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Author  Zoltán Gonda & Jim Grimsley
Submitted / Updated  02-24-2007 / 08-25-2007
Category  Epic
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Setting  Imaginary area of Faerun
Gameplay Length  100-150 hours actually
Number Players  1
Language  English
Level Range  You start at lvl 1, and you can reach about 20-25 levels
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Heavy
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  Any
Scope  Epic
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  25
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Forums  Link
Content Rating  Mature
Alignments  Any
Gameplay Hours  60+
Welcome again, hardcore CRPG fans!
Yet another two years of development, yet another epic game from me, to you: Tortured Hearts 2.
I hope you'll enjoy this creation of mine as much as I enjoyed making it.

Some important facts you should know before playing:
-Although this is a release version, you may still find some glitches. I hope you won't: if you do find anything to be fixed, please feel free to contact me.
-4000+ hours invested again (not to mention my co-authors who worked hundreds of hours, too)
-No multiplayer, sorry...
-Heavily open-ended gameplay (fundamental in my book)
-No massive hardcore ruleset this time (only HCR XP system: the higher your level, the less XP you get)
-NPCs will talk to you any time (they don't sleep at night)
-No gold encumbrance, food required, or time restrictions on rest, some areas must use inns,
-CEP 1.52 & a few custom tilesets
-You play the descendant of the TH1 hero. Starting as a humble craftsman, your first task is to become an adventurer.
-Very huge world (260+ areas) with one big city/sewers system, 5 other inland settlements, some islands, and the usual dungeons, forests etc.
-266 NPCs, all of them with individual portraits, most of them custom-made.
-207 plot items + plenty of custom weapons and armor
-Self-made custom loadscreens
-98 custom music files
-60+ self-made item graphics
-30+ shopping places
-Wandering monsters
-96 smaller or bigger quests
-Tradeskill system: Gold Panning, Mining, Alchemy, Herbalist, Blacksmith, Fletcher, Woodworker, Skinning
-11+1 henchmen with plenty of interactivity & background.
-Henchman command tokens for better handling
-Henchman/Protagonist relation system + One of them may fall in love with you
-You can have a house, a ship, and your own upgradeable inn
-Any alignment, race and class can play the game (naturally)
-100-150+ hours estimated playing time (if you tend to read and solve everything)
-Cinematic intro and good/evil outcomes
-Conversation word count: 412,000 versus 157,000 for TH1
-Many conversations were written by my American co-author, Jim Grimsley, who is a novelist with several published books to his credit.
-Some of the weird characters' convo was written by my Hungarian co-author, András Gáspár, another novelist friend and colleague of mine. (He has had many scifi and fantasy books published here in Hungary)
-Text was proofread by a kind and helpful American player of mine, DrHoo. (Thanks for plenty of items and excellent testing aid, too.)

Have Fun!


Submitted: 02-24-2007 / Last Updated: 08-25-2007
This is 1.1 version of Tortured Hearts 2. Feel free to contact me if you've found any problems. Have Fun! :)
Submitted: 02-24-2007 / Last Updated: 08-25-2007
To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, please read the ReadMe, especially the first few lines. Thank you.

Also, check the version history, please.

Required Hakpaks

NameAuthorSubmittedLast UpdatedDescription
Tortured Hearts...lementsSubBassman2007-02-03--These are the supplements of my mod, Tortured Hearts II. 2 hakpacks (required) 1 music pack (hig
153 votes
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Comments (2329):

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Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-06 12:25:41    

Does the mod in the mod folder have the extension .mod or Mod?

Posted by SubBassman at 2008-04-06 11:52:40    


Copy the mod to the modules folder please. It should work.
I recommend you to finish th1 first :)

Posted by Olivia_Chillia at 2008-04-06 10:37:47    
I downloaded Tortured Hearts II recently and am dying to try it, but when I try to start a new game there is no option for Tortured Hearts II. The Tortured Hearts II mod is in the mod folder. Ideas?

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-06 09:07:26    

Thank you for playing and voting!

Posted by tyrion1982 at 2008-04-06 07:41:43    Voted 10.00 on 04/06/08

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-05 21:06:46    

Thanks very much! You'll find it seems a little faster, I think.

Posted by MaxWolfe at 2008-04-05 18:16:22    Voted 10.00 on 04/05/08
Haven't finished it yet but I'm really enjoying the mod. Played the first one for many hours and so far this one looks as good as if not better. Thanks for all the hard work.

Posted by SubBassman at 2008-04-05 03:28:33    

Guys, this is your last chance. :)))
Voting will be closed today.

If you think Tortured Hearts II is worth to become the mod of the year 2007, please follow this link and vote for it:


Only user accounts created on or before Feb 1st, 2008 will be considered counted.

Thank you very much in advance.


Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-04-04 22:28:25    Voted 9.00

I think the last quest I finished was Anyndur's, and then after he joined Thardius, Beetle and I, we went around the city gathering the things needed to improve the inn (plants, rugs, etc.) and then we went Agnethelm Road to finish the Dig quest (which I had already picked up, but hadn't completed because I wanted more in our group then just Beetle and my PC). That was the first quest that didn't up date when I finished it. And I had finished most the quests that can be completed without leaving Raven Fall.

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-04 21:41:29    

It would be very helpful if you could say what you had done before the journal quit, what you had started, finished, last convo you remember, anything. We have not had so many complaints of this since fixing a major bug. Thanks.

Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-04-04 21:32:21    Voted 9.00
So I decided to start over (I was getting bored with my character, heh) but I've hit a really odd bug. My journal is not updating when I complete a quest. I get the proper dialog, I get the xp and rewards, but the quest don't go into the finished category. Any way to fix this? If not it's not a big deal just annoying. :)

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-04 11:56:42    

sorry, that was black, not green.

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-04 11:53:56    


Go to debug mode by pressing the tilde key-- a yellow > should appear in the upper Left screen. Type DebugMode 1 and return. Position the cursor in a spot where you can reach it, press tilde again, type dm_spawnitem beigepeg and return. It should appear at the cursor. (the other pegs were brown, blue, greenpeg).

Posted by Joksu at 2008-04-04 10:01:51    
I don't have the peg in my inventory and when I try to use the mechanism, it doesn't give a possibility to insert the last peg. How do I generate the missing peg?

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-04-03 10:39:15    

You found a way to get out of order :)


You need to do something in the gem mines which will eventually fill in this link. Go see the Head Man. And pay attention to the Stargazer's furniture.

Posted by Sharp_One at 2008-04-03 10:31:02    
Enjoying the game so far, but waiting until I finish to vote. I'm stuck though. Is there something special I have to do to get the stargazer at Carrum Head to give me a quest? I have the crystal he is supposed to ask me to retrieve, but every time I have talked to him he won't do more than greet me.

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 14:00:28    

Some of that is Bioware's fault (or whoever wrote the AI for spellcasters) and it can be hard to make the henches stop doing things, it's in their DNA. You can try talking to a hench, take the line "Let's talk about practical things" and see where that goes. I made somebody stop that by multiclassing them as a fighter so they would do the fighting stuff first and the spellcasting later. If you tell your spellcasters, before a fight, to buff you and/or the others, it will use up some spell slots so they don't waste a bunch of time on buff spells when you want them to attack.

Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-03-31 13:25:06    Voted 9.00
It's okay we'll do some other things and come back. :) Hey is there any way to tell my companions NOT to summon creatures? I mean we have a whole menagerie following us (that we don't need). LOL

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 13:12:20    

Then something did go out of sequence because you should always have had a chance to talk to him. No telling what set him off though, some action was perceived as an attack. Sorry about that.

Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-03-31 12:02:25    Voted 9.00
I already had the holy symbol, and had equipped it. And he was hostile when we went in there the first time.

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 11:27:20    

Perhaps this is a bug or sequence problem. Did you try talking to him and have him go hostile before you had the holy symbol? Or did you already have the holy symbol when first you clicked on him?

Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-03-31 11:11:51    Voted 9.00
Nope. He just attacks us. I remember that line though from the last time I played which is why I thought something was screwed up. Hmm, maybe Dechard will have to remain Beetle for awhile as we're only level 11. :(

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 10:56:23    


And you don't have a convo line like
You use the holy symbol (and the monster bolts)?
When you have the holy symbol, the exact usage of which I can't check at the moment, the Avatar is no prob. This is the easy way for fairly low-level parties. If you have a well-equipped, about 14th level party, you can mop the floor with him.

Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-03-31 10:35:14    Voted 9.00

I know the the holy symbol is the key here, but when I go in there, with it equipped, nothing happens... other than my team getting killed.

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 08:35:07    


The crazy monk lady is the one who has it--did you check your inventory? If she didn't drop it or "give" it to you you may have to spawn one.

Posted by Joksu at 2008-03-31 08:16:28    

I can't find any lost monks in duergar cavern. There was one (I met her already earlier) in beholder cavern (one with less-than-fully-functional head),
but she didn't give me or drop anything when I persuaded her to return back up to monastery. When I talked to her again, she only gave me a quill. I even tried killing her, but she didn't drop the peg then either. Is there some other lost monk somewhere or have I found a bug?

*End spoiler*

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 06:32:21    


It's very close to the Duergars. Look for a lost monk.

Posted by DrHoo at 2008-03-31 06:31:23    


Yes, Malar is an evil deity and the avatar is hostile to anyone trying to take over his place. However, it seems you have the solution in hand.

Posted by Joksu at 2008-03-31 02:36:07    
Help needed...

*Spoiler ahead*

In the monastery, I've found three pegs (mouse, Strange monk, duergars). Where is the last one?

*End spoiler*

Posted by A'ja'la at 2008-03-30 21:58:31    Voted 9.00

It's been awhile since I played this and I don't remember, but... is the avatar of Malar supposed to be hostile to you when you enter the underground temple? I have Mielikki's holy symbol and I'm ready to turn Beetle back into Dechard, but we went to cleanse the pool and well we got wiped out. >( I don't remember it being hostile the last time.

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