Sparks FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sparks?
Sparks, Sparks Light and Sparks Plus are caffeinated alcohol beverages with a blend of caffeine, taurine, guarana and ginseng extract.

How much alcohol is in Sparks products?
Sparks and Sparks Light have 6% alcohol by volume (ABV) – Sparks Plus, 7% ABV. 

When did Miller Brewing Company acquire Sparks?
In 2006, Miller Brewing Company acquired Sparks and Steel Reserve from McKenzie River for distribution in the U.S. 

What kind of government approvals has Sparks received?
The TTB (the government agency which regulates alcoholic beverage producers) has authorized the label and approved the formulation of Sparks, Sparks Plus and Sparks Light.

Is Sparks an energy drink?
Sparks is a caffeinated alcohol beverage. It is not an energy drink and not marketed or sold as an energy drink, and there is no non-alcoholic version of Sparks.

Isn’t it easy to confuse Sparks as a non-alcoholic energy drink?
The label clearly states that this product contains alcohol and its alcohol by volume (ABV), and we take all necessary steps to ensure that we are responsibly marketing it.

How much caffeine is in Sparks?
The amount of caffeine in Sparks is 185 mg/L or 87 mg per 16 oz.  And compared to other caffeinated products, a 12-oz. serving of Sparks has less caffeine than one 8-oz. cup of coffee. 

What is Miller’s response to studies that cite the adverse health effects of combining caffeine and alcohol?
There is a limited amount of scientific data out there on this topic, but alcohol and caffeine have been consumed in combination or in sequence for decades.

What has Miller done to ensure that Sparks isn’t sold to illegal underage consumers?
As we do with all our products, we provide our distributors and retailers with information to ensure that Sparks is displayed only in the alcohol beverage section of stores and sold only to legal-drinking-age consumers.  (We have produced a poster in three different languages.) 

What is the demographic of a Sparks consumer?
Sparks is targeted exclusively to legal-drinking-age consumers (LDAC) 21 years of age and older.