You can read the report by clicking on the link . " not good reading for Chiropractic Advocators" says AVC

"A systematic review of systematic reviews of spinal manipulation" by E Ernst & P H Canter


bullet August 2005 - Read the GCC's response to our questions on the attached link (GCC's response is in read). click here to read


bullet July 2005   AVC writes to the General Chiropractic Council with more questions about the risk etc of neck manipulation. click here to read outr letter.


bullet June 2005   "The value of chiropractic" click here to access

Article in FACT from Edzard Ernst, MD, PhD, FRCP, FRCPEd is Editor-in-Chief of FACT 

bullet October 2004

The GCC response letter 14 October 2004 regarding "research" can be  accessed by clicking the pages listed below. Alternatively, for ease of reference, we have extracted the GCC's answers and inserted into a copy letter - click here to read.

GCC Letter 14 October 2004 -page 1 (pdf) & Page 2 (pdf)


bullet August 2004

AVC writes to the GCC (General Chiropractic Council) regarding "research" into stroke complications and neck  manipulation by Chiropractors. click here to read our letter. We ask those awkward questions to which the answers seems illusive!!

bullet June 2004

AVC has been contacted by two further females in the UK who consider that neck manipulation has seriously affected their health. We will report in detail when we have permission. AVC is becoming more concerned that we are seeing more Osteopathy manipulations with complications reported to us.

bullet June 2004

The GCC (General Chiropractic Council) respond to AVC letter 17 May 2004 (see our letter below in May 2004).

Click here to read their response (pdf file) Page 1.

Click here to read page 2 (pdf)


bullet May 2004

If Neck Manipulation does not cause stroke - why are there so many     worldwide reported links. click here take a look at the attached list!!.

bullet May 2004

Action for Victims of Chiropractic further questions to the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). (Click here to read our letter 17 May 2004)


bullet  April 2004

The GCC (General Chiropractic Council) respond to AVC letter regarding our eight key questions. Click here to read the response.

"There is no evidence that neck manipulation causes stroke" quote GCC - sorry, we at the AVC need a bit more convincing!.


Warning over 'hair salon stroke'  "BBC News Scotland"

Lady suffered a stroke and died after visiting hair salon. 

A consultant neurologist at Cumberland Infirmary, David Bateman, said: "If your neck is stretched and it kinks for a long time - as happens during hairwashing - you stretch the arteries and if you are unlucky you can tear them."

Read full BBC story click here.


   February 2004

General Chiropractic Council reply to AVC letter below regarding the key eight questions. Click here to read the response. We will have to wait until April GCC Council meeting for their reponse.

bullet     February 2004

Action for Victims of Chiropractic write to the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) with eight questions concerning current Chiropractic practices in the UK. Click here to read our letter. We will off course update with any reply.

bullet     January 2004

 Frances Denoon and AVC ( in the news 17 January 2004 - see The Times Article ( part only extracted). Click here to access. Of particular concern is that 95% of Chiropractors are  generally not communicating treatments given to patients to GP's -see article on link. Why not if there is nothing to hide?.

bullet    January 2004

          Jury deals blow to chiropractors
          Woman's strokes linked to neck manipulation
        Inquest finds her death `accidental,' not `natural'

Canadian verdict links stroke and neck manipulation. read full story from     "The  Toronto Star". Click here to read full article.

bullet     November 2003

New UK based website looking at alternative health practices and the evidence that supports their use. Click link to visit the site

bullet    November 2003

Latest research papers ""Chiropractic spinal manipulation for neck pain: A  systematic review".
It was published last month in The Journal of Pain and casts doubt on the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulation: Click here to view article abstract.


bullet         June 2003

AVC are pleased to have available a useful links page containing a series of papers and articles etc for and against the benefits of Manipulative Therapies. Other useful sources & sites available.

bullet         May 2003

Article  'Neck cracking' ups stroke risk by JENNY HOPE, Daily Mail  on   the 14th May 2003. Click here to view

bullet          April 2003

Frances Denoon was contacted by the Charity "Different Strokes" on the 23rd April 2003. Fran's story appears on the site. Fran was advised that a Bristol Chiropractic Group where unhappy with her story on the Charity's site and asked for its removal.!.  It appears that the Chiropractic group allow the Different Strokes charity to use a room for charitable purposes. The Chief Executive of Different Strokes says he has asked the Bristol Chiropractic Group to comment on my story. Different strokes story link click here

bullet          April 2003

AVC where disappointed that Professor Dame Lesley Southgate - President of the Royal College of General Practitioners did not respond or acknowledge AVC letter January 2003. The letter appears further down in this News section.

bullet           April 2003

 Mr Phillip Moroney (Former AECC Chiropractic Student) contacted AVC  with an article from the "Times Higher Educational Supplement" published on the 8th February 2003. Mr Moroney made a complaint about identical Chiropractor exam questions and casting some degree of doubt over the credibility of the AECC exam system. Full article click this link. Mr Moroney has been forced of the AECC course and is in dispute with the college. We hope to bring you more from Mr Moroney next month (May 2003).

bullet           March 2003

Frances Denoon article in the Mirror Magazine. Action for Victims of Chiropractic is mentioned, but you will have to look closely to find it. Click here to view article.

                    January 2003


AVC member Linda Barter tackles Registered Chiropractor Paul Malone in Birmingham (in open public meeting) on risks of Chiropractic neck manipulation. When asked if he was aware of stroke complications from neck manipulation his answer was " I have never heard of it, anyway more people die taking Aspirin than Chiropractic". Anyone got the statistics on Asprin !!??.


bullet The Department of Health latest statement on risk of Neck Manipulation. and confirms rejection for the need for any further studies into on the link to view Letter Link



AVC writes to Professor Dame Lesley Southgate - President of the Royal College of General Practitioners in anticipation of her address  to the AGM of the College of Chiropractors on the 22nd January 2003. Click on letter link to view . Letter Link

November 2002


A significant victim has come forward to AVC, Ms K from Cheshire. She has had a right vertebral Artery dissection and stroke in April 2001 after Osteopath treatment.. She is still in recovery and our sympathy is extended to her and her family. This case represents one of the most significant cases to come to light recently. AVC will do all that is possible to help her.  Case details revealed to AVC still underwrite our main aims to alert the public that  Neck Manipulation is dangerous and needs further urgent review.

                     August 2002

bullet Frances Denoon tackles the GCC over Chiropractors using Dr. in website adverts etc. GCC's  answer is that "Dr is not a protected title" .


bullet Frances Denoon requests independent review of Chiropractic neck manipulation through local MP Steve Webb.

                    July 2002

bullet AVC Member Linda Barter tells her story to the evening Standard in Birmingham. Chiropractors say there is "No Danger"

July 2002

bullet AVC member writes to the Stroke Association to enquire on their current views of Chiropractic manipulation and stroke risk. AVC contacted Eoin Redahan of the Association in 2000 and they confirmed no knowledge of a link. AVC will report their response when received.

April 2002

Sharon Stone admits chiropractic neck manipulation could have caused her stroke

bullet "Really nice to be alive," Stone says - By Ann Oldenburg - USA TODAY
Sharon Stone says she almost died last year when she was hospitalised for what physicians thought was a brain aneurysm. "We think it's possible that it was an injury from a horseback riding accident, made worse by chiropractic adjustments," she says.

April 2002


(name withheld) from AVC discusses Chiropractic treatment risks with the Migraine Association and asked that they publish in their literature, warnings of the serious side effects of manipulative therapies. The Migraine Association took this seriously and met  with The British Chiropractic Association. A new leaflet is in production for issue to Migraine sufferers as a result.

March 2002

bullet The Mirror March 11, 2002.

Miriam Stoppard writes in the Mirror "Do Twists put your neck on the block?".  she writes -" possibly, I'm afraid that the safety of chiropractic treatment is in question" she writes in answering a readers enquiry into post chiropractic treatment nausea. She quotes the Canadian research and Professor Ernst survey published on his UK survey.