“Deja Vu [ft. Jay-Z]”

It follows the blueprint. It's got horns. It's fucking called "Deja Vu". They know what's up; you know what's up. And, like nearly every summer blockbuster sequel, some of that first-time luster is lost. But we're not dealing with a Matrix drop-off here. Think Ghostbusters II-- clearly lesser yet still comfy and charming in its familiarity. Their love-- part crazy, part cool, all calculating-- will still lift you a bit higher.

For the abundance of upfront similarities, though, there are key deviations: Rich Harrison's Chi-Lites fervor is downgraded to Rodney Jerkins dinner theater r&b (replete with a chintz bassline that's straight Winwood), while this time Beyonce out-bolds the beat. And Jay, well, he sounds about the same but, in this nebulous post-retirement period, such medium-grade octane burns up quicker. It may not be the one thing summer remembers but passable JB canned heat is tough to turn down.